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The Time Creator Podcast

The Time Creator Podcast

By Tash Guthrie
Create more time for the people and things you love most.

Hello I’m Tash! I’m a work/life harmony strategist and visionary behind The Time Creator, a popular and unique life planner for ambitious women.

I work specifically with busy, ambitious women to create more time for the things they love most. My mantra is ‘plan hard, live easy’ and this is reflected in my time management and productivity strategies for creating an amazing life + biz.

In this podcast I’m going to share all my time creating tips so that you can create more time in your life for the things you love most.
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038 Holistic Sleep Strategies for You and Your Family

The Time Creator Podcast

038 Holistic Sleep Strategies for You and Your Family

The Time Creator Podcast

042 Choosing Hope with Ros Gervay
Let me introduce you to the artist behind the 2022 Time Creator, Ros Gervay! In this episode, I chat with Ros about all things art, creativity and finding your passion. She also shares with us A little more about who she is and where she's from Her journey with art The style of art she creates and the impact her art has on its viewers The meaning and story behind the Choosing Hope artwork, featured on the 2022 planner How she is connecting with and supporting people through her art during COVID Her number 1 time management tip
July 6, 2021
041 BTS of Making The Time Creator Planner
Ever wondered what it takes to create a product like The Time Creator planner, from start to finish? In this episode, I take you behind the scenes of making The Time Creator planner, from it's initial design, right through to publishing, marketing and how it ends up in your hands. So much love and time goes into making a product like this. I hope you love learning more about my industry!
June 30, 2021
040 Remaining Productive When Working From Home
oin me as we chat to productivity coach Hollie Barac about all things maintaining productivity when working from home. Whether you're temporarily working from home thanks to COVID, or you run your full or part time business from home, this episode will inspire you to create an epic workspace and get busy doing all the important things... minus the stress! In this episode, Hollie tells us: All about her family and what her job as a productivity coach entails What being productive means What a typical day as a work at home biz chick looks like' How she sets up her physical work environment within her home How she manages to get work done without succumbing to distractions The main productivity techniques she uses Her top 3 productivity tips for YOU as you navigate working from home (See below) You can find Hollie online on: Instagram - Facebook - Web - Link to 90 day planning workshop => Hollie's Tips for Staying Productive 1. Set realistic expectations for your day including one priority for self, home and business 2. Clean your workspace at the end of the day and reset it for tomorrow 3. Write your realistic expectations the night before and try and tick one off before you go to bed
June 1, 2021
039 How I Plan my Week
Join me on this episode as I walk you through my exact process for planning my week.
May 18, 2021
038 Holistic Sleep Strategies for You and Your Family
Today I’m chatting with holistic sleep consultant Georgina Windebank about all things sleep! Sleep is my absolute favourite part of the day and I’m super passionate about getting good quality sleep as part of our self care routines. In this episode Georgina unpacks how getting good quality sleep for the whole family can positively impact our lives. Georgina’s background is in naturopathy where she spent six years working in a corporate naturopathic sales rep role. She has had soooo much experience in this area and through this, was lead specifically to the journey of sleep. Georgina believes that having a baby that sleeps means that the whole family unit sleeps better, is generally happier! In this episode you’ll hear Georgina share with us the role of a holistic sleep consultant, the benefits of sleep for the whole family and her top 3 tips for promoting positive sleep at home. You can find Georgina at the Holistic Sleep Project on Facebook, Instagram and on her website.
May 4, 2021
037: Aligning your daily tasks to your greater goals & vision
In this episode I sew a tidy thread through our daily actions and link them to our weekly plans, monthly intentions, quarterly goals and overall vision for our future. I open the door for you to view the way in which you move through your daily tasks and reflect upon whether they are moving you closer to, or further away from what you want to be, do and have in your life. Each day we make a series of choices that either align or detach us from living on purpose. Being aware of this is just the first step in making those conscious choices and putting our own dreams and goals ahead of others'.
April 20, 2021
036 Where Does All My Time Go?
When the days and weeks seem to fly, it’s no wonder that we end up scratching our heads and asking ourselves where on earth the time has gone. In this episode I chat to Yvette Sitters about how she audited and reflected upon how she uses her time in order to better manage her self, her tasks and her life. The full process of conducting a time audit is available as an eCourse inside The Time Creator Momentum, my online membership. You can check that out at What does a time audit entail? Yvette breaks this down in GREAT DETAIL in this episode, but in short the time audit asks you to track how you spend your time, in short time intervals and then reflecting upon how we have used our time and checking whether it’s in alignment with how we WANT to be using it. About today’s guest… Yvette Sitters is a Gold Coast Mum of 2 little girls aged 6 and 3 and she is the proud owner and creator of Manage My Wedding, Australia’s #1 ranked App for wedding Planning in the Apple App Store. Yvette created Manage My Wedding once she had her first baby as she really couldn’t imagine working 70 hours per week in the wedding industry with a baby in tow. Creating Manage My Wedding has enabled Yvette to orchestrate a working life that works in harmony with her family life while providing a constant source of inspiration to her two young daughters. Her goal is to support other Mum’s in business so that they too can reach their goals. Yvette does this through selling other Business Mum’s products in her store and surrounding herself with brilliant Mum’s who she contracts work out too. Yvette has a deep love for early mornings, organising and lists and her husband would say it’s a crazy obsession. Yvette loves the comfort of her home but when not home will be found at the beach or trying a new local barista. Yvette believes happiness is always right in front of us if we slow down enough to feel it and recognise it. CONNECT WITH YVETTE
April 6, 2021
035 The Power of Accountability
Have you ever had a big dream or a goal that you didn’t achieve? Me too, don’t worry! In this episode I am chatting about all things accountability and how it can help you achieve your goals faster than ever before. Accountability helps you get focused, motivated and committed to take action on the things you need to do in order to achieve your goals. We use this strategy every week inside The Time Creator Momentum and the ladies that implement it consistently see massive shift in their to-do lists and goal achievement. When we decide to publicly declaring what they intend to achieve, we are making a commitment to seeing it through. It truly is powerful.
March 23, 2021
034 What Would Your Grandmother Have Done With Your Opportunities?
This year's International Women's Day focuses on the campaign #ChooseToChallenge. This special episode of The Time Creator Podcast focuses on the positive general impact of our grandmothers, and features snippets from five inspirational women who are sharing their stories. The women who have walked before us have all left an incredible legacy that has seen our opportunities grow today. This episode focuses on the leading question: What would our grandmothers have done with our opportunities? In 2021, my signature floral planner featured artwork painted by my grandmother about 40 years ago. This year marks 30 years since her passing and I have been inspired by her story of determination and grit in breaking the role of the traditional housewife in the 1950s. This planner cover has been a beautiful tribute to her and it proudly links the dreams of my maternal heritage to the dreams that I have been able to achieve today, because of her. I hope that this story also inspires my daughter to pursue her dreams when the time comes. Each of today's guests share stories about their grandmothers and the opportunities that they worked so hard for us to have. They also share a bold prediction of the opportunities they hope their future grand daughters will have because of the work that they are doing today. Thank you to the following women for their time in sharing their special stories. Tracy Harris, Mums with Hustle Kerry Spina, Kids in Harmony Beth Macdonald, Baby Mac & Add to Cart Vanya Insull, VJ Cooks Teresa Tripodi, Sherbet Creations
March 9, 2021
033 How I Decluttered 200 Items From My Home In 4 Days
On the podcast today I'm chatting about all things clutter, the mental health battles associated with clutter and how I am using a beautiful, gentle method to declutter my own home. A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind, which results in overwhelm, stress and anxiety. On some level, this affects most of us at some stages of our lives and it can be a very tricky thing to get on top of. Especially when you don't know when to start! I recently came across the most incredible APP which gives you one tiny object/group of objects to focus on decluttering each day. When you complete the task, you can record how many things you removed from your living space and it keeps a record of this for you!  If ever you've wanted to declutter, but had no idea where to start, then this might be for you!
February 23, 2021
032 Instantly Reduce Overwhelm & Stress
In this episode, I'm sharing my favourite (and simple) technique for instantly reducing overwhelm and stress in my mind. From time to time, we all experience the overwhelm that our lives and responsibilities bring us and in the episode I walk you through the brain dumping technique, that will help you to unload your mental load and create an action plan to support your to-do list. To complete a brain dump you'll need three things: A piece of paper  A pen 10 minutes of uninterrupted time Here we go....
February 9, 2021
031 10 things you can add to your planner TODAY
When thinking about the year ahead and creating a vision of what we want to achieve, it's vital that we schedule important dates and commitments ahead of time. This helps us to forecast when planning and ensure that we are considering our commitments ahead of time. In this episode of The Time Creator Podcast, I'm sharing 10 things that you can add to your planner TODAY. Don't have a planner yet? Don't panic! You can check out The Time Creator planner in my store at or listen to episode 021 of this podcast where I walk you through how to choose the perfect planner to suit your needs and preferences.
January 26, 2021
030 Uncovering your True Self
Understanding who you are and why you are the way you are is integral to creating an authentic life, based on who you are at your soul. In the past I have fought my instincts and second guessed decisions that I would make, wondering why I never felt confident to back myself. Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and I recall sneaking away from the crowd I was hosting to have a moment of solicitude before the desserts were served. I had been rushed off my feet all morning and with several house guests, was feeling the pull and strain of hosting and smiling and all those other things that demanded my attention. As I crept into the quiet lounge room and found myself a private, comfy seat I was startled to see my sister in law Ashlee, who had curled herself up on the other side of the lounge with a book. She smiled at me and I instantly felt invited and reassured in my own home. She asked quietly, 'taking some time out?' to which I nodded.  That was a defining moment in my life. Our conversation that followed enlightened me beyond belief and I am so thrilled to share a recount of that conversation here with you now. Once Ashlee introduced me to the 16 personalities test and I uncovered my true self, I have found peace in many things I do. To find out your personality, head to to blow your mind. 
December 1, 2020
029 What to do when you’ve run out of time
This episode was brought to you by my complete disorganization. I felt that I was out of time to bring this episode to you but refused to accept the defeat of not fulfilling my commitment to bringing you a new episode every fortnight. Enjoy these tips!
November 17, 2020
028 Creating Core Values for a Life You Love
On the podcast today, I'm chatting to one of the amazing Founding Members from my online membership, The Time Creator Momentum. About my guest... Mary Roper is a Founding Member of The Time Creator Momentum and a busy SAHM to three gorgeous children (including 2 year old twins). She has a Bachelor of Arts in History/Heritage major. Mary is striving to spend more time with her family instead of being overwhelmed by disorganisation, while also dedicating time to herself and her own pursuits. In this episode... Why Mary decided to join The Time Creator Momentum and which elements she loves most about it The importance of creating core values that align to the life you want How living out of alignment with your core values creates overwhelm Mary's process for creating her core values How your phase of life may determine the values you choose How choosing to live in alignment with your core values can create inner peace and calm
November 3, 2020
027 Creating Time for Self Care
In this episode of The Time Creator Podcast, you'll hear my conversation with Crystal from The Gentle Counsellor from our live Facebook chat during the Aussie Mums' Mental Health Virtual Event.  Our conversation was primarily focused on helping women just like you, create more time for self care in their every day routines. IN THIS EPISODE: What self care really is Myths about what self care looks like How to create pockets of times for self care throughout your day Changing your mindset around self care
October 20, 2020
026 Your Dreams are Worth the Effort
This episode is for you if you have big dreams bubbling deep inside you. Perhaps you feel like success isn't coming fast enough for you? Or that getting started and taking those first steps is just too overwhelming? In this episode, we are chatting to Kata Cser, who shares her journey to success and the highs and lows of the journey thus far. About my guest... Kata is a 30 year old Gen Y, Taurus, Hungarian, and the youngest of two siblings, who growing up wanted to be a business psychologist when she grew up. Or a professional hip hop dancer. Kata entered the business world at the age of 21 after her father was diagnosed with cancer. She joined a network marketing business where she learned the basics of networking, business systems, client care, and the importance of branding, authenticity & human connection. Known for preferring bars to boardrooms when conducting business, Kata built a reputation within her industry as a millennial to follow & one who never held back when she had something to say. A self-professed authenticity advocate and anti-bullying ambassador, for over eight years Kata has coached women in human connection, business, communication, finding their "thing", and learning how to build a second income through online consumable sales. Today she juggles her role as a top level leader within her network marketing company as well as start up founder for her wine label, as she continues to share the journey of both, openly on social media. Kata believes that where there is a will, there is a way, and seeks to become the proof that you can be successful, and kind, at the same time. In this episode we discuss: All things Kata and her cat Max Having big dreams and aspirations How a passion and a deep why can turn into something more Creating visions for the future Kata's business journey The importance of self development Set backs, failure and moving on Kata's advice for YOU and your big dreams What's coming up for Kata and where you can find her online
October 6, 2020
025 The 3 things you must plan for every single day
As you plan your days and weeks it's very easy to get yourself into a overwhelmed twist. In this episode of The Time Creator Podcast, I share the 3 things that you must plan for every single day. Planning for these three things will result in you feeling less overwhelm, more in control of your life and calmer within yourself. Effective planning will also result in contentment, as you plan in alignment with your core values and intentions.
September 22, 2020
024 Low Tox Living
This week on the podcast I'm talking to Rachel Deutscher from The Lavender Collective, about all things low tox living. Rachel shares her story of how living a low tox lifestyle has improved all areas of her family's health and how making conscious decisions about the products that she uses, and the positive impact this has on herself and her children. Key Takeaways: Where Rachel lives and what her lifestyle is like What a typical day looks like in Rachel's home as she juggles home schooling and running her business What low tox living is and why she is so passionate about it How Rachel got started in low tox living Everyday products that we should be aware of, that contain more chemicals than we realise! The app you must download Where we can find Rachel online
September 8, 2020
023 The Power of One
The power of one concept was one that I created after eating way too many peanut M&Ms. Seriously. You see, I am an over-indulger. I never know when to stop and always end up taking things too far - like the M&Ms. A couple turns into a handful and a handful turns into... well, you see where I'm going with this.  The power of one helps me stay within my limits and set boundaries that I can achieve. One serve of dinner.  One glass of wine. One M&M But the power of one has magical powers beyond restraint. It also gives you the power of productivity and achievement. In the home, I applied it to things like, One load of laundry everyday One hour of TV (so I can spend time on achieving other things) What can you apply the power of one to?
August 25, 2020
022 Colour Brightens the Way with Jess Crawford
You may be familiar with the name Jess Crawford from my recent 2021 planner launch. Jess is the inspiring artist behind the abstract artwork on the cover of one of the 2021 planners. ABOUT MY GUEST Jess lives with her family in picturesque Crystal Brook, South Australia where she paints up a storm in her beautiful studio. Jess’s  artworks bring brightness and light to the world with their vibrant colours and inspiring imagery. Recently Jess has been using her artworks to bring objects to life too so that her clients can take that joy with them wherever they go. It is so important to see the beautiful colour in life that surrounds you and to feel that joy in your heart when you see it! KEY TAKEAWAYS All about Jess, her life and her journey to becoming an artist Jess's vision for her art and how is inspiring positivity through colour How art has been therapeutic for Jess and beneficial to her mental health How Jess's art featured on The Time Creator 2021 cover Jess's time management tips Jess's products and paintings including the launch of her 2021 calendar
August 11, 2020
021 How To Choose the Perfect Planner
A planner is an essential planning and organisational tool for anyone who wants to achieve more, improve their time management and reduce general overwhelm and stress in their lives. You only need to walk into any department store or stationery store to be spoilt for choice when it comes to diaries and planners and it can be confusing to try and choose the perfect planner if you’re not quite sure what to look for or what you need. Everyone is busy. I hear people talk about being a ‘busy mum’ or a ‘busy working mum’ or a ‘busy stay-at-home mum’ but the actual fact is that everyone is busy. Everyone has responsibilities, goals and actions that they need to complete and although some people seem to bubble along keeping their plans all in their mind, most of us need that special place to write down and record what we need to achieve and plan for success. So how do you choose the perfect planner? It’s tempting to just pick something with a pretty cover (and by golly are there heaps of those). But from experience, when you choose something beautiful over something practical, you end up putting it up on the shelf and never using it! And that’s just a waste of money! Scheduling and time-management is my gig, so here are my top tips for choosing the perfect planner, no matter who you are or what your circumstances are.
July 28, 2020
020 Planner Release 2021
It is with much excitement that today I will be revealing the covers of the 2021 planners. I can’t help but reflect on the opportunities we as women, have in 2021  in following and achieving our dreams. I think back to my grandmother as a young woman and the brave and deliberate decisions she made,  all of which were unusual for her time. By unapologetically breaking the mould of the traditional housewife, she has paved the way for my mother and I to follow our dreams. This year you'll notice that my signature floral design is unlike anything you've seen from another brand. It is unique. It's not on trend. It is vintage and it is very special to my heart. This tribute proudly links the dreams of my maternal heritage to the dreams that I have been able to achieve today, because  of her, and to the legacy I want to leave for my daughter. My grandmother was a progressive woman for her time. She worked hard her whole life on the things that lit her up. As a wife of the 1950s, she refused to be boxed into the stereotypical role of the housewife and instead, pursued a life of passion from book keeping and banking (at a time when few women were able), to farming and art. She referred to cooking and cleaning as a 'mug's game' and forbid my mother to study home economics at high school, which mum defied. It was later in her life, in her 50s that she pursued a long-time interest of painting. She painted beautiful landscapes and florals on canvas and eventually ceramics and I have chosen to use one of these floral pieces as the signature floral cover for the 2021 planners.
July 14, 2020
019 Meal Planning Made Easy
Today's episode is with Ange Sibley from Ever So Homely and we are talking all things MEAL PLANNING! This is a topic that I'm super passionate about and if you follow me on the socials, you'll know that meal planning is one of those things that saves my butt day in and day out. Now although I'm an avid meal planner, Ange really kicks things up a notch in this episode. Not only does she talk about meal planning, she shares her secrets about bulk cooking, freezer meals and repurposing food across several meals! About my guest... Ange Sibley is the ultimate homemaker and your HOW TO girl for all things home. She aims to help, inspire and motivate her followers to transform spaces in the home to make it... Ever So Homely. Ange believes it makes such a difference to our lives and mindset when we reduce the amount of clutter around the home and in turn, making it a place we love! Ange focuses on home improvements with a DIY approach with lots of tutorials, blogs, and videos to help you gain confidence on the tools. If the tools aren't for you, not to worry, you will find some great inspiration to decorate, declutter, and organise your home with the help from Ange! Not only that, Ange LOVES to cook and has a love for bulk freezer cooking. She has recently created an ultimate organisation e-book to make your time more intentional in the Kitchen! MEAL PLAN MADE EASY. By using this step by step guide, you can save money and time, re-purpose meals, and it also includes all of the templates you will need to get meal planning off the ground! By making small changes in the home will have a big impact on the life you live! Key Takeaways! About Ange, her family and her journey to creating a beautiful home Ange's favourite DIY projects to date (check them out on her Instagram) All the details about Ange's new eBook Meal Planning Made Easy The benefits of meal planning for you and your family The process of meal planning and how there's no one size fits all approach The basics of creating a meal plan Ange's top 3 tips for people wanting to get started in meal planning Where we can find Ange online
June 30, 2020
018 How to Stop People Pleasing
How to Stop People Pleasing Pleasing others comes pretty naturally to me and you might be a little bit the same. People pleasing is a habit – one that we likely picked up in our childhood or thanks to our personality type. Awareness is the first step to overcoming people pleasing and my guest today is a wealth of knowledge on this topic, because she too has lived and breathed people pleasing. About my guest… Lizzie Moult is a spiritual business & life coach, serial entrepreneur, speaker, world traveller and a modern-day wild hippy. Raised as an honest country girl, Lizzie broke all the rules and created a life based on passion. Now with her trusted laptop she is living off-grid in a subtropical rainforest in Australia. Dedicated to the journey of self-exploration, Lizzie helps people to ditch people-pleasing and feeling small, by harnessing your unique essence, so you can speak your truth fully and freely. Infusing spiritual practices with down to earth simplicity, she values honesty, integrity, self-expression and fun. Lizzie has numerous online courses and also offers bespoke coaching. With over 15 years of experience working online, Lizzie has a passion for empowering others to stand up for what they believe in, to do life & business their own way and to create a solid foundation of self where head and intuition work together. She is an expert at creating compelling brands, implementing systems and processes to support businesses to grow and what it takes to be a rock star boss.
June 9, 2020
017 Wearing Multiple Hats, with Grace
If you know any of those women who just seem to be able to 'do it all', and wondered how they do it.... this is the episode for you! In this podcast interview, I chat with Rebekka Battista about how she manages the multi-faceted demands of life, motherhood and work. About my guest... Rebekka Battista, a local Lismore girl who currently is the Our Kids Fundraising Coordinator. Based at the Lismore Base Hospital, Rebekka has been instrumental in raising awareness about the need to improve the health services for our children in the Northern Rivers area and the importance of raising funds with the help of the local community, she has inturn raised the funds to purchase $2 million of paediatric equipment for our local hospitals. Rebekka is passionate about building community and giving back. Also a qualified chef Rebekka along with her husband ran the Left Bank for 12 years, and a mother of two boy Isaak and Nathan, Rebekka also has studied with Youth With A Mission in Sydney and Denver ,Colorado. Rebekka is also Director, Secretary and Fund Raiser for Our House which is a $5.6 million 20 unit purpose built accommodation for cancer patients, families and their children who come to Lismore for treatment. Rebekka is one of the Pastors at Centre Church and heads up the Women’s Ministry at as well as on the Eldership team of Centre Church and a leader in the music team, plays piano on team and preaches. She has also ran the Beautiful program which is a value based course run in Lismore High Schools and is organised the Combined Churches of Lismore for 5 years. Rebekka has served both in Nepal and Uganda helping to build orphanages. Rebekka has served on many boards including: A Past Director of Summerland Credit Union. Current Director of Summerland Christian School and Hinterland Christian School Current Director of Our House Rebekka and her husband Gianpiero also have a network marketing business based on Health products and their motto is to Live Life Well, Body , Soul and spirit. Most recently Rebekka had the privileged of giving one of her kidneys to her son Isaak…. Both of which as doing well. Key takeaways... Learn about Rebekka's journey and how she came to wear multiple hats Why Rebekka has chosen the roles she has, and how they came about Why delegation is so important and how Rebekka delegates effectively How to recharge and take time out when you're busy Rebekka's top 3 tips for women who wear multiple hats How to schedule for success, to manage your roles and nurture yourself Rebekka's tips for women who would like to take on new roles and responsibilities How the five languages can transform the success of your relationships
May 26, 2020
016 Living Mindfully as Families
What is mindful living? And how does it look as a family? My guest today talks us through all things connection, harmony and living mindfully as a family. The recent isolation that we have all been in has been both challenging and connecting and it's through this connection that we can begin to create a mindful and connected way of living as a family. ABOUT MY GUEST... Kerry is the founder and creator of the very successful Kids in Harmony a Family Enrichment and Wellbeing Program in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.  Her life’s work and true calling began in 2001 after the birth of her child as she wanted a program that nurtured the heart and minds of children as well as the whole family.  With her commitment to parent support, family wellbeing and teacher mentoring Kerry has authored several mindsets, values and mindfulness resources; Harmony Cards for Kids, I Love my Body, The Little Book of Harmony, Harmony Bliss and Happy Songs CD’s and her Kids in Harmony Collective online platform for parents and teachers. Kerry takes a value and mindfulness-based approach to all of her work and has had the privilege of supporting over 20,000 families as well as teachers, daycare professionals and schools Australia wide.
May 12, 2020
015 Creating Successful Remote Learning Routines at Home
It's that time of the year again when kids are returning to the classroom after their 2 week Easter break.... hang on a minute! No they're not! If you're a parent of a child aged between 5 and 18, chances are that you've been facilitating remote learning at home towards the end of term one and are about to continue in this way for the next few weeks.  While some parents have loved this challenge, many have struggled with this transition too. Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine our children learning in this way, for so long. As an educator AND parent myself, I am seeing both sides of these crazy times. When I'm on site at school I'm teaching and when I'm working remotely from home, I'm supporting my students and families, as well as teaching my own daughter by facilitating her remote learning timetable.  In this episode, I chat with another educator Tiffany from Inspire Learn Teach. We break down the different ways that you as a parent can set yourself and your children up for a successful day of learning from home. There are no two children who are the same, or learn the same and in this episode we acknowledge this along with the varying routines and systems that may be helpful to support our little learners during this time (while keeping you sane too). Tiffany is an early childhood specialist now working within the high school arena. She has followed children right from the start of their formal education, working within baby rooms in child care; right through to teaching senior subjects. She is passionate about working with parents to take the notion of child led learning from the fringes, and place it at the heart of life long learning. Through her website, Tiffany inspires mamas to find learning in play and works with them to build their child’s independence allowing mamas to not only make a coffee but to enjoy it HOT!
April 28, 2020
014 How to Use Your Planner During Isolation
For so many of us, life has drastically changed over the past few weeks. We are suddenly home... a lot! And life isn't like anything we have experienced before. Recently I saw a meme on Facebook that has inspired this post. The meme read, 'why did I buy a 2020 planner' and part of my giggled and part of me got sad. In this episode I hope to inspire you get your planner out, dust it off and start using it to create a scaffold for your day. I'd also like to inspire you to work through tasks you've been wanting to do around the home for ages and also connect with yourself during this time. This episode also has a bonus free printable download, with specific ways for you to use your planner every day during isolation. 
April 14, 2020
013 How to Live Slow
Slow living is the new way to live the old way. Purposeful. Fulfilling. Intentional. With ease. In today's episode, I chat with Rachelle Glendon from How to Live Slow - a Youtube channel (and soon to be podcast) designed to help modern mums find the antidote to overwhelm and instead create the intentionally slower family life of their dreams. Rachelle is a qualified life coach, reformed busy-holic and mum to 2 boys. She's obsessed with personal transformation and believes that slowing down is as easy, and as hard, as making different choices and creating new habits. Key takeaways... What is slow living? Working ourselves to the bone Structured vs unstructured time Letting things come to you naturally How technology is impacting our ability to disconnect and live slow Making active, disciplined choices Self care in slow living Tips for busy women who want to embrace slower living Why you feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed on holidays Our parents and grandparents lived the original slow living life
March 3, 2020
012 101 Simple Self Care Ideas
Self care is a hot topic among busy, mums everywhere. In fact, it's a bit of a buzz concept at the moment! In this episode, I chat all about unfortunate perception that self care is expensive and indulgent when it is in fact something so much more simple and achievable than that. Listen in to find out the 4 self care categories and the secret to indulging several times a day in self care! Key takeaways... What self care is and isn't Finding joy in everyday tasks The four categories of self care along with some examples of each Where you can purchase the eBook '101 Self Care Ideas for Mums' by moi! Purchase here! Get involved in the online challenge using the hashtag #take5formechallenge
February 18, 2020
011 The Power of 15 Minutes
Natalie Moore is a marathon running mum who has been on a personal adventure of growth and transformations over the last few years.  Natalie found herself stuck in life, completely lost in her identity and constantly yearning for more than the constant rushing syndrome, the never ending to-do list and the working mum juggle. She set herself a life goal in early 2016 to address this stuck feeling and so her adventure started. Today she works as a mindset coach in her own business, Be Moore, and is now living her passion and purpose, supporting other women to forge their own happy path. In this episode, Natalie and I chat about: Her journey to becoming a mindset and wellness coach The importance that mindset and wellness has to women and the main contributors to women experiencing unrest in these areas The concept of the 15 minutes of wonder and the benefits of tapping into the power of 15 min time chunks
February 2, 2020
010 Health & Fitness Hacks for Busy Mums
Having children changes a lot of things and fitness is no exception. My guest today is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating fitness programs to suit busy mums because she KNOWS that it's not always possible to spend 60 minutes a day at the gym getting in the ultimate workout.  Instead, Nikki is all about intentional, incidental fitness... health and fitness that can be integrated into the everyday activities that we as mums, juggle. Suddenly, movement and fitness seems possible and manageable. If you have been wanting to incorporate more movement and fitness into your busy days without feeling like you need to spend an hour at the gym, then this episode is for you! About the Guest Nikki Knieriem is a mother of 2 young boys and the owner of Mum-Me Fit Time, a fitness and health coaching business that specialises in providing mums with personalised health and fitness plans, online. Nikki is a qualified personal trainer and has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. In 2017 she turned her focus to working specifically with mums with a focus on pre and post natal fitness. This came about as Nikki discovered through her own journey that mums often struggle to exercise as they focus on all other things mumlife. When not running around after her children Nikki loves to go out for breakfast, catch up with friends and is currently training for a half marathon through the Blue Mountains!
January 21, 2020
009 Trusting Your Vision
Have you ever felt unsure of your direction?  Or been so confused by the opportunities that present themselves at the most random times? Or images and ideas that appear but you're unsure why? This is the case for my guest today, Jess Connor. Jess attended my first vision board workshop back in 2016 and instead of walking out with a carefully curated vision board full of her niche business area and focus, she walked out with a somewhat confusing collection of visual images that made absolutely no sense to her. Fast forward 4 years and Jess is living inside that vision board. In this episode of the podcast, Jess opens up about this process and the series of events that presented themselves to her to get her to where she is today. ABOUT JESS The call of the flowers has always been strong for Jess Connor. From crafting floral gifts as a young girl, to work experience in a florist as a teenager, the path was always clear. Over the last 12 years, has Jess soaked in the wisdom of leaders in floristry, permaculture and horticulture. She is a woman who grows and creates with incredible heart, soul and integrity. Along the way, her love for fresh dahlias awakened a vision of owning her own flower farm where she could design with locally grown blooms. Sculpting breathtaking botanical designs was just the beginning. From humble beginnings as an award winning retail and wedding florist and designer, she’s now living the dream planting, growing, and designing amongst a community of like-minds on The Farm in the Byron Bay hinterland; creating beautiful bridal blooms for weddings, and teaching others about the sustainable, slow flower movement, one seed at a time. I am so thrilled and beyond excited to welcome my dear friend Jess Connor to the podcast.
January 7, 2020
008 Saying NO with Confidence
Life is tough as a people pleaser. Having to say no is one of the most unnatural things to do because at the heart of everything, we want to help and support others in our lives. Sometimes though, it’s just not possible or realistic for us to do so. Often we say yes to people out of obligation, fear of disappointing or simply because we feel we should. At times we let other people’s agendas and priorities railroad our own just to avoid feeling these things. It’s like we would rather say yes to someone else rather than to ourselves {#ouch} and let’s be frank (because you know I love Frank) when we say yes to someone else when we don’t want to, what we are really doing is saying no to ourselves {#truthbomb} and somehow, we reason that that’s a better thing to do. Argh. Sometimes we have to just say no. Even if it feels difficult. Even when we feel we have let someone down. Even when we are soooo sick that we couldn’t possibly have said yes anyway. It’s tough sometimes. I’m still learning to say no. It’s something that we as givers need to practice. There are so many reasons why we sometimes have to say no and below you’ll see that I’ve grouped my suggestions according to those reasons. But here lies a little advice for when it comes to saying the big NO...
December 17, 2019
007 Time Management Hacks for Ambitious Mums
Time Management Hacks for Ambitious Mums In this podcast episode I chat with Leah Macdonald from Mummy Wears Prada all about self, motherhood and time management hacks for ambitious mums. If you’re a mum in business, then this episode is for YOU! About the guest… Systems queen. Personal growth junkie. Mindset hacker. Financial nerd. Pilates & chilli chocolate lover. Leah Macdonald helps women to create more choice in their lives. Choice to create room to breathe. Choice, to give power. Leah has met so many women who feel stuck and disempowered… who feel like they have to choose between being an amazing mother, and fulfilling their own personal goals. After 15 years of being at the beck and call of clients, banks & solicitors – even as a business owner in the financial industry – Leah was craving the freedom to be the hands-on, present mum she so desperately wanted to be. This is what Mummy Wears Prada is all about – A platform to inspire, connect and empower women. She says that because we gain a new title of mum, doesn’t mean we no longer have dreams and aspirations for ourselves. Lots of things change when we become mothers. Ambition doesn’t have to be one of them. Key Takeaways Leah’s journey from corporate to business Being displaced by motherhood in our own journey Accepting the season you’re in The power of personal development Managing your business when you have small children Scheduling, organisation, planning – this is how to make it work How to look at your week as a whole for effective planning and scheduling Time blocking & brain dumping How small actions compound into success Hour of power & time chunking Knowing what your priorities are and working on those first Simple systems will set you free! How the universe tests what we really want! Creating a vision that will sustain you Foggy visions
December 3, 2019
006 Creating Confidence from Within
About the guest Jacque Bruggemann is committed to providing women with a space to grow, shine and design their inspired and confident life. Having successfully built a Network Marketing Business over the past 4 years with 3 children in tow, Jacque has seen the power of self-care and how this links strongly to one’s confidence. She combines her passions and values of making an impact with teaching other Mums to create an income online. Unleashing the creativity, she thought was not there by creating a blog and podcast and soon to be released eBook on Self-care. Key Takeaways Transitioning from a professional life to a work from home life Jacque the dream keeper Seeing the possibilities beyond the possible Unlocking yourself as an individual, not just a mother Why creating confidence is so important Unleashing confidence post motherhood Listening to your cheerleader voice Creating an impact on other’s lives through confidence Selfish vs selfless Practical tips for women who want to start building their confidence Audio book suggestions Links mentioned in this episode · Jacque’s Facebook - · Jacque’s Instagram - · Jacque’s Facebook Community - · Join The Time Creator Facebook community – · App - The Breathing Room
November 19, 2019
005 Uncover your True Purpose
Do you ever wonder what your true purpose is? Why are you here? What are you searching for? What will your legacy be? In this episode of The Time Creator podcast I chat to Zoe Hyde about uncovering your true purpose and why it's so important. We also chat about the things that get in the way of us finding our purpose and why there are no coincidences in life. About the guest Zoe Hyde is the founder of Zoe Hyde Transformations and is based in West Gippsland, Victoria. She is an international author of “Uncage the Lion Within”, podcast host, motivational speaker and transformational mentor. She truly believes that we all have a lion living inside of us; and it’s often that small voice, that passion, and that drive, that we bury away due to fear or lack of self belief. In order to feel truly happy and fulfilled in our lives, we need to dig deep to open up the cage and trust the calling of our inner lion! Zoe spent the first 22 years of her life saying “No” to opportunities, lacking clarity, feeling invisible, and that she would never amount to greatness. It wasn’t until she found the courage to trust her own inner lion, that she truly transformed her life. In doing so, she stepped into her wisdom, found her life’s purpose, and embraced who she truly was: a strong, extroverted woman who dives head first into the projects which light her soul on fire. And in going through this journey herself, Zoe has since dedicated her life to helping people do just this, so that they can find purpose and enjoyment from their lives and embrace who they truly are. Key Takeaways Zoe shares her journey prior to launching her book Uncage the Lion Within Why finding your purpose is and always has been so important How social media can affect your purpose Why we need to stop sitting on the sideline of our lives Create before you consume when it comes to social media Zoe’s tips for reconnecting with ourselves and finding our purpose Are coincidences and failures real? How the universe tests what we really want Links mentioned in this episode Zoe’s Website - Zoe’s Facebook - Zoe’s Instagram - Zoe’s Instagram - Join The Time Creator Facebook community – Discount Code The Time Creator podcast listeners will receive $5 off their copy of Uncage the Lion Within using the code: ROAR
November 5, 2019
004 What to do when you’ve lost your mojo
Have you ever lost your mojo? You know, the little piece of motivation that has your soaring the highest of heights and kicking goals? I get it. I lose mine from time to time too. It’s a funny thing how life and work and motherhood can totally suck the life out of your energy. But don’t despair. I have some great tips that will support you when you’ve lost your mojo. Simple things that will help get you back on track with minimal effort. I’ve got you! Key Takeaways How we lose our mojo and why Ways to support yourself when you feel you’ve lost your mojo Setting routines for yourself and your family Considering your future self The trick to knowing what to do when you don’t know where to start Highlights Losing our mojo is a signal (1:57) What we should stop and ask ourselves when we lose our mojo (2:12) My laundry routine (4:11) Routines for children (7:05) Traveling home routines (8:33) Planning your next 24 hours and your schedule (9:55) Considering your future self (11:00) The next best thing you can do right now (12:40)
October 22, 2019
003 Project: Life Redesign
Have you ever wanted to just stop, take a breath and redesign your life? By redesign I don’t mean change everything… I mean, tweak it and style it to suit exactly where you’re at and to help you grow into the life you desire? My guest today has done just this. After her second child and feeling torn between her exciting career and flourishing online business, Krystal made some bold changes and decisions in partnership with her husband to create the life that they truly desired. About the guest Krystal is a 30 something mother of two spirited kids and wife to one super-hot man (her words). She has over 10 years’ experience as an Advanced Care Paramedic, a job she loves but finds her creative flair in her businesses and writing. Owning now 5 websites, and working on her upcoming book release, Krystal is a self-confessed workaholic who knows how to play to her strengths and outsource her weaknesses. She also believes almost any problem can be solved with coffee and donuts. Key Takeaways How Krystal has redesigned her life to make her dreams a reality The power of having a vision, even when you have no idea what you’re really doing How blogging helped Krystal find herself Finding what you’re good at and working more in your zone of genius How outsourcing can dramatically change your time management and productivity The types of tasks that you can start outsourcing in your business AND home
October 8, 2019
002 Stop Should-ing all over Yourself
Did you know that there’s a little word that hangs around us all day long and waits for opportune moments to pounce on us and derail us from our true focus? Yep. Not only is this word opportunistic… it can also be really conflicting. In this episode, hear all about the one word that is causing us to live the least best version of ourselves. Key Takeaways What the word is and why it’s so dangerous Highlights What the word is (0:54) Is this word a voice of reason? (3.37) How you get distracted and derailed by this word (4:14) Four ways to stop should-ing all over ourselves (4.50)
September 11, 2019
001 Work Life Harmony
What IS work/life balance and is it REALLY what we want? In today’s episode I am unpacking the concept of work/life balance and exploring the concept of work/life harmony as a natural and intentional way of living. Key Takeaways How work/life harmony differs to work/life balance What the five key pillars of work/life harmony are Highlights How our roles as women has changed from previous generations & the implications of this (1:20) How I nearly fell into the trap of wanting work/life balance (2:55) The most DANGEROUS word we can use in our everyday lives (3:40) How harmony differs to balance (7:00) How being present and having gratitude in your roles can create harmony (8:08) What to do if there’s an area of your life that is no longer serving you or creating joy (8:41) The five key pillars of work/life harmony (11:50) The one action you can take every day to help you get shit done (15:27) Hear a text message come through from my mum because I forgot to put my phone on silent (16:23) Links mentioned in this episode 101 Self Care Ideas for Mums – Join the Facebook community –
September 10, 2019
Welcome to The Time Creator Podcast
Welcome to the very first episode of The Time Creator Podcast! I am so excited that you’re here, experiencing this journey with me. In this brief introductory episode, you’ll learn about the vision I have for the podcast as well as what to expect as a listener. Key Takeaways  What to expect from The Time Creator Podcast  Inspiration to chase your big dream and make it a reality Highlights  The excuses I had as to why I couldn’t launch this podcast (0:42)  Why I decided to just do it (1:20)  My big message for your big dreams (1:55)  Creating work/life harmony (3:00)  My mantra (3:33)  My journey thus far (3:44)  Does anyone ever nail time management and productivity? (6:31)  What you need to know about me (8:20)  Where to find me on Instagram to see behind the scenes & farm life (8:51)
September 10, 2019