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Talk About it Tuesday

Talk About it Tuesday

By Recycle2 Riches

This is the talk about it Tuesday podcast brought to you by Ashleigh Morgan, founder of!
Made in the middle of this pandemic, where connection feels so far away. With this platform we will be talking with world changers, wave makers and environmental educators.
Make sure to listen, watch, and learn from these incredible minds that are changing the culture of consumption every day.
Without further ado let’s talk about it!
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What should we do with our wonky flowers?

Talk About it Tuesday

What should we do with our wonky flowers?

Talk About it Tuesday

Does sleep directly affect sustainability?
Episode 7 with Nancy Bosnoian the founder and CEO of End No! They are Reclaiming Sleep as a necessity not a luxury. Nancy is answering the questions, Does sleep directly affect our sustainability? I believe we came to the conclusion that it does. Make sure to watch the recording on our YouTube and listen to our other episodes to learn from these incredible minds!
March 24, 2021
What should we do with our wonky flowers?
Ben Cross is a 4th gen grower at Crosslands Flower Nursery which was established in 1936 in West Sussex. We spoke on the waste stream of the floral industry and Ben’s solutions for it. Ben took this issue into his own hands when he started the British Flower Rock campaign back in 2014! Ben also won the Grower Award in 2019 and won the Global Sussex Environmental award in 2020. He truly is a wave maker, lessen, learn from and support Ben Cross. (IG page: (FB page:
March 17, 2021
Is harmony possible between production and sustainability?
We are talking with the experts themselves, Method Sourcing with Avishai Greenstein. We host their bamboozle countertop composter on marketplace. Method Sourcing was founded in 2013 with a diverse team of designers, manufacturers, and content creators obsessed with the health of our planet. Hopefully we answered the question of the day, is Harmony possible between production and sustainability?
March 10, 2021
Why should sustainable fashion be normal?
We talk with Lydia founder of Pretty Green Lily blog covering all things sustainable fashion. Talking about this Circular economy we are all trying to obtain, some top 5 sustainable brands that Lydia recommends and inspired each other along the way!
March 2, 2021
Sustainable Business 101 for 2021 (Panel Discussion)
We will be talking about fair trade in all areas of your company; what a sustainable product model should look like and what intersectional environmentalism really means in a workplace. With a Girl Boss Panel of sustainable educators from Gypsy Freedom, Kooshoo, Pela and LePrix!
February 24, 2021
Just one bar of soap?
If you are thinking, my grandma uses soap, then this is the episode for you. Together we break down the reasons why, particularly a bar of soap can truly transform the culture of consumption!
February 16, 2021
Why Water & What are SDG’s?
Talking with Kevin Sofen, Founder of Wristsponsible and co-host of SDGtalks podcast! Together we will explore why clean water is so vital to the circular economy. Also we break down the 17 sustainable development goals from the UN (SDG’s).
February 9, 2021
Let’s Talk about it
February 3, 2021