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By Zero Future Club
CITIZENS OF THE EARTH! Tune into adventurous conversations with the mad scientists and heroes of imaginative space - your everyday artists. Our main mission: To have a wild time interviewing our most creative friends. Whether they're a musician, game developer or pro meme-maker, listeners are in for a sonic power hour. Hosted by artistz and ZFC co-founderz: Oliver Throne and Audder. Produced by: Emmanuel Simon & Jasmine Monton Audio Engineering: Emmanuel Simon Administration: Jasmine Monton & Maddie Martin Marketing: Yujin Kim & Jasmine Monton
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My Friend is a Fan of Your Music - Yujin Kim
A story about where fangirling can take you... and your friends! The last episode of Season 1, featuring Yujin Kim, is dedicated to every supporter of the local arts. "Cause what's a star when its most important fan is missing?". Yujin Aspen Kim is an androgynous model, creative director, and has likely appeared at your show in Calgary! She's currently working on photography and videography. Yujin shares with Audder and Oliver Throne about her unconventional career aspirations leading to spontaneous career break-ins.  So naturally... Yujin is now a team member of Zero Future Club. You'll be getting ZFC content through the eyes and social media power of Yujin! FOLLOW THE GUEST: Instagram: Zero Future Club: and FOLLOW THE HOSTS: Audder: Oliver Throne: @oliverthrone SUPERFRIENDZ (Twitter): @SUPERFRIENDZpod MUSIC: P.O.V. by New Saint - Recorded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
April 29, 2021
My Friend is My 'Hood and Cousin in Hip Hop - RonnieRonyo
Take a literal trip down memory lane with local hip hop artist, RonnieRonyo. Ronnie is a recording artist and sound engineer who's grown from Calgary, Montreal and more. And with all pride, no cap from your hosts and guest - THIS IS FOR EAST CALGARY! Northeast/Southeast, where the finest of #YYChiphop is born! In this episode, Oliver Throne and Ronnie drive through key spots for our guest as he shares tales of growing up. Hear about how these places have shaped his music and holla if you share some memories in the neighbourhood. Be featured on our Twitter Feed or Insta Story: Send us a photo of your creative space and tag #SUPERFRIENDZ or @SUPERFRIENDZpod Want to shoutout a SUPERFRIEND or SUPERBIZ? Send us a voice message on and we'll throw it on an episode! FOLLOW THE GUEST RonnieRonyo Instagram: @ronnieronyo and @ronyoaudio Twitter: @ronnieronyo Music: and "RonnieRonyo" on Spotify, Apple FOLLOW THE HOSTS Oliver Throne: (IG) @oliverthrone Audder: (IG) SUPERFRIENDZ: (Twitter) @SUPERFRIENDZpod Zero Future Club: (IG) and (YouTube) MUSIC RonnieRonyo - Home Girls Trippin RonnieRonyo - Calm N Smooth Recorded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
April 22, 2021
My Friend is a Mindset Coach - Chrissandra Co.
Tune in as we chat about content creation, authenticity and the makings of a leader! - If you told my younger self that we would grow up to be artists, they (fetus Audder) would be QUAKING like... "I'm gonna grow up to be a HOT MESS??". That's on my school district's fault for never putting me in the same class as young Oliver Throne and our feature guest: Chrissandra Viola. Chrissandra ( ) describes herself as "a human who loves to coach, empower and encourage people with a creative lens" - which means if you think your higher calling is being an artist.. YOU'RE QUAKING NOW TOO! Hot mess, meet this Mindset Coach, ready to get you fully expressing and fully living free. FOLLOW CHRISSANDRA: Instagram - and @chrissandra.viola FOLLOW THE HOSTS: Twitter - @SUPERFRIENDZpod Oliver Throne - (Insta) @oliverthrone and (Twitter) @iamemmanuelol Audder - (Insta) Zero Future Club - (Insta) and  Recorded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. #contentcreation #lifecoach #mindsetcoach #mentalhealth #spirituality
April 15, 2021
My Friend Made a Band and Now Documentaries - Stephen Jones
This one's for the super hobbyists who pick up a new skill and master the heck out of it! To be clear, Stephen Jones was part of THREE bands, and (maybe) to our audience's surprise, none of them our hip hop. Nowadays you'll find Stephen "the Panda" behind a Canon camera and roaming Alberta with his wife Izzy. He's a content creator, planeswalker and proud to rep the autism community. As stated on - "We are the Joneses, you better keep up!" FOLLOW STEPHEN: Instagram - @stephenandizzy and @bystephenjones Twitter - @bystephenjones FOLLOW THE HOSTS: Twitter - @SUPERFRIENDZpod Oliver Throne - (Insta) @oliverthrone and (Twitter) @iamemmanuelol Audder - (Insta) Zero Future Club - (Insta) and  #creatives #videography #photography #autism #musicians
April 8, 2021
My Friend is a Streetwear Mogul and Producer - Mo & Freedom Cartel
So, you want to start a streetwear brand. But do you have The Mo Mindset? Is that actually a thing? Meet our friend, Mo Jarju, future mogul and current owner of Freedom Cartel. Young, determined and willing to debate us on Kanye West projects. Listen to the first SUPERFRIENDZ interview and share with your "get rich or die trying" homie! Tweet us your big money ideas: @superfriendzpod FOLLOW THE HOSTS Audder - Oliver Throne - ZFC - SUPERFRIENDZ on Twitter - FOLLOW THE GUEST  Mo - Freedom Cartel Shop - // (Part I) 0:18 - Mo’s intro   2:00 - What started first?  5:14 - The importance of flow and delivery in music 12:20 - Debating Ego Death (and other records, artists we love)  - SHOUTOUT K THE CHOSEN! Listen to "Amazon ft. Nyemike" on Spotify  18:23 - Artists of influence  24:25 - Sampling  26:00 - What’s the relationship between music and fashion?  31:25 - Mo asks how we make music   Break Produced by Mo Jarju (Part II) 0:18 - Oliver Throne’s musical process  1:38 - Audder’s musical process  4:55 - Making mistakes in a clothing brand start up  8:50 - The Mo mindset / limitations are what you put on yourself  14:29 - Where do you think you are right now in terms of success? 20:11 - Patience and longevity in what you create  27:18 - END
April 1, 2021