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By Colette Yorrick-Womack
Welcome to TeaNTawk where daughters of the diaspora share hot topics, chat with influencers, noteables and share our everyday lives with you.
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Children's Books for Summer


TeaNTawk with Caribbean British Ladies
This episode we chat with Caribbean descendants who have a migration story all their own. The migration from the Caribbean to England during the 50s and 60s  birthed pan a Caribbean population in the UK rich with the culture of their homelands. The recent release of Small Axe, a mini-series on Amazon Prime gave us a lens into the political aspect of this timeline.   So we wanted to hear the migration story from Caribbean British Women who were a part of suburban life in the UK to find out what it was like growing up in a Caribbean British family.  Turns out so much was similar and rooted in our culture, but there were differences with our sisters across the pond that we learned. Thank you to Thelma, Tracy, Colete and Yvonne for sharing your personal migration stories.  
February 28, 2021
TeaNTawk with Natashia Deon
Natashia Deon, Mom, Lawyer, Author, Philanthropist and NAACP Image Award Nominee  joined us for a rich and spirited Black History Month chat.  She shares her inspiring journey through her childhood and onto her life today.   Growing up in Los Angeles during the 80s, being the daughter of a Black police officer in LA, her law career and the Redeemed Project which she founded to help the incarcerated gain clemency in the complexity of the American prison system - was just the surface of our chat.  Natashia’s insight and passion for all she does both in her career and as a parent was truly inspiring.  Her new book, The Perishing will be released in November 2021 and we are thrilled to share her story now and follow up with an awesome book club conversation in the fall. Thank you again @natashiadeon for your time and story. Please take the time to hear Natashia’s story and let us know your thoughts, feedback and comments.
February 20, 2021
From Mom to Momager - What happens with your kids hobbies have promise?
In Episode 11 we chat with Moms who are encouraging their children’s passions - molding them into future opportunities. Regine Ridore, Accountant and Brooklyn based Mom shares her son’s journey towards having a budding career in the arts and Nicole Morgan, Social Worker and Kentucky based Mom talks about her 3 sons and the path from little league to College scholarships. Please check out this fun chat with these Caribbean American moms who have not only given us the gift of their stories but tips for Moms on how to help your kids pursue their goals and dreams.
January 30, 2021
TeaNTawk with Author Nikki Murphy about her Pandemic Pivot
On episode 10 we chat with Mom, executive and author Nikki Murphy. She shares with us her journey from having a flourishing career in Diversity and Inclusion who enjoyed writing to becoming a published author. She also shares how she’s been managing balancing parenting and pandemic pivots.  enjoy our chat with Nikki and let us know what you think.
January 20, 2021
Global Mompreneurs Part 2 + a Hot Topic
Part 2 of our Global Mompreneurs episode starts with a hot topic: Addressing domestic challenges on social media.   Then we find out about how 2020 has affected them as parents and what's next for the future. Check out the latest episode featuring Nana Eyeson, Jasmine Gerald and Arkell Cox and let us know your feedback!
December 08, 2020
TeaNTawk with Global Mompreneurs
On this episode of TeaNTawk we chat with Moms who have conquered the world with businesses located everywhere from Sweden to Ghana.  Arkel  Cox, Nana Eyeson and Jasmine Gerald. share with us how they started their global businesses, the challenges they faced as parents with their enterprises and how the pandemic has changed them both professionally and personally. Please check out this episode and take notes on how Black women build global empires and how women supporting women makes us all win.
December 04, 2020
Suburban Moms Speak Part 2: Post Election 2020
Last week not only gave us all something to be encouraged about during a challenging also gave us a great post-election chat. Check out our latest episode about the election results as we share our week, our communities and ourselves post election, what this election means to Black Women how we feel about the future of America for our children. Join us if you will for Suburban Moms Speak post election 2020. 
November 10, 2020
TeaNTawk Pre Election - Suburban Moms Speak: Part 1
There has been so much talk about the impact the suburban voters have in this election. And as Black suburban moms our influence is real yet our agenda is so different. America has changed! The “suburban ” voter is not a monolith! Last night the Burbies had a serious chat about the issues that affect our lives and our families. -Race and raising our kids in the suburbs during this times -Homeownership for Black families -Healthcare for all? -The new voting process -importance of representation of Black Women in government. -And our thoughts and concerns for our families post-election. Unscripted, Unpacked, no guests, no filter and light on the editing. So join us if you will for Suburban Moms speak part 1: pre-election day. #burbieblurb #blacksintheburbs #burbiedollchronicles #growingupburbie #momblogger #blackmomsblog #blackmommiesblog #motivation #blackfamily #blackfamilies #caribbeanmoms #caribbeangirls #caribbeanmomsbelike #podcast #mompodcast #podcaster
November 02, 2020
TeaNTawk ManBush - A chat with Black Men about Black Boys
Find out what happens when men speak on raising our boys. Mentorship, confidence building, teaching skills and socialization are all the topics we discussed with this special group of Black men. Check out our latest episode with guests Chip Fu, hip hop artist and writer, music education producer, and culture creator, Clay, a barber and mentor and an Moise Tingue NYPD veteran officer. Our first ever ManBush but not the last. Our discussion was so engaging and informative we look forward to having them on again to get the male perspective on life. Check it out and please like share and comment!
October 23, 2020
Sanity Session on Self Care with Dr. Melissa Robinson
After 1 week of homeschooling and back to back virtual work meetings I’m so ready for another vacation. But I’ll settle for just some self care tips to get me through the next few months. We recently spoke with psychologist Dr. Melissa Robinson who shares her advice for moms to self care in the home. Practical advice that we can all adopt into our daily lives that can not only give you some at home escape but won’t disrupt your virtual work/school flow. Thank you again Dr Mel for taking time out on your summer vacay to chat with us. It was so greatly appreciated! Check out this episode on Spotify now! 
September 18, 2020
Back to School Chat with Educators
TeaNTawk is back talking mommy bizness! We start off the Fall season chatting with a group of educators for grades pre-K through high school - Many with expertise with special learning needs. These amazing group of experts shared with us their personal account of this academically challenging year as well as their thoughts and insight on the upcoming school year and post pandemic. Aida, Ruth, Shana and Rita, thank you for your fantastic work and your positive spirit. Check out TeaNTawk’s first back to school sanity session episode. #burbieblurb #blacksintheburbs #burbiedollchronicles #growingupburbie #momblogger #blackmomsblog #blackmommiesblog #motivation #blackfamily #blackfamilies #caribbeanmoms #caribbeangirls #caribbeanmomsbelike #podcast #mompodcast #podcaster #individualizededucationplan #teacher #educatorsspeak #ieplearning #backtoschool #distancelearning #homeschooling
September 10, 2020
Part 2: Indians and Blacks in the Caribbean with Guest Sharon Maas
We conclude our chat with Sharon Maas, author of the novel "Of Marriageable Age" which explores the relationships between Blacks and Indians in the Caribbean.  in this episode Sharon shares her upbringing and what led her to writing the book and we also discuss the blending and separation of Blacks and Indians currently.  Share your thoughts with us once you've listened!
February 26, 2020
Indians and Blacks in the Caribbean with Guest Sharon Maas
The Burbies Black History month episodes are a celebration of Caribbean culture . On Podcast now...a chat with Sharon Maas, Guyanese born novelist of “of Marriageable Age”.  Sharon shares her very unique and global upbringing which inspired her to write her books about the Indian / Hindu culture in Guyana. We also have a deep discussion about Indians and Africans in the Caribbean, our differences, our blending and the future of our diaspora. Thank you to our guest Burbie Neela Ramjattan for sharing her story and giving us a lens on Indo-Guyanese-American families. Check our Part 1 of our chat and share your thoughts!
February 20, 2020
For Burbies who've considered Plastic Surgery but afraid to ask
In this episode we chat with Plastic Surgeon Dr KerryAnn Mitchell of John Hopkins Hospital,  Born in Jamaica & educated in the states,  Dr. Mitchell gave great tips on how to improve our Mommy bodies with cost-effective surgery options. So many eye-opening gems to learn if you've considered a nip/tuck.  We really enjoyed chatting with Dr Mitchell and look forward to your feedback and comments
January 30, 2020
Part 2: Black Santa, Black dolls Black Jesus: the importance of representation to our kids in suburban society
Part 2 of our chat about the relevance of representation for Black children. Psychiatrist and creator of Jihan Woods and Entertainment Editor and Journalist Jerry L. Barrow go deeper into the importance of positive images as the social climate in America continues to divide communities.   #burbieblurb #blacksintheburbs #burbiedollchronicles #growingupburbie #momblogger #blackmomsblog #blackmommiesblog #motivation #blackfamily #blackfamilies #caribbeanmoms #caribbeangirls #caribbeanmomsbelike #podcast #mompodcast #podcaster #blacksanta #blackchristmas #christmas #spiderman #milesmorales
December 16, 2019
Black Santa, Black dolls Black Jesus: the importance of representation to our kids in suburban society
This podcast chat about Black Children and representation  had so many gems that we had to share this in 2 parts. Psychiatrist and creator of Jihan Woods along with Entertainment Editor and Journalist Jerry L. Barrow share their thoughts on raising Black children with a sense of identity in a world where representation is still unbalanced.
December 12, 2019
TeaNTawk Gets Read! with Simone Bresi-Ando
Ghanaian Brit, Simone Bresi Ando joins us to give us the The real behind Ancestral readings.  Find out how her West African roots and her gift of spiritual insight can give us a deep look into our past and send us on a journey of clarity and healing.  Check out our latest chat with Simone and for more information on how you can get read, find Simone!  @simonepossible.
November 01, 2019
PotluckPodcastLive Series - Curry in a Hurry with Roti in a Rush!
For our first Live show we enjoyed a quick curry chicken meal with 2 amazing wine pairings from our special guests Peggy and Laura of the UrbanBooz Podcast! Check out part 1 here and share your comments.
October 30, 2019
Election TeaNTawk
With the upcoming elections and all the democratic debates happening, the Burbies share their short list of favorites with hilarious commentary!  Take a listen and share your comments.
October 18, 2019
What our kids should know about money with the Frugal Feminista
Building wealth for families starts with us and should be instilled in our kids so they can begin having a healthy relationship with money early on.  Kara Stevens aka The Frugal Feminista joins us for this very important chat and shares how our her Antiguan and Trinidadian roots played a role in her relationship with money.  Hear from Kara about how we can start having discussions with our kids about money and spending to help move them forward in life financially positive.
October 09, 2019
TeaNTawk, MomPreneurship, Investing, and Money Managing with guest Arkel Cox
Our latest episode is Moderated by our very own Renee and welcomes special guest Arkel Cox. This ones all about entrepreneurship and money. Renee shares her transition from corporate America to real estate investing and how she was able to maintain financially. Arkel shares her transition into becoming an entrepreneur, owning IHOP franchises in Brooklyn and dealing with the loss of her business partner and husband. Lots of West Indian mommy wisdom shared on this episode.
September 27, 2019
TEAcher Tawk! our Summer Chat with Educators
We had the best chat in early Summer with two educators, Alison and Aida.  Both Women have been teaching for over 15 years and share with us their advice on how we get our kids through the summer break with reading and academic stimulation.  We also chatted about the new lockdown policies in school, how they raise their kids with our Caribbean values vs. how our parents raised us.  It was a fun conversation where we learned and laughed a lot.  I'm thinking the excitement of summer was what had us all turned up!  And we'd love to hear your feedback and comments!!  
August 08, 2019
Tragedy: Part 2 with Athena Shack and Dr. Mel Robinsom
In part 2 of our chat with Athena Shack we learn about her journey of healing and overcoming her journey from almost losing her life, losing her husband from suicide, and finding herself in financial strife and a young son to care for.  her story is an inspiration to many women and we get the best advice from Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown on what to expect when we're going through the difficult process of healing.  Please check out part 2 of this very deep, enriching episode of TeaNTawk.
August 02, 2019
Children's Books for Summer
We're halfway through Summer and where has the time gone?  This episode continues our chat with Charnaie Gordon from Here Wee Read.  In this Check out her top picks newly released books for children.  Share your thoughts and feedback with us! at Blacks in the Burbs.
July 23, 2019
Overcoming Tragedy Part 1: with Athena Shack and Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown
Can you imagine having everything you wanted in life and on 1 day it all changes in the most tragic of situations?  We typically think it cannot happen to us if we do this... or that... Our guest for this weeks episode tshares her story and it gives you a lens on how life can change in an instant.  This is the first chat we've had about such a serious topic.  Tragedy affects us all in so many ways and how to deal with is personal.  So for this we invited Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown PHD to join our chat and help guide us through this discussion.  Check out Athena's story in Part 1 as Dr. Mel weighs in. 
June 14, 2019
Hot Pepper Topics: The Central Park Five
Ava Duvernay's new netflix miniseries "When they See Us" has sparked many emotions in Black America.  In this episode we chat about the case and what it meant to us as Mothers of Black children.  We also shared our stories of what it was like growing up during the decade that jailed more African American men than any other in our country and how the Caribbean community viewed the case then... vs. now. 
June 08, 2019
Summer Reading PART1: Babies and Big Kids with Here Wee Read
We welcome guest Charnaie Gordon from Here Wee Read to discuss the importance of reading and we all share tips and thoughts on black kids, Caribbean moms and reading.  Check out Part 1 for Charnaie's insight on the best ways to engage your children in reading.
June 06, 2019
Hot Pepper topics this week!
The Burbies chat about....The All in the Family and Jeffersons live remakes, Minister gets arrested for selling his congregation $500 tickets to heaven, Aretha Franklin's newly discovered will, and much more....
May 31, 2019
Music and Academics - The benefits of teaching kids to appreciate music with Chip Fu
The first hot weekend of the summer met us with the perfect topic and guest!  Chip Fu of the FuSchnickens joined our chat from his family Cookout to share with us his insight on how music and mathmetics directly correlate.    Growing up in Caribbean homes you're surrounded with a vast amount of music and instruments from drums, steelpans, horns, strings to simple sounds like my dad beating his gold rings against his beer bottles to  make amazing sounds that i loved hearing as a child.... All of this makes music a special topic for us and we discussed how to keep the art and legacy of music going with the next generation.  Chip gave us gems and made us laugh in the process.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!!!  
May 30, 2019
Hot Pepper Weekly Topics
Abortion, Archibald, and Ayesha are the highlights of this weeks hot pepper topics!
May 23, 2019
Fitness with Flava! featuring guest Krista Martins from Wukkout!
Caribbean Women love a good Wukkout!  And for this episode we talked about just that with our guest, Krista Martins, Founder and creator of Wukkout! an aerobic technique that incorporates Caribbean dance moves mixed with new and classic soca music that keeps us moving with authenticity!  Krista shared with us us tips on how to wukkout at home or in the gym in soca style.  Also, she recently launched an online Wukkout service for Moms to enjoy and excercise at home called Wukkout! On Demand. SPECIAL OFFER!!! TNT listeners will receive 25% off the monthly subscription price.  Just enter BURBIEDOLL25 at checkout to receive the discount! Learn more and sign up at, @wukkout on instagram and Thank you Krista!
May 23, 2019
Mother's and DawTahs
 We celebrate Motherhood with our favorite Caribbean Moms, OUR Moms...  this episode made us laugh, cry and learn.  We all have a story rich in the journey of our migration, education and Fearing.. God and Mommy.  Please enjoy this special episode as we did. 
May 11, 2019
Burbies, Babies, Bodies and Beauty PART 2: with Guest Jenell Stewart
 When that good life catches up with us, rarely are we prepared. This week the Burbies discuss the challenging of balancing life and staying fit.  Our guest Beauty and Fitness Influencer, Jenell B. Stewart joins the Burbies as we share our challenges and receive tips from Jenell for creating a healthy lifestyle and looking good from head to toe! 
May 08, 2019
Burbies, Babies, Bodies and Beauty PART 1: with Guest Jenell B. Stewart!
When that good life catches up with us, rarely are we prepared. This week the Burbies discuss the challenging of balancing life and staying fit.  Our guest Beauty and Fitness Influencer, Jenell B. Stewart joins the Burbies as we share our challenges and receive tips from Jenell for creating a healthy lifestyle and looking good from head to toe! Part 1 is hot topics: John Singleton, Marriage and Dishwashing and more!!
May 08, 2019
Nipsey's Funeral, Clean Chinese Food and safe sites for IV drug users?
Weekly hot topics with guest Erotic Novelist, Tania Marie joins!
April 18, 2019
TeaNTawk with Haitian-American Mom & Erotic Novelist of Dickmatized, Tania Marie!
Ever thought about writing and self publishing your own book? Our guest on this episode did just that. Mom of 2 and Erotic novelist Tania Marie joins the Burbies on this episode and shares her story. Added plus... she reads an excerpt from her book, Dickmatized! Take a listen and find out about how she balanced motherhood, a career and writing her book!
April 17, 2019
Jussie, NAACP Image Awards, Girl Scout Cookies and more!
The Burbies chat about hot topics and Girl Scout Cookie life:  Jussie is cleared of all charges. and the ladies give their own Burbie Theories about Omari's sneaky BeyKiss and Elevator Gate. This week the jokes kept us laughing for days!!  check it out and let us know your thoughts!
April 04, 2019
Wendy Williams, Shaq and Buju
This weeks TeaNTawk is all about hot topics.  Find out how West Indian American moms feel about Wendy Williams and her current situation.  We also chat about Shaq and his new apointment to the board of Papa Johns and Buju's removal of his controversial song out of his music catalog.  Hear it from the gyals!
March 28, 2019
TeaNTawk Hot Topics with TK Trinidad
The ladies discuss the recent college admission scandal and Buju's kick-off of the Long Road Home Tour in Jamaica.
March 21, 2019
TK Trinidad joins the Carnival Wine Down
VH1s TK Trinidad joins the Burbies and special friends to talk about this years Carnival season.  She shares with us her role on VH1 and her experiences working the pop culture news scene with her unique background and style.  
March 21, 2019
Carnival Wine Down
This episode we sip wine with special friends who share the highlights at this years Trinidad Carnival. Joined by friends from the past we discuss how to raise our children with an appreciation for Caribbean music.
March 21, 2019
TeaNTawk - Hot topics with guest Nana Eyeson
 JLO's engaged!, BabyPhat and Fubu relaunching and Biggie Small's son launches a Cannabis Company!  Find out what the Burbies think about all ah dis! on this episode of TeaNTawk.
March 11, 2019
TeaNTawk with Nana Eyeson - Lens on Ghana!
International Women's Month  we celebrate with the Resident TeaNTawkers and our special Guest Nana Eyeson,  Founder & President of African Health Now. Wife. Mom. Social entrepreneur, advocate for primary healthcare for Women, and children on the African continent. Nana shares her journey towards working on the charity she started, growing up of Ghanaian heritage in America and also breaking down the social bridges between our girls and those in Africa. An amazing conversation about building awareness in our daughters.
March 11, 2019
TeaNTawk Michael Jackson and the Leaving Neverland Docuseries
The ladies continue the discussion on predators and parenting via the Michael Jackson docuseries, Leaving Neverland. What we know now vs. what we knew then.
March 08, 2019
TeaNTawk - R. Kelly
In this episode the ladies talk R. Kelly, Gayle King's interview and share insight of Caribbean Moms on the topic.
March 08, 2019
TeaNTawk with Soul Society 101 CEO Rondel Holder - Ancestral Roots!
Black History Month is too short, so we did a BHM takeover the first week of March to chat with Grenadian-American Rondel Holder, CEO of Soul Society 101.  Rondel has recently received acclaim for taking a journey with his Ancestry DNA results to the countries of his origin.  On this episode of TeaNTawk Rondel shares the special experiences on his trips to Benin and Togo and also gives us insight on how to give our children the gift of learning their roots and culture beyond our Caribbean ancestry.  Check out this very insightful chat with Rondel.
March 06, 2019
Episode 1: Daughters of Dreamers
Welcome to our first episode. Here we discuss the journey of our parents and our immigrant upbringings! Let's TeaNTawk!
February 21, 2019