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Espire21: The Podcast

Espire21: The Podcast

By Tasha Okeke
Join Tasha Okeke, a 25 year old creative and content creator from London, UK on the Espire21 podcast where she chats about life lessons she's learning as a millennial and has deep convos, bants and good vibes with women who are creatives and inspiring others across the world. Espire21 is an online magazine platform ( set to inspire every woman to live their best life and feel good. E21's Twitter & IG: @Espire21 | Host's IG, Twitter & Youtube: @LivingAsTasha
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Creating your own path and the power of sisterhood with Dorothy Mannine

Espire21: The Podcast

Creating your own path and the power of sisterhood with Dorothy Mannine
On this episode I'm joined by actress and TikTok star Dorothy Mannine all the way from Los Angeles. In our conversation, we talk about her journey leaving her hometown to pursue her dreams of acting in LA, her journey of self love and speaking her best life into existing, how to be a bad bish and how the power of sisterhood helped her move on and heal from a toxic relationship. Follow her on IG and TikTok at @dorothymannine and myself at @Espire21 and @LivingAsTasha
August 01, 2021
Being committed to your passion and dancing around the world ft. Stef Williams
On this episode, I'm joined by dance choreographer and YouTuber Stef Williams all the way from Toronto, Canada. She shares her journey on how she became a dancer performing for the likes of Nelly Furtado, Flo Rida and Machel Montano. What inspires her choreography, staying committed to her dreams to become a professional dancer and how her love, drive and passion for dance led her to build the life she has today.  Follow her on IG at @stefdwill @stefwilliamsdance and myself at @Espire21 and @LivingAsTasha Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast (it's free!)
May 09, 2021
Solo Travelling For Self Growth & Saving a Baby's Life On A Plane ft. Janet Nimundele
On this episode I'm joined by model, Youtuber, content creator and former flight attendant Janet Nimundele all the way from Kuala Lumpur where we chat about fashion to make you feel good, personal style evolution, self confidence, her solo travels across the globe that helped her grow as a person and her years as a flight attendant that had her saving a baby's life on board!  Follow her on IG at @janetnimundele and myself at @Espire21 and @LivingAsTasha Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast (it's free!)
April 07, 2021
I May Destroy You, Consent & Clubbing Culture with Mel
*TRIGGER WARNING* In this episode, I'm joined by Mel (@mels_mel) discussing BBC/HBO's popular new show by Michaela Coel 'I May Destroy You' discussing its topics ranging from identifying different forms of sexual assault, the importance of consent and the issues with today's clubbing culture.
June 23, 2020
Body Image, Self Love and BBLs with Morayo
In this episode, I'm joined by Morayo (my friend and flatmate!) where we talk about our journeys with body image throughout our teenage years and adulthood, the rising trend of BBL surgeries, how we practice self love and much more. Hosts: @espire21, @livingastasha and @morayo_ Visit Espire21 at
June 04, 2020
Interview with Mimi Agyenim, Founder of Women Like Us UK
Mimi Agyenim is a final year graphic design student and founder of Women Like Us UK, a platform aimed at empowering women of colour entrepreneurs. In our interview, we talk about women of colour having a voice, finding opportunities as a creative thanks to social media,why it’s important for women to have each other’s backs and we chat about the reality of working as a creative designer.
February 22, 2019
Interview with Hetty Ash, Founder of CreatHers
On this episode, I'm joined by Hetty Ash, Founder of CreatHers all about her female networking brand aimed at uplifting female creatives, her career journey as a TV and digital producer and the highs and lows of working as a freelancer.
January 16, 2019
E3 - What Are You Feeding Into Your Life?
On this episode, I discuss all about what your feeding into your life from your relationships, your thoughts and even what you scroll through on Instagram! Also, I provide tips and guidance on how you can positively feed your life.
November 02, 2018
E2 - Aligning Yourself To Your Vision
This episode is all about aligning yourself to achieving your vision and ambitions, developing an empire mindset and surrounding yourself with the right environment to fulfil your vision.
October 02, 2018
E1 - You're Going To Have To Jump At Some Point!
On the first episode, we are covering all about believing in your vision and jumping in to make it happen and facing fears
July 30, 2018