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Taco Rockets

Taco Rockets

By Tim ✌️
Taco Rockets (🌮, 🚀) is an experiment of integrating deep discussions of Tech. We touch on the most popular topics that hit the scene and beyond. Topics include #buildsell30, #buildinpublic, #NFT, #blockchain, #music tech, #fintech—but it doesn't stop there.

Taco Rockets is hosted by Tim ✌️

🎙A Cosmic Blair Podcasting Network Show
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Another indie product but this one is different!

Taco Rockets

Friday Show: Supabase, Nuxt.js, Tailwind CSS... Oh my, a SupremeMVP update!
Happy Friday! I dive into why SupremeMVP is using Supabase, Nuxt, and Tailwind CSS—moving from Google Analytics to Fathoms or Plausible—and utilizing DigitalOcean to reduce cost with services like Ghost. Big Goal: Launch SupremeMVP with nearly $0 monthly costs (not including my time). Resources: Supabase - Nuxt - Supabase - Vue.js - Ghost - Fathom - Plausible - SupremeMVP Are you building something and want to be on the show? Reach out via Twitter and let's talk about your product, launch, and business(es). 😀 🇺🇦 Donate to Ukraine 🙏. Hosted by Tim ✌️ 🙌 A Cosmic Blair Network show
March 04, 2022
A Taco Tuesday Discussion about Ghost Themes and building a MVP (minimum viable product) for MVPs
Happy Taco Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, and Mardi Gras! 🌮 🎉 💃🕺! I dive into my Ghost theme semi-passive income analysis—the SupremeMVP vision and the tech stack. Are you building something and want to be on the show? Reach out via Twitter and let's talk about your product, launch, and business(es). 😀 🇺🇦 Donate to Ukraine 🙏. Ghost - Indie Ghost Theme - Nuxt - Supabase - Sails - Vue.js 🙌 A Cosmic Blair Network show
March 02, 2022
Career transition time! Seven observations from interviewing with different sized tech companies in fourteen days
Happy Taco Tuesday, Y'all! 👋 #Career transitions are interesting and I break down seven observations and lessons I've learned while interviewing with companies ranging from #pre-seed to #public as a software engineer and engineering manager. 🙌 A Cosmic Blair Network show
February 23, 2022
Battles! Elon Musk vs travel tracker and Neil Young vs Spotify
Happy Friday Y'all! 👋 On this show we discuss why Elon Musk is battling a 19-year-old and why Neil Young is taking music off of Spotify — with my guest Phil, co-founder of the Cosmic Blair Network. Elon Musk offered teen $5K to shut down Twitter account tracking his private flights: report Spotify to Take Down Neil Young’s Music After His Joe Rogan Ultimatum 🙌 A Cosmic Blair Network show
February 05, 2022
Another indie product but this one is different!
Hi everyone! 👋 Tim here with another Tuesday show. This episode is about my new, indie product called SupremeMVP — a resource to help you build launch-worthy minimum viable products (MVPs). I talk about the tech stack and being a builder / developer / engineer. Resources: TailwindCSS Flowbite Vue.js Sails.js MongoDB Seedscout MicroAcquire 🙌 A Cosmic Blair Network show
February 02, 2022
TGIF! - Big Announcement and NFTs
Hi Everyone! 👋Happy Friday! First, we're joining the Cosmic Blair Network! For curious and passionate podcasts — checkout their current offerings. The team and I will be working on production, formatting, and scheduling of podcasts. Subscribe to get a new show every Tuesday and Friday. We're keeping the same topics of Tech and Music—so don't worry. 🌮 Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesdays 🙌 Every Friday is TGIF - Friday! We also dive into a few NFTs that I've recently acquired. TRIPPY FUR BORED APE and MUTANT APE via Rally. #BAYC Music NFT Mona Lisa by Lil Pump via Republic
January 29, 2022
A Ghostlycopy update and thoughts on the Great Resignation
Hi everyone! (🌮,🚀) Today was a brief update on our #BuildSell30 product—Ghostlycopy 👻—it's getting there. Also, I share some thoughts on the Great Resignation. 👉 Next podcast—we'll start discussing Crypto and NFTs. Please send suggestions! What's your favorite token and NFT! The Great Resignation is here. What does that mean for developers? - Stack Overflow How to navigate The Great Resignation - Gitlab
January 26, 2022
'Ideas in a box' - Build Sell 30
My brother, Phil, joins me to discuss ideas for the #BuildSell30 Challenge. A challenge to build a product to $100 MRR and sell it on MicroAcquire. We discuss the general idea that may lead us to a successful sale! Will we succeed?! 👻 Follow Our Product on Twitter @Ghostlycopy 🐦 Follow The Build on Twitter @taco_rockets 📈 Read about our progress at our site 🎙 Shoutout to Progressive Pop Podcast 
January 05, 2022
Hello World! Welcome to Taco Rockets!
This is just brief introduction to Taco Rockets (🌮+🚀). I'm your host Tim and I'll be discussing music and tech with some close friends. Come join the experiment! 🙌
August 19, 2021