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Tale 404

Tale 404

By Fancy Logo Films & Doomsday Banana
Wait...stop?! Where do you think you’re going? Yes, that's me wearing a sloth mask over another sloth mask and no, you are not lost. Just like the story behind the cover art, these tales are mostly unknown and some are not found. From little-known historical stories to the exploration of the rarely discussed intersection of seemingly unrelated occurrences, you've found Tale 404.
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You don't know Nearest?

Tale 404

You don't know Nearest?
Like what I did there? You're starting to get a little comfortable with us, so I decided to loosen up and offer you a drink and it's the good stuff. Wanna hear a story about it?
April 11, 2022
U.S. Marshal Bass "Lone Ranger" Reeves
Wanna hear a tale of epic proportions?! Bass Reeves is way too big of a figure to be condensed into a 6 minute episode but we did our best. There needs to be a video game made about this guy and his exploits. He wore DISGUISES, Y'ALL!!!
February 05, 2022
The Strategy Before THE Dream...
Oh, do I have a story to tell! In this special episode of Tale 404, we take a peek behind the scenes of the Civil Rights Movement. I don't know about y'all, but I used to think that the Montgomery Bus Boycott started with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and that that single act of civil disobedience was what started the movement... I was SO Wrong!!!
January 22, 2022
Et Tu?!!! SMH Slavery...
Wanna hear a story? Did you know that some African Americans were also enslaved by Native Americans? Well you going to find out about it today! Let’s dive into some intersectional African-American and Native American history.
December 12, 2021
Castro Goes to Harlem...
Wanna hear a story? Did you know that Fidel Castro stayed in Harlem 60 Years ago to highlight racial injustice in the United States? Well, you do now, or, at least you will when you finish hearing this Tale 404 (not found)!
December 07, 2021
Tale 404: You are not lost...
Random guy wearing sloth masks (plural) hopefully succeeds in convincing you to hear random history facts and explore the mysterious blah, blah, blah.
May 10, 2021