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By Sven Ihnken
A podcast for everyone curious around the agile space, coaching, life questions, change management and how to peel carrots with chop sticks.
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Scriptures at Work. A pilot workshop to prompt inspiration for changes in the corporate world.


Build the Death Star - Star Wars meets Scrum
Would the Rebel Alliance stand a chance if the Death Star would have been build using Scrum? I guess we will never know... ... however, playing the Scrum simulation game 'Building the Death Star' by Corrado De Sanctis - the Dex game - teams pioneer towards the pillars of successful enterprise agility. What brings the highest gain on the quest to conquer the universe? High performing teams? Effective OKRs? In this simulation 6 scrum teams explore the realm of large project agility. Within the two hours playtime teams learn in a playful way what the magic ingredients for a project success are.  How does the game look like? Dedicated work streams are responsible for the various components of the Death Star as real as the real fiction suggests. Every bit is like in the real Star Wars stories and authentically relate to the Death Star building in 'The New Hope'. But how easy is it to coordinate building the super laser and connecting it to the power needed? What happens if the emperor has taken Princess Leia hostage and needs the torture chamber active ASAP?  Whilst the empire had 400,000 droids to build the death star we have six teams to coordinate the work. This game has a Scrum board, 134 components to be build - each represented by a card, six teams, the universe throwing a spanner into the gearbox and a ruthless and demanding emperor. It is ideal to be played with a minimum of 14 people and aims for anyone who is exposed to Agile ways of working - or wants to learn about agility on an experiential level. In today's Scrumblebee episode we hear employees of the happy MatchesFashion family play the 'Build the Death Star' game. Of course we didn't let the opportunity slip to talk to Michael Park who invited us to MatchsFashion London and who has deep insight into the powers of this game. Corrado De Sanctis has invented the Death Star game all by himself and explains what has prompted him to do so.  And if you are interested in a written experience report by Corrado on LinkedIn just click here:
January 02, 2020
Scriptures at Work. A pilot workshop to prompt inspiration for changes in the corporate world.
#Change-management; #agile; #lateralthinking; #workingwithheart; #gospel Looking at the Gospel according to Mark may not be seen as a first port of call when we are looking for inspiration for change management in the modern corporate world. Why is it fruitful to reach as far as the bible when we are on the search for meaningful approaches to 'better' the corporate working conditions? How can we create workspaces where we combine both, the external conditions for complex problem solving and the right attitude and values of our treasured employees? In this episode we have the honour to be listening to Mili and Brian as guests. Both have taken deep insight from the one-day pilot workshop by Tobias Meyer. And both share why this workshop was specifically interesting and carried profound insight.  Of course we also asked Tobias himself what inspired him to let others reach far for inspiration.  If you are interested in Tobias's workshop click here: And Enjoy the podcast and stay tuned for more episodes to come. ...and yes, after recording this podcast I went out and got a better microphone. Future recordings shall feature an improved sound quality :)
November 24, 2019