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Next 7

Next 7

By Suzanne Harris
This Podcast is about raising your joy through access to clean organic food, clean water and access to functional health care. While achieving this we will be creating a community of passionate warriors who make it their mission to leave a world that allows our Elders and our next 7 Generations to thrive.
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Next Seven Intro with Dr. Suzy Harris

Next 7

Holistic Approaches to Healing from Mold Exposure and other Environmental Illnesses with Dr. Lauren Tessier
Join me as I sit with Dr. Lauren Tessier, Naturopathic Doctor and mold illness specialist, as we go over the different aspects of mold exposure and the complex health issues that can occur. Learn some of the common signs that may indicate you are dealing with a mold illness and what it takes to get your health back on track.  Dr. Tessier approaches each person with a lengthy intake process followed by in depth individualized approach for deciding the path for recovering your health. Upcoming event: International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness May 19-22, 2022 This is part one of a two part series. This particular conference will be  focusing on the foundations of environmentally acquired illness and how  it underscores much of the day to day chronic illness we see in our  society. There will be  ticketing options available for both professionals and the public. Down load this free E-Booklet - Mold Prevention 101 Connect with Dr. Tessier Phone: 802.595.6004 Fax: 888.972.8792 Address: 46 South Main St., Suite 2B Waterbury, VT  05676
May 10, 2022
Holistic Body/Mind Healing with Dr. Julieta Rushford Santiago
Join me for a wonderful conversation with Dr. Julieta Rushford Santiago as she describes her experiences of connecting with her clients, uncovering their stories to help them feel more at ease and empowered in their own healing journeys.  Dr. Julieta talks about her commitment to helping people realize they have the power to tap into their inner holistic healer and the capacity for self alignment.  Listen in and learn more about how she realized during the stressors of the last 2 years with Covid, she was able to help people in a profound way, remotely!   Dr. Rushford Santiago has recently launched an additional healing practice called Holistic Julieta.  Click on the link below to see how she is teaching the self adjustment as well as her profound work with healing essential oils. Also, click the link below for a free gift Dr. Julieta has offered - 3 Tips for Neural Self-Regulation Calm your body/mind with this Free healing gift:
March 15, 2022
Carol McQuillan with Common Roots - Taking a Stand for Nourishing our Soils, Our Children, Our Farmers and Our Communities
Join Dr. Suzy Harris as she speaks with Carol McQuillan, Executive Director of Common Roots in South Burlington Vermont.  Carol discusses the stand that is needed for taking care of the land that sustains us, building healthier soils to both nourish and educate children, families and our amazing communities. - Is your food helping you nourish your family? - Does your family need assistance with obtaining healthy organic foods? - Classroom lessons, Farm to School, Farm To-Go food, Farm Stand at the Food Shelves - Gatherings on the Land - Partnering with the Seven Sisters Abenaki Gateway Garden Visit Common Roots Website! Farm to Fork Tuesdays - Organic Healthy To-Go Food Flat Bread Fridays! South Burlington Food Shelf
February 15, 2022
Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate VT - Soil Focused Organic Farming/Healing Our Ecosystems For The Future
Join  me as I sit with Mathieu Choiniere and talk about the history of his  4th generation family farm and how they have successfully become a part  of providing nutrient dense, organic dairy, beef, pork, eggs and honey  to the New England area.  Their farm is an active part of increasing  ecosystem health and reducing negative environmental impacts while  increasing public awareness and access to organic foods.  It all comes  down to the  soil! Their organic milk is distributed via Organic Valley Cooperative  throughout New England and their other incredible organic foods can be  purchased at their farm store: Address: 2465 Gore Road, Highgate Center, VT 05459 Phone: 802-868-2131 Email: Website: Check out this video that highlights the Choiniere Family being awarded the 2021 New England Leapold Conservation Award
January 17, 2022
Dr. Suzy Harris and Melissa Maki, Acupuncturist - Sharing Stories of Our Clinical Experiences During Covid
Join me as I sit with Melissa Maki, acupuncturist and owner of Gratitude for Wellness in Willsboro, NY.  We shared our stories of what we have seen in our practices over the last year or so during covid.  You'll hear about the different patterns that presented in our patients, styles of care that helped us support them through this time, the missing conversations of how to build your immunity and  the suppression information about research that was done to find effective early prevention and treatments for this virus.  Here are some links that get mentioned during the podcast. Dr. Pierre Kory - Testimony before the  Senate re: his research on prevention and effective treatment protocols Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance - Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19
July 22, 2021
Mike Proia from Blank Page Cafe!
Listen in on my chat with Mike Proia, owner and chef at Blank Page Cafe.  Mike has a huge passion for food and building community from his cafe located at Bread and Butter Farm in South Burlington.  It was a great conversation and I truly appreciate his work and focus on bringing people together while serving amazing organic - locally sourced foods like delicious butter coffee, gluten free treats, amazing breakfast tacos and take home meals!   Get connected and follow the sustainable and collaborative work going on at the Blank Page Cafe'! Follow Mike on instagram @blankpagecafe website Email Mike with any questions or curiosities Follow Bread and Butter Farm on instagram and facebook @breadandbutterfarm Website
March 07, 2021
Corie Pierce from Bread and Butter Farm
Join me as I talk with Corie Pierce, owner of Bread and Butter Farm in South Burlington/Shelburne Vermont.  Corie and her collaborative team of amazing people have created a profoundly regenerative space full of education, clean food, restoration and opportunities to protect and connect with the land.  Thank you Corie for an awesome conversation! If you wish to connect with Bread and Butter Farm, find them here and definitely sign up for their newsletter- it is FULL of awesome community minded connections and opportunities to  enjoy the fruits of their intensive labor. (You'll have to copy and paste these addresses into your browser until I figure out how to get links to embed in this platform!)
January 23, 2021
Dr. Grace Johnstone and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies
Join me for a conversation with Dr. Grace Johnstone from Hyperbaric Vermont as we talk about the many ways Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies are being used to help people with chronic issues of inflammation, pain, Lyme and tick borne Illnesses, head injury, stroke recovery and immune system boosting.   If you would like to get in touch with Dr. Johnstone, she can be reached here:
January 20, 2021
Bob Fireovid from Health Hero Organic Cattle Farm
Join me as I speak with Bob Fireovid co-owner of Health Hero Farm in South Hero Vermont as he shares stories of how organic based farming and life style has directly affected his health, his partner Joan Falco's health as well as members of their family.  Bob and his partner Joan Falco left their lives in DC behind about 7 years ago to begin a new life of sustainable farming on a 180 acre grass fed cattle farm.  They are on a mission to be a part of sustainable farming practices and bringing the healthiest foods possible to our local community. If you would like to connect with Bob and Joan you can find them here: Health Hero Farm 350 West Shore Road, South Hero, VT Send them an email if you'd like to receive their newsletter, collect their recipes or to ask questions. Visit Their Website: "Come visit our website and watch our video that describes our farming practices. And come visit our farm; you might get lucky and have your hand licked by one of our cattle!" - Bob Fireovid For lists of farms that are practicing organically:
January 13, 2021
Wendy Halley - Energy Medicine and Shamanism
Join me as I speak with Wendy Halley, a certified mental health counselor and owner of Lucid Path Wellness in Montpelier, VT.   Wendy brings a unique blended approach of solution based coaching, energy medicine  and shamanic healing practices to her work with her clients.  Learn more about the cutting edge technology of the Energy Genesis chamber she makes available to the community that provides, light, sound and vibrational healing for balancing several health imbalances.   She is an author, healer, pod-caster and amazing functional health practitioner here in Vermont. To connect with Wendy Halley and Lucid Path Wellness: Lucid Cafe Podcast - awesome episodes full of life coaching and other helpful health topics
December 31, 2020
Dr. Elizabeth Walker - TMJ and Airway Health
Join me as I interview Dr. Elizabeth Walker,  owner and lead physician at  Sleep Therapy and Airway Orthodontics in Wiliston Vermont.  Dr. Walker is a functional health practitioner in our community that is committed to educating her patients about the broad spectrum health benefits that come from managing your airway health.   She is using the latest diagnostic technologies to identify  the ORIGIN of symptoms to resolve facial pain, neck pain, dental issues and breathing  challenges.   To connect with Dr. Walker: 802-876-7803
December 30, 2020
Justin Cruz from Eco Bean And Greens - 100% Organic food on the go!
Join me for a great interview with Justin Cruz, owner of Eco Bean and Greens in South Burlington, Vermont.  Justin shares his story of how he became interested in his project of opening a 100% organic / gluten free restaurant and his commitment to the philosophy that food is our medicine.   You will hear about the  care and detail that goes into each item on the menu for supporting your health and immune system and the recent launch of his smoothie kits that encourage you to make your own smoothies at home with his carefully selected nutrient dense and organic ingredients. If you would like to connect with Eco Bean and Greens:  and This podcast mission is to be a part of making sure everyone has access to clean organic food, clean water and access to functional health care so  the next seven generations are left with a world that allows them to  thrive!  If you'd like to hear more... Join Us!
November 15, 2020
Nourish to Flourish - Carol McQuillan from Common Roots
Join me for an interview with Carol McQuillan and JoAnne Dennee from Common Roots,  a nonprofit community organization in South Burlington Vermont.  This organization connects farmers, educators, youth and families in building a sustainable future of organic farms, nourishing foods and a healthy community of people caring for one another. To connect with Common Roots and their many services visit: Join Us if you like what you here and want to be a part of the movement of shifting our farms toward organic farming, witnessing and supporting the clean up of our oceans and water ways and ensuring all people have access to functional health care
November 15, 2020
Kathy Smith from Green Ray Wellness - Energy Medicine Practitioner
In this episode my guest is Kathy Smith, owner and holistic health practitioner at Green Ray Wellness Center in South Burlington Vermont.  Kathy is a certified energy medicine practitioner, trained by Donna Eden and a certified Reiki master.  Join us as we discuss the many health issues that can be assisted through the practice of clearing blockages in the energy flow of your body and how simple practices can be learned for use at home to help keep your health and wellness on track. To Connect With Kathy at Green Ray Wellness: Our mission is to be a part of making sure everyone has access to  clean organic food, clean water and access to functional health care so the next seven generations are left with a world that allows them to thrive!  If you'd like to hear more... Join Us!
November 09, 2020
Melissa Maki from Gratitude For Wellness - What is Thermography?
Melissa Maki discusses her experiences coming from being a mental health counselor into being a 5 element acupuncturist and how she has progressed into offering effective holistic care to the people in her community.  She shares insights about 5 element acupuncture, the use of whole foods, non toxic body care/home care products and the use of Thermography to monitor whole body and breast health for early detection of imbalances without radiation.   If you would like to contact Melissa for additional information she can be contacted at Our mission is to be a part of making sure everyone has access to clean organic food, clean water and access to functional health care. Join Us!
November 08, 2020
Next Seven Intro with Dr. Suzy Harris
In this episode I introduce the concept of my podcast - The Next 7.  I am bringing information and opportunities for listeners who want to understand how to have an affect on the state of the  many things that affect their health, their children's health and the elders they may be caring for.  We will be focusing on solutions involving access to clean organic food, clean water and access to functional health care.  We want to raise your joy and vitality while taking care of our elders and  leaving a world behind us that allows the next 7 generations to thrive!
October 15, 2020