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Takin' It Back - The Podcast

Takin' It Back - The Podcast

By Takin It Back
A couple of tinfoil hat wearing America first patriots are takin' back the leftist media narratives from today's headlines.
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Major MAGA Wins! Now Let Them Eat...Bug?
In this episode we discuss the primary wins as the MAGA movement keeps rolling on. We also cover more COVID fakery and wrap it up with some yummy bug eating. Get the show notes at Visit A Peek on her site at 60+ conservative and alternative news sources add-free and updated every 15 minutes 24/7/365 at
August 06, 2022
Proud Boys Narrative, Hunter's Laptop & Collapse of COVID
The J6 un-select committee has embarrassed themselves again with a tainted witness and withholding exculpatory evidence from an FBI asset embedded with the Proud Boys. Hunter's laptop is back in the spotlight and it's not getting any better. Speaking about not getting better, Fauci and his band of murdering clowns are on the fear mongering path again.
July 16, 2022
129 Percent Uptick is No Conspiracy Theory
The Gateway Pundit reported that according to a group watching the supply chain closely for their clients that there has been a 129% increase in food plant fires globally from 2020 to 2021. They reported to their clients more than 400 fires in the US alone and sent out more than 11,000 supply chain alerts in that same time frame. I smell a rat. Does that make me a conspiracy theorist?
July 07, 2022
Cassidy, Liz, Ghis and More
Liz Cheney and her band of degenerate democrats on the Jan 6 "Get Trump" non-committee invited a like-minded sister to tell lies and rumors. Then the moronic MSM covers trying to convince us that Cassidy's lies are damning for Trump. Boring! We also discuss Ghislaine and her suicide watch, as well as, and extradition.
July 05, 2022
Putin To Bring Down The Deep State?
In this episode we discuss the 6/16/22 release of US Biological activity in Ukraine from the Russian Ministry of Defense as reported by BioClandestine on Telegram. 
June 25, 2022
Leftists Have Nothing Left
In this episode we discuss more of the leftists scams on the American people as they implode into a heap of human excrement. Plus huge news breaking on the US biolabs in the Ukraine and the other liberal lie Covid-19.
June 19, 2022
Silent Majority Silent No More
We have said this for months, but it's worth mentioning again. The silent majority is winning. Now is not the time to quit. It is time for us to get louder and shout down those who want to trample on your values. We discuss this and more on this episode. Show notes: APeek's site: Sumguyinohio's site:
May 28, 2022
We Need Some Kash
While Durham's team is doing well in the Sussman trial Kash Patel is killing it on the circuit laying out in great detail what Durham is doing and not leaking. We cover that and much more views on the news. Visit Apeek's website at Visit Sumguyinohio's site at Show notes:
May 24, 2022
Durham, Drop Boxes, and Disinformation
In this episode we discuss a couple of Durham updates with the notes, our feelings about 2000 Mules after going to the premiere in a theater near us, and the disinformation czar tasked with providing all the disinformation you can stomach.
May 15, 2022
The entire Covid plandemic was a farce from the very beginning. As early as 2005 the Atheist Fauci's and Gate's of the medical science community have been plotting their control over the human body with gene therapy and nanotech. They might have gotten away with it, says Dr. Ardis, if not for a simple text message sent to him randomly. We discuss the envenomization of the world and other headlines ripped right from Show notes and videos: APeek's site: Sumguyinohio's site:
April 16, 2022
The Woke Hates Children
That's right I typed it. From Disney to supreme court nominees and the wacko's teaching your child, the woke in America not only hates your children but attack them with a venom that can only be called demonic. Show notes: APeek's website: Sumguyinohio's site:
April 03, 2022
We open the show with Stormy Daniels and it goes up and down after that. Will Ketanji Brown Jackson be confirmed and will Hunter be indicted? Who’s knows…but we are covering it in this episode. Show notes and video at Visit Apeek's site at News from 50+ conservative/alternative news site updated 24/7/365 at
March 25, 2022
What Are They Hiding in Ukraine?
Maybe Americans wouldn't be so damn antigovernment if any department within it would tell us the damn truth. I know, wishful thinking. In Ukraine the U.S. government denied secret biolabs then admitted them after they deleted documents from the site related to them. Zero transparency. Why would we expect it when we have Nuland (the woman who instigated the coup in 2014) running Ukraine for the State Department. We also cover chemtrails and Covid so buckle up! Get the show notes: APeek's website: SumguyinOhio's website:
March 11, 2022
WWIII Putin VS The Swamp
In this episode we briefly discuss the convoy that landed safely in Indianapolis. We also discuss our take on the Russia-Ukrainian conflict and ask some very serious questions to those who attack Putin. We also discuss some updates on the end of vaccines and encourage people to never forget the tyrants involved. Show notes: Apeek's site: Sumguyinohio's site:
March 03, 2022
Truck the CDC
Both convoys from California to DC are underway and we may be joining them live in Dayton, Ohio to Columbus, Ohio as they pass through. In this episode we discuss the convoys and the devastating news that the CDC has been lying about the covid numbers from day one. What did you expect when you put Bill Gates in charge of the statistics? Show notes: APeek's social site: Sumguyinohio's news site:
February 25, 2022
Trudeau's Canada
This episode covers America's trucker convoys headed to DC just in time for dementia Joe's State of the Union address (hopefully without filling his diaper). We also discuss Durham's court filing drama then talk about the "suicide" of a jailed Epstein's pedo-pimp friend and what the family of the one remaining convict thinks about her chances.
February 21, 2022
Why Trudeau Won't Capitulate
Canadian Prime Minster Justin (Blackface) Trudeau has a racketeering problem in Canada when it comes to the jabs. It seems that Canada is raking in the dough for every single jab given globally through patents. He will never capitulate and loose a single one of those dollars coming into Canada. What's worse is that he is the World Economic Forum's stooge and we all know what Schwab's plan is. Dr. David Martin explains to Stew Peters and we have a segment of that conversation. We also share further information on Bonds for the Win and breakout a new segment on those crazy woke libs called Real Woke Jokes (it's not from The Onion....we think). Show notes:
February 14, 2022
Bonds (and Truckers) for the Win
By now I am sure you have heard about the Canadian Freedom Convoy with thousands of truckers protesting the draconian mandates being forced upon them by World Economic Forum favorite Trudeau. We discuss our view of the protest and how the scum tech community is handling the populism. We also cover surety bonds and how you can use them to leverage power back from tyrannical elected officials including school boards. We share a segment of an interview by REDPILL78 with founder Mikki Klann where she explains the details. Show Notes: APEEK'S Site: SUMGUYINOHIO'S Site:
February 07, 2022
Twitter is a Furry’s Litterbox
In this episode we discuss the very real possibility all the narratives of the left are collapsing all at once and that it is an indication of how awake the world truly is. We bring up the furry’s get a litterbox story (tongue in cheek) and also the Satanists holding class in a local school. We tie it all together with Twitter’s loss of 50% of it’s value with it’s cancel culture. See the show notes at Visit @apeekbeneaththesurface at Get headlines and video from more than 50 conservative and alternative sources updated 24/7 at
January 24, 2022
The DOJ Wants You! Are You A Terrorist?
The DOJ is creating a terrorist taskforce to harass parents and other American citizens who simply won’t toe the communist party line of the Biden administration. Are you one of them? Find out in this episode. More information and show notes at Apeek's site Sumguyinohio's site
January 17, 2022
Angry Doctor Calls for Immediate End to Jabs
Happy New Year!! In this episode we discuss the recent updates on the fake vaccines and the even more fake plandemic. We also share audio from a doctor who is demanding the end to the murderous inoculations.
January 09, 2022
What A Year
From the so-called insurrection to omicron 2021 was a turbulent year to say the very least. We share our best and/or worst of the year in this episode in a light hearted way.
December 30, 2021
Deep State Gets Run Over By a Reindeer?
Our very first Christmas podcast takes us to the studio where we work on our Christmas lists for Santa and ask for yours. In the first half we discuss some of the headlines for the week. See the show notes and to comment visit the podcast page at Visit APeek at Visit Sumguyinohio at
December 21, 2021
Trials, Trials, and More Trials
Many updates on the trials happening and some with verdicts. We also discuss the on and off again testimony by Mark Meadows to the fake January 6th Unselect committee and toss in our thoughts on Zuckerbuck wanting to store your nude photos on Meta. What could go wrong there? Check out the show notes and take our polls at
December 15, 2021
We Are Winning!
I know it might be hard to believe but the good guys are beginning to win on many fronts. I know it seems to be all lost from day to day as the Marxists continue to tear down America. We cover a few of the fronts that we are winning on in this episode. See the videos mentioned in the podcast along with the show notes at
December 08, 2021
Capitol Punishment The Movie And Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins
Monday begins the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell with millions of people wondering if names will be dropped and what those names will be when she takes the stand in her own defense. APeek offers up a little history of Ghislaine and how she fits into the Epstein saga. We also watched Capitol Punishment The Movie...should you?
November 29, 2021
The Verdict, Capitol Punishment, Flynn and a Live Colonoscopy?
In episode 19 Coco, a listener from Bakersfield California, says Sumguyinohio is a  misogynist if he doesn't bake the brownies for his wife APeekBeneaththeSurface (me) and after a brief history lesson we discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and possible future lawsuits. Then we travel down the COVIDMANIA rabbit hole and right into another possible hole of a live colonoscopy. Ewwww. Sprinkle in some General Flynn and the movie Capitol Punishment and you got yourself a podcast!
November 22, 2021
Child Trafficking, Britney, Durham and Brownies
In Episode 18 we talk about the recent interview of Ally Carter who says she was sexually abused by people like the Obama’s, John Travolta and even Joe Biden. Then we discuss updates on Britney who has recently been given some reprieve from her conservatorship. We also speak about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and mention the photo that defense attorney's showed the prosecution's star witness before he admits Kyle shot him in self defense.
November 15, 2021
Thousands of Nurses, Igor Danchenko and Vax Your Penis Guys
In Episode 17 we cover possible strike of thousands of nurses and medical professionals over the jab mandate. We also touch on the arrest of Igor Danchenko and our takes on the Durham probe. Then we wrap it up with a PSA that recently 'popped up' about getting your penis jabbed.
November 07, 2021
More COVID and Durham Updates
The Pfizer owned FDA approved a jab that has zero science connected to it. Like the disaster that became Obamacare we were told you have to give the jab to your kids to see what happens to them because they don't know. So in this episode we try to shame parents who even consider giving these death jabs to their kids. If it saves one child I think it's worth it. Also the legal minds are finally starting to hold those who withheld Ivermectin and other drugs from people with prescriptions from their doctors accountable. It's about time. And we wrap up the show with interesting updates on the Durham probe.
November 02, 2021
New Information on Italygate? And the Pandemic Hoax
In our last podcast we asked what happened with Italygate. Well it seems as though we talked up Maria Zack and huge new information is being reported by Maria and Nations in Action but is it about Italygate?
October 18, 2021
What Ever Happened With Italygate?
While globalist Marxist America hating Hillary Clinton was playing in Russian hooker pee, America hating Muslim Obama was planning to steal every future election through an Italy based defense contractor Leonardo. If Trump was elected the coup would start through impeachment with Hillary's Russiagate/Spygate. If Trump survived impeachment the switching of votes and manufacturing of ballots in 2020 election would be the coup. Many of the same names appear to be involved in both frauds.
October 03, 2021
Stay Out of Hospitals, Veritas and the Haitian Invasion
Dr. Bryan Ardis explains how the hospital his father-in-law went to, for flu-like symptoms, killed him with Fauci's NIH protocols and he warns that hospitals are responsible for millions of deaths globally. We also discuss the Project Veritas undercover video from the HHS insider and the invasion of the southern border from Haiti.
September 26, 2021
Devolution - The Updates
There have been growing calls for Joe Biden to resign over his phone call with the ousted president of Afghanistan. Was this phone call and Biden's actions predicted by Trump and military intelligence? Since our last podcast there have been some major additions to Patel Patriots Substack and we will be discussing them in detail. Patel Patriot has added Parts 9 and 10, as well as, an addendum part 2 and again brings "receipts" to back up his theory on devolution.
September 17, 2021
Vaccine Scientist Warns of Mass Extinction
What if you were forced to take an inoculation that would prevent your natural immunity from protecting you and was replaced by an immune system that only protects you from Covid-19? That is exactly what Fauci, Gates and the pharmaceutical companies have done with their fake "vaccines".
September 12, 2021
Post “Vaccine” Apocalypse
Scientists and others are now warning of the coming death and injury from the inoculations being forced or shamed on the worlds population. The plan by these psychopathic medical murders is to kill as many as possible while leaving the remainder to care for and bury their family and friends. These medical religious zealots pray to medicine and appoint their own gods that think of you as parasites.
September 02, 2021
Conspiracy Theories?
Some people have been sounding the alarm for decades only to have been labeled a conspiracy theorist before being de-platformed for wrong think. Alex was the first and he will not be the last to be labeled a conspiracy theorist. As you will see in the video below, Alex was reporting on the police state forming here in the US in 1999. Things have only gotten worse and you need only look to Australia for conformation.
August 27, 2021
When President Trump announced that China’s involvement in America’s 2020 election was an act of war worse than Pearl Harbor devolution operations planning began. In cooperation with military intelligence President Trump became a shadow president while Biden became a feckless installment pending Trumps return to power. Conspiracy theory you say? You might want to read the research done by Patel Patriot. We are covering devolution and more in episode 8.
August 19, 2021
COVID Concentration Camps, Symposium, and Updates
Did you think that the horrific human testing of Jews by Nazi Germany was simply a nasty part of history? Think again. It’s happening right now with the vaccines. What is even more concerning is that the CDC is planning concentration camps for those who will not comply.
August 12, 2021
The Vaccine Bioweapon
Dr. David Martin has been warning the world since 2002 about the potential of corruption between medical elites, pharma, and their billionaire investors. In the video below Dr, Martin explains how the medical elite, like Fauci, hold patents on the virus, the testing, and the vaccine. These monsters have been building a for profit vaccine scam since at least 2002.
August 05, 2021
Anyone Trust the Media? Anyone?
Media gets it wrong a lot and we are going to share a few of the biggest media blunders in the past few years. From Trump to Hunter and everything between. We’ll discuss some of the biggest news stories that were either fabricated or not covered at all. Political bias ignorance or malfeasance in media has run amuck and people do not trust traditional media sources. We will cover some of the biggest and some that were just lame in this episode.
July 29, 2021
The “Vaccine” Death Sentence
As information is turned over to lawyers as part of lawsuits against the quack Anthony Fauci himself we are being told that more than 45,000 people have been killed by the inoculations being sold to us as vaccines. Are we going to stand for the murder of neighbors, friends or family?
July 22, 2021
Great Reset Doesn’t Seem to be Popular With Global Community
The Globalists may have bitten off more than they can chew with their Great Reset fantasies. People worldwide are taking to the street to throw off their agendas. We will cover some of those in this episode. Also..... Sumguyinohio has to discuss the man with no milk. You know, the guy pretending to be the mother of a baby that his husband actually gave birth to. He is a bit upset that he couldn’t breastfeed their child. And finally.... We discuss the 2020 election fraud and audits that are spreading in the swing states where voter integrity (or lack of it) has become a major issue.
July 19, 2021
Top Ten Summer Eruptions
American Thinker has a great post about the possible pending summer political eruptions. We decided to share them with you and get your opinion on what you feel might be missing from the list or what you would change. We want to hear your opinions so we can add them to a new feedback segment next week. American Thinker post:
July 08, 2021
Conservatorship, We Went To See Trump in Ohio
Her father turns his hot daughter with a voice into a retirement plan and when Brit doesn’t want to play anymore he gets her to sign her life away. Is that what happened with Britney Spears? We will be discussing the topic of conservatorship. And…. Guess who went to Wellington, Ohio and saw the first Trump rally on Saturday! That’s right we were there and we are sharing the experience. Plus… Who are we? Well we will let you know in this episode.
July 02, 2021