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Embroidery Talk with Sue

Embroidery Talk with Sue

By Sue Brown
Keep up to date with embroidery news while you are stitching your machine embroidery designs, listen to this informative conversation all about embroidery, including special guests and tips and tricks and all upcoming embroidery news.
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Embroidery Talk with Sue

Unboxing DANCING STITCHES Monthly Quilt box with Lynne
If you want to see all of the items that we are unboxing, then check out the video here: If you want to get your own SEWING or QUILT box on a monthly subscription then go visit and tell them that Sue Brown from OML Embroidery sent you! Happy Stitching!!
November 10, 2021
Do you have a backup plan for your embroidery?
It's a great question, and hopefully, everyone answers YES, and you backup your computers or at least your embroidery designs stash.  In this podcast, I explain to you how we back up our backup for business files...seriously, we have at least 2 copies of each design saved just in case.  It is really important to back up your files in case of computer failure or worse....Can you imagine trying to remember or figure out how to get all of your designs back?  How many designs do you have on your computer?  Have you lost all of your designs before?  Make your life easier by backing up the files that you need the most.  You will thank me later. 
June 17, 2021
Don't miss this podcast!! Super important chat with Sam about internet security.
Everything you wanted to know about security but were afraid to ask. In this podcast, Sam and I are discussing internet security - why you should NOT give out personal information by answering and sharing posts about your favorite things.  Did you know that Facebook is not a secure site?  Do you know what anyone can do with your photographs?  Sam and I have some stories about metadata from photographs and we explain how to create a super-secure password that you will remember.   We get interrupted by the dogs a few times, and I edited out Odie throwing up while we were recording.  Fun stuff every time I go live or hit record.  LOL.
June 09, 2021
Embroidery Talk with Sue - What does Sue do all day?
Welcome to my embroidery world!  In this podcast, I am going to share with you my day - when it starts and what I do and when I do it.  If you were ever wondering if I stop, the answer is NO.  you have seen a video of my office, now you can hear what I do all day.    Don is with me to add in his commentary and take a break from his work.  Enjoy.
May 26, 2021
Embroidery talk-ish: Close to my heart
This is something close to my heart - if you were ever wondering where my passion and enthusiasm come from, here is the answer.  It comes from my heart.  This podcast is personal and close to my heart - it's also about my heart.  This is the story of me - how I went from an embroidery production all work no fun daily life, to wanting to help embroidery people to love embroidery more. I am more fun, passionate and enthusiastic about embroidery, and I want you to be too!  Don't get frustrated when something doesn't stitch right, get educated.  I am here to help, and I spend each and every day helping, and I have been for years. I love the OML Gang and what they represent, and all of the support they give everyone, including me.  I truly want everyone to be happy embroiderers.  Happy stitchers make me happy.   This is my story.
May 19, 2021
Embroidery chat: Making Mistakes
What is your biggest mistake?  do you keep making the same mistakes.  Lets face it, mistakes happen!  Join Sue and Don while we talk about our worst mistakes and how expensive they turned out to be!
May 14, 2021
Do you speak embroidery?
There is so much to learn when you get into embroidery.  One great place to start is to learn the lingo.  Embroiderers use shortcut terms and lots of them like WSS and FST and we also have some strange terms like bird nest and thread shred!  If you want to learn how to speak embroidery listen in while you are stitching and enjoy the embroidery chit chat.  If you know a newbie to embroidery, share this podcast with them so that they can understand what people are talking about :) 
May 05, 2021
the big question: WHAT MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?
hey, welcome to my podcast!  this week's subject are questions that everyone asks:  WHICH MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?  WHICH MACHINE IS BEST?  WHICH MACHINE IS THE BEST VALUE?  and yes, I will answer the questions!  I wish I had a simple answer, but it really isn't simple.  The machine that is best for me, is probably not best for you.  Why?  Leave me an audio message or question here:
April 28, 2021
EMBROIDERY TALK WITH SUE: EP 5 The history of Crazy Quilts
How much do you know about crazy quilting?  In this podcast we are going to figure out the history of the crazy quilting technique in its many forms dating back to 1880's - some quilts were made with rich elegant fabrics, and some were made with worn and patch clothing depending on the times.  Ever heard of a memory quilt?  did you know that they used to add small items, birth and death dates and sentiments to crazy quilts?  What a wonderful idea!!
April 21, 2021
EMBROIDERY TALK WITH SUE: Episode 4 chat with Sam
Sit back and relax while you are stitching or driving and listen to my oldest daughter, Sam the RN and I chat about embroidery, the new Luminaire and upcoming embroidery fun!  
April 14, 2021
Embroidery Talk with Sue: Ep 3 with Don at the end of the day!
Welcome to Episode 3 of the Embroidery Talk podcast!  In this episode, we do get a bit silly, but it is a great conversation, too.  We are mainly talking about the channel and the designs and changes that we have made to each - a big change being no commercials on the channel for the month of April and WHY we are doing this - and how it will benefit you.  We still have the goal of 100K subscribers for the OML Embroidery youtube channel, and hopefully making the videos more enjoyable will help us get to that goal. Join us for our fun podcast and let us know what you think so far!!!
April 07, 2021
Relax and enjoy listening to embroidery talk while you stitch.  Today's special guest is R. Lynne (aka neon Lynne, Pink Lynne) and we have a fun chat about embroidery, the new Luminaire, Playing hookey (recorded on Sunday and we did play hookey), and many other subjects.  Pure embroidery fun!
March 31, 2021
The first OML Embroidery podcast!!
Welcome to my podcast!  in this episode, we are chatting about embroidery and being silly.  There are many interruptions...Beatrice and Tank and one of the hounds pulling out a thread drawer...somehow.  Other than that it's an embroidery conversation with some embroidery news thrown in.  Listen until the end to find out the top name idea for my Luminaire 2 that is scheduled to arrive on Friday this week. Happy Stitching y'all. Sue
March 24, 2021