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Tech Wrap Queen

Tech Wrap Queen

By Thee Renee Reid
Thee Renee creates a space & listening experience for regal authentic impactful wrap sessions about Tech, Design & Culture with industry leaders & innovators who authentically share their stories to inspire & galvanize listeners -which are affectionally called The Royal Court.
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Wrap Session 8: A worldwide journey through ATL to CEO with Rhonda Allen, CEO of /dev/color

Tech Wrap Queen

Wrap Session 8: A worldwide journey through ATL to CEO with Rhonda Allen, CEO of /dev/color

Tech Wrap Queen

Jen White Johnson | Designing for Disability Activism
Wrap Session 16 Welcomes the amazing Jen White Johnson, Design Activist and Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design & Digital Media Art at Bowie State University, the oldest HBCU in Maryland.  Jen shares her personal journey to understanding her son's disability as well as her own while creating & designing a new narrative in how Black and Brown disable lives are portrayed in society. She also shares with the Royal Court how she would like to see companies seek out and work with HBCU Design programs.  Her photography and design work has been featured in numerous print, online publications and creative collaborative projects, including Print Magazine, The Washington Post, Maryland State Education Association and the 2019 Women’s March on Washington, and in two grammy-nominated visual art designs. Follow Jens activism & design work: Instagram: @jtknoxroxs Website:
March 31, 2021
Ty Heath | Transforming through Leadership
Wrap Session 15 | Director of the B2B Institute at LinkedIn and Founder of the TransformHER conference, Tyrona "Ty" Heath, takes the Royal Court on a guided journey through her personal & professional journey to leadership as the former president of the Employee Resource Group,  Black Inclusion Group (B.I.G) to the creation & growth of the popular TransformHER event. The premier conference is dedicated to supporting professional Black women & women of color in technology and their allies. Listen to the gems Ty drops as she shares insights on leadership, showing up fully in spaces as a Black Woman & gearing up for the free virtual conference taking place on Friday, March 19, 2021  Register for TransformHer:
March 15, 2021
Antionette Carrol | Equity by Design
Wrap Session 14 is power-packed with personal stories, gems & hard truths spoken with unapologetic passion by the incredible Antionette Carroll, TED speaker & fellow, designer & redesigner for Justice and Equity. Antionette is the Founder & CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, a nonprofit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri but also having global impact and influence. The organization empowers Black, Latin and Indigenous youth to be creative equity leaders helping to design the communities they live in & beyond.  Find out more about Creative Reaction Lab and get involved:
March 3, 2021
Maurice Woods | Life Cycles & Design
Wrap Session 13- Founder & Executive Director of Inneract Project, Designer & Leader Maurice Woods joins the Royal Court to authentically share his personal journey to Design and discuss his work leading Inneract Project;  the nonprofit that empowers underrepresented youth through design education and links them to opportunities to explore design in career and life. To get involved, partner and find out more about Inneract Project be sure to follow them and visit their sites:  
February 18, 2021
The Queen is Back: Welcome to Season 2
A new lineup of amazing guests is ready to bless the Royal Court. Be sure to subscribe to the Tech Wrap Queen YouTube Channel to view video content of interviews and follow across social media to stay up to date.
February 18, 2021
Wrap Session 12: THAT'S A WRAP for SEASON 1
A special message to the Royal Court 
January 1, 2021
Wrap Session 11: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: DJ M.O.S.
2020 has introduced a lot of things good bad and ugly. One of the brightest experiences has been the birth of the virtual DJ that has helped people get through these times by creating a sense of community through music.  DJ M.O.S. and his virtual experience, Club Insomnia takes followers on a journey through music that will leave you feeling nostalgic and euphoric.   In this wrap session, DJ M.O.S. shares his journey making the pivot to streaming his DJ sets on Instagram & Twitch , his relationship with DJ DNICE,  the strong DJ community, his experiences playing in Abu Dhabi and Sean Combs (Diddy) birthday party.
January 1, 2021
Wrap Session 10: Sourcing Gems with Recruiting & Sourcing Industry Leader Maisha Cannon
Affectionately known as the Talent Genie, Maisha Cannon brings "oodles of creativity" and tons of resources to the Talent Acquisition industry. This International speaker and leader in the recruiting and sourcing space shares her gems on her industry experiences through Entertainment and Tech,  best practices for Job Seekers, and why showing up authentically is a process.  Follow on Twitter | Connect on LinkedIn
January 1, 2021
Wrap Session 9 : Planting Tech Roots with AI Leader & Founder Dr. Nashlie Sephus
From her humble roots in Jackson, Mississippi, to obtaining a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech and later becoming the CTO of a startup (PartPic), lead by Black women and acquired by Amazon; Dr. Nashlie Sephus is on a mission to ensure her community is empowered and equipped. In this wrap session, Nashlie shares her experiences as an AI Leader from college to startup life and now Amazon and also drops gems on the importance of rooting & planting tech seeds back home through her nonprofit The Bean Path.  Follow Nashlie:
January 1, 2021
Wrap Session 8: A worldwide journey through ATL to CEO with Rhonda Allen, CEO of /dev/color
Rhonda Allen was recently named and CEO of /dev/color, a nonprofit organization whose mission and movement is: " To empower Black software engineers to help one another grow into industry leaders".  From her international experiences living and teaching abroad to her southern roots in Jacksonville, Arkansas, Rhonda shares gems from her career journey as well the important work of /dev/color,  their members, and the organization's impact on the tech industry.  For more information on /dev/color and to join or partner  visit LinkedIn | Twitter  | FaceBook | Instagram  | Medium Blog
January 1, 2021
Wrap Session 7: Daring to Design with Designer & Pentagram Partner Eddie Opara
The South London raised Eddie Opara jokingly admits he should be a Chelsea Futbol Club supporter but actually roots for Tottenham who's motto "To Dare is to Do" has become a way of his design life. Eddie is one of 25 Partners at the world-renowned design firm Pentagram which has created some legendary and popular pieces of work including most recently, Saturday Night Lives opening title sequence.   In this wrap session, Eddie shares his design wisdom and speaks on his projects including Pyer Moss,  Samsung, and having former First Lady Michelle Obama where the brand identity he created for re-inc ,  a brand founded by members of the US Women Soccer Team.  After this wrap session, be sure to check out the Pentagram episode Eddie mentions on Abstract: The Art of Design, featuring partner Paula Scher. 
December 17, 2020
Wrap Session 6: It's All About Love with VP of Brand at Blavity Inc. Mrs. Love Beach
Immediately upon meeting, speaking, and hearing Love Beach you cannot help but fall in love with first, her name of course, but also the person.  As the VP of Brand at Blavity, Inc.,  the largest network of platforms, experiential, and lifestyle brands serving the multifaceted lives of Black millennials,  Love is responsible for brand management and leads the creative & digital production teams.  In this episode Love shares her very personal candid stories of navigating life & her career paths,  finding success being an executive of strategy, and how Blavity, as well as herself, are both thriving during the pandemic.  
November 29, 2020
Wrap Session 5 Special Edition: A Warrior Goes Viral with Ashkia Trujillo
In this special edition of Tech Wrap Queen, the recent viral sensation, Ashkia Trujillo aka Self Made Warrior,  takes us on a journey through Native American & Indigenous Tradition, Heritage, and Culture. A video shot by PhotoJournalist Sharon Chischilly, of him dancing on a downtown street in Alburgque, New Mexico after elections results were announced, has been viewed over 5million times.   In the midst of the celebration, with cars bumper to bumper and honking horns, Ashkia jumped out of his vehicle with a Red Chicago's Bulls hat in hand and danced a Men's Northern Traditional Pow Wow dance and won the hearts of a global community.  This month is Native American Heritage Month and this episode is rich in culture, emotions, and much learnings.  For All. 
November 14, 2020
Wrap Session 4: Creating for the Culture | Editor in Chief & Creative Director Mike Nicholls
Mike Nicholls- Founder, Creative Director, Designer, Graphic Artist, Editor in Chief & Mastermind behind  UMBER MAGAZINE magazine drops life and career gems as he shares his personal & professional journey from the East Coast to the West Coast while schooling the Royal Court on the importance and beauty of Print Media.  A staple of the Oakland Black creative community and beyond, @thisisumber visually tells the stories & captures vivid imagery of the Black diaspora in music, design,  culture, movement, and more.  If you have ever felt, read or just flipped through an Umber Magazine, you know that you are experiencing a unique piece of print media.  If you haven't yet, you will want one after listening to Mike's energy, laugh, and passion for his craft. 
October 29, 2020
Wrap Session 3: Research Real Talk with Design Leader Ovetta Sampson
LISTEN. If you are a UX Researcher, Designer, AI enthusiast, heck if you just want to hear from a Powerhouse Black Woman in these UX, HCI, Design streets from the South Side Chicago,  you definitely want to tune in to this Energy, Knowledge and Real Talk packed Wrap Session with Principal Creative Director Ovetta Sampson.  We talk Design Research, how knowing what NOT to design is important, her career journey to the world-renowned design firm & genesis of design thinking IDEO to a Design Leader at Microsoft and the importance of supporting each other as Black Women in Design Research.  All of this built on Ovetta's mission which she shares- to WIDEN THE NARRATIVE.
October 22, 2020
Wrap Session 2: Silicon Valley Engineering VP & SneakerHead Sabry Tozin
In this wrap session, Sabry Tozin takes us through the pressures he encountered during college to the pressures & successes of being a Black Silicon Valley Executive.  He drops gems on life and career lessons learned from having a different perspective on failure,  shares insights on leadership,  Jordans,  and makes us laugh reminiscing about throwback video games like the classics Command & Conquer and Galaga. 
October 14, 2020
Wrap Session 1: From History Teacher to Making History with KAI FRAZIER
Get ready to be Inspired KAI FRAZIER Founder and CEO of KAI XR, a VR EdTech company, takes us on an incredible candid personal journey from her days in DC working with several museums such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, as well as the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture, all the way to the tech streets of Oakland where she is now building the most inclusive and accessible, educational VR platform where kids can explore, dream, & create. KAI has created VR experiences with the Obama Portraits in the National Portrait Gallery to Jennifer Doudna at UC BERKELEY, one of the scientists responsible for the scientific breakthrough CRISPR which was recently awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  So many Gems in this Wrap Session. Enjoy.   
October 7, 2020
The Intro: The Queen Has Arrived
In this energy-packed inaugural episode of Tech Wrap Queen,  Renee "The Queen" Reid introduces listeners to the journey they will be on as she prepares to take them through the soon to be released Episodes of Season 1 of Tech Wrap Queen; wrap sessions on the intersecting worlds of Tech, Design & Culture. 
October 1, 2020