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Tamice Namae Speaks

Tamice Namae Speaks

By Tamice Namae
A curated list of podcast interviews and guest appearances featuring Tamice Namae Spencer. Her theological study and expertise is situated at the intersections of Hip-Hop, Black History, Religion & Culture, and Holistic Apologetics. Tamice has described her work and contributions to the theological conversation as “cultural archeopology” : Seeing herself as one who excavates treasure in places no one would dare to look for God and using what is found to make a case for hope. ​ You can also hear Tamice regularly on Sub:Culture Presents the Hive Podcast & Where is the Lie? The Podcast for the
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The Diversity Gap : Chapter 1: Racism is the Problem - What Equity and Justice Require of Us w/ Tamice Spencer
Chapter 1: Racism is the Problem - What Equity and Justice Require of Us w/ Tamice Spencer Insight: Your team’s lack of “racial diversity” is not the root of the problem. Racism and white supremacy are the root problems. Action: Adjust your perspectives and strategies accordingly. My conversation partner for this episode is Tamice Spencer. Tamice graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a double major Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies and Advertising. At age 20 she felt the call to vocational ministry quite strongly and hasn’t looked back. She has worked with hundreds of young adults and has a passion for learning, speaking, songwriting, and teaching. Tamice is the Founder of Sub:Culture Incorporated a non profit that seeks to eradicate barriers for black college students. Sub: Culture Incorporated was created with students on the margins in mind and a longing to see them centered, and holistically cared for while on campus. Tamice  is also co-founder of the Kingdom Collaborative, an Atlanta based collective of HBCU ministry practitioners. For six years she served on full-time staff with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and the last two years on staff as the Associate Area Director of HBCU Planting & Strategy for the Southeast Region. Episode Transcript Available Here About The Diversity Gap The Diversity Gap Academy exists to help leaders pair their good intentions for diversity with true cultural change. You can order the book, The Diversity Gap, at Bethaney Wilkinson is the Host and Executive Producer. Final Production is by Live Grace Productions. Thank you to our guests and patrons who make this podcast possible! Instagram - @bethaneywilkinson @thediversitygap Website - Links from the Episode Website: Book: Sub:Culture Incorporated:
August 10, 2021
Figuring Out Life Podcast: Jesus & Justice
We get real in this episode // Tamice Namae Spencer has been in full time ministry for 14 years. Serving as a young adult leader in Kansas City a full time Campus Minister with Intervarsity as well as an Area Director for HBCU Planting and Strategy in Atlanta. She is currently getting two masters degrees one in Leadership and the other in Theology. Tamice is the Founder of Sub:Culture Inc. A non profit or- ganization that advocates for students of color on campus through consulting, resourcing and fundraising. Sub:Culture is designed to help ministries, organizations and universities recognize the unique barriers these students face to graduate and openness to faith and provide practical, comprehensive solutions to removing them. instagram: @tammynammy/ @subculture_incorporated Society & Culture
April 16, 2021
Reclaiming My Theology: Reclaiming Easter w/ Sean Watkins and Tamice Spencer
In this episode, Brandi, Tamice and Sean talk about easter, white jesus, and a more liberated expression of the easter story  Reclaiming My Theology is recorded, produced, and edited by Brandi Miller and our music is my Sanchez Fair. Society & Culture Religion & Spirituality
April 4, 2021
Black Students Survival Guide: Interview with Tamice Spencer
In this episode of Black Students Survival Guide, John and Turel interview none other than Sub:Culture Inc CEO and founder, Tamice Spencer! They ask her all kinds of questions about her time with students, starting Sub:Culture, her walk with God, and more.  If you would like to support The Hive Podcast, join our patreon at
March 3, 2021
Bethel Community San Leandro-Among Us: In Anger (Matthew 23:13-29)
For our second Sunday in Lent, guest preacher Tamice Spencer reflects on the solidarity that Jesus chooses with humanity through the expression of anger. How might our experiences with anger embody the same commitment to relationships, care, and dignity that Jesus exhibited through his own anger? Tamice is the President and CEO of Sub:Culture Incorporated, a ministry serving dedicated to removing the barriers that impede Black College Students from academic success, holistic well being, and meaningful spiritual life. She specializes in matters related to ministry to African American GEN-Z & millennials, hip-hop and urban apologetics, cultural exegesis and engagement, racial reconciliation, and New Testament studies. Tamice holds a Masters of Arts in Contextual Evangelism and Leadership from Wheaton College as well as a Masters of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological seminary. Christianity Religion & Spirituality
March 1, 2021
Black Student Survival Guide: Episode 4
We interview our very own black history maker, Tamice Spencer the founder of Sub:Culture Inc.  
February 24, 2021
Crowns Up Podcast Episode 3: They Get The Land. We Get The Bible.
On this episode of Crowns Up we talk to Tamice Spencer, creator and CEO of Subculture Inc. We discuss what's good with the culture, is Christianity the White Man's Religion and the Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time. Like, share, subscribe and follow us @thecrownsuppod. Keeping your crown fit and your soul lit. Keep your #crownsup
February 21, 2021
Reclaiming My Theology...From White Supremacy: Objectivity w/ Tamice Spencer
Today Brandi is joined by Tamice Spencer to talk about objectivity. Tamice is the founder and CEO of Sub:culture Inc an organization that seeks to develop resources and content that will eradicate the spiritual, cultural, academic, and sociological barriers that impede Black College Students and those who want to reach them. You can find Tamice and her work at and find her online at @tammynammy As always, please subscribe, rate, and review and if you want extra content, or to support what we are doing financially, please join us at Society & Culture Religion & Spirituality
July 23, 2020
Fade To Grey Podcast: Big Tent Revival
This episode was recorded live for our Big Tent Revival a few weeks before the death of George Floyd. Robert and Tamice discuss their work with Sub:Culture Inc helping black youth make their way through college, race relations in the church, and how white families can educate their children on systemic racism. Check out Sub:Culture Inc. and listen to the podcasts they are involved with.
June 14, 2020
IANW Podcast Special Edition: Race, Racism, Equality & Individual Contributions to long term systemic change Ep. 95
IANW Podcast Host Krista Xiomara sits down with a panel of women activists, humanitarians, healers, ministers, and educators to discuss race, racism, equality, and individual contributions to long term systemic change. Each panelist brings their unique insight about creating change in their perspective ecosystems and sharing their voices in the fight for equality and justice. This is a candid conversation about race and racism, how we are all navigating through this collective moment and how we plan to move our experiences into action and continue to advocate for long term change in this country and in support of our black brother's and sisters who need us more than ever. Featured in this episode is: Paula Frances Price, Associate Director for North Georgia. Paula Frances is an radical Christian Minister, activist and advocate for racial reconciliation. To learn more about Paula Frances follow her on Instagram @beingmolded Shevon Hoover, Entrepreneur, Fitness and Holistic Care Advocate, Female Empowerment Coach, wife, mother, activist, and humanitarian. To learn more about Shevon follow her on Instagram @warrior.mother Katherine C. Rodela, is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Washington State University in Vancouver, WA. Katherine teaches courses related to equity, social justice, and inclusion of diverse communities, families and students in K-12 schools, in WSU's Administrative Credential, Masters, and Doctoral Programs. To learn more about Katherine follow her on Instagram @katherinerodela Tamice Namae Spencer, has been in full time ministry for 14 years. She has a Master's in Leadership from Wheaton College and Masters of Theology from Fuller. Tamice is the founder of Sub:Culture Incorporated a non-profit organization that advocates for students of color on campus through education, consulting and raising funds for scholarships. To learn more about Tamice Namae follow her on Instagram @tammynammy and @subculture_incorporated Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank, is the founder of Fiercely Optimistic developed to help individuals facilitate positive change in all aspects of their lives through coaching, Reiki, mediation, and yoga. Alisha an activist and humanitarian. To learn more about Alisha follow her on Instagram @fiercelyoptimistic  Religion & Spirituality Spirituality Buddhism
June 13, 2020
Black Lives Matter: Live Discussion
Our friends Sean and Tamice from Sub:Culture Inc., Samson, Ash, and Omar's brother Dula join Omar for a conversation on the current climate within the Black Community, police brutality, the protests and riots, how white people can be allies, and what we do to move forward together. This episode was recorded live. Check out our website at
June 2, 2020
Developing...with Mitchell & Guests
Creators of all variety discuss what they are working on and how it is changing them Arts Society & Culture Personal Journals
April 8, 2020
Combing The Roots with Ally Henny : The Quiet Exodus
Episode Description: Ally isn’t the only Black Christian who has had a bad experience in a white church. In this Episode, Ally talks about why we need to leave. She also interviews Tamice Spencer, founder and CEO of Sub: Culture Incorporated ( Support Ally on Patreon to hear the entire interview with Tamice ( Ally’s Blog:
March 5, 2020
Tamice Spencer-Discipleship Dynamics & Hard Conversations
ABOUT THIS EPISODE In this episode, Cyon is joined by Tamice Spencer. She walks us through how to have hard conversations, shares with us the perspective of an African American woman in ministry, and teaches us the importance of advocating for discipleship that takes unique dynamics into consideration. Connect with The Table Leadership: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Subscribe to have the podcast automatically download to your device every week or listen at Connect with Cyon: On social media @cyonedgerton Connect with Tamice: IG @tamicenamaespeaks Christianity Education Business Self-Improvement Religion & Spirituality
February 5, 2020
Season 1, Episode 4: Tamice Spencer of Sub:culture Inc.
Maggie and I (Danielle) are honored to have this initial conversation with Tamice Spencer, of Sub:culture Inc. During this week of buying gifts, we are partnering with Tamice Spencer to work towards raising $8,000 to pay various expenses for college students practical needs so that they can continue studying in 2020. Please consider partnering as well. Below is the information for how to connect, and partner with these students towards practical needs. If you need to reach The Arise Podcast, please do! Our email is and/or connect on our website at . Sub:culture Inc. Ph: 757-410-0839 Email: Resurrect Eloheh Randy Woodley Edith Woodley Parenting Kids & Family Relationships Society & Culture Spirituality Religion & Spirituality barriers washington human dignity virginia eagles wings immigrants native african american
December 2, 2019
Faith Sharing: Balancing Authenticity with Responsibility
A part of the Christian faith is sharing with others about the faith that you ascribe to. How does one do this effectively though? Are there certain rules, techniques or strategies to uphold or should one simply share however they feel like it? Listen in to today's podcast episode as I interview and discuss this with Tamice Hasty Spencer, Chief Executive Officer at Sub:Culture Incorporated a faith-based nonprofit that provides ministry leaders with an understanding of the distinct barriers minority students face in building their faith and then offers a path to overcome these challenges. Website:
November 7, 2019
The Hive Podcast: Hip Hop & Theology
A special teaching our founder and CEO, Tamice Spencer did recently concerning Hip Hop and the Gospel.-
October 24, 2019
Episode 78 - What's Your Story? - Sub:Culture with Tamice Spencer
Tamice Sub: Culture Learning to Speak God from Scratch by Jonathan Merritt I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown Calm App Religion & Spirituality Christianity Government Local Society & Culture Personal Journals
May 29, 2019