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Teach, Learn, Live

Teach, Learn, Live

By Department of Education
The Teach, Learn, Live podcast is a series of conversations with teachers and leaders about how public education is delivering quality learning for all Tasmanians.
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Lyndon Riggall: Teaching is NOT Plan B

Teach, Learn, Live

The Literacy Series: Episode 4 - What is reading?
Today on the Teach, Learn, Live podcast we are talking about reading. We welcome back Dr Noella Mackenzie, Associate (Adjunct) Professor and Educational Consultant. In this episode, we'll be focusing on why reading is critical for literacy success. What is reading? How do we define or describe it?
September 10, 2021
The Literacy Series: Episode 3 - How can writing support children to be successful?
Today on the Teach, Learn, Live podcast we are talking about writing. We welcome back Dr Noella Mackenzie, Associate (Adjunct) Professor and Educational Consultant. In this episode we are talking about what writing is, and how it can support children to be successful.
September 02, 2021
The Literacy Series: Episode 2 - Oral language and its role in literacy
Today we are continuing our podcast series with Dr Noella Mackenzie, Associate (Adjunct) Professor and Educational Consultant. This episode focusses on oral language and its role in literacy.
August 27, 2021
The Literacy Series: Episode 1 - What is literacy and why is it important?
Literacy is essential to improving learning outcomes for all students. That’s why improving literacy and numeracy outcomes is one of the four goals of our Strategic Plan. Over the next four episodes of the Teach, Learn, Live podcast, Tim will be talking to Dr Noella Mackenzie Assoc (Adjunct) Professor and Educational Consultant to explore some of the key themes around literacy and why it's important for success throughout life. 2019–2022 Department of Education Literacy Framework
July 30, 2021
Liz Jack: Libraries are a space that draw communities together
Albert Einstein reportedly said that “there is only one thing that you absolutely have to know”, and that’s the location of the library. Today Tim is chatting with Liz Jack, Executive Director of Libraries Tasmania, about why that recommendation absolutely stands up, the role of libraries in our communities, and what it means that we can now access the library wherever we are, any time of day, and for a whole lot more than books. Libraries Tasmania:
May 17, 2021
Season Finale: What an Extraordinary Year!
I’ve had to do a lot of talking this year, but what I want to say to you today – my reflection on 2020 – is short and sweet: This agency is extraordinary. Our learners are extraordinary. We really nailed the ‘together’ part of our brief this year. And as much as we inspired and supported our learners, they (and our families and communities) kept inspiring and supporting us right back. Let’s take some rest, recharge, and choose to be extraordinary again in 2021. But before we do, listen to this end-of-year wrap-up episode of the podcast. We'll be back in 2021 with more stories about those people who teach, learn and live in Tasmania.
December 16, 2020
Leesa Pettit: Packages of Learning, Wellbeing and a Growth Mindset
Today Tim is talking to Leesa Pettit from Jordan River Learning Federation (JRLF) Senior School in Hobart's northern suburbs. They talk about: Packages of learning, wellbeing and having a growth mindset. The importance of moving out of your comfort zone and having tools to move from comfort through fear into learning and growth (and how JRLF is supporting students to do this). The importance of values within a school (and broader organisation) and what JRLF has done to embed the Department of Education values within their school. Links Jordan River Learning Federation website:
December 10, 2020
Natalie Brown: The Peter Underwood Centre and Children's University
Tim recently spoke to Natalie Brown from The Peter Underwood Centre and Children's University. Hear how the Peter Underwood Centre works with schools and families to access learning both inside and outside the classroom. They also discussed six things that parents can do to give their child the best start to learning and how the Centre is contributing to Tasmania’s future through research and partnerships. Links
November 18, 2020
Extraordinary: A Celebration of Collaboration
In this week’s episode of the Teach, Learn, Live podcast Tim interviews Brent Armitstead, Jamie Synnott and Gay Cumming about their reflections of the department's response to COVID-19. Communication, collaboration and wellbeing are the key themes in this episode as the panel talks about supporting schools and learners with new technologies during a very uncertain time. This episode coincides with a state-wide celebration of all staff as we recognise the hard work and efforts of staff throughout 2020.
November 06, 2020
World Teachers' Day 2020
Welcome to a special edition of the Teach, Learn, Live, Live podcast.  Today, we're celebrating teachers for World Teachers Day.  Teachers change the world. The ripples from what they do every day in the classroom flow through the lives of individuals and of generations. Throughout my public school education, I've had many great teachers who both supported and challenged me. But most important, it was their belief in what I could achieve. If we want Tasmanian communities to be strong and vibrant, education is front and centre and teachers play a really important role in that. I come to work every day inspired to work alongside teachers who are working hard to have more of our learners learning more every single day. Thanks for joining me today as I interview students in public education right across the state to hear what they think is most important about their teachers.
October 29, 2020
Todd Sculthorpe: Progressing a stronger, inclusive co-designed future for all people
In this week’s episode of the Teach, Learn, Live podcast, Tim is joined by Todd Sculthorpe, from Aboriginal Education Services. As a proud Palawa man, Todd assists teachers to educate future leaders within the Aboriginal community and supports the Aboriginal community with pathways to employment, ensuring that their knowledge and experience is valued. Links: Aboriginal Education Services:  The Orb:
September 23, 2020
Rufus Black: Preparing Tasmanians for the future 
Rufus Black, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania joins Tim today to talk about how the University is supporting the development of quality teachers as well as students to support Tasmania's future. They talk about the School's Recommendation Program and how that is assisting our Year 12 students with pathways to university. It's an inspiring and motivating conversation for students, teachers and members of the wider community. Links University of Tasmania School's Recommendation Program
September 09, 2020
Ashley McPherson: Leadership is not a title, it’s a way of being
This week on the Teach, Learn, Live podcast we are talking to Ashley McPherson, Principal at Bruny Island District School. Ashley talks about: his experience as a 'new' Principal, the importance of community in a regional and remote school, and moving into a leadership role. Hear some funny stories about teaching, living and leading a school on Bruny Island. Links:
August 26, 2020
Jemima and Alec: Getting to know some future teachers
On the podcast today we have Jemima and Alec who are two Year 12 students from Elizabeth College who are hoping to enter the teaching profession. Tim talks to them both about their backgrounds in public education, their aspirations for the future, and what they think makes a great teacher. Join us as we gain an insight into our schools through the eyes of a two Year 12 students. Links: Elizabeth College:
August 12, 2020
Jessie Eberhardt: The Early Years
Today on the Teach, Learn, Live podcast we are talking to Jessie Eberhardt, a member of the leadership team and Launching into Learning coordinator at  Penguin District School in the North West of Tasmania. Tim and Jessie discuss what it is like working in the early year's space with curious learners and their families. They discuss the role of Launching into Learning in Tasmania and the impact it is having on the education of our youngest learners. They also discuss the re-development of Penguin District School and the opportunities it offers for supporting children in the early years and beyond. Links: Penguin District School: Launching into Learning: Great Start: The Early Years:
August 05, 2020
Jeanna Bolton: Developing innovative educational opportunities for our learners
Join Tim and Jeanna, Principal at Port Dalrymple School in Tasmania’s North-East for Episode 6 of the Teach, Learn, Live podcast. Hear about what it means to be principal at a K-12 school and how the school is working with their local community to develop innovative educational opportunities for children and young people. Links: Port Dalrymple School:
July 29, 2020
Harry and Angela: Public Education - From a Student's Perspective
In this week’s episode, Tim is joined by Harrison and Angela, two of our Year 12 students at Elizabeth College, in Tasmania’s south. Join Tim as he chats with Harrison and Angela about how public education has helped shape their world, what it’s like to be a year 12 student in 2020, and their goals for the future. Links: Elizabeth College:
July 22, 2020
The Honorable Jeremy Rockliff: On the Future of Education
On episode 5 of the Teach, Learn, Live podcast Tim talks to the Hon Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education and Training about why he decided to enter politics, the importance of wellbeing and partnerships and where to next for public education in Tasmania. Links:
July 01, 2020
John X: From Lindisfarne North to the Global Stage
Tim chats to John X, one of Tasmania’s most loved entertainers and self-proclaimed ‘nice-guy’, about how public education has shaped who he is today. Learn about the antics of ‘John the Schoolboy’ and the teachers who influenced and supported his career. Hear tales of John’s career, his passion for the Tasmanian community and why he believes in lifelong learning. Links: John's radio channel: John's social media: and
June 24, 2020
Lyndon Riggall: Teaching is NOT Plan B
In this weeks episode of the Teach, Learn, Live podcast, Tim chats with Lyndon Riggall, from Launceston College, one of Tasmania’s great beginning teachers. Lyndon shares his experience of the Teacher Intern Placement Program, which offers scholarships to UTAS students in the final year of their teaching qualification, to study and work part-time in one of Tasmania’s schools. Expressions of Interest for the Program close on 3 July 2020. Hear about Lyndon’s journey into teaching, his most memorable teachers, and why he is so passionate about making a difference for every learner, every day. Get to know why Lyndon believes in the value of public education and how he has managed to balance teaching with his love of writing (Lyndon has recently released his first picture book - Becoming Ellie). Don’t forget to subscribe to the Teach, Learn, Live podcast on your favourite podcast platform to keep up to date! If you know a great teacher, leader, student or partnership across our public schools – email us at Professional Learning Institute: Launceston College: Lyndon's Book (Becoming Ellie):
June 17, 2020
Ruth Davidson: Wellbeing for Learning
In episode 2 of the Teach, Learn, Live podcast, Tim Bullard chats to Ruth Davidson the Director of Child and Student Wellbeing. Wellbeing is critical for children and young people to take part in their learning. Join Tim and Ruth as they discuss why children and students need to be safe and supported so they can engage in learning. Learn more about the Student Wellbeing Survey and how it captures student voice to inform future effort and planning. Hear how COVID-19 has impacted the wellbeing of students and how the Tasmanian Government is working to keep children and young people safe and connected during this time. For further information about wellbeing visit:
June 10, 2020
Kerry McMinn: School Leadership: The Importance of Communication, Collaboration and Wellbeing
Tim speaks with one of Tasmania’s principals, Kerry McMinn, to discover how their schools and communities have worked together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  This episode celebrates the role of school leaders and highlights one of our inspirational leaders who is working with her school community to deliver outstanding teaching and learning outcomes. Hardie Fellowship: Albuera Street Primary School: Professional Learning Institute:
June 02, 2020
Teach, Learn, Live Podcast - Sneak Peek
Join Tim Bullard, Secretary of the Department of Education, for an introduction to the Teach, Learn, Live Podcast. Visit:
May 26, 2020