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We believe swimming is more than just a past-time, it's about ecology, creativity, conquering personal demons and redefining the limits of endurance. We’re Hunter and Vicki, two London based outdoor swimmers who met while training to swim the English Channel in 2019. Our podcast is about the heroes, the eccentrics, the spaces, the untold stories and adventures of wild swimming.
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Peace: Special Edition with Lynne Cox


Peace: Special Edition with Lynne Cox
Our latest offering is a very special edition of SwimOut all about Peace. We welcome new presenter Jonathan Cowie from Outdoor Swimmer magazine spreading his podcasting wings for the first time. We are joined by the legendary swimmer and writer Lynne Cox. She first rose to fame when she broke the English Channel record aged 15, and went on to break many more. Her mission to broker peace between Russia and the USA by swimming the Bering Strait in 1987 remains a groundbreaking achievement. Still actively engaged with swimming she has just published a book about swimming with dogs as well as setting up a swim in April to help the people of Ukraine. We also discuss Ukraine and peace with the ever passionate Jackie Cobell who is raising money to help Ukrainians. And Vicki and Jonathan share their favourite swim spots.
July 12, 2022
The Big One: Series 2 Episode 6
In the final episode of this series Hunter and Vicki are joined by the founder of WOWSA, Steven Munatones, and Gareth Jones who recently completed an EPIC 60 kilometre swim over Wales' wildest water. We're also joined by the the legendary Jackie Cobell who has the impressive (if undesirable) accolade of the longest ever channel swim. Plus, we catchup with our favourite fan Rick Cipolla. 
December 09, 2021
Access: Series 2 Episode 5
This month Hunter is joined by guest presenter Omie Dale to discuss access and inclusion in aquatics.  We hear from bathing historian George Townsend about sociological barriers, such as gender and race, in the 19th century. Omie talks to the founder of Swimunity, whose mission is to make the joy of swimming accessible to all communities following the Grenfell Tower disaster. And Vicki has a special report on the state of disability in open water aquatics. 
October 21, 2021
The Mind: Series 2 Episode 4
Hunter and Vicki delve into The Mind. The mind can be your best friend and your worst enemy on a long swim. It can soothe and wash away your troubles; it can also disrupt and ruin your flow. In this episode we meet Cliff Golding; after 5 years and 6 failed attempts Cliff finally tamed his demons and successfully crossed the English Channel - he tells us his secret. Sarah Kennedy Norquoy lives in the Orkney isles and tells us how swimming helped her recover from grief and we catch up with Mental Health Swims about raising mental health awareness. Last but not least, we speak to two Paralympian's about their mental health journeys in the lead-up to Tokyo.
September 02, 2021
Journeys: Series 2 Episode 3
Vicki and Mikey explore Journeys. We hear from Cath Pendleton, who holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Southerly Ice Swim (female) in Antarctica, but she also likes Mermaiding and chitty chatting.  Mikey leaps out of his sound booth to present this week and speaks to Sal Minty-Gravett, the oldest woman to do a 2-way English Channel swim. John Coningham-Rolls from SwimQuest tells us all about his passion for empowering people to start their swimming journey and stop punching below their weight. We all did a Pier to Pier swim and Hunter pops in to tell his story. Finally Vicki wants to follow her father down the River Avon on a very special Journey.
July 16, 2021
The Environment : Series 2 Episode 2
Vicki and Fiona - our guest presenter - explore The Environment. We hear from Owen Hayman, a man who loves swimming in Reservoirs, on his mission to open up more water for us all to swim in whilst being kind to the environment. We catch up again with Calum McLean in the highlands of Scotland who finds awe in this magnificent scenery and is desperate to preserve it. We also bring you reports about the health of the sea from Papua New Guinea, a re-wilding project from East London and a Channel swimmer with a passion for collecting litter. Plus loads of ideas for great environmental projects to follow. BREAKING NEWS We are finalists in the British Podcast Awards Vote for us to also win the listener's choice award here  More info and longer versions of interviews at We also love Likes and ratings on your podcast provider. Catch us on Facebook and Instagram too.
May 28, 2021
UNCERTAINTY: Series 2 Episode 1
SwimOut is back! Vicki and Hunter are back for a second series exploring 'Uncertainty'. We hear from Jaimie Monahan doyenne of Ice swimming, about how she coped and what kept her occupied whilst stuck on Manhattan in 2020. We catch up with Steve and Norma talking about their fabulous entertaining Webinars which educated us on the technicalities of sea swimming. We also have Emma France from Dover Channel Training about how to cope with the uncertainty that IS the English Channel challenge. More info at  contact us here. We also love Likes and ratings on your podcast provider. Catch us on Facebook and Instagram too.
April 15, 2021
Episode 8: ICE
ICE is the topic Vicki and Hunter explore, in this, the final episode of Series 1.  We hear from Jaimie Monaghan doyenne of Ice swimming, Ram Barkai who set up International Ice Swimming Association and Rostislav Vitek the fastest ice miler. We also meet Attila Manyoki, the fastest man to complete the Oceans Seven challenge who was hospitalised after a North Channel swim with hypothermia. Helen Smith helps Vicki prepare for an Ice mile swim next year and we hear from our listeners around the world about why they love ice swimming. It's ICEY !! Other material and episodes available at our website SwimOut  
December 28, 2020
Episode 7: The Wellness Factor
Hunter and Vicki explore how open water swimming can help with your Wellness. We cast our net far and near. Finding happy swimmers donning Burkinis in Sydney and wetsuits in Lake Geneva. We also visit top London swim spots at Hampstead and the Serpentine. We talk to the man who made the film The Ponds about the Hampstead Ponds and we sit on the Heath to discuss the impact Channel swimming has had on our Wellness. We hope that it makes you happy too.
November 26, 2020
Episode 6: The Pioneers
Hunter and Vicki seek out inspiring stories. We hear about Channel firsts - the first black man and the first woman. Hunter tells us about his fascination with Captain Webb and we hear from an expert on bathing who tells us about the Swimming Professor. Anna reveals all about the history of the swimsuit and we also have poetry, tales of old and love across the waves. Great tales of derring do.
October 29, 2020
Episode 5: The Adventurers
Vicki and Hunter go in search of Adventure in the open water. Hunter meets a Wild Brother and the Crocodile Dundee of Northumberland. Vicki talks to the second person to have completed the Oceans’s Seven challenge. We reveal our top fan and an adventurous way to celebrate your 70th birthday. Dan the coach gives tips on sea swimming and chasing those elusive buoys. Inspiring stories to keep you buoyant through the autumn.
September 24, 2020
Episode 4: The Lifesavers
This month Vicki and Hunter are joined by Chas Hamilton with a story about a charity which helps prevent drowning in Cambodia, which is the leading cause of childhood death in that country.  An RNLI beach lifeguard shares some tips on how to stay safe on the beach and answers some questions about what to do if you get into trouble. We also tell the amazing story of Guðlaugur Friðþórsson an Icelandic fisherman who survived after his trawler capsizes, with extracts taken from the book "Why I Swim" by Bonnie Tsui. Plus Mikey Tees shares the story of a very special relay swim across the English Channel.   
August 27, 2020
Episode 3: The Limits of Obsession
This month Vicki and Hunter go in search of the limits of obsession. Vicki met the man who has swam the English Channel 34 times and who's next swim will be his greatest physical and mental test yet. Meanwhile Hunter caught up with an adventurer about his legendary swim over the UK's most treacherous waters, a place which has been nicknamed "Hell's Mouth". We also hear from a stand-up comedienne and the UK's preeminent marathon swimmer who's also happens to be an expert in hypothermia. This one's a real corker!
July 30, 2020
Episode 2: Stepping Back In
As temperatures soar and the coronavirus grip loosens in some places, Vicki and Hunter are leaping back into the deep.  This episode we’re talking to a World Champion open water swimmer, Keri-Anne Payne, about the future of the sport as well as the insatiable journalist, filmmaker and Ambassador for the Outdoor Swimming Society, Calum Maclean about breaking out of lockdown! We also have some top open water swimming tips from the one and only Dan Bullock of Swim for Tri and we’re listening in to your stories from around the globe.
June 26, 2020
Episode 1: The English Channel
Introducing Episode 1 of the SwimOut Podcast with Hunter and Vicki! In our debut episode we spoke to SARAH THOMAS whose 4-way crossing in 2019 amazed us all, as well as the veteran English Channel coach FREDA STREETER who's not only trained hundreds of Channel swimmers but is of course mother to Alison Streeter - Queen of the Channel.
May 29, 2020