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By SwiftCairo
Technical and nontechnical matters of iOS and apple produtcs developments, from cairo to the rest of the world!
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Developer income


#06 Self-Onboarding
This Episode about When you land a new job your first priority would be to correctly integrate with your new team, in this episode we talk about self onboarding and how to fit your self with a new work environment, learn about business and tips to be an effective team member.  Host: Abdeltwab  Mohamad Guest: Attia Mohamedein is an Egyptian software engineer based in Berlin, Germany working as iOS Engineer at Flixbus, Attia helped many startups around the globe to launch, maintain and deliver the best quality and experience of their mobile apps to the users, He is co-founder of @SwiftCairo Community Register as a speaker Imposter syndrome Conversion Rate The business case for your code The product minded software Engineer Learn more about SBI feedback Product analytics: Firebase Analytics, Mixpanel, Adjust ..etc
April 11, 2020
Developer side projects
In this podcast we talk about side projects, how and why and what would you benefit as a developer from having your own side projects, in a funny discussion with Mostafa Naguib from Germany talking about his experience in creating side projects, and how it helped him in making his own way as a product manager. Links: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon The Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb and the Killer Companies of the New Silicon Valley are Changing the World  Steve Jobs  Born a Crime  by Trevor Noah Maybe you should talk to someone  The culture map Ideas for startups by Paul Graham On twitter, we're: @swiftCairo, @yoloabdo, @MostafaNageeb 
July 19, 2019
Boost your development env
We're talking with one of the GUC graduates Mohamed Waly in Berlin about his journey as usual, then we leap to the enviroment and how to develop yourself within company vision, how does german companies interview and look for their candidates and what to avoid in toxic work enviroments, hope you'd enjoy it!
December 19, 2018
An iOS Journey
Our guest for this episode is Peter Mossad, Peter has been developing for iOS for over 10 years since his last year in college, starting with Xcode 3.0 to now. We talk about his journey and the struggle of getting out of the comfort zone (Objc) to (Swift), traveling abroad journey, what do you need to join companies in Germany and how to apply, SOLID principles and many other topics. Clean code:
December 13, 2018
Developer income
Guests: Ahmed Essam - Software engineer @ Apple , twitter: @Neo_4583 Mohamed Elsherif - Software engineer @ Okta, twitter: @Bashmohandes Attia Mohamedin - iOS Software engineer @elmenus, twitter: @AttiaMoTheDev Abdelrahman Eaita - iOS Software engineer @PassApp, twitter: @yoloabdo Topic: How to enhance your income, development game Links: Book: Creative selection: Essam's Scripts: about burnout: Measuring your online time:
December 01, 2018
Hello world!
A whatsapp message turned into this: - Aren't you thinking about podcasting? - Yes, I've been. - Ok let's do it? - Yes, let's! So me and Ahmed Essam made this our 1st podcast, we started with talking about career, projects managment, startups, and many topics related to the field and the life of every developer, and as always we will be waiting for your feedback!
December 01, 2018