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Golf is a tool for business but playing golf won’t get you a promotion. It is what you do on the course that will. Tune in and hear why golf matters on and off the course. Learn how to use your time on the course strategically and how golf can position you for your next opportunity.
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Take Action: Get your Mind Right, Money Right with Ilyas Akbar
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Ilyas Akbar Ilyas provides clients with comprehensive financial planning including retirement savings, income generation, estate planning, investment management, and asset protection. A cornerstone of his approach is his commitment to giving clients the information they need to make informed decisions with confidence. Ilyas is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who began his career with KPMG before later deciding to become a Financial Advisor. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and earned the Retirement Planning Specialist certificate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He has a degree in accounting from Syracuse University. What you will hear: - Everyone needs a financial plan - Career paths...the accountant or advisor - Want a planner, trust your gut, do the research, - If Madoff made off, why is my money safe? - There’s no free money, a $500 hustle  - Golf Envy, fight outing FOMO - That time at Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis - No more #gofundme funerals, estate planning 101 - What’s your game plan? 401K, Credit Score, & Shredding Debt - Off the books? You still need a plan - the cycle of payday loans a -The GEM ~Take Action What you need to know ************************** IG: @ilyas_akbar_ny  **************************  Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #golf #TeesMeLive #2020 #IN18 #financialWellness #FinancialPlanning #Invest #vitalPlanning #GetMoney #shredDebt #noEasyMoney #estatePlanning #MindRighMoneyRight #strategy
November 9, 2020
At the Intersection of Sports, Tech & Fitness with Sam Adeyemi
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Sam Adeyemi Sam Adeyemi is a Technology Executive with extensive experience leading IT initiatives in large corporations that provide measurable ROI and consistently reduces operating costs. He combines his passion for technology and sports in his current role as the US Head of Sports at Orion Innovation, a global technical services and solutions company. Sam truly believes that harnessing the right technology can help businesses be nimble and create innovation. And he prides himself on keeping a pulse on the rapidly changing technology landscape to make informed strategic decisions that will affect business outcomes. Sam started his career in 1996 as a programmer at Nabisco Inc. followed by more senior hands-on development and team lead roles. He then transitioned to managing the delivery of global solutions and led cross-functional teams at KPMG and CBS Corporation before joining Orion. In addition to Sam's professional pursuits, Sam has demonstrated his passion for volunteerism particularly in the areas of youth development. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc. and has participated in a host of social service projects focused on mentoring young black men over the past 26 years. He also served on the board at Junior Achievement of New Jersey for 2 years and most recently the Board Chairman for Resilience Advocacy Project (RAP) a youth social advocacy non-profit. Lastly, he was a volunteer youth basketball coach at the Montclair YMCA for over 14 years teaching basketball fundamentals and good sportsmanship. Sam holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Science and Information Systems from Pennsylvania State University What you will hear: - Professional Sports Leagues need Solutions - Tech is Tech - To Golf or Ball at Penn State - The Tiger Bandwagon - Corporate Golf Leagues - Keep sane and clients through Covid - Play Golf solo, make new friends - OTB? Bet on the Eco-System of Golf - So you want to work in Sports? Network - Building community, 40 is the new 20 - International Players - The Hole In One Club - BK style What you need to know ************************** IG/FB: @40isthenew20fit Twitter: @4020fit for daily inspiration ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #golf #TeesMeLive #2020 #IN18 #fitAfter40 #fitness #sports #technology #mlb #nba #nhl #nfl
October 8, 2020
#ConvosForeChange, Getting Girls on the Green with Grueter Golf
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with The Founding Foursome of Grueter Golf, Jen, Kiki, Erin, & Haley Four friends with basic exposure to the sport and curiosity about the hype decided one summer day to give the golf thing a whirl. To them, the sport had always seemed slow, uptight, and, not to mention, male-dominated. Shortly after the first hole they realized they were mistaken: although certainly frustrating, with the right attitude, golf could also be very fun. Five hours and twelve holes later, they discovered a new passion for the game. They also realized, that one of their initial assumptions still held true: the sport is overwhelmingly male. Recognizing the lack of female golfers, and hearing the familiar stories of their girlfriends' experiences golfing with dads and boyfriends, they decided they wanted to help change the narrative around females entering the world of golf. Today, their mission is to get more girls golfing. Whether that means introducing girls to the game who have never picked up a club, or giving seasoned golfers an outlet to play and learn with fellow female golfers, GG aims to provide a safe, supportive, and laid back environment to everyone looking to get on the green. What you will hear: - The Origin - Boston College - PGA show & the Foray Golf Activation - Blackout Tuesday for #BLM, check the DMs - Racism. Facts. Hope. - Diversity at their workplaces - The opportunity for change in golf - Elevator Pitches - The collective appetite for something different - Making room for beginners - Intolerant acts - thoughts for change - The GG Brand & their values - #NoSpaceForHate - One convo at a time What you need to know ************************** IG: @gruetergolf Tagline: Getting Girls on The Green Mentioned in this episode: @foraygolfusa ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #GrueterGolf #ConvosForeChange #WomenGolf #WomenGolfers #ChangeTheNarrative #GettingGirlsOnTheGreen #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #2020 #IN18
July 17, 2020
#ConvosForeChange with Angie Hancock of Experience Harlem
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Angie Hancock of Experience Harlem Angie Hancock is the President and Founder of the award-winning marketing solutions and small business development agency Experience Harlem. Launched in 2006, Experience Harlem has been informing New Yorkers about uptown’s best sips, shops, sights, and more through the Essential Uptown Guide and website Angie grew Experience Harlem into one of the leading communication resources celebrating Harlem, NY and has received awards like the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce Women of Distinction, the Bradhurst Merchant Association’s Business of the Year, The Network Journal’s 40 Under Forty Achiever’s Award, and most recently she received an award and was honored by Harlem Fashion Week. Angie holds a MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a CPA. Angie is a business leader having worked with Fortune 500 corporations such as Sara Lee Corporation, Ann Taylor Incorporated and Mars Incorporated. Additionally, Angie has worked with national media giants including Essence and EBONY Magazines. What you will hear - #convosForeChange what gets women into the game - playing in the rain at @OTGClassic - A origin story, Experience Harlem - Launching “The Guide to Black Harlem” - QOTD: How can national brands connect with us? - SheaMoisture + Unilevel = a succesful brand story - Golf - is it the stalwart of whiteness? - Talking smack on the golf course - Golf bets vs donations - @PGA are you listening??? You need a Marketing Consultant, Hire Angie - For the love of Old courses like Wykagyl - Odyssey 2-ball putter (let's PAY HER for that name drop) What you need to know ************************** IG: @experienceHarlem Join the mailing list: Guide to Black Harlem: Mentioned in this episode: @OTGClassic @ApolloTheater ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #Marketing #ExperienceHarlem #BlackCulture #GuideToBlackHarlem #BlackBusiness #SupportBlackBusiness #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #IN18 #womenGolf #BlackWomenGolf #BlackGolfersMatter
June 30, 2020
Initiating #ConvosForeChange - A story inspired by #BLM. Will others listen?
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with LJ Finney hosted by Newton Paul, On the TeesMe season finale, episode #18, Art consultant and collector Newton Paul leads the conversation with LJ about 25% by 2025, a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound). Inspired by the impact of #BLM and protests inspired by Mr. George Floyd on the world, this episode is more conversational. Who needs PwC to address diversity the you can spend that money to hire diverse suppliers. What you will hear on this episode: • Is anyone listening? The plight of the open letter, it’s time to get a response • Consider this episode, my open letter • ALANA - African, LatinX, Asian, Native Americans • This business makes sense, now where’s the endorsement? • The Misty Copeland Effect @Lincoln Center • Cornell University - the largest Hip Hop Collection? • Change is measured in every business My measurable FORE [25% by 2025] 1. History - tell the whole story 2. Private Clubs - fund the change 3. Economic Opportunity - Supplier Diversity - buildout and support growing the pipeline 4. Diversify Corporate (including Leadership) - look left-right-up-down, is there a problem? Season 1 concluded and nothing in 2020 is as planned, we decided to launch #ConvosForeChange, a special segment devoted words and action. Join the dialogue, be a guest. Newton Paul was born in Manhattan, to parents of Haitian and Dominican descent. He is the co-founder of Paul Brothers Enterprises, Incorporated and Latin Heritage Cards. He is an avid art collector, focused on African-American, Haitian, Cuban, and American artists. Raised in Rockland County, NY, Newton developed a passion for photography which was self-taught using his brother’s camera. Through taking courses and by consuming the works of great photographers (Gordon Parks, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Adsel Adams, Philippe Halsman, etc.) his passion grew. With over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Newton has expertise in Operations, Quality, Compliance, Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing. He also served as professional staff/adjunct professor at SUNY Oswego. Newton has a M.S degree in Human Services & Counseling, B.S degree in Business Administration with a minor in International Studies and an A.S degree in Business Administration. ************************** What You Need To Know IG: @art_patron Creator of Latin Heritage Cards: BONUS EPISODE: Newton Paul talks Art (coming soon) Shout outs @BlackHolePutters, @RichMedina, @AfricanAmericanGolfersDigest ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #Art #ArtCollector #BlackArt #CubanArt #ArtConsultant #generationalWealth #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #in18 On location production SNAFUs are inevitable, que sera sera, we play the ball as it lies, enjoy!
June 16, 2020
Tristan Reaves - Football & the WalkOn Nation
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Tristan Reaves from WalkOn Nation What you will hear on this episode: • What is walking on a team? • Football & the PGA Show • Who are “the most powerful and explosive athletes?" • Balance vs Stability • QOTD: “More is not better, better is better" • Student athletes to Entrepreneurs • safe places, WalkOn nation as an environment for youth athletes to relate • Despite uncertainty we can always "control the controllable" • Never forget, Ladies are athletes too Please disregard the NYC sirens soundtrack and barking dog ************************** What You Need To Know June 3 - WalkOn Nation and LRT Sports hosts a Virtual Workshop for student-athletes “Identity Crisis: Recruitment in the Midst of a Pandemic” IG: @ambitious_tris Trainer at @bettereverydayorlando Co-Founder of @walkon_nation Partner with @builtbystrength ************************** Tristan co-founded WalkOn Nation with the mission of inspiring student athletes to see the big picture and how to utilize their platform for a purpose greater than their sport. Tristan is originally from Atlanta, via Chicago, and moved to the Central Florida area in 2006. He studied Exercise Science at the University of Central Florida, where he was also a member of the 2017 undefeated UCF football team. Tristan had the roles of wide receiver and special teams during the 2014-2018 seasons. While obtaining both a Bachelors of Science and Masters degree in exercise science from the University of Central Florida (UCF), Tristan also worked as a Strength and conditioning to help clients reach their fitness and performance goals. During his final semester at UCF, Tristan began an internship with Better Every Day, and ultimately joined the better every day team as a fitness and performance coach. Also a former football student-athlete at UCF, Tristan faced tremendous adversity throughout his career. Choosing a walk-on position over other scholarship options forced him to re-evaluate his “why” and purpose in life. By way of resilient work ethic and off the field growth, he ultimately earned his scholarship. His mission now is to show athletes that their potential doesn't peak in their sport. ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #TristanReaves #WalkOnNation #BetterEverydayOrlando #golf #UCF #Football #WalkOn #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #in18 @teesme.thepodcast
May 25, 2020
Protect Da “Brand Partnership” with Jose Duverge
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert Protect Da "Brand Partnerships" with Jose Duverge ************************** What you will hear on this episode: • A loose golf club in Brooklyn • Your wife always knows best • Brand Partnerships 101 • close deals with solid relationships over favors • Building networks • Beyond players or spectators, learning the business of sports • Sales isn't a dirty word, We are all selling • The ecosystem of athlete activism & brands ************************** What You Need To Know @playerstribune @on_duverge_of Give to a worthy cause, because Jose said so! Sponsorship Connect: In Support Of Feeding America & Second Harvest by The Sponsorship Space Courses Mentioned Bayonne Golf Club, - NJ, Troon North Golf Club - AZ, We-Ko-Pa Golf Club - AZ, ************************** With a track record in ticket sales, marketing, and brand partnerships across leagues, teams, and media, Jose Duverge is a proven leader with a unique blend of experience in business development, deal structuring, relationship management, and enterprise culture enhancement. As the Director of Brand Partnerships at The Players’ Tribune, Jose is responsible for spearheading media partnerships with brands across custom content, digital and online video media, and programmatic insertions. The Players’ Tribune, a media company that provides athletes with a platform to connect directly with their fans, in their own words. Founded by Derek Jeter, The Players’ Tribune publishes first-person stories from athletes, providing a unique insight into the daily sports conversation. December 2019, The Players’ Tribune was acquired by Minute Media. Prior to joining The Players’ Tribune, Jose served as the Head of the East Coast Region and Senior Director of Global Partnerships Sales at Legends, a company founded by the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees. During his tenure at Legends, he was responsible for managing the East Coast sales team and representing a diverse portfolio of sports properties, mainly in search of naming rights partners. Jose has also held roles at other prominent sports organizations throughout his career where he has led several multiyear revenue-driving deals. As the Senior Manager of Business Development for Soccer United Marketing (SUM), he led the sales strategy development, sales efforts, and internal and external communication around generating new brand partnerships for the Mexican National Team property. Jose also contributed to the procurement of brand partners for other SUM Business Development verticals/properties - Major League Soccer, the U.S. Soccer Federation (Men's, Women's, and Youth National Teams), and CONCACAF. While at SUM, Jose positively impacted the sales culture and facilitated several new brand partnerships throughout his tenure. Additionally, he has spent time with IMG College, the New York Yankees, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Recognized as a “connector” among his peers and throughout the sports industry, Jose has developed a prominent network and enjoys connecting with like-minded professionals. He currently hosts occasional basketball runs for industry executives as a fun and interactive way to build bridges. He is also a champion for volunteering and mentorship. Jose is a former collegiate baseball athlete that holds a Master of Sports Administration from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Business Management from Dowling College. He is a proud first-generation Dominican from Brooklyn, New York, and currently resides in Harlem, New York with his wife. ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #JoseDuverge #ThePlayersTribune #OhioUniversity #BrandPartnerships #ProtectDaBrand #golf #Brooklyn #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #in18 @teesme.thepodcast
May 9, 2020
Hudson “Ace” Etienne & TAXDRx
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Hole in One Club Member, Hudson “Ace” Etienne of TAXDRx ************************** What you will hear on this episode: • The Connector connects, golf with Dale Favors #theConnector (Season 1, episode 8) • When the IRS comes for you -Tax Resolution 101 • For the Entreprenuers - Add an accountant to your circle • How Ace discovered golf (ps: we love good managers) • The infamous Weequahic Park Golf Course • Golf Gambling Lingo - Newbies don’t be scared • Ladies’ got game, Trust Me • They call him Ace • Just do it! File your taxes • The Real Estate Game, is it still the Wealth builder? • “Knowledge is power, WHEN transferred to others” • Cash business tax reporting - de la Bodega • PSA: Don’t let Ray-Ray do your taxes • Golf Bets…Income?!?! • The Ace & The Architects Golf Club ************************** Hudson "Ace" Etienne is the Founder of TAX DRx Financial Corporation. He is a graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering with a minor in Finance and Accounting. Professional Memberships*** Hudson is a proud member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP), the National Society of Accountants, the National Association of Black Accountants, the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA), and the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC), Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, and a Dave Ramsey Show ELP (Endorsed Local Provider are the only tax professionals Dave Ramsey recommends). A recognized entrepreneur and innovator, he has received numerous honors, including the Award of Excellence from the New Jerusalem Baptist Church, and the Paul Harris Fellow for his community service and contributions while serving as President of the Rotary Club of Roselle-Roselle Park in 2004. 
Speaking Engagements*** Hudson is often quoted for his expertise and has engaged in numerous public speaking engagements. Hudson’s appearances include The Wendy Williams Experience, Money Making Mondays with Andrew Morrison and the KISS FM Wake-Up Club, and OPEN LINE with Bob Slade, Bob Pickett Esq. WBLS FM, workshop presenter at Fired Up! SMALL BUSINESS Empowerment Summit, with the NJ Spelman Alumnae / National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) on Franchising and a tax workshop presenter at the Newark Leadership Roundtable on Business in Montclair State University, organized by The Positive Community Magazine. He has also presented Biblical Financial Stewardship workshops at New Zion Baptist Church in Elizabeth, NJ, at Newark Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene and First Shiloh Baptist Church, in West Orange, NJ. ************************** What you need to know: Website: IG: @TaxDrX Courses Mentioned: Fiddlers Elbow - @fiddlerselbowcc The Architects - @architectsgc Weequahic Golf Course, NJ - No IG
April 27, 2020
The Masters Edition- with Ray Robinson
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert, The Masters Edition with Ray Robinson What you will hear on this episode: • Augusta National Golf Course, 20 years of membership • Black Enterprise, the legacy of Mr. Earl Graves Sr. • Restoring the public image of AT&T • The importance of diversity in Senior Leadership • Serving on Corporate Boards • Invest in yourself - MBA • Golf and the arrival of Tiger Woods • The Opportunity Cost of not playing golf • A round of golf with Tom Cousins • Life as the President of Eastlake Golf Club in Georgia • How Ray chooses a golf instructor • Academic Board Service - a story about Spelman + golf • His first hole in one at infamous hole #16 at Augusta National Golf Club ************************** Ray M. Robinson presently occupies the position of Non-Executive Chairman for Aaron's, Inc., He is the President-Emeritus at East Lake Golf Club and Non-Executive Chairman for Citizens Trust Bank (Georgia). He also serves on the board of American Airlines Group, Inc., Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, and Acuity. Mr. Robinson earned his B.A. degree in finance from the University of Denver, and the following year he received his M.B.A., degree also from that same institution. Robinson’s climb up the corporate ladder at AT&T, required him to relocate thirteen times as he took new assignments in marketing, sales, and regulatory affairs. Robinson would eventually become president of the company's southern region. After retiring from AT&T, Mr. Robinson, a passionate golfer, assumed the presidency of Atlanta's East Lake Golf Club and became vice chairman of the East Lake Community Foundation. Robinson helped revive Atlanta's historic golf course and revitalize the inner-city neighborhood surrounding it through redevelopment. This redevelopment included East Lake Family YMCA and Eastlake Junior Golf Academy. Under Robinson's leadership, the golf club signed a multiyear partnership with the Professional Golf Association, making the East Lake Course the primary host venue for the PGA Championship Tour. Mr. Robinson is also Member of National Black MBA Association, Inc., Member of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc., Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and Member of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and on the board of several other organizations. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #RayRobinson #EastlakeGolfClub #AugustaNational #TheMasters #AT&T #BlackEnterprise #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #blackGolfersMatter #blacklivesmatter @teesme.thepodcast
April 13, 2020
WHM- Copper Cunningham, Equestrian, Actor, & Golfer
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Copper Cunningham, Equestrian, Actor, & Golfer What you will hear on this episode: • Progress. • Becoming an Equestrian • From Actor to Educator • Teaching District 75 • “Active” Retirement • Having a good time on the golf course • Favorite tournament, Larry Holmes, Heavyweight Boxer • Talking to strangers, Copper’s networking strategy • Me trying to learn Equestrian small talk beyond horsetrack racing • Kentuky Derby golf outing, are you in? • Golf Goals - Play More • When Copper fell in love with golf Copper Cunningham is a retired Educator for the NYC Dept of Education. She is an Actor, Writer, and Photographer. As a child growing up in Chicago, Copper was encouraged to explore a wide range of activities including horseback riding. Being an Equestrian, she loves horses and now she also loves golf. Copper came to NY and was encouraged to become a model and an actor. After a career in film and modeling, she went back to school to pursue a Master of Education at Long Island University. She wanted to make a difference and for 24 years, Copper worked for district 75 teaching children with special needs. A few years before retiring Copper decided to try golf and fell in love with it. Even after retirement, Copper continues to work in the schools and help make a difference with children that benefit from her attention the most. Copper is a member of SAG-AFTRA, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated and the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, NYC Chapter.For the beginner golfers, Copper is proof you can start playing and have fun with anyone, its up to you. ************************** What you need to know: IG: @coppercunningham ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #FierceFemaleFriday #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #womenGolfers #golf #TaxiDriver #Equestrian #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #WHM #hustlelikegaryvee @teesme.thepodcast
March 28, 2020
WHM - With Economist Kathleen Camilli
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with the Economist, Kathleen Camilli What you will hear on this episode (Sirens, because this is the soundtrack of NYC): • What it means to be an expert Economist • Females do get invited to play golf, even when pregnant • The power of a supportive CEO • Family, is not career limiting event (when you have the support of leadership) • Serving on Not-For-Profit boards • Fast paced sports: Skiing, Sailing, Golf? • Sharing her father’s love of sailing • Golf is important for business and assessing character • Lifelong learning - Crypto-Assets • The next genreation of Female leaders & joining a board • Be Intentional- Have a plan, build a network • Women Startups/VC/Angel Investors - Now is the Time • Advice - Play the long game Kathleen Camilli is one of the nation’s leading economists, highly regarded by investors across the world. Her insights and forecasting track record have helped corporations avert financial disaster and preserve capital for decades. She brings gravitas to the boardroom, plus a wealth of money management and operating experience. Kathleen founded Camilli Economics in 2004, to address the growing need for independent economic analysis after the passage of Sarbanes Oxley. Kathleen is a sought after speaker, and regularly speaks to associations of CEOs, CFOs, COO’s, bankers, corporate treasurers, and other financial professionals. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Nightly Business Report, and Bloomberg Business News where her views are highly regarded internationally by investors. Partnering with the Center for Information Mapping at the Parson’s School of Design, in 2005, she formed Economic Mapping, LLC. This entrepreneurial initiative was founded to mine and map economic data using advanced mapping technology. Named as one of the top five economic forecasters by the Wall Street Journal, Kathleen called the turning point of the tech bubble in 1999 and 2000, and the recession in 2001, which earned her a number one performing forecaster by the WSJ and Business Week. She is the author of several articles, including “Reserves Forecasting for Open Market Operations” published in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review in 1986 and still cited. Kathleen has served on many not-for-profit boards, including the National Association of Business Economics, National Council on Economic Education, the Epiphany School Foundation, the Windham Mountain SKITA, an organization that is preparing young athletes to compete nationally and internationally (Olympics) representing the USA. She is active in organizations such as the National Association of Corporate Directors, the University of Delaware’s Governance Centers, KMPG’s Audit Institute, the Conference Board, the Forecasters Club, the Asia Society, and the Women’s Global Forum (Davos). Kathleen is an avid skier, sailor, and swimmer. She is a voracious reader of non-fiction and a life long learner. She and her husband Peter, a liquidity, funding, and risk expert, reside in New York City. They have two sons. ************************** What you need to know: Website: ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #FierceFemaleFriday #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #golf #Economist #sailing #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #WHM
March 21, 2020
WHM - Robin D. Stone, LMHC Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Robin D. Stone, LMHC Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker What you will hear on this episode (besides wind because I thought it was a good idea to host this interview on the roof): • Sometimes words aren’t enough, holistic mental health • Expressive Arts and Talk therapy • Mental Wellness, stigma, & Golf • Bells, lights & enthusiastic golf minds • A first date, Black Jewels Ladies Golf Association, & adopting the game • On the course, character, temperment (insert Wizard of Oz wind here) & mindfulness • I always feel like somebody’s watching me • Being “Judge-y”, a-ha I see patterns & golf therapy? • Get comfortable in any room, you deserve to be there • Golf (not the subway) is for talking to strangers Robin D. Stone is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, at Positive Psychology Associates, a progressive group practice in Midtown Manhattan. After completing her undergraduate degree in journalism at Michigan State University, she enjoyed a successful career as an editor and writer at a number of newspapers and magazines. This included The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Detroit Free Press, as well as Health magazines. Robin D.Stone was the Founding Editor-in-Chief of, and former Executive and Deputy Editor of Essence. She also served as the Vice-President/Print of the National Association of Black Journalists, and as the President of the NABJ's New York chapter. Robin has been writing about mental and physical health, food, nutrition and holistic living for more than 20 years. Robin is the author of No Secrets, No Lies: How Black Families Can Heal from Sexual Abuse. She was the editor of The Black Woman's Guide to Healthy Living and My Times in Black and White: Race and Power at The New York Times. Robin is also the creator of the documentary THICK, in which Black women explore self-care by engaging with the stories of their bodies. All of her training and work led Robin to who she is today: a steward for personal growth and transformation. With a Master’s in Applied Psychology from New York University, and a Master's in Health Arts & Sciences from Goddard College in Vermont, Robin uses expressive arts to help clients understand how culture influences their thinking and being. By incorporating Transformative Language Arts, narrative and creative arts therapies she supports clients coping with trauma, grief and loss, stress, and difficult couples and family dynamics. Robin also trained as a Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She helps people on their journey, and why not start now? ************************** What you need to know: Website: Her Book: No Secrets, No Lies No Secrets, No Lies is a powerful and daringly honest resource guide for families seeking to understand, prevent, and overcome childhood sexual abuse and its devastating impact on adult survivors. ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #fierceFemaleFriday #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #RobinDStone #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #WHM @teesme.thepodcast
March 14, 2020
WHM - “Own Your Story” with Jacki Arnic of 2iron Marketing
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Jackie Arnic of 2iron Marketing What you will hear on this episode: * A 2 Iron? Hitting the Most Pure Shot * Oh Oregon, not the Trail * “Dad, I got it”, #GirlDad #GirlDadGolf * No squad, build your own * The intimidation factor * Finding love at TopGolf * at 2 years old she will be ready to golf #babyGolf * Underutilized. Women’s Golf Scholarships * Go Device Free for Golf Rewards? New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Jackie Arnic of 2iron Marketing Raised in Sutherlin, Oregon, Jackie began playing golf in high school with the mens golf team. Within 2 years, she formed the First Ladies golf team for her high school. Over a few years, her dream team would win the championship. She then joined the ladies golf team at the University of Montana and played all of her 4 years in college. With a passion for golf, Jackie started her career in retail jobs at several golf courses during college and right after. Jackie stepped out of the golf industry for some time and missed it. She slowly started to get more involved again by giving lessons off and on, helping out at junior golf camps, volunteering with First Tee, and at tournaments. During that time, Jackie was often trying to educate women on everything they missed out on by not going to the company or customer golf outings. She would emphasize that not feeling welcome, was not a reason to miss out. Eureka, it was at that moment Jackie saw the problem that she planned to solve. She recognized the golf industry’s inability to reach and convert interested potential golfers because they are focused on the wrong things in the communication, programs and community outreach. In 2016, 2iron Marketing was formed. ”We are having to become very innovative in how we connect and encourage millennials and younger generations to play the game. Their values are different than that of previous generations. In order to grow the game, it’s about more than the game. Its about true inclusion, benefits outside of the golf course, community, fitness, presence on social media, collaboration, networking opportunities, programs for growing families. All of these things play a factor in someone’s decision to take the interest they gained in golf from venues like Top Golf and decide to visit a real-life golf course, purchase a new set of clubs, buy those FootJoy or Ecco golf shoes. All of these things are connected but unfortunately the golf industry is not driving this narrative.”, says Jackie. 2iron Marketing is a dedicated marketing and consulting agency focused on the golf industry and the gaps businesses have in reaching their target audience. The company is dedicated to the growth of the game through strategic player development by properly positioning golf industry businesses to reach, communicate, and collaborate with their target audiences. ************************** What you need to know: LinkedIn: Website: IG: @2ironMarketing Products Referenced: @nextlinksgolf @golphinforkids @operation_36 ************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #FierceFemaleFriday #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #2ironMarketing #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #WHM #hustlelikegaryvee @teesme.thepodcast
March 6, 2020
BHM - Kelley Pierre of All Access Golf
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Kelley Pierre of All Access Golf. This conversation is like running into your best friend at the store and catching up for hours. What you will hear on this episode: * How Kelley got into golf and met Buddy Cooper * The Gentleman’s Factory, where dreams become reality * Inclusion - All Access * The USGA Lanyard, putting mats, and authentic networking * In BK, Yo means Oye * Recap of The Black Golf History Month event with Toure, Debert, NNGA, and LJ * Confidence at St. Andrews in NY * Ranger Stories * Unlucky, a hole in one that gets you fired from your job * The Gentleman’s Factory event with Children & Golf * The Will Smith Challenge with Tiger Hood - coming to BK with All Access Golf * Keeping it 100, why @MindaHarts of @theweeklymemo words matter for men too (Episode 6) * Kelley, the walking encyclopedia. John Shippen. Shady Rest. 1964. Scotch Plains Country Club. * Coping strategies for men, is golf enough? About Kelley Pierre is the CEO and founder of All Access Golf. All Access Golf is a company aimed at increasing the visibility, relatability, and accessibility for minorities in the sport of Golf. Raised by proud Haitian parents, Mr. Pierre grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He played HS Football and won the championship in his senior year as the starting quarterback. He graduated from Medgar Evers College, a senior college within the City University of New York (CUNY), majoring in social & behavioral sciences. Kelley went back to school and obtained his MBA in Finance from Long Island University. While working on his MBA he was exposed to the game of golf and fell in love. He starting rangering at Marine Park Golf Course in Brooklyn and learned about the Golf Industry. In 2018 he started All Access Golf and has been thriving ever since. He currently works at a major brokerage firm and is an active member of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). ******************************************* What you need to know: Website: IG: @AllAccessGolf ******************************************* Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #AllAccessGolf #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #BHM #podsInColor #blackgolfersmatter #blacklivesmatter @teesme.thepodcast
March 1, 2020
BHM - "The Connector" Dale Favors, Adaptive Growth Leadership
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with "The Connector" Dale Favors What you will hear on this episode: * The Soul Cup * Showing up, Corporate or Casual golf * Friendly bets and competition * The forces motivating you to practice - bragging rights * From Wall Street to Consulting, career pivots * Play to your strengths About Dale Favors is founder and Managing Partner of Adaptive Growth Leadership, a strategic leadership and sales consulting firm. Dale spent 26-years as a financial professional working in sales and sales management for firms such as Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Royal Bank of Canada, Piper Jaffray and Thomson Reuters. Dale has built relationships with some of the world’s largest hedge funds, asset managers, corporations and public pension plans, advising them on securities transactions and their usage of financial data and technology. Dale attended Florida A&M University, where he graduated with an MBA and undergraduate degree in business and finance. Mr. Favors is certified in Lean Six Sigma performance methodology. Dale is a passionate volunteer for youth sporting activities. He is an avid golfer Started playing in college at Florida A&M University, in 1989. He is also a Professor of Microeconomics at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University in NJ. In this role, he is responsible for providing a platform for students understanding of the key economic concepts, cycles and data that impact global markets. ***************************************************** What you need to know: Website: IG: @DaleFavors Courses worth mentioning TPC Sawgrass, Florida Caves Valley Golf Club, Maryland Bandon Dunes, Oregon Streamsong Resort, Florida Glossary Terms (if you’re going to gamble) * Skins -A skin is won by a player who posts the lowest score on a hole among all players in the game. The low score must be unique among all scores (no ties). There are potentially 18 skins in an 18 hole match. The value of a skin is determined by the participants in the match. * 1-on-1 match play - The player earns a point for each hole, opposed to stroke play, in which the total number of strokes is counted over one or more rounds of 18 holes. In match play the winner is the player with the most points. ***************************************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #adaptiveGrowthLeadership #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #BHM #podsInColor #hustlelikegaryvee @teesme.thepodcast
February 18, 2020
BHM - “Golf, the Greatest Social Experience” with Lyle Banks
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert “Golf, the Greatest Social Experience” with Lyle Banks Introducing Mr. Lyle Banks: Mr. Banks is a New York native and Economics graduate from Carleton College. He is also a graduate of General Electric’s esteemed Executive Development Course. Currently, Lyle Banks is Vice President and General Manager of CBS46 and Peachtree TV in Atlanta. Both stations are owned by the Meredith Corporation, a 100-year company that also owns iconic magazines such as People, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, Food and Wine and many more. A man with many skills, he worked in Chicago as part of a small team of elite interim operating executives who specialize in turning around troubled companies or boosting operational performance. Lyle Banks also owned and operated his own television station group and has been backed by major Private Equity firms such as Hicks-Muse, Bank of America, Carlyle, and Madison Dearborn. He has been in senior leadership roles in television and digital media throughout his professional career and has shaped broadcast legislation, built cable channels, developed original programing, digital applications, lead several acquisitions and innumerable operational accomplishments. Mr. Banks also has extensive healthcare experience including executive leadership for a Swiss medical device manufacturing company and board trusteeship for two of Chicago’s leading hospitals for over 14 years. Mr. Banks is currently a board member of the Georgia Association of Broadcasters, The Urban League of Greater Atlanta, a member of the American Cancer Society’s Real Men Wear Pink Campaign, a participant in the Arizona State University’s Table Stakes Challenge and a member of Medinah Country Club. Mr. Banks has two teenage daughters and resides in Georgia. ***************************************************** What you need to know: Lyle’s Top 3 Courses in Ireland - Old Head - Lahinch - Waterville Our chat will make feel like you are sitting in the living room with a mentor, brother, uncle, father, or friend, the night before your first round of golf. Imagine it, he sits in a big arm chair and you sit across from him on the couch, anxious about your first big client outing. Perhaps you have a ginger ale or @unclenearest whiskey neat to calm your nerves but it’s his stories that get you through. Picture that. Learn to navigate, IN-18. PS: I’ve spent enough time in corporate America to know the stories and voices you ought to hear, the change makers, the do’ers, the underdogs, the resilient. If you have someone in mind, let me know. ***************************************************** Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #justDoIt #golf #TeesMeLive #TeesMeTour #StayTuned #2020 #BHM #podsInColor #hustlelikegaryvee @teesme.thepodcast
February 12, 2020
BHM - Minda Harts, author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Secure a Seat At The Table
New #TeesMe podcast episode alert with Minda Harts - @myweeklymemo Ceiling Breaker, Minda Harts is the CEO of The Memo LLC, a career development platform for women of color. She is the best-selling author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table. Minda is also an Assistant Professor at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. She has been featured on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Fast Company, The Guardian, and Time Magazine. She frequently speaks at companies like Microsoft, Levi's, Google, and Bloomberg on topics such as Leadership, Managing Diverse Teams and Self-Advocacy. She also hosts a weekly podcast called Secure The Seat. Her influence is changing the narrative and empowering women of color to break through concrete ceilings. And of course, she plays golf! Disclaimer: This episode touches on many sensitive topics related to women of color in the workplace. I request that you listen, be open to the conversation , and together we can be the change we want to see in the world. Plus, it’s Black History Month, that’s like extra credit. For some, the topic is prickly like acupuncture but you’ll feel great after and you’ll have an chance to make impactful choices. For others, it is everyday life. What I love about this podcast is you! My listeners have an opinion, they email me questions, discuss my content among friends, and we even just talk in person. Whether you’re a women of color or not, a seat at the table is great, but every table might not be worthy of your company. If you can traverse the NYC subways for Diner en Blanc…I say forget the haters and uninspired, bring your own table and chair. The Memo is an excellent read, we are just giving you a taste. ******************************************* What you need to know: Do you have a bad manager, need a cheerleader, or want a roadmap for your career? You need to get “The Memo” Buy the Book On Amazon: The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table Subscribe to the Blog: Website: IG: @myweeklymemo, @mindaHarts ******************************************* Listen on Apple, Spotify, Google #TeesMe #SecureTheSeat #podcast #storiesNeedToBeTold #untoldStories #secureYourSeat #YouCanSitWithMe #GotMyOwnTable #justDoIt #golf #2020 #podsInColor #hustlelikegaryvee @teesme.thepodcast @mindaharts
February 5, 2020
The 2020 PGA Show Recap from Orlando, Florida
New #TeesMe podcast episode This is my recap of the 2020 PGA Show in Orlando Florida from January 21-24. What you will hear on this episode: - Why is it so gosh darn hard to go the PGA Show - How I got invited - Why you need to start working to secure your 2021 invitation now - It’s still all about relationships - @GrueterGolf, these gals are killing the networking game - @WizPak Golf wins the Best New Product - The HBCU PGA pro generator UMES - Meeting the man, the myth, the legend Lee Elder - Oh the pros and people you meet from MA to HK ***************************************************** What you need to know: There were a few products I loved. A few I have already posted on Instagram, the rest you will have to just wait to see! Check out - @BlackHolePutters - @ToughLie360 - @SParms - @Spornia - @OrangeWhipGolf - @Orca_Golf_Bags - @TorySport - @EccoGolf - @Ducadelcosma - @gloveitgolf
January 29, 2020
Got Style? Part II - A conversation with Eastside Golf- The story of Olajuwon
New #TeesMe podcast episode, this is part two of our conversation with “Game Changer” Olajuwon Ajanaku of Eastside Golf. Olajuwon launched the Eastside Golf Club brand in November 2019 to transform the perception of golf. Raised on the Eastside of Atlanta, Georgia, his golf journey began at John A. White Golf Course and golf brought Olajuwon a sense of identity as a person. What makes a brand? A good story. In this episode we continue our chat with the man behind the brand, Olajuwon. Listen in to hear Q&A on: * His golf journey, his vision * The art of getting a golf scholarship * Stories from the introverted * How Golfers Talk * Navigating ignorance with Jamal (side note: I saw Just Mercy twice and I just don’t know about Alabama) * Getting in the game to network and grow This brand is not a collection of random prints, being endorsed and passed off as fashion. Eastside Golf is a vibe and represents the future face of golf. Isn’t it great to know a bit about the man behind the brand? ******************************* What You Need To Know IG: @EastSideGolf Website: AAGD Article: ************************************** #blacklivesmatter #blackGolfersMatter Golf Terms Used (for my non-golfers): * birdie: score of 1 under par * chip: a type of shot, taken from an area close to the green * fairway: the grass between the tee box and the green * green: where you putt the ball in the hole, where the flagstick is * hole: the entire objective is to hit the ball into this * par: score an accomplished player is expected to make on a hole (3,4,5) * putt: a type of shot, taken on the green to make the ball roll into the hole * tee box: area where players first hit the ball, to start every hole * scorecard: the card used to record scores for each player of every hole * scoring club: the club a player may choose for a shot, that they know will deliver * yards: how each hole is measured from the tee box to the center of the green
January 15, 2020
Got Style? A conversation with Eastside Golf
New #TeesMe podcast episode with “Game Changer”, Olajuwon Ajanaku, Founder of Eastside Golf. Olajuwon Ajanaku grew up on the Eastside of Atlanta and it was golf that brought Olajuwon a sense of identity as a person. African American Golfer’s Digest first profiled Olajuwon in 2012, shortly after he graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He went Pro for two years and has 2 professional wins under his belt. Olujuwon relocated to Detroit, Michigan in 2018, he works in commercial finance company and gives back by volunteers at local junior golf programs. That is where our conversation begins, The Eastside Golf brand was launched in November 2019 to transform the perception of golf. Perhaps it is what Stephen Curry set out to do with Under Armor. Use his brand, as a superior athlete, to make golf represent him because it is a sport that he loves. Eastside Golf represents the future face of golf and a lifestyle. What You Need To Know IG: @EastSideGolf Website: AAGD Article: #blacklivesmatter #blackGolfersMatter
December 31, 2019
Networking 101 - Talk It Up, closed mouths don’t get fed
Golf is a sport that you need to talk about. In this episode, I share a little bit more about myself, the “origin” story abridged. the reality is no one knows anything about you if you keep your mouth shut, so talk it up. #TeesMe_aGolfPodcast
December 31, 2019
Networking 101- Be Present- My Origin Story
We need to get acquainted, you need a reason to listen to this podcast, and I had to share the why. Here’s the story, hear the story. The episode gem, Be Present. #TeesMe_AGolfPodcast #LJFinney k2tclt5TxWpcDJ7inhEs
December 31, 2019
Welcome to TeesMe: conversation centered around lifestyle, business and GOLF
Listen to my demo: Golf is a tool for business but playing golf won’t get you a promotion. It is what you do on the course that will. Tune in and hear why golf matters on and off the course. Learn how golf can position you for your next opportunity. This is the intro, tune in December 2019   Welcome to TeesMe: #TeesMe_AGolfPodcast #LJFinney k2tclt5TxWpcDJ7inhEs
November 16, 2019