Disabled Shit

Being Fat and Eating Food

An episode of Disabled Shit

By Tara Hawkins
Tara and Julianne, long-time disabled lesbians, talk about the misadventures of being disabled. If you've ever felt like nobody gets what it's like to be disabled, this is for you.

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More places to listen

Cursing the Gods because it's medically necessary
Have you ever gone to an expert for one thing only to discover that something much worse was happening? And why I'm getting a cat. Communicate with us at: disabledshit@gmail.com
September 12, 2019
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Can we, for just one weekend, pretend we're not disabled and head out of town? Find out as we sniffle through our latest episode. And be glad we did not get started on the issue of swelling. Want to communicate with us? Email: disabledshit@gmail.com
August 26, 2019
Patient #28
Harrowing. Cliff hanger. The lesbians are left abandoned and howling in the wilderness as the medical professionals check off their boxes and try to squeeze in another patient.
July 24, 2019
Knee Deep and Waiting for Rescue
We talk about the paperwork we've been filling out for the Dept. Of Workforce Services, which determines what programs (such as medical insurance) we qualify for and for Social Security, which determines whether or not we are disabled and qualify for related programs (such as income).
July 11, 2019
Wild, wild sex, or, how to get down and get funky
We bring you up to date with our lives and then talk about disabled sex: how to get down and get funky when you are facing multiple challenges. If you want to communicate with us, send us an email at disabledshit@gmail.com
June 30, 2019
Pets: should you get a plant instead
The conventional wisdom is that pets are good for you. They make you happy. They help you live longer. In this episode, we present a few things to consider before getting a pet (like, maybe a pet is not the best idea for you).
June 12, 2019
Being Fat and Eating Food
We start with an update on how we've been and then, we tell you the TRUTH about being fat and eating food. Spoiler alert: being fat does not necessarily mean that one is unhealthy and eating right has nothing to do with losing weight.
June 5, 2019
Insomnia: what it is and what you can do about it.
In this episode, we talk about the causes and types of insomnia and share our first hand experiences with a wide variety of sleep hygiene tools. If you're tired of being tired, maybe we can help. Maybe. We'll give it a shot.
May 28, 2019
Welcome to Disabled Shit with Tara and Julianne, long-time disabled lesbians
This week we meander over not being validated as humans, the incredible hardship of showering, and the mountains of paperwork involved with being disabled.
May 24, 2019
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