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Welcome to the Tell Me Podcast- a show where I interview guests from a variety of backgrounds. We discuss their journeys through life and touch on subjects such as mindset, resilience, leadership, empathy and everything in between.
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Episode 010- Jason Spivey: A Veteran Tactical Police Officer, Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative, Business Owner and Now A Part of the Hit TV Show "Hunted Australia"

Tell Me Podcast

Episode 012- Scott Tillema: FBI Trained Negotiator, Active Duty Police Lieutenant and Keynote Speaker
On this episode I have a chat with Scott Tillema. As a relatively junior Police Constable I remember watching Scotts Ted Talk based around Crisis Negotiation and the four principles: Understanding. Timing. Delivery. Respect. Scott is an active duty police officer who operates in one of the largest municipal SWAT teams in the US. He is also an FBI trained Negotiator,  keynote speaker and a senior member of the Negotiations Collective. I think this position of being an active duty police officer and also engaging in the private sector puts Scott in an incredible position of having direct up to date real world experiences to draw upon. I have utilized Scott's principles in times of crisis and critical situations  during my time as a Police Officer and Close Protection Operative. However, I really believe that the art of negotiations is a critical skillset in order to have the useful/productive/meaningful dialogue. Scott, thank you for your service and taking the time to share your experiences with me and my listeners! Thanks everyone for tuning in! Please find Scott on the links below: LinkedIn: Scott Tillema Website: Ted Talk:
August 26, 2022
Episode 011- Richard J Aitch: Close Protection SME, Military Veteran, Business Owner and Author.
On this episode I have a chat with Richard J Aitch. When making my transition to the private sector and from Australia to the UK, I did a little digging around and due diligence to find out who was who in the Close Protection industry. Richard's name came up on several occasions as a leader in the UK CP sector. Richard joined the UK Military in 1989 serving with the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Military Police. It was whilst in the RMP where he was drawn into their Close Protection wing the RMPCP. After leaving the military, Richard continued to pursue his Close Protection career in the private sector working in high end tasks/operations accross 6 continents and over 60 countries. Soon after, Richard and his business partner saw a need to raise industry standards and started their company Mobius International employing only those with a history and relevant experience in government level Close Protection. After over 30 years of continued relevant experience Richard has become a true subject matter expert in the security and Close Protection industry. With this experience and passion, he has been a vocal critic of the UK's Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards and continues to provide recommendations and is not afraid to call out issues and flaws that are currently present. If that wasn't enough, Richard is also a best selling author of the book Close Protection: A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation with a revised addition coming out in October (links to the book below). Richard thank you for your service, time and continued passion for this industry. Thanks everyone for tuning in! Please find Richard on the links below: LinkedIn: Richard J Aitch
August 09, 2022
Episode 010- Jason Spivey: A Veteran Tactical Police Officer, Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative, Business Owner and Now A Part of the Hit TV Show "Hunted Australia"
On this episode we head back to "The Land Down Under" where I have a chat with Jason Spivey. Jason grew up playing high level Footy (AFL for those not from Australia).  He eventually joined the family business and like me was a former Victoria Police Officer serving at some of the states highest crime areas. After several years of service in Victoria, Jason moved to Queensland Police and successfully joined their tip of the spear tactical unit Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) where he took up the role of Sniper, Water Operations and Entry Team Member. Eventually, Jason retired from the police and pursued a career in Close Protection working in some of the worlds most hostile areas. Upon his return to Australia, he set up his businesses Tristate Group PTY LTD and the Agoge Training Institute with his business partner Reece Dewar OAM. After spending a lifetime of service and working in highly discrete roles you can now find Jason and his counterparts on the hit TV show: Hunted Australia which has just recently aired on Channel 10 in Australia. Thanks for tuning in! Jason mate, thank you for your service, for this conversation and for making me miss Australia! Please find Jason on the links below: LinkedIn: Jason Spivey (Currently only available in Australia)
July 29, 2022
Episode 09- Amber Elle: A proud Mama, Fieldcraft's Director of Family Preparedness, Humanitarian and Educator
On this episode I have a chat with Amber Elle. An absolute superwoman! A mum, nurse, entrepreneur, educator, family preparedness expert, homesteader, humanitarian and the list continuously goes on! In a genre that in my opinion has had a bad reputation due to fear mongers, the clueless and guys with "all the gear and no idea" seeing Amber shed her perspective in the world of preparedness has been a breath of fresh air. Utilizing her life experience, educational background and teaming up with Fieldcraft Survival she helps to empower women, children and families in a space typically consumed by those in the 'tacticool' community. We chat everything from growing up in rural Louisiana, home schooling, Fieldcraft Survival, resilience challenges and most recently being on the ground at the Ukrainian border helping Ukrainian refugees with Save Our Allies.  Please find Amber on the links below: Instagram: @ms.amber.elle Amber, thank you for your time and everything you are doing!
July 17, 2022
Episode 08- Tony Blauer: CEO of Blauer Tactical Systems and an all around master in the combatives industry
On this episode I have a conversation with Tony Blauer. One of the most respected, vetted and renowned combatives instructor in the world. Throughout this chat I noticed that Tony has gotten to that phase like many of the greats where he is no longer a teacher, coach, practitioner but a true master at his craft.  Tony has spent over 43 years in the combatives world and it was an absolute honour chatting to him about his journey as a young martial artist growing up in Canada to his world renowned business Blauer Tactical Systems. Find Tony and all his products using the links below. Thank you for your time Tony!  Much love brother! Main Website: IG: @tonyblauer @spear.system Know Fear eBook: Podcast: Other Training Content:
May 16, 2022
Episode 07- George Bell: Ret. US Army SOCOM Psychological Operations (PSYOP)
I have a conversation with George Bell. George enlisted in the US military in 1998 and began his career with the US Army SOCOM Psychological Operations (PSYOP). This role would take him all over the world from jumping into Afghan in October 2001 to South East Asia, to Libya after the 2012 Benghazi attack, to Ukraine in 2014 and plenty more in between. After his time in the military George retired and linked up with Mike Glover over at Mike's company Fieldcraft Survival where he served as the companies Vice President. George has recently left Fieldcraft and is currently enjoying hard earned time off with his family back home in NC.  He has also just been accepted to partake in the Honor Foundation, an organisation that helps SOF veterans with their career transitions after military service. George, thank you for your service, your time and friendship mate. Much love brother! Follow George on IG: george.bell.jr Check out the Honor Foundation:
February 25, 2022
Episode 06- Clement Chew: CEO Atlas Group
Growing up in the expat community between Malaysia and the UK, Clement spent his early adult life in university studying Economics, Political Science, and completing his Masters in International Development. After University Clement seamlessly transitioned into a role at a private equity firm. However, not feeling fulfilled in the private equity industry Clement changed set his sights towards a new goal: helping to make the community better. Clement returned to Malaysia and worked on various government projects in the Prime Ministers office. Eventually, Clement moved towards the private sector and formed his company Atlas Solutions. Currently, Atlas is the premiere security company in South East Asia and the first to be UK Accredited in Malaysia. During the pandemic whilst various industries were at a standstill Clement and his business partners remained vigilant and shifted to other emerging markets such as commercial drone sector where they provide services in the agricultural industry. As I transitioned out of the police, Clement was one of the first connections I got in touch with. Since then He has always made time for me to answer any questions, provide insights into people in the security industry and all in all forming a great friendship.  Appreciate you brother! Check out Atlas Solutions here:
February 22, 2022
Episode 05- Daryl Villanueva: Bandit9 and Van Daryl
Thanks for the patience all! Super excited about this episode as I had a chance to reconnect with an old friend of mine from high school. This one is a little different as I venture away from the police, military and security related episodes.  When I started this podcast I didn't want to be confined to a certain topic or guests with specific backgrounds- Ultimately I wanted a podcast that was interesting and that people could take away lessons learned from the guests and apply it to their own lives. Daryl and I originally met when we were both in school, since then he has gone to do some pretty remarkable things. From being involved in culture shifting ad campaigns as an art/creative director to getting out of the ad industry and starting up his motorcycle company Bandit9. If that wasn't enough he also decided to open an art gallery during the pandemic and starting up a young family! Check out these amazing pieces of art at Van Daryl they've even got a Batmobile... The one take away from this episode for me was our chat relating to hard work- the very thing Daryl attributes his success to.  You can be super talented and creative but most of the time you reach a point of failure- its the hard work that ties it all together and helps you cross the finish line. Thanks for your time Daryl and I look forward to catching up again soon.
January 25, 2022
Episode 04- Ryan Tindall: Empire Protection, 2 Commando, Surf Life Saving NSW
Happy Holidays everyone! I have a chat with Ryan Tindall. As an 80s kid from a military family growing up in the suburbs of Sydney, Ryan was drawn to action from a young age. This thirst for adventure was finally realised in 2003 where he successfully completed selection for the highly respected 2nd Commando Regiment. After serving over 13 years fighting at the tip of the spear Ryan retired from the military and sought work in the private security sector. This journey ultimately led him to partner up with his business partner Josh Reeve to create Empire Protection. Empire Protection is a veteran owned and run business specialising in Close protection, risk management and other security services based in Australia but with a global reach.  In addition to their security contracts they have also set up Empire Institute which has become the training arm of the Empire brand offering world class training for close protection, active armed offenders, bomb awareness and other security based topics. Outside of Empire Protection, Ryan also spends his time volunteering for the NSW Surf Lifesavers an organisation which provides and amazing emergency service capability. In this episode we discuss everything from driving around Afghanistan in mad max style Land Rovers and getting into gunfights, the security industry, Surf Lifesavers and everything in between. My biggest take away from our chat and something that I have picked up from getting to know Ryan is to not be selfish with your time and your lessons learnt. It may not make any difference to you but a simple chat could potentially be life altering to someone else. Check out the following links to see what the guys at Empire Protection are up to! For world class training at Empire Institute:
December 15, 2021
Episode 03- Thomas Pecora: CIA Protective Operations Veteran "My whole career was about protecting our people"
I have a conversation with Thomas Pecora.  From humble beginnings in the Midwest, competing at national level wrestling competitions in college and answering an ad in the newspaper for the CIA- Tom has led an amazing life operating in some of the most hostile places in the world (Mogadishu, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq to name a few). After 24 years of service Tom has put pen to paper and wrote his book- Guardian: Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA's War on Terror. Tom currently lives in the Philippines and works as a security consultant and conducts Situational Awareness training for the Arcuri Group. Pick up a copy of his book on Amazon and check out his website for further information: Sign up for a Situational Awareness Specialist course through the Arcuri Group: Follow/subscribe for updated episodes.
November 14, 2021
Episode 02- John Stryker Meyer (MAC-V SOG): Welcome to the Secret War
I have a conversation with John Stryker Meyer.  John began his military career by going through the "baby SF" pipeline. After becoming a Green Beret he volunteered for the highly secretive Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group more commonly referred to as MAC-V SOG. During his years at SOG he took part in various clandestine operations and several decades later (after the NDA expired), John detailed these incredible stories in his first book- Across the Fence: The Secret War. John is in the process of writing his next book, he is involved in various charities and runs his own podcast called SOGCAST: Untold Stories of MAC-V SOG You can buy his books on Amazon and follow John on social media: Website- Instagram- @jstrykermeyer Podcast- SOGCast: Untold Stories of MAC-V SOG Amazon- Charities-
October 31, 2021
Episode 01- Colin Maclachlan: The Gatekeeper to Your Emotions
I have a conversation with Colin Maclachlan who I originally met whilst on a Close Protection course in Scotland. Colin joined the military as a 15 year old originally with the Royal Scots. He then applied for Special Forces selection, passed and successfully became a 22SAS operator. Whilst in the SAS Colin took part in several high profile operations. After military service, Colin pursued various interests as a motivational speaker, author, historian, security consultant and even a video game character! Colin spends a lot of his time involved with various charities such as: Who Dares Cares, NSPCC, Pilgrim Bandits, Lee Rigby Foundation and the Children's Panel. You can find more information on Colin through his social media: Twitter- @ColMaclachlan22 Instagram- @colmachlachlan22 Website-
October 21, 2021
Tell Me Podcast- The Icebreaker
The first episode of (hopefully) many!
October 11, 2021