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Tech Catalyst

Tech Catalyst

Hosted by Williams Falodun, The Tech Catalyst Show is all about story telling.

Designed to take every listener along on my journey as I start out to become a world-class software developer.

Including exciting experiences of other software developers and technical leaders in Africa and around the globe, to learn from their experience, gain valuable advice and leaning on their support to the tech community.

Ultimately accelerating our journey to becoming World-class Software Enginners

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Overcoming challenges as a woman in tech - Nabeelah Yousuph

Tech Catalyst

5 tips to keep you on your developer journey in the COVID-19 pandemic
Hello guys, this episode isn't essentially a story episode but I wanted to share a couple of tips and resources to keep you inspired and working on your journey to becoming a world-class developer. Resources 10 tech communities for women you should join in 2020 Free javascript course @freecodecamp Free Python course Hackathons to join
June 08, 2020
Winning from the beginning - Karen Efereyan
Hello guys, meet Karen Efereyan. Our newbie friend who recently started began her software development journey. Listen to how she began her journey, challenges she's facing as a beginner and how's she's overcoming them all to become a world-class developer - Reach out to Karen on Twitter - Code Clan Nigeria on Twitter - online tech communities you should join - Karen's TO-DO list  article on Medium - Developer influencer in this episode (Dev Ed) on Twitter:  
June 03, 2020
Overcoming challenges as a woman in tech - Nabeelah Yousuph
Hello guys! We've got Nabeelah Yousuph on this episode! Nabeelah is a Software engineer in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a dedicated and strong individual who has taken giant leaps and pulled through a series of challenges in pursuit of her goal of becoming a world-class software engineer. Nabeelah has worked at Andela (one of the top giants in the software development industry) and transitioned to working on a contract project at Lambda School. In this episode, Nabeelah shares insights into how she started her journey and how she's been able to build momentum over the years in her craft as a software engineer - You're absolutely going to love her story! Resources discussed in this episode: 7 Awesome tech communities to join in 2020 Learn how to write code using JavaScript for free!!! - Read about Nabeelah's story Want to connect with Nabeelah? Reach out to her on Twitter Check out her website Looking for a developer with stunning photos? Check out her Instagram Check out the Tech Catalyst on Instagram and Medium for more awesome content!
April 13, 2020
First steps with Gabriel Micah
Hello guys and I'm glad you tuned in. On this episode, I sit and chat with my good time friend Gabriel Micah, who is currently a software engineer at Andela (the leading software engineering company in Africa). On this episode, we cover the simple steps a beginner can take to get started on their journey as Software developers and useful insights on what to do when you feel stuck. Stick to the end (the #catalyst rounds) and have a good laugh! Here are some useful links from this episode: 7 Awesome tech communities to join 7 free resource for every new developer Want to reach out to Gabriel? Email him @ Follow Tech Catalyst on Instagram @techcatalystofficial. Stay safe and stay indoors #COVID-19
March 24, 2020
My Tech Story (Simple Version)
This episode is a total recap of my personal story on how I got into tech. It's not as detailed as the first four episodes I shared about my story but I'll be revealing some facts about myself and TECH CATALYST, as well as everything coming next right here. Publication on Medium: Tech Catalyst Tech Catalyst Instagram
October 04, 2019
Next Level Experience
After my being unable to make it to the second week of Andela's boot-camp, I decided to take some time off to prepare for a comeback... Tune in to listen to the events that occurred and how I found my love for something extra in this dramatic episode. What's an API Learn Online marketing with free courses by Google My school @ University of the people Thank you for listening and sharing this episode! Much love. Follow Tech Catalyst on Instagram and Read up on Medium
August 21, 2019
My Boot-camp Experience
In this episode, I describe in details my experience at Andela's boot-camp, and how it all turned out in the end. You're in for an exciting adventure story! *Important Links* What is a programming language? Types of programming languages Difference between high level and low level language (Quora discussion) What is Version Control? A brief guide to TDD. Connect With Me Instagram  Twitter FaceBook
July 30, 2019
The Journey to Andela
In this episode I'll be sharing my personal story on how I began learning how to write code, all together with how my journey to Andela began, and also a number of exciting events that ultimately leads to my boot camp at Andela • • • •  What is Ethical Hacking?  • • • • What is Penetration testing?  • • • • Who is a software engineer?  • • • • #The Open-Andela Slack Channel is up but has practically no activity.
July 13, 2019
The Beginning.
This is where I take you back in time, recounting personal events that inspired and led to my decision to becoming a world-class software developer. I begin my story from me graduating from high-school, and then finding it difficult to  get into college, because I was indecisive on a career path, all with a whole lot of fun packed events! What is Andela all about? Click here Want to Know more about Andela? Check out Andela's Official Website Are you starting out to becoming a world-class software developer? Or simply want to become a better software developer? Check out the Tech Catalyst  Medium articles.
July 03, 2019
The Introduction.
This is an introduction episode that breifly covers everything the Tech Catalyst podcast is all about. Which mainly is about me sharing my story and progress as I begin my journey to becoming a world-class software developer and tech leader.
June 06, 2019