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Welcome to the 'Talk To P2' Podcast Show
I'll be adding Tech related Podcasts
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What After Engineering Free Ebook Launched 😍

Talk to P2

What After Engineering Free Ebook Launched 😍

Talk to P2

3 steps to get freelance clients | Hindi
Follow these 3 steps to get freelance clients: 00:00​ Introduction 00:58​ Step 1 - Make a list of startups in your industry 02:12​ Step 2 - Visit their website, social handles and spot the weaknesses 02:49​ Step 3 - Create a clear proposal, approach, and pitch your services  04:21​ - Practical Demo using Chopping Tech
April 06, 2021
Bounce Bike Rental Startup Story | India is a terrible country to run such startup!
Bounce Bike Rental started as a luxury bike rental company called WickedRide Adventures and eventually, it started renting scooters.  Read the detailed blog post here: [Coming Soon]
March 30, 2021
What is Slang Labs? Know How It Is Changing The Experience of Indian eCommerce Industry
🗣️ Imagine adding an Alexa-like full-featured Voice Assistant inside your eCommerce App – in just 60 minutes! Sounds cool? 🇮🇳 Best Part? It's Indian and works in several regional languages seamlessly 🛒 BigBasket, Udaan, P&G, Trainman, SpiceJet, and several brands are already using this voice assistant! 🥳 In collaboration, Chopping Tech brought an exclusive overview about this Bengaluru-based Voice-Tech startup - Slang Labs  🤖 Check how it grew, technology it uses and much more Check it out 👇🏼
March 22, 2021
What is Chopping Tech? Why I launched platform for Tech Startups?
I recently launched India's First Platform for Tech Startups - Chopping Tech. What was the idea behind it? What is it all about? How can you get a job or freelance work? That's what I have talked about. I hope you enjoy this episode.
March 10, 2021
First Podcast In 2021 After Launching ChoppingTech - My Side Project
I was inactive on my Podcast for around 2 months. Why though? I've talked about latest updates about my side projects.
March 02, 2021
How I manage Full Time Job + Freelancing + Content + Side Projects (Hindi)
In this Podcast, I've discussed how I'm managing multiple things at the same time. It's important to manage time for your passion. No, you don't need to compromise on your entertainment and hobbies.
November 30, 2020
What After Engineering Free Ebook Launched 😍
"What After Engineering" has been launched and I'm talking about its idea of origin, my journey and much more.
October 28, 2020
Why Apple Products Are So Expensive? | Apple Products इतने महंगे क्यों हैं?
We all know how expensive Apple products are! But do they justify their costs? Why are Apple Products so costly? Here are more than 7 reasons 😉
October 10, 2020
How Xiaomi Became Number 1 Brand in India | भारत में Xiaomi नंबर 1 ब्रांड कैसे बना?
In 2014, when Xiaomi launched its first smartphone in India, I was highly skeptical about this brand. I thought it will be just another Chinese brand that will flatter for a few days and vanish. But boy, I was wrong! Here are the 5 Powerful Reasons For Exponential Growth of Xiaomi to become the number 1 Smartphone Brand of India 👇🏻👇🏻 👹 Also read about the downfall of Xiaomi
September 26, 2020
Are WhatsApp Clones Safe? | क्या जी बि व्हाट्सएप सुरक्षित हैं?
1) Lack of End to End Encryption 2) Against Policies of Google & Apple 3) It's against WhatsApp policies
September 17, 2020
Are You Suffering From High Bounce Rate? | क्या आप High Bounce Rate से परेशान हैं?
This is a short snippet of a phone call where we managed to bring the bounce rate of a website from 88% to 30% It is good to have a lesser bounce rate of a website. We applied the 'Adjusted Bounce Rate' in SEO. Want to understand how? Listen to this podcast.
September 04, 2020
10 Reasons Why Google Adsense Rejected Your in Application | Google Adsense क्यों रिजेक्ट हुआ?
10 major reasons why your Google AdSense application will get rejected: 1) Your website is too new 2) Lack of quality content 3) Low-quality traffic 4) Lack of policies 5) Encouraging users to click on ads 6) Links to or from harmful or inappropriate sites 7) Server downtime while google bot crawled 8) You sell illegal or malicious stuff 9) You are under 18 10) You've already been banned before
August 28, 2020
Why To Use Cloud Storage Services? | क्लाउड स्टोरेज सेवाओं का उपयोग क्यों करें?
What is a Cloud Storage? Keeping it simple, Cloud storage is nothing but storing all your files and media online. Huge companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc have made huge servers so that people like us can store our data on their servers. Advantages: ✋🏻 Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Hard Disks & Start Using A Cloud Storage Service 👉🏽 Hard Disks Are Not Reliable 👉🏽 Shortage of Physical Storage 👉🏽 Data is Dirt-Cheap 👉🏽 Access Your Data Anywhere and Anytime 👉🏽 Multiple Cloud Services Here's the complete blog
August 24, 2020
5 Things To Know Before Buying Power Bank | पावर बैंक खरीदने से पहले जान लें ये 5 बातें
Smartphones have tremendously evolved in cameras, displays, performance but we still lag in the battery. Isn’t it an imbalance somewhere where we need to charge smartphones almost daily and it can’t even last for one complete day? Also, charging time is much more for most of the smartphones. Even our smartphone battery degrades with time and the power starts draining faster. If you are a power user, you definitely need a power bank. Listen to this Podcast. I hope you like it. Here's the blog link
August 23, 2020
Reality of Free Cadbury Basket | क्या कैडबरी आपको फ्री चॉकलेट बास्केट देती है?
🎁 As soon as the festive season starts in India, Whatsapp University starts rolling out its timetable and syllabus. Then you get Cadbury Chocolates for Diwali or Adidas shoes for Christmas. The chain of forwards never stops. 🍫 Many of you might have already received this message on Whatsapp. After all, everyone wants to grab a basket of Cadbury chocolates. And the only thing you need to do is share on Whatsapp, so why not? ✒️ Initially, I ignored this message but when I received the same message from more than 5 contacts, it was the time to write this content out! 📩 If you got this message from any of your contacts, feel free to forward this message back ⏬
August 19, 2020
BBK Electronics Case Study | बीबीके इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स कौनसी कम्पनी है?
Which is the leading smartphone selling company in India? Will you believe me if I tell you that it is a company called ~ BBK Electronics? BBK Electronics is the parent company of Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, and now also iQOO. If you sum up all of these 5 brands then you will find that the resultant market share is more than 45%. But what is BBK Electronics and why is it operating 5 different companies? What is the real strategy? Find out now:
August 06, 2020
Increase Jio Internet Speed by 177% | जियो इंटरनेट की स्पीड कैसे बढ़ाएँ?
😱 I personally don’t believe in such tricks of increasing Internet speed. The Internet is full of such fake tricks. However, there is one way to slightly increase your Jio Internet speed. Most importantly, this works! It has a reason. 🤞🏼 Let me clarify that I have only tested this for Jio and I am not sure about other networks. 🚀 Find out how I managed to Boost Jio Internet Speed Upto 177% Using This Trick
July 21, 2020
Our Website Got Major Updates | अब हमारी वेबसाइट में नया क्या है?
What's New? Auto Completing Search Results Buyer's Guide Tools  Digital Bytes  Hindi Podcasts Live Tech News Free Resources Defining the visitors in a better way Donation Fresh Look, Faster Speed & More Secure
July 19, 2020
Why Spammers Misspell Words? स्पैमर शब्दों का गलत उच्चारण क्यों करता है? (Hindi)
📩 Yesterday someone sent a screenshot of a spam email on a Whatsapp group. The sender had made multiple mistakes. Everyone burst out laughing. 😂 “Haha! These scammers can’t even write a simple English sentence and they are trying to fool out others!” 😳 But did you know that these mistakes are often intentional? Spammers are well aware of the emails they send. 🎩 Here are the 2 Major Reasons Why Spammers Misspell Words 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
July 08, 2020
My Opinions on Banned Chinese Apps (प्रतिबंधित चीनी ऐप्स पर मेरी राय)
🇨🇳 I got the news that the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese Apps 🧐 I was a bit skeptical. It could be another fake news. But it was real! 👥 Thousands of people visit priteshpawar dot com and it is my responsibility to be transparent with the audience to make sure that they know the reality 🚫 I have never directly mentioned to boycott Chinese apps or avoid using Chinese smartphones. Reason? I have mentioned it further 🦠 But in this case of Chinese apps – this was a necessary step to ban 👯🏻‍♂️ However, people are rejoicing for the wrong reasons! Here are the real reasons, proofs and my opinions on the whole scenario 👇🏻
July 01, 2020
What is Bloatware? ब्लोटवेयर क्या है? (Hindi)
🤐 If you are using an Android smartphone then I bet that you have a few pre-installed apps on your smartphone. 😓 Worst part? You can neither uninstall them not hide them. As a result, you simply feel powerless in front of these Android manufacturers. Why Do Popular Brands Give Pre-Installed Apps On Your Smartphone? Here is your answer
June 26, 2020
WordPress vs Custom Coded Website - Which is better? (Hindi)
Wordpress vs custom coded website is a very common confusion that I see among the people. So this is the only problem that I tried to solve using this Podcast. I hope you find it valuable. Check out the complete podcast.
June 16, 2020 vs - What is the Difference? (Hindi)
“What? We should build a WordPress website?” this comes from most of the people who don’t know that there are two different platforms. vs is a huge confusion. This is my 8th website. I have tried everything during my college days –,, Google Blogger, etc. I even tested Wix and Joomla. Even I got confused in my initial days and I can completely understand that. Here I listed some major differences. Never underestimate the power of WordPress because many brands are using WordPress to support their Websites. Need a list? Here you go
June 09, 2020
Misleading Smartphone Ad Campaigns (Hindi)
Advertising industry works on glamour. There is no doubt. But misleading marketing campaigns can be bad for consumers. This has to be stopped somewhere. As a marketer, I have seen many types of misleading campaigns in every industry. Not a single industry is excluded. But I am focusing on the smartphone industry here. Find out how these leading smartphone brands are duping their customers. Check out now
June 05, 2020
Non-Chinese Alternatives To Popular Apps (Hindi)
We started searching for all the non-Chinese alternatives for popular Chinese apps. This started with the recent viral app that removes Chinese Apps from your phone. China dominates the Tech industry in India – from hardware to software. But we still have some options. I am compiling a list here and trying to give open-source alternatives more. This is still not a complete list and I want your contribution! You need an alternative for a Chinese App but it is missing from the list? You want to provide better alternatives? Comment there and I will make the necessary changes if required. I hope you find this helpful after the Swachhata Abhiyaan on your smartphone. Enjoy!
June 03, 2020
Microsoft Business Model - How Microsoft Earns Money (Hindi)
What is the Business Model of Microsoft? Everyone is using a Windows PC right now, probably a pirated version? Then how does Microsoft make money? Microsoft is not only about Windows. Of course, it plays a big part in the business. Also, the Operating System business helped it grow as a huge brand. But what if I tell you that Windows Operating System makes only 15.8% of Microsoft’s revenue? Point to note that Microsoft made $125.84 Billion in Fiscal Year 2019. Other Revenue Sources? Check it out here
May 28, 2020
What is Carding Business? Protect Yourself From Online Scams (Hindi)
What is Carding? Is Carding Illegal in India? Will I be in trouble? So you will get a random message which will be saying something like, “Sir, I am into carding business. I can manage a smartphone in 10% of its price. This discount is only for you for a limited time. Are you interested?” Find out what Carding exactly means!
May 23, 2020
What is Deep Web & Dark Web? Misconceptions Cleared (Hindi)
There is another Internet named dark web where police do not reach easily. The surface web is what we use normally and it can be tracked easily. However, not everyone is comfortable if someone is tracking them for no reason. What is Deep Web? What is Dark Web? How To Access it? Everything Explained! Check out
May 22, 2020
Dealing With Online Ads (Hindi)
Online ads have deeply-rooted in our lives and dealing with them became a necessity now. It’s no more a secret now that online Ad Networks harvest all your data and use it to show the relevant ads. They actually run the Internet and allow it to be free of cost. However, it is not really free. The Internet is free because it trades your data. So, why not deal with it for our own advantage? Find out how!
May 21, 2020
May 12, 2020
May 12, 2020