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Season 1 - Episode 1: Use your existing teaching skills to start a side-hustle with Keeta Williams

An episode of Teacher's side hustle podcast

By Vince Massara
The teacher's side hustle podcast is for teachers and educators who are looking to start their entrepreneurial journey or bring teacher-lead innovation to their classrooms.

We go through ideas, habits, tricks, and tips that are worth stealing, as I interview some of the best edupreneurs, teacher-authors, side hustlers, and those who can help you succeed.

Hosted by Vince Massara from vincemassara.com
Season 1 - Episode 2: Starting an e-commerce store with Felicity Dougherty
Felicity Dougherty turned her side hustle into a full-time hustle where she helps other small business owners manage their web presence and let her clients focus on other parts of their business. With a focus on e-commerce, Felicity and I chat about why outsourcing your website is a good idea for someone with limited time. For those DIY-ers, we also cover a lot of tips and tricks for how to manage your own e-commerce store including how to write product descriptions. You can catch Felicity at www.smallsites.com.au And you can see me at www.vincemassara.com If you want all the tools I use for my side hustles, download my FREE ebook with all the recommended products that I love. www.vincemassara.com/toolkit
July 28, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 1: Use your existing teaching skills to start a side-hustle with Keeta Williams
Keeta Williams went from communications to education, and back to marketing with her own business where she helps small business owners manage their web presence. Hear how teachers can use their existing skills and knowledge to start a side-hustle. Keeta drops some massive tips and tricks for starting your own business. - Ways you can start small - Always look for feedback, and how to act on that feedback -Why it is important to fail early in business! Check out Keeta Williams at www.keeta.com.au Download my FREE side-hustle toolkit at www.vincemassara.com/toolkit
July 22, 2018
Episode 0 - An introduction and a hello
Imagine being able to steal some business ideas from some of the best teachers who have started their side hustles. That is what I am planning on doing, I am able to share them all with you on the Teacher's Side Hustle Podcast.
July 21, 2018
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