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TERRIfic Tips 4 Business

TERRIfic Tips 4 Business

By Terri Watkins
Podcast to help inspire, empower, and encourage the small business owner through success habits, tips, and tools to win!
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2:21 Teddy Burris talks about Time management, meeting agreements, and LinkedIn news/changes.

TERRIfic Tips 4 Business

2:29 Kizzy Parks Discusses winning Government contracts on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business Podcast
Not only did she drop some serious knowledge about winning government contracts, we talked about how those same techniques can be used in the private sector too!    This is a conversation you want to catch so hit play now!  A little about Kizzy Parks:   As a kid, she'd clean golf balls located in an alley behind my friend's house and resell them through a fence to golfers. She used the money to buy FUNYUNS® and Nutty Bars. She always knew she'd become an entrepreneur and earn an advanced degree in psychology. Her entrepreneurial spirit meshed well with her inquisitive nature as an adopted child who always wanted to, and then met, her birth family. Driven to be the successful business owner she always knew she would be. She went on to earn a Ph.D. and establish KPC over a decade ago. Today, she owns and operates multiple businesses and has over $50 million in government contract awards. Through my latest company, GovCon Winners,  she helps service-based small business owners learn HOW to win profitable federal government contracts through the powerful CTC technique to grow their bottom line.    Based: Miami Beach, FL   Kizzy has been awarded over $50M in Federal Government Contracts. KPC serves the United States Federal Government by providing Contract Staffing Services, Professional & IT Services, Professional & Management Development Training, and Curriculum Development. We’ve worked successfully to support the Army, Air Force, Navy, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Guard, among other agencies.    WINNERS BECAUSE OF OUR CLIENTS & THE KPC TEAM    👉Ranked #965 on the Inc. 5000 “Fastest-Growing Private Companies” list  👉Ranked #18 on the “Top Education Companies” Inc. 5000 “Fastest-Growing Private Companies” list  👉“Florida Company to Watch” by GrowFL  👉Ranked #145 on the Entrepreneur 360™ list  👉Awarded the “Enterprising Woman” of the Year Award  👉Nominated for “Best Places” to Work in Orlando   Connect with Kizzy at: Or visit her website   Want to get out of a rut with your business?  Tired of pulling your hair out trying to keep up with Gary Vee and all the new social networks?  Get in touch with today to get the clarity you need to move your business forward now!  #winninggovernmentcontracts #kizzyparks #terriwatkins
October 08, 2021
2:28 Kabir Wolf on TERRIfic tips 4 Business Podcast discusses Time, Money, and Processes
Kabir is a serial entrepreneur, coach and YouTuber. He is also the award-winning author of the book “90 Days To Financial Freedom”. Kabir moved to the United States in 2015, worked multiple jobs trying to make ends meet until he finally cracked the code in late 2019 when he started his first business. He has since developed himself to have the mindset to do whatever it takes to get the results he desires. He built all of his businesses from the ground up. Kabir is a certified master practitioner in Nuero-Linguistics Programming, Mental and Emotional Release™ and Hypnosis; he uses these techniques to reframe any situation for himself as well as help his clients have massive breakthroughs. Today, Kabir runs and manages his businesses remotely and is able to travel the world. Today, we talked about tips for time, money, and process on the show with him. He shared a challenge he is facing right now, and steps he is taking to work through it starting with mindset. Really insightful show. Catch it now. Connect with Kabir at or on LinkedIn at  Want tips to maximize your marketing? Get our free guide to 17 Unbelievable Ways to grow your business!
September 24, 2021
2:27 Pieter K de Villiers discusses System Automation, questions to ask ourselves, and the gorilla on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business Podcast!
In this episode we talk with prolific best selling author Pieter K de Villiers from the UK on system automation, questions to ask ourselves, and the gorilla!     Check out this episode now to know what we mean!    Here is a bit about Pieter: Pieter is CEO and co-founder of Macanta Software Ltd  and a small business systems & automation expert.   Pieter is a 2 x Amazon Best Selling Author,  ‘Barefoot Business: 3 Key Systems to Attract More Leads, Win More Sales and Delight More Customers Without Your Business Killing You’ and one of the co-authors and organizers responsible for bringing together expert contributors on three continents, to produce another Amazon #1 international bestseller, ‘Franchising Freedom!’.  Pieter was born and raised in South Africa, moving to the UK in 1997. He is husband to Sophie, a medical oncology consultant, and papa to the awesome Amélie & Olivia.   Pieter has a passion for Hi-Fi, music, books, single malt whisky and Smoker BBQs, but doesn’t like wearing shoes much.  Connect with Pieter at: on LinkedIn at:  Want support with transitioning your business into automation, or into retirement? Get in touch with today! We love supporting businesses in transition whether it is new business or business expansion. #marketingautomation #businesspodcast #spinfrogs
September 10, 2021
2:26 Nancy Ruffner discusses How to Acquire Clients on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business Podcast
Nancy Ruffner is a Patient Advocate, consultant, educator and coach. Nancy founded and owns NAVIGATE NC, a Patient Advocacy Consultancy whose services help persons to navigate the medical, legal, insurance, and housing challenges during change. Since 2013 the company has emerged as a fast-growing agency with a goal of becoming a market leader for patient advocacy services in the Southeast. Nancy serves as the voice of patients and their loved ones and she was among the first in her industry to earn the credential of BCPA, Board Certified Patient Advocate.   Nancy speaks regionally to groups on topics involving navigating a complex healthcare system, aging, talking and planning, and living with chronic conditions. She has designed and delivered coursework within a gerontology curriculum at the community college level that ushered talented people into the senior care industry. Along with the online teaching of today, Nancy has served as an Adjunct Instructor at both Duke and NC State University's lifelong learning programs teaching a course of her design. Most recently Nancy has answered a call within healthcare to help both new and young-in-business owners to connect with clients and grow their practices. Nancy enjoys provoking thought, and helping folks to create and implement a plan. Whether in advocacy or coaching, Nancy loves to live inside the strategy of it all, teaching her clients how to best navigate to meet their challenges. Connect with Nancy here:   Get SpinFrogs FREE tips to grow your Social Media here:
August 13, 2021
2:25 Paola Rodriguez discusses turning your wants and dreams into reality on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business Podcast
Paola is an entrepreneur, world traveler, foodie, wife, and mom. After 10+ years in Corporate America, she founded to be the bridge between artisans around the world and women who express their beauty in a very unique way. She relates to color and statement pieces in a way that is easy to remember that life about the little details, the stories and the relationships.  Her vision has been to empower artisans to thrive in their communities and inspire women around the world to love themselves and own the power of their unique beauty. She currently mentors women to create a lifestyle where self care is an everyday practice and self love is the cornerstone. She truly believes that without self love, there is nothing, and with self love anything is possible. She empowers women to show up in their essence, embrace who they are, take up space, own their voice and find themselves again to lead their lives with joy and freedom.  Paola believes that the world is transformed by learning to love ourselves so she empowers women to take the lead, love, make and impact and leave a legacy. Nab your FREE self care PDF gift from Paola here: Connect with Paola and her fabulous women tribe here:   Want marketing clarity and support? Connect with
August 13, 2021
2:24 Amy Rose Herrick discusses 9/11 and how it affected her and how she prepared for anything on Terrific Tips 4 Business Podcast
TERRIfic Tips 4 Business Amy drops knowledge on how 9/11 affected her and how she prepared for ANYTHING allowing her to pick up and move to a remote island with only 24 hours of business down time. And she shared how you can to! Check out this conversation with Amy now! A little about Amy Rose Herrick: She is a career entrepreneur, and a Chartered Financial Consultant is “America’s Profit Building Specialist”. Business owners worldwide can connect with her to successfully implement her easy to use “Secret Profits™” systems to increase profitability $10k-$100k or more per area. Clients have turned to Amy since 1991 to accelerate profits, increase bottom lines, de-mystify root causes of business losses and to make more money without requiring that they add costly inventory, change locations, or adding more staff. Amy Rose has several books for sale on Amazon too. Her most recent release is a #1 Amazon Best Seller entitled ”Pack Faith First, Suitcases Second: A Decade of Miracles After 50” that tells the story of her complete “life-do-over” moving from the midwestern United States to a small Caribbean island with her spouse, four school aged kids, the family dog, only five pallets of possessions, with no jobs waiting, family, or friends to go to. Website: for course library to download a free eBook entitled “7 Solutions to Add $10k-$100k to Your Bottom Line This Year” and to book a free 30-minute discovery call. Email: Do you have a topic you want to discuss? Or do you have a business that needs some marketing juice? Contact Terri at
July 23, 2021
2:23 Lauren Fleshler talks about Business Growth on TERRIfic Tips Podcast
Lauren empowers entrepreneurs to become smart,  savvy, confident, successful business owners through  business development and growth strategy geared for  solopreneurs, startups and business owners looking to  scale and grow. Her approach to business is down-to-earth and rooted in a combination of experience  and education. Her clients love how she simplifies everything, thinks outside the box and  gives them the tools, knowledge and guidance they need regardless of where they are,  what their business is and what they’re struggling with. Contact Information: or visit her on Do you have a business/skill/or area of expertise that you want to share with the world?  Message me about getting on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business podcast here: Want to get someone on your team to manage your marketing?
July 16, 2021
2:22 Emily Shull talks money on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business
Who doesn't love talking about money? Making money, spending money, wanting more money, saving money - its all fun! We talked deeply about our relationship with money, tips, tools, and habits to overcome sticking points with money and todo lists. You want to catch this episode with Emily Shull.  A little about Emily Shull:  She is a Certified Money Coach® and founder of Me Myself and Money. She helps people like you to understand and transform your relationship with money so you can attract, keep, and enjoy your money without the anxiety. Emily earned a master's degree in Financial Planning. But the more she learned about the practical side of money, the more she realized something was missing. The emotional side. The sole focus of her coaching practice is not on your numbers, but on you and your relationship with money. Her specialty is working with personal growth enthusiasts who have done the inner work, yet still feel anxious or uncomfortable when it comes to money. Emily’s holistic approach brings these two worlds together so you can live in your full power and feel at ease with yourself and with money. Emily works one-on-one with individuals and couples. She also offers on-demand and live courses to reach more people with her gentle yet powerful approach. She is known for her calm voice, non-judgmental manner, and ability to challenge people to think differently about money and about themselves. She lives in the Netherlands and meets with clients virtually across the U.S. and Europe. Take her FREE money profile quiz at: today! Do you have a business/skill/or area of expertise that you want to share with the world? Message me about getting on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business podcast here:
July 09, 2021
2:21 Teddy Burris talks about Time management, meeting agreements, and LinkedIn news/changes.
Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn teacher, trainer, and coach. He has been working with business owners and sales teams for over 10 years supporting them with maximizing their professional presence on the social platform. In this conversation he shares his biggest challenge with business has been time management. He let us in on his 3 tips to maximize time efficiency. We then change gears into the latest LinkedIn news and 3 tips to maximize your network. Make sure to tap into his free 15 minute conversation at Want to share your expertise?  Want to get someone on your team to manage your marketing? Book a conversation with Terri at
July 02, 2021
2:20 Christine McAllister - Reveals Podcast Secrets
Christine McAlister is passionate about helping high-achieving coaches + marketers create more impact + income + attract their next clients with the power of their stories, using the leveraged organic strategy of podcast guesting. She's generated well over 6 figures as a podcast guest, and has been recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by 7-figure founders like John Lee Dumas, Dana Wilds, and Andrew Kroeze, and has been featured in Ins., Business Insider, Bustle, and The Huffington Post and on over 100 podcasts, including twice on Entrepreneurs of Fire. Nab her give away here: Want to share your expertise?  Want to get someone on your team to manage your marketing?   Book a conversation with Terri at
June 18, 2021
2:19 Create a Greener, Safer Home - Tips from Pat Chin
Pat Chin is a Home Health and Wellness consultant who is passionate about showing others how to clean up their home and their bodies by removing the poisons in the air they breathe, the water they drink, the cleaning solutions and personal care products they use. By doing this, together we clean the Earth. The average household contains more than 62 toxic chemicals. 3,000 tons of paper towels are thrown away every day. The three most harmful products are sitting in your bathroom right now. Pat is on a mission to share her knowledge and educate others so that they do not become an alarming statistic themselves. As the Chief of Staff and Business Unit Office Head at Citigroup for more than 35 years, Pat takes her practical knowledge of problem solving, processes and systems and applies it to everything she knows about creating a healthy home environment. She researches the products available to ensure that you get the highest quality to create the best possible environment for you and your loved ones. Member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN). Website is Get your free guide with 7 steps to start creating your wellness home and schedule your free consultation. Want to share your expertise?  Get in touch with Terri at  Want to get someone on your team to manage your marketing?
May 21, 2021
2:18 What kind of "promotional products" do customers ACTUALLY want? Thoughts from Anne Kleinman
Anne has worked in the marketing and marketing communications field since 1979.     From 1979 to the fall of 1983 at a boutique ad agency handling department store catalogs, remittance envelope and billing inserts from production, and coordination roles.  These tasks included working as the liaison between the clients and the creative department at the agency to ensure on time production of all materials.   From 1983 to 1986 at a promotional products agency.  In addition to creating promotions for her own clients, she assisted the owner of the firm in all facets of research for the owner’s own client projects.   From March of 1986 until the present, as president of Ad Infinitum, Anne has been creating promotions for clients and working in a marketing consulting role.    Anne Kleinman Ad Infinitum 212-812-1438 x 102  BSBA in marketing from Boston University School of Management 1983   Want to share your expertise? Get in touch with Terri at Want to get someone on your team to manage your marketing?
May 14, 2021
2:17 3 Pillars of Success with Susan Trumpler
At the end of the day, we all have to sell to be in business - why not love selling instead of hating it?  Susan has been a sales master for years and has created The Unstoppable Women to support women with their sales process. Her mission is to change the language "I hate sales" one person and one conversation at a time. In this episode of TERRIfic Tips 4 Business, Susan Trumpler gives away the 3 pillars to success AND 1 tip to achieving each pillar.  Tune into this amazing conversation now! It is only 35 minutes of your time and it has the power to change your perspective!     Get the free offer from Susan here:​   Want to generate more reliable leads with less money?  Get in touch with SpinFrogs here: @spinfrogs on all the social networks (including clubhouse)
May 07, 2021
2:16 How Out of Shape are your Finances? Debra Morrison has a few easy tips to get you financially fit!
DEBRA L. MORRISON, CFP®, MS, AEP, is a TEDx & Int’l Transformational Speaker & now a Financial Coach in Women Navigating Finances, LLC, having sold her Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Planning and Asset Management company which she founded, & in which she worked for 42 yrs, in 2020.    Debra’s expertise has been featured on CNN, ABC, MSG’s Metro Money, CNNfn, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NYTimes, Fox, Nation’s Business, Ladies Home Journal, Business Week & Reader’s Digest.    She’s a Certified Grief Coach & Amazon Best Selling Author of My Husband Died Now What? A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions.     Debra translates "financeze" into English using everyday analogies, unwinds media-money-noise from what investors need to know, and is a harbinger of hope for less-than-confident, or overwhelmed investors, especially those nearing retirement.    Debra shares how our Money Mindset shapes our financial fitness, and overall net (& self) worth.     Wanna connect with Debra Morrison?  Check out    Wanna be on the show? OR Want some clarity on your marketing? Connect with Terri at
April 23, 2021
2:15 Getting to Influencer - Advice from Social Media Guru Kelly Hanna
Social media expert Kelly Hanna joins us to talk about how to maximize your social media presence so that it provides the highest ROI. Kelly has traveled all over the globe and interviewed hundreds of incredible humans. She single-handedly built her first million dollar business at 28 and her second at 38. Connect with Kelly on Facebook or Instagram @kellyhannavideo Want to be a guest on the podcast? Email Terri Watkins at
April 18, 2021
2:14 Want to connect deeply with your audience? Brian Morgan knows how to create a straight line from your brain to their hearts.
This was a fantastic episode! We laughed. We got choked up. We were raw and real. Today we talked vulnerably about challenges and trolls.  You don't want to miss this conversation with Brian Morgan of Think Deeply Write Clearly.   Want to have one of these conversations with Brian? Connect with him here: or Want to have one of these conversations with me on TERRIfic Tips? Or want support with turning your paperweights into productive tools? Email me at or schedule a time to connect a time at
April 09, 2021
2:13 What does "Leadership" REALLY entail? Advice from Maura Barclay
Maura Barclay is a Neuro Facilitation Specialist, author, and Transformational Leadership Consultant. Maura has worked for over a decade in the intuitive empowerment field with her book Unbreakable Woman® Compassionate Self-Defense and Empowerment. She has presented her methodology across the nation for federal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and the US military.    Her early career as a mind-body Master Instructor and teacher trainer contributed to the proven, evidence-based methodology she employs in her Transformational Intensive programs for HNW individuals and Effortless Enrollment™ Without Selling program for Transformational Leadership Coaches.   Today we talked real life leadership and what it takes to be a great leader.  We talked about a real life situation with a phone and shipping conundrum and what lessons can be extracted from the situation. (These shows are never scripted, what you see is happening in real time).   Want to get in touch with Maura? Email or visit for a free gift! Want to be featured on this show? Email   Need more clarity on your marketing and purpose? Book a free 15 minute conversation with Terri at
April 02, 2021
2:12 How to Create Space for Abundance - Tips from Karen Perry
Tune it to learn precisely how to create space for abundance in your life. Our guest, Karen Perry, offers A Space For Grace ℠ to those ready and willing.  Karen is a Spiritual, Executive, Energy Leadership, and Life Coach to entrepreneurs and cultural creatives. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner, Certified Energy Scan Healer Practitioner, former Emerging Edge Master Coach, CPA, and financial executive.  Karen supports clients globally to live their most authentic life; reflecting their highest vision and deepest desires. Creator of Peace~Fully, Play~Fully, Power~Fully YOU executive and leadership coaching process, Karen loves to expand the spark of possibility.  Karen’s intention, “expect to be awed and amazed,” delivers proof that living life from the inside out creates abundance. Karen is associated with development of approximately $500 million in multi-family affordable housing in the southeastern U.S.; expressing her purpose of love.   Connect with Karen Perry at 1-336-817-9400 | | |    Want to be featured on TERRIfic Tips? Contact Terri at!
March 27, 2021
2:11 Boost your Brand Profits 3 steps with Terri Watkins
Want to increase your profits this year? Want to do it without spending another dime on Facebook ads or time in Social Media?   Tune in to this short TERRIfic Tips podcast episode with none other than Terri Watkins! She will share 3 simple steps for boosting your brand profits for FREE! That's right - no cost to get your credibility in front of your audience.   Want to know her secret? Push play!   Then sign up for PROPEL where together we will build out your roadmap to success.  Want to be featured on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business?  We LOVE sharing the stage and can't wait to hear your tips for business (or life) success.  Get in touch today:
March 19, 2021
2:10 Creating a Profitable Business with Frank Clark
Frank is the original co-founder of Cytosorbents, Inc., a $400 million publicly traded medical device company dedicated to saving lives through blood purification.   The device is distributed globally in 67 countries with more than 120,000 total treatments, and received FDA EUA approval in April 2020 to treat adult, critically ill COVID-19 patients. It is now a recommended therapy for COVID in nineteen countries and growing.  Frank raised more than $50 million for the company and established critical relationships with Fortune 500 business partners and medical thought leaders globally.      He is also a co-founder, partner and investor in Game On Golf Center, a high tech golf driving range business and real estate development company with 32 acres in Westchester County, NY.    Frank is also an Executive Coach and Business Consultant who helps business owners, startups, professionals, doctors, dentists and other health care professionals identify, implement and improve upon best practices to increase the profitability of their businesses while improving communications and team culture.    Connect with Frank Clark here:   @frankclark on Clubhouse​   Want to be featured on this stage?   OR want a deeper conversation on Marketing Strategy?   Contact Terri here:   @SpinFrogs on Clubhouse  @SpinFrogs on IG, FB and YouTube
March 13, 2021
2:9 Creating Financial Freedom - Advice from Expert Rock Thomas
Rock Thomas is the World’s #1 Whole-Life-Success Expert, bestselling author, and host of the #IAmMovement​ Podcast.  From farm boy to real estate and business guru, mentor and self-made millionaire, Rock has studied one-on-one with the world’s best teachers — Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Robert Herjavec and more — on his mission to inspire others to create their best life, on their terms. His Goalcast video alone was viewed by over 100 million people.  Using tools and strategies that are proven, Rock now teaches people how to create financial freedom by leveraging their purpose and passions to live not just a successful life, but a fulfilled one. Founder of the #IAmMovement​, he is known as the man who redefines lives. #Rockyourlife​   Connect with Rock:   @RockThomas on Clubhouse  @RockThomas on IG  @RockThomas on FB  @RockThomas on LinkedIn   Want to share your EPIC Life story? Get in touch now!  @SpinFrogs on Clubhouse  @SpinFrogs on IG  @TerriWatkins on LinkedIn  336.568.8011 - Community text
March 07, 2021
2:8 Gamifying Life with Joseph Varghese
Joseph Varghese aka "The Breakthrough Engineer" is a Growth & Process Strategist. He is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to stay focused, driven and living their highest potential.     For 18 years, he's been immersed in the science of peak performance, productivity, and gamification.  Since 2005, he has been leading SuccessCircles (​) a peer-momentum accountability and advisory board community for entrepreneurs and coaches. Success Circles has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches to win the game of life, work, and play.    Want to connect with Joseph?​ | |​ Or book time with him here:​   Want to be featured on TERRIfic Tips 4 business?  Email  Connect and follow SpinFrogs: @Spinfrogs on IG and Youtube
March 01, 2021
2:7 Ritu Hagan Shares How to Tackle Supply Chain and Goal-Setting in Your Start-Up
Ritu Hagan is an engineer by trade, and she is drawn to data driven information when it comes to evaluating success.  In the spring of 2020, when the US was gripped by the Coronavirus Crisis, she played an instrumental role in Project Mask WS, a grassroots effort that created over 120,000 masks for front line responders in the pandemic.   Since then, she has applied her efforts to creating a business that serves to provide the community with high quality, handmade masks, while also providing a source of employment and income for employees affected by the 2020 economy.  Masks for Love, her company, has grown to employ 9 people since June of this year.    In our chat she dropped some knowledge on supply chain, startups, and goal setting. You don't want to miss this!    Want to be featured on TERRIfic Tips 4 business?    Drop Terri a line at  Join our text community at 336.568.8011  Follow us on Social @spinfrogs   or connect on Linkedin @TerriWatkins
February 20, 2021
2:6 Experienced Investor Joe Hagan talks GameStop, BitCoin, and the Importance of Research
Direct from Joe Hagan: 25 years on Wall Street, and although I did well—for myself, and for my clients—there were gaps in the Wall Street System that drove me to create WealthColony, which is dedicated—first and foremost to earning your trust and closing your retirement gap—while giving you access to investment opportunities that Wall Street, typically, does not offer.   What I learned on Wall Street: Research—not salesmanship—is the tool of the true investor. For my clients, I offer well-researched opportunities—and nothing that I haven’t put my own money into. When it comes to recommending other wealth management help—there are a few people I recommend, and many I don’t.   When we work together, my money is your money. I’m literally invested with you. I’m in when it’s researched, a real opportunity, and out before its trendy.  We were in on blockchain early (LTC under $5 coin) which would later grow to $375/coin. I was out by the time people started talking about bitcoin over beers at the bar.  Now, I’m in on several Big Data and mining related opportunities. There is massive change coming.  WealthColony was an early investor in several businesses that are still excellent buys.   The average “balanced” Wall Street portfolio averages 6% annually.   We have access to insured asset-back investments that protect your principal , underwritten by an insurance policy that prevents you from losing capital. Investing in a 13% return paid quarterly with an additional asset that grows underneath is another favorite in our ecosystem.   Our clients expect a superior annual return.  Forbes recently suggested that 30% of any portfolio should be in non-stock market related investments.   If you’re interested in turning an old 401k or IRA into a self-directed one to invest in alternatives like these, we can help you set that up.   Most Americans retire without as much money as they need for retirement. Our core mission to fill that gap. We do it honestly. We show you all the math.    Please feel free to email me at with any questions, or to set up a call or book directly at     Want to be on the show? Email to book a time!
February 12, 2021
2:5 Get off the Worry-go-round with Linda Fostek
In today's conversation, we dive deep into best practices for planning without worrying. Does that seem counterintuitive? We can explain. Linda Fostek, AKA The Crisis Planner, is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Life Coach. She uses all these skills to help folks avoid family conflicts and control chaos when facing personal and natural disasters. Linda has appeared on numerous TV, Radio, and Podcasts locally and nationally and has appeared on stages in India, England, and Cuba. She is currently the host of The Linda Fostek Show on Bold Brave Media. Contact info: | To connect with Terri Watkins at SpinFrogs to be a guest on the TERRIfic Tips 4 Business podcast, email
February 06, 2021
2:4 Strengthen Your Closest Relationships with This Advice from Jonathan Yatsky
Jonathan Yatsky is a Therapist, Life Coach and Public Speaker.   He holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, has a thriving private practice, and has built an online community of people who want to make their relationships the BEST they can be! He hosts weekly Live discussions on Facebook where he shares actionable tools that they can use in their lives, right away.  During non-COVID times, Jonathan leads life-empowerment multi-day workshops & relationship seminars. He uses a unique combination of psychology and life coaching that gives people the opportunity to not just be the author of their own lives, but also the editor!!    Jonathan loves helping people in their relationships the most: whether it be their romantic relationships, business relationships, or their relationship with themselves! Jonathan gives people a space where they feel safe to open up and communicate about where they need support. He then gives them tools that actually work!!  He is launching a brand-new online Relationship Seminar later this month and is so excited to give people the opportunity to take their relationships to the next level (however that looks to them!).    Learn more at,, or IG/FB @jonathanyatsky     To connect with Terri Watkins at SpinFrogs to be on TERRIfic Tips 4 Business, email
January 31, 2021
2:3 Nancy Matthews Invites You to Level Up - and Tells You How
It is our pleasure to welcome Nancy Matthews BACK to the show!  Nancy Matthews is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Global Leader.  Her unique blend of business savvy, creativity and exceptional understanding of human behavior creates stellar results for her clients and engaging presentations for audiences.   As the author of Visionaries with Guts, The One Philosophy, and the highly acclaimed Receiving Your Riches Course, Nancy has been featured on NBC, BraveheartWomenTV, The John Tesh Radio Network. She has also shared the stage with some of today’s leading experts, including Jack Canfield, Loral Langemeier, Kevin Harrington, Sharon Lechter, and Bob Burg.      Nancy is currently the CEO and Founder of Visions In Action, Inc. (her coaching and consulting firm) and Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN).  To learn more go to and To connect with Terri Watkins about strategy for those tools, visit
January 31, 2021
2:2 Bert Oliva Talks Mindset Shifts and How to Maximize Your Time
Bert and I talked about the biggest challenges facing the small business owner today, tips for shifting mindset, maximizing time, and changing your life 45 seconds at a time. This is a juicy conversation and you don't want to miss it!  Bert Oliva is sought after by companies all over the world for his passion, his knowledge and his infectious spirit. He is a Leadership Expert that has transformed lives and helped many to find their human potential. He is also an international orator and motivational teacher. He has authored books, developed multiple training programs and coached executives to increase their bottom line. Bert focuses on helping companies and individuals tap into their greatness by teaching them leadership, communication and helping to improve their overall performance. Catch our conversation right now, and then connect with Bert at
January 27, 2021
2:1 Brian Watkins Shares How to Get Google to Fall in Love with Your Website in 2021
Lost in a digital sea of competitors? Know that you could do SO MUCH GOOD for your customers if you could just get more eyeballs on your website? Brian Watkins of TheSEOptimist kicks off Season 2 of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast with some stellar advice on how to leverage Google's algorithm so you can get more eyes on you this year. If you have big 2021 revenue goals for your business, this episode is a must-listen. Want to dive even deeper on this topics? Connect with Brian at
January 09, 2021
1:90 Shifting How You Think with Sandra Nunes
Feeling the weight of this year? Want to take the lessons from this year in 2021? Sandra Nunes shares her tips for self-transformation in her chapter of a new anthology book: Grown Woman S.H.I.T. (Shifting How I Think). This book highlights courageous stories of 14 ordinary women who all did a little bit 'extra' to get through "Grown Woman S.H.I.T.” that causes us to shift how we were thinking so that we could come out of it better and more powerful than ever before. Her chapter is called “Cancer Saved My Life”. Sandra Nunes is an International Best-Selling author with # 1 New releases in the Self-Esteem and Self-Help categories. She is the founder of two companies, Concierge Lifestyle and Growing with Sandra. Both companies are dedicated to bringing a better quality of life to her clients that allows them to live the life they’ve always wanted and deserve.  Tune in to this episode for some big growth talk, and then connect with Sandra over at
December 31, 2020
1:89 Gain Traction on LinkedIn with Scott Aaron
Know that you should be using social media platforms better, but just not sure what to do? Scott Aaron cuts through the noise and gives you advice for EXACTLY what to do. Internationally acclaimed and award-winning online marketer, best-selling author, top podcaster and speaker, Scott Aaron, is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, creating residual income using LinkedIn and building personal brands. Fully immersing himself in learning LinkedIn and social media strategies, Scott quickly gained traction as a leader in generating big results for other entrepreneurs, online business owners and business coaches. Tune in to learn more about how to leverage LinkedIn to make big gains for your business, and then connect with Scott over at
December 31, 2020
1:88 Patricia Rogers Shows Us How to Be More Visible!
Visibility Strategist Patricia Rogers shines in this episode where she shares her tips for how to be VISIBLE! Patricia Rogers is the CEO of Unity In Service, which launched in 2012, setting a platform to bring entrepreneurs together, so they can create wealth and provide solutions through the use of resources and collaboration. Tune in to this episode for Patricia's exceptional advice, and then connect with Patricia over at
December 30, 2020
1:87 Make 2021 Your Most Vibrant Year Yet with Monique Blake
Want to create healthier habits in 2021? Today's guest, Monique Blake, is a champion of vibrant living. She loves to teach and share simple, practical  and effective lifestyle strategies to help women fully express their radiant health and wellness. As a trusted Educator and Life Coach, Monique’s passion is to blend modern techniques and ancient wisdom to empower individuals to claim their ultimate wellBEing. Tune to this episode for all the inspiration you'll need to create healthy habits in 2021, then connect with Monique at
December 29, 2020
1:86 Dive Deep into Digital Marketing with Monique Idemudia
Want to take your business to new heights in 2021? Monique has a lot of wisdom to share.  Monique Idemudia is the founder of Dragon Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency for small businesses based in St. Petersburg, Florida and passionate about inspiring small business owners to build an online presence and grow their business with the power of great digital marketing. She is an execution-driven consultant and specializes in inbound marketing strategies with which small businesses can scale. Tune in to this episode to learn how to level up your digital marketing, then connect with Monique over at
December 28, 2020
1:85 Finding Comfort Through Hypnosis with Deb Nye
Have you ever "zoned out" while watching a flickering flame? Or cried while watching a sad movie? Or were you ever so absorbed in a book or movie that you tuned out your surrounding environment? These experiences show that we easily fall into hypnotic states -- and can use that capacity to our advantage! Deb Nye has acquired an endless amount of education and skills that help her clients have a comfortable place to reside in. As a realtor and hypnotherapist, It is Deb’s intention to help those seeking a better way of life. Deb is a Reiki Master and Life Coach. She also holds certifications in NLP, Erikson, Transpersonal,  Introspective and Surrogate (telepathic) Hypnosis;  all aiding in the transformation of lives. Today Deb uses a blend of all these, into solutions for you to heal any challenges you may be facing. Tune in to this episode for calming techniques that will help you face challenges and heal traumas.
December 26, 2020
1:84 Email Marketing Tips from Ellisen Wang
Always struggle with what to write in emails to your clients? Want to grow your business but have writer's block? Ellisen Wang shares some easy-to-implement tips for spicing up your email marketing! Ellisen helps businesses write engaging emails that their subscribers will always look forward to reading, clicking, and buying from. Why? Because it's the most personal communication tool on the Internet and it's the best tool to build relationships with your audience. And building relationships with others is something he really values in his life. If that sounds cool to you and would like to learn, sign up at his website for free daily copywriting, email marketing, and business tips. You'll also get free sample chapters of his $20 retail value book, How to Become an Email Titan.
December 24, 2020
1:83 Improve Your Negotiation Skills with Greg Williams
Today's guest, Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert, has studied and practiced negotiation tactics and strategies for more than 30 years. He’s spent over 20 years studying the way body language can affect negotiation outcomes. Greg’s education and experience come from formal negotiation settings, universities, governmental municipalities, seminars, and the school of hard knocks. He’s served on numerous corporate, business, and governmental boards. Tune in to this episode for powerful tips on how to improve your negotiation skills in business, relationships, and life!
December 22, 2020
1:82 Photographer Christina Stuart Shares How to See the Soul
World traveling award winning photojournalist and international speaker, Christina Stuart, is a soul-seer, a time-traveler, an essence capturer. Her superpower is freezing time. She is gifted in drawing out her client’s true light and teaching them ways to share that light with the world. In this episode of the podcast, Christina discusses how we can see others more clearly and how to connect to the soul. 
December 20, 2020
1:81 How to Level Up Your Team with Keith Wilson
Today's guest, Keith Wilson, helps organizations discover new levels of breakthrough, trust and collaboration. Whether you're making good progress in your business, treading water or struggling, Keith will help you understand what's under the surface of your business and move forward with confidence. Keith can help you focus the creativity and potential you ALREADY HAVE WITHIN your organization to build collaboration and productivity. Keith's sweet spot is building workplace culture and working with leaders who want to create teams and organizations that thrive instead of merely survive. Tune in to hear his advice on growth, team development, and leadership!
December 18, 2020
1:80 Using "The Numbers" to Create Financial Abundance with Connie Vanderzaden
In this episode of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, Connie Vanderzanden joins us to discuss lasting financial success in business. Connie is the creator of the Going Beyond Revenue cash handling system, and her financial know-how spans over 30 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, a variety of industry knowledge, and her own business growth journey. As an accounting professional, Connie understands that business owners simply aren’t hardwired to understand numbers the same way accountants are. Using her gift of explaining numbers in a way that real people can understand, along with coaching and mentoring, she helps her clients create a solid financial plan for a sustainable business that pays themselves well. Tune into this episode to learn how to move toward financial stability. To connect with Connie, visit her online at or find her on Instagram, @connie.vanderzanden.
December 16, 2020
1:79 Capitalizing on your culture and connections with Reesa Woolf, PhD
Reesa Woolf, a TED talk coach and esteemed keynote speaker, joins us for a conversation about how to be a speaker who captivates an audience -- just by being yourself! Tune in now, and then connect with Reesa over at
December 14, 2020
1:78 Peggy Lee Hanson invites you to bring your secret book forward!
Peggy Lee Hanson is a leading authority on writing and getting published. She specializes in helping first-time authors organize thoughts which may be randomly strewn about into a body of art that makes sense, and then offers support to get the new author out and onto the world's stage. As a book coach and publisher, Peggy Lee spends her days getting your spoken word into print. Working collaboratively, a living, breathing, proven plan is formulated to place her clients in front of the audiences they want to help most. Her clients all feel proud, satisfied, known to be of service, and have a successful business. In this episode, Peggy Lee goes into the story about her own "why" and provides practical tips for how to get your best book out into the world! Tune in now and then connect with Peggy over at
December 12, 2020
1:77 Brenden Kumarasamy dives into all your deepest public speaking fears
Do you dread leading a team meeting? Do you have visions of speaking in front of large audiences -- but you still get stage fright? As an experienced speaker and facilitator, Brenden understands that audience members need to walk away captivated, and above all, inspired to master the art of communication. Brenden posits that public speaking should be seen as something to look forward to rather than a burden that must be overcome. Brenden reminds us that, when you care about others and only want to add value, you’ll be able to overcome any fear/obstacle in the service of others. Tune in to Brenden's episode now to increase your confidence to get out and be SEEN and HEARD by your audience. Then connect with Brenden at !
December 10, 2020
1:76 Marc Haine tackles shaking out complacency and how to best engage your team
Did you know that employee turnover actually costs you up to 300% of that employee's annual wages? Keeping employees committed, engaged, and productive are all key components to a sustainable, thriving business! Author, Speaker, Facilitator and Coach, Marc Haine will help your team ignite their passions. This will allow you to realize your competitive advantage with a connected purpose and consistency of customer experience across your brand. Tune in to this episode to learn more about how to be the best leader you can be for your team and your business! Then connect with Marc via his website to learn more about these critical skills.
December 08, 2020
1:75 Artist Karen Payton Talks Working from Home and Embracing Changes in Your Creative Process
Today’s guest, Karen Payton, is an artist who creates hippie art out of fabric for grateful and groovy folks. Tune in for her perspective on working an art at home, how to embrace the ever-changing nature of your art, and how to start your art business from the ground up. Learn more about Karen at Plus, be sure to follow her on Instagram at @karenpaytonart. You can also learn more about guest host CJ Howard at In this guest segment of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, CJ Howard interviews exceptional artists about the overlap between business and art.
December 04, 2020
1:74 Artist Monet Marshall Talks Making from Abundance, Emphatic No, and Enthusiastic Yes
Today’s guest, Monet Marshall, is an artist, playwright, performer, and art consultant.  Tune in for her perspective on how to unlearn productivity, embrace an abundance mindset, and set boundaries around your time and energy with emphatic "NO"s and enthusiastic "YES"s. Learn more about Monet at Plus, be sure to follow her on Instagram at @monetisart. You can also learn more about guest host CJ Howard at In this guest segment of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, CJ Howard interviews exceptional artists about the overlap between business and art.
December 01, 2020
1:73 Debt and the stories of life with Murray Beaulieu
Scrambling to keep your head above water financially? Murray can help you eliminate your debt -- without changing your budget OR your lifestyle. Magic! Tune in to this episode and then connect with Murray at
November 29, 2020
1:72 Expanding and process with Devani Anjali
Know you need a Virtual Assistant, but don't know how to find the right one?  Devani can help you avoid selecting the wrong person and help you figure out how to effectively delegate! Listen in to this episode, and then connect with Devani at!
November 27, 2020
1:71 Beyond the numbers with Phillip Aronoff
Concerned that you don't have the right "degree" to do what you love? Feel like you stick out like a sore thumb in your industry?  Chief Number Cruncher Phillip Aronoff shares some important advice on how your personality can transform the direction of your company.  Listen to this episode, and then connect with Phillip Aronoff at
November 25, 2020
1:70 Artist Joe Fusaro Talks Touch, Fragments, and Invitations
Today’s guest, Joe Fusaro, has balanced a full career as both an exhibiting artist and an art educator for decades. How does he find the motivation to get to the studio after spending so much of his time supporting other young artists? Tune in for his perspective on how to find the motivation to get into the studio, our current crisis of touch, and the importance of inviting rather than prescribing.   Learn more about Joe and his artwork at  You can also learn more about guest host CJ Howard at   In this guest segment of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, CJ Howard interviews exceptional artists about the overlap between business and art.   
November 22, 2020
1:69 Artist Cbabi Bayoc Advocates for Practice, Practice, Practice!
Today’s guest, Cbabi Bayoc, is an internationally-known visual artist and illustrator residing in St. Louis, Missouri. His subjects include family, children, music and a bunch of other cool stuff designed with line, bold color and phunk! Tune in for his perspective on how he pivoted his art business during COVID-19, how he inspires young artists, and the importance of embracing the art of practice rather than selling. Learn more about Cbabi and his artwork on Instagram -- @cbabi -- or his websites You can also learn more about guest host CJ Howard at In this guest segment of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, CJ Howard interviews exceptional artists about the overlap between business and art.
November 18, 2020
1:68 Conversations on revelations with Regena Rosa-Celeste
Frustrated by your own perfectionist tendencies? Exhausted by your need to "control" your life? This episode is for you. As an international speaker, best selling author and recovering perfectionist, Regena Rosa-Celeste, commonly known as the Internal Peace Revolutionist, specializes in speaking, coaching and teaching skills of internal peace. Knowing that each individual is responsible for their own happiness and fulfillment, Regena specializes in teaching tools of lasting transformation and helping people create results that stick. By creating more inner peace, there is more abundance in the world, more wealth available, and an opportunity to create greater health & deeper connection to each individual’s life mission and purpose creating more sustainable inner peace collectively. Tune in now, and connect with Regena at
November 15, 2020
1:67 The Health Journey You didn't expect with Dr Melissa Balizan
Have you found yourself frustrated by chronic medical issues? Uncertain about escalating prescriptions?  In this episode, Dr Melissa Balizan talks about the importance of being PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE with your health. Dr Melissa launched a consulting practice where she uses a holistic approach and intertwines a blend of ancient and modern medicine to create a personalized health plan. She is ready to support you in living a life of abundance.  Interested in learning more? Tune in now, and then connect with Dr Melissa at!
November 10, 2020
1:66 Artist Raman Bhardwaj Encourages Artists to Embrace Hard Work
Today’s guest, Raman Bhardwaj, is an award winning artist based in North Carolina. Raman's strong interest in Indian myths, ancient texts, and astrology have influenced his approach towards life and art. He draws graceful human figures representing dance, yoga and athletics in a dreamlike world. Besides creative paintings, he creates large-scale residential and commercial mural paintings based on pop imagery and realistic portraits. Tune in for his perspective on being an artist as "Plan A", pivoting his art business with ease during COVID-19, and the importance of embracing the work behind being an artist. Learn more about Raman and his artwork on Instagram -- @artistraman -- or his websites or You can also learn more about guest host CJ Howard at In this guest segment of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, CJ Howard interviews exceptional artists about the overlap between business and art.
November 08, 2020
1:65 Let's Talk about S.E.X. baby - with Yamile and Casey McBride
We don't talk about S.E.X. on this show very often and today I guarantee it isn't what you think it is. Yamile and Casey McBride talk about bringing in S.E.X. to every relationship and how it is used to build and rebuild trust. I am not going to give it away here, you will just have to take a listen to this beautiful conversation about trust, relationships and all things S.E.X. can help you to ignite! Connect with these two amazing soul igniters at
November 06, 2020
1:64 How to EXIT with Wayne Schoeneberg
Wayne Schoeneberg has been a practicing business attorney for over 30 years and he shared the #1 challenge he seeing business owners make all the time when it comes to the law... And that is not having an exit plan. He also gives us the acronym we need to develop our exit plan, team, and mindset so we don't get caught up not prepared when life happens. Tune in now, and connect with Wayne at 314.708.1000 or via email 
November 04, 2020
1:63 Artist Nina Lance Encourages Artists to Embrace Fear
Today’s guest, Nina Lance, shifted from photography to painting after her son was born. In just three years since, she has created a highly successful art business.  Tune in for her perspective on the relationship between art and social activism, art as therapy, and how to embrace the fear.  Learn more about Nina and her artwork on Instagram -- @ninalanceart.   You can also learn more about guest host CJ Howard at   In this guest segment of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, CJ Howard interviews exceptional artists about the overlap between business and art. 
November 02, 2020
1:62 Editors, Publishers, Printing - Oh My! Getting the book out with Susan Friedmann
You have a thought, an idea, an inkling that there may be a story inside you that can help someone else through a tough spot, or prevent a tough spot but you are just not confident on where or how to start. Perhaps you have it written and have had trouble decided between self publishing or other avenues. Or perhaps you are just stuck somewhere in the middle. This conversation is for you! Susan Friedmann has been helping business owners just like you get the word out for near 30 years. She loves your stories and helping you through the process. In this conversation she sheds some light on simple steps you can take to make progress towards that #1 seller (if that is what you desire). Tune in now for this fun and enlightening conversation about identifying your audience for your book and how to get it published, seen, and reviewed!  Take advantage of FREE gift 10 questions on how to gel with your niche AND a FREE 20 minutes to finding you niche by emailing Susan at
November 01, 2020
1:61 Artist Jessica Singerman Shares Advice for Up-and-Coming Artists
Today’s guest, Jessica Singerman, has carved out a home studio in Winston-Salem, NC where she creates stunning abstract paintings.  Tune in for her fresh take on letting go of your ego, embracing the hustle, and remembering to keep the studio and business promotion separate. Learn more about Jessica and her artwork at You can also learn more about guest host CJ Howard at In this guest segment of the TERRIfic Tips for Business podcast, CJ Howard interviews exceptional artists about the overlap between business and art.
October 30, 2020
1:60 Winning strategies for business growth with Dr Josh Payne
In this episode with talk with Physical Therapist, and Business coach Dr Josh Payne, He built a successful 6 figure physical therapy practice, sold it, and now teaches other people interested in the world of physical therapy how to do the same. He gives away tips, mindset exercises, books, podcasts, and mentors that have helped him on his path to freedom from the 9-5 and his personal and professional success. Tune in now, and connect with Dr Josh at Josh Payne on Facebook! 
October 28, 2020
1:59 Scalability and $10,000 have 1 thing in common in your business - That's Adam Kipnes
In this conversation Adam helps us figure out some scalability challenges and how to get a great business from a formula of success! He wrote a book about how to be great in business, not just great at what you do - and translating to your audience to bring in more of your ideal client! Not only that Adam has been featured repeatedly in for his business prowess. He guarantees he will help you find $10,000 in your business inside 45 minutes.  I know you want to tune in now, so do it! And then connect with Adam at 
October 25, 2020
1:58 Stress relief in just 90 seconds inside this episode with Sophia Cavalli
We have talked stress reduction habits and techniques, and we have talked breathing techniques but this neuroscientist has put them together into a short 90 second technique that can help you re-center, re-focus, and rejuvenate your mind and body. Sophia Cavalli from CA shares with us the science behind how breathing and tapping affects our brain. We as humans do not get enough oxygen - particularly now with all the masks - and she walks us through tips and tools for growing a successful business AND stress reduction so you too can breathe easy and have everything you want in life! Ever tried tapping techniques before? Now is your chance! Take a listen and then connect with Sophia at
October 21, 2020
1:57 The skivvy on persona marketing from tech marketing guru Ellie!
We have talked a few times about target markets or personal marketing, but in this conversation we take it to a whole new level focusing in on what they even need, and how you help them solve that need. It isn't sales, it's helping them to make the best buying decision. Ellie works with start up tech firms world wide helping them to refine, define, and hone their unique sales messaging so that they can win contracts, get investors, and ultimately grow their tech companies in the highly competitive tech space. Tune in now to learn more about how she helps them get the winning edge and what the biggest challenge we have as business owners in the tech world. Then connect with Ellie at 
October 18, 2020
1:56 Winning hearts and recognition in year 1 - the drive - with Dr David Huff
Dr David Huff of Good Health Chiropractic in Greensboro NC was just recognized as the community's leader in health care services and his business is only 2 years old! We talk with him about how he did it! What tools, habits, and drive did it take to reach this level of success so early on to his clinics existence and what lays ahead for this growing health care resource! We also talk about Chiropractic care, what is it, who does it help, and why should you think about chiropractic care in your ongoing health care plan! This is chock full of great tips for growing a business from the ground up. You want to tune in now! And connect with Dr David Huff at 
October 14, 2020
1:55 Bring you sassy self back here with Stacey Murphy
For those of you that don't know Stacey, let me just tell you, this queen brings the sexy, sassy with class to her business and helps you learn how to tap into that feminine power for your own business success. Stacey gives us some great tips on how we can start to bring the sass and the cash to our empires. Tune in now! And connect with Stacey at 
October 11, 2020
1:54 Relationship with food starts with relationship with self with Natasha Ford
In this episode, we explore the history of food, the relationship of culture through food, and the traditions around food. Chef Natasha blows my mind on how the food we eat, how we prepare it, and the conversations and relationships we have around food all combine to shape and impact our lives. This was a fascinating conversation exploring food history and culture!  You want to tune in now and touch base with Natasha for a FREE E-Cook Book here: 
October 07, 2020
1:53 Virtual assisting and everything in between with the epic Terri Lynn of C.H.A.O.S podcast
Oh yes, another Terri Lynn so there are 2 of us and we are playing full out in this episode. Terri Lynn started being a VA 30+ years ago before there was such a thing. She shares tips for effective communication, organization, client relationships, and little fun in this conversation. ALSO, did you know CHAOS is an abbreviation for Create Habits and Outstanding Success! Terri Lynn is epic and someone you want to listen to right now, and connect with at 
October 04, 2020
1:52 Financial markets and your future with David Harter
Did you know, it is projected that in the next 5-10 years our income tax is expected to rise from the 23% it is today to well over 50%? That's right! David Harter a financial expert has been following the trends and the financial markets for over 30 years and he is here to help us understand inflation, interest, and how we can capitalize on our money today and in the future. The financial landscape is changing, now faster than ever. Tune in to learn more about what options are available to you now! Connect with David at 
September 27, 2020
1:51 Picky eaters and how to educate on nutrition in a fun way with Kristen Norton
Kristen Norton was a picky eater and that inspired her to learn more about nutrition and what her body needed to function at it's best. Diets don't work, but eating for your bodies needs does. Kristen gives us some great tips on how to help the picky eaters in your life find nutrition and balance and what are the warning signs that we need food, or that we are full! All of this and so much more inside this episode. Tune in now and connect with Kristen at 
September 20, 2020
1:50 The Brendon Bruchard coaching method with Elliott Vang
For those of you that don't know Elliott, he is from Boston and came to my sphere through the Asso-S/HE-Ation networking group I run back in July. We hit it off, and I love the works of Brendon Bruchard so when I discovered he was a high-performance coach, I just had to have him on the show. Elliott shares with us tips for finding clarity so that we can reach beyond our goals and bring them to reality. Tune in now and connect with Elliott here: 
September 13, 2020
1:49 Leveraging Time and Energy with Paul Kuthe
In this TERRIfic Tips podcast Paul Kuthe shares with us some simple steps we can take today to identify areas we can begin to implement automation within our business. It starts with tracking time. How are we maximizing our energy in that time we are given, how can we begin to prioritize activities that will lead to business growth and success. Tune in here and connect with Paul at now! 
September 07, 2020
1:48 Success formula with William Brown
In this amazing conversation, William (or Bill as I know him) shares with us some tips for finding inner peace, defining success, and owning your space. Bill has been a friend for many years and it is my honor and privilege to have him on the show with us for this special episode! Tune in now and connect with bill here:
August 31, 2020
1:47 - Parallel-prenuers and building stability with Nefateria
Parallel-prenuers are people who are building a business along side a full time or part time job. These unique individuals are wanting to learn and grow stable reliable income streams that will either allow them to walk away from the full time job, or allow them to take that family vacation they have dreamed about. Nefateria is a business development coach for just these people helping them find the time management, money management tools for success. She shares with us some great tips for organizing time, operations, and marketing in this conversation. Tune in now and connect with Nefateria here:
August 31, 2020
1:46 - Did you know there are 3 types of Financial Guides - Debra Morrison Enlightens us!
Not only has Debra Morrison climbed mount Everest - she helps others navigate the mount Everest of their finances. Getting to the summit is only 1/2 of our financial journey coming down the other side is where the falls happen! Having a financial guide for this part of our journey is almost more important than having one to climb that summit! Debra shares with us how and when to tap into funds that are available for us that maybe we don't know about, and she enlightens us on the various types of financial advisers as well - because there are several! Take a listen now and then connect with Debra Morrison here:
August 29, 2020
1:45 - GET HAPPY - with Nicole Kaufman
In this amazing conversation Nicole, a high performance counselor, helps us to understand some of the critical steps it takes to get unstuck! How many times have we passed this pond? If you feel like you MIGHT be walking in circles you probably are! Nicole sheds some light on why that may be happening to you, and how you can stop telling yourself lies that are holding you back from finding your happy. Take a listen now, and get in touch with Nicole here: to find your happy!  Special offer You can get her Happy group program for $50 off when you mention this podcast episode! 
August 27, 2020
1:44 Pat Iyer on Get that Book OUT! Tips for writing your truth!
We all have a story or two to share once we reach a certain age, or accomplishment. Whether it be a story of your life for your kids, grand-kids, and even their grand kids, or it is a story of life that will help other avoid the pitfall, stumbles, and humble mistakes you made in love, life or business - there is a story in there and Pat Iyer is here to help you tell it. Some of us get hung up with the act of typing out our story, others get stuck in one part of our story and don't know the best way through it, then there is the farther few of us who have written the story and are letting it collect dust and memories on a shelf some where because we don't know what to do with it next. Pat Iyer gives some tips, tricks, and nuggets away in this amazing conversation to help you Dust off the build up (pardon the pun) and get your story out to the world. It is meant to be shared. Tune in now, and visit Pat at for help with your next book! 
August 25, 2020
1:43 We all have super powers... Have you found yours? With Craig Baumohl
This conversation was a pure delight. Please forgive some audio glitches, we were having some internet connectivity challenges in the beginning but it smoothed out. You do not want to miss the conversation with Craig Baumohl - he is an executive leadership coach who focuses on language barriers - and not just English to Spanish, but English to English.  Did you know that the terms you use within your organization can be holding your team back from their best possible performance for your company? It's true! Craig talks about that and so much more in this conversation. You will want a pen for this one! Tune in now, and connect with Craig here: OR Oh and to get the FREE gift make sure you reference the Terrific Tips podcast, or Terri Watkins when you schedule! 
August 23, 2020
1:42 Marketing campaigns that win with Patrysha
Ever wonder why some campaigns always win and others just don't? Patrysha shares with us her favorite campaign and why it was a winner in this conversation - plus she shares some great tools and tips to help you as a small business owner win in your marketing! Tune in now and connect with Patrysha at!
August 20, 2020
1:41: Networking and networthing - which are you doing with Ginny Robertson
Are you a networker? Love meeting new people and passing out as many cards as possible? Do you ever come back to the offer after a day of networking and scratch your head at all the data entry you just made for yourself? In this episode Ginny talks about better ways to network that will increase your networth and help you to limit or even eliminate the need for data entry following an event. You want to listen to this conversation! Tune in now and connect with Ginny here
August 18, 2020
1:40: What is a branding session with Jenny Midgley
We hear branding session all the time but do we really know what it means or how to use it? In this conversation with branding session expert Jenny Midgley we learn all the things we as small business owners need to know about personal, and professional branding. For example, did you know that each person on your team represents your brand in and out of your office? What is their profile photo saying about them - and about you through transference? When was that team photo last updated? How are you utilizing your team photos in your social media to gain credibility and authority in your market space? Jenny talks about all of this and more including her biggest challenge in business. Tun in now and connect with Jenny here:
August 16, 2020
1:39 Establishing a culture of enlightened leadership with Gina Gardner
In this conversation from across the pond we talk all things leadership! Are you an organization the promotes within? What sort of leadership training do you have in place? Did you know that leadership is a mindset and not a title? It is all about how you nurture your relationships and Gina not only shares with us some of the things that have helped her be a successful leader over the years but also how she has helped others to find the leader within them so they can be the leaders their teams need. You don't want to miss this so tune in now and connect with Gina at 
August 13, 2020
1:38: DID you know Massage can affect your mental health? - Talking mental health with Carolyn Byrd
In this episode Carolyn Byrd brings her psychology to the table and talks about the mental state of our country and how our holistic health care providers are working to help these individuals live fuller, freer, happier lives through massage and other eastern modalities. Our minds and bodies are connected. How are we helping ourselves to be supported, nurtured and loved so we can win? Carolyn talks tips to help you free your mind! Tune in now and connect with Carolyn here
August 11, 2020
1: 37: When was the last time you put your phone down and forgot where it was? - Talking Tech with Kassaundra
In this episode, Kassaundra talks about the self-care habit of disconnecting from technology. This singular habit has helped her to remain positive in crisis, focused on the present, and engaged with life and people around her. She talks about different things she does to disconnect to reconnect to her passion and her mission. Tune in now and connect with Kassaundra here
August 09, 2020
Melanie Diehl talks about Email Marketing Strategies that WIN
Are you doing email marketing...thinking about doing email marketing? Then you want to listen to this episode first! Melanie has helped business owners see 800% return on investment from targeted email marketing efforts and she talks about tips you need to know to win your email campaigns including what tools could you use to get started! Connect with Melanie at
August 07, 2020
Conversation on design, mindset, and and planning with Stacy Nicole
Tap into this awesome conversation about overcoming the odds, making something from nothing, starting over, and still finding peace and flow in your life with Stacy Nicole. We had so much fun talking all things design and thinking patterns that can help you unlock your potential or next big idea! Connect with Stacy at
August 03, 2020
1:34 Intention, Attention, No Tension!
In this sneak peek round table conversation we are talking about combating overwhelm and the idea of setting intentions for the day, week, month and year can help you focus your attention on the things that matter most, allowing you to release all the things that don't - providing you with a NO tension lifestyle!  Want to know what else we talk about in the round table meetings? Ask for an invitation here:
August 02, 2020
1:33 Becky Nguyen on Physical Clutter and the clutter in your mind
Did you know, Physical clutter can make your mind feel cluttered and distracted? There was a study done by Harvard that talked about it taking an average of 20 minutes when you get distracted to get back on track. WOW that is a lot of lost time. Now image that distraction cam from a sticky note on your desk, or the pile of papers that need filing on your floor...the distractions live in the clutter. How do we get ride of the clutter and stay effective, productive, and organized?  Becky shares some AMAZING (and really really easy to use) declutter tips that can help you stream line your life!  Wanna know how?  Tune in NoW!  Connect with Becky here:
July 26, 2020
1:32 Alyse Bacine Breaths it out with us!
Did you know the breathing can not only help you get the oxygen you need, it can actually help you with stress management, and manifestation? Oh yes!!! I want some of that! Alyse walks us through her story as a breath worker and the challenges she faced when starting her business - Some of which many of us have faced or are facing right now! How did she get through them? You will have to tune in to find out, and maybe, just maybe it can help you throuhg yours too!  Alyse gives us a great offer at the end of the episode so make sure to listen to the end and snag that offer here: They can use this link, or more simply, just use the code TERRIFIC at checkout to receive 20% off of my course, The Metamorphosis! Here is the link to more info about my course.
July 26, 2020
1:31 Lisa Perez talks about DISC and how to apply it to your small business
The business community LOVES to talk about DISC but do they really know how to apply it? Lisa does! She is a DISC expert and has been certified to say that! In our conversation we talk about how small business owners can use DISC to better understand clients, employees, and even themselves. She also shares with us some great ways to help people through challenges at work with dignity and grace helping to prevent disgruntled ex-employees or moral shifts. You don't want to miss this conversation!  Connect with Lisa here for all your HR needs:
July 22, 2020
1:30 Kathryn Yarborough Enlightens us on how we can write a new story for ourselves and our future
Ever wish things were different?  We are living in highly uncertain times, and many of us want a different story for our children, necies, nephews, or grandkids than the stories we are seeing right now in our newspapers and on the evening news.  HOW are we going to change this?  Kathryn has the answer to help us start rewriting our future so it is the one we the people want! Tune in here and discover the keys you need to manifest your destiny!  Connect with Kathryn through the Moving Sidewalk Movement group here:
July 19, 2020
1:29 HOW and WHO of overcoming overwhelm
In this sneak peek conversation we are discussing how you turn HOW into WHO so you can begin to flip the script on overwhelm in your life. As a business owner you were many hats! It can be overwhelming. To keep making progress toward your dreams you must change the script. This conversation may give you the tools you need to do just that. Tune in now! Want to know what else we talked about? Ask for an invitation to the next conversation! 
July 19, 2020
How do you eat an elephant... With Kiazen method of course! Conversation with Brenda Kolasa
In this fascinating conversation we talk with Brenda Kolasa on creative ways to stop procrastination in it's tracks and start making small steps in the direction of your goals! Be honest, how many times have you looked at that pile of papers today and have decided not to touch it because you "don't have time"? What about making that phone call to that perspective client? Words getting hung up in your throat and you decide tomorrow may be better? We have all done these things, and so much more, that delays forward progress in our business, and now we don't have to carry the weight of the pressure on to tomorrow. We can start today! Brenda walks us through HOW in this awesome conversation. Listen now and connect with Brenda here for your free gift!
July 16, 2020
1:28 John North on publishing your book
Ever wonder what makes a good book to write? What about one that you go through the editing and publishing process for? What we discovered is those books may be very different than you expected. Like with business we have to begin with the end in mind. The book writes itself if we do that! But HOW I can feel you asking! Well that is what this conversation is all about. John North the publishing expert shares his best practices and secrets for writing your book.  Tune in here and connect with him at the link below!
July 15, 2020
1:27 AMA take over All things Marketing
In this round table conversation we talk all things marketing news with the american marketing association. Are you challenged with marketing tools that exist today? Now sure what to use, or when to use it? Then you are in the right place! Want to know what a round table conversation can do for your business? Message us to be invited to the next conversation! 
July 15, 2020
Essential oils and poison! Did you know if you use oils the wrong way you could be killing yourself - With Melissa
I had no idea that you could poison yourself ingesting essential oils. I have heard from oil sales reps all the time about these oils are safe to ingest, but in this conversation with the modern-day alchemist Melissa Curran. I call he an alchemist because she knows all the oils and how they work to make custom blends to solve specific needs. In this conversation you get to see her open up about essential oils, what you should know, and some challenges she has had as a business owner. All things we can learn from! Listen now, and connect with Melissa Curran here: 
July 14, 2020
1:26 FACEBOOK Marketing and what you need to know to grow with Jeremy Funderburk
Heard you needed to get your business on Facebook but have no idea how to use it effectively to grow your business? Your listening to the right show! Jeremy answers the questions we know you are asking to help you get your social media moving in the right direction. Take a listen to the tips for building your audience, leveraging Stories and groups, and even how much to spend on Ads and boosted posts.
July 12, 2020
1:25 Are you too nice?
What does being too nice mean? Is it possible to be too nice when it comes to business? What affect is your personality having on your bottom line? These are questions we tackle in the round table conversations. Want to know what a round table can do for you? Message us to get invited to the next conversation! 
July 08, 2020
1: 24 Nate Zeleznick with Vibravision Conversation
The power of our brain and our intuition is something the Indonesian culture has been taping into for centuries. In this conversation we talk with Nate Zeleznick about getting on TV, and bringing that incredible skill to the USA for the first time.  Nate and his brother Mike are the first 2 people in the USA trained in this unique method of vision and they have the distinct privilege to share and teach others how to use their sight differently to change communication patterns, or even see where you other wise have no sight. This is truly and incredible conversation, you want to take a listen here! 
July 05, 2020
1:23 Identifying talent and vision
We talk a lot about clarity and vision in this round table group.  But clarity can be a bit mucky to find, so can vision! In this round table we talk about  clarity, vision and the process to help you get through the muck to the other side of your BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal). Want to know what a round table can do for you? Message us today for an invite to the next conversation! 
June 28, 2020
1:22 Angel Guerrero conversation
Angel is more than a friend and leader in the Greensboro community, he is a father and an inspiration. In this conversation he talks about innovation and creativity - something all small business owners strive to achieve, and he gives real life examples of how we can be innovated without inventing anything. Sometimes looking at history can reveal opportunities for innovation in uncertain times. Take a listen, find your creative flow, and get busy! 
June 25, 2020
1:21 Innovation and what does that mean
As a small business owner you hear the word innovation or innovative all the time, but what does that really mean? In this round table we discuss how we are using innovation in our businesses so we can succeed. Want to know what a round table can do for you? Message us so you can get the invite to the next one! 
June 24, 2020
Dontavious Thomas - Cutting costs and growing margins
Small business owners are way more nimble than large companies but we can start to pack on the expenses quickly if we aren't careful. That is where Dontavious comes in. In this episode he talks about tips and tools you can use to manage your costs allowing you to increase you your profit margins. You don't want to miss this!  Connect with Dontavious here:
June 24, 2020
Pete Romano - What do you need to know about a CRM system and how can it help you?
Pete Romano is the founder and developer for Segwik a CRM system that does it all! From appointment setting to email and text marketing you can set up your marketing automation systems all in one platform. How user friendly is that? Aside all the cool things it does, it is more import to know why small business owners need systems like Segwik to manage their day to day. In this episode we talk about some of the biggest marketing pitfall small business owners have, and how we worked to over come them. Grab a pen, some good stuff is shared here. Connect with Pete here:
June 23, 2020
1:20 Derek Ruff conversation
Derek is many things but above all he is a leader of our youth. He is a coach to our athletes, and he is a change agent to his community. Derek talks with us about mindset and leadership in this conversation from the perspective of the trenches with our youth. Helping them to navigate scary times, and big change, all while teaching them how to keep a cool head. Lessons we all can benefit from. Tune in and at the end he has a powerful mission, that if you can and are inspired to help please reach out to him! 
June 21, 2020
1:19 What does success mean to you
As a business owner it is easy to fall into the comparison trap of judging your success based on others success value charts. In this conversation we explore the definitions of success and how we each value success differently so we can feel good about our progress. Want to know what a round table conversation can do for you? Reach out for the invitation to the next one! 
June 21, 2020
Dr Bob Levine - On Stress and tips for releasing stress from your body
Did you know that stress is the underlying factor for most illness and disease in our country today? Dr Bob has been the leading expert in stress management for over a decade and he talks with us about ways we can reduce and remove stress from our lives allowing us to live freer and healthier. Want to live stress free? I know I do! This podcast is chock full of awesome tips, so grab a pen and paper and tune in now! Connect with Dr Bob for your special offer here:
June 18, 2020
1:18 Nancy Matthews conversation
Nancy Matthews resound marketing coach, public speaker, and trainer joins me in this special episode to talk about social psychology and human behavior. She is a consumer behavior expert and talks about NLP (neural linguistic programming) and how it all plays a roll in our businesses. She is an author of many books but The One Philosophy is the one we talk about in this conversation, helping to make everyone you encounter feel like the one that will make your day. Because by doing that, you help to make their day even sweeter. 
June 17, 2020
Audrey Blackburn - What you need to know about business financing
We are in a turbulent market right now. It is hard to know as a small business owner what to do and when as it relates to financial support and reporting. So we brought in a local finance expert to talk about all things IRS and funding you need to know before you apply for those loans. Listen in here! Connect with Audrey Blackburn here:
June 17, 2020
Special Episode on Overwhelm
This is a sneak peek into our round table conversation on over coming overwhelm. If you are like most business owners this time of social distancing, stay at home, has actually created some stress and anxiety for you instead of a vacation or break. This comes from Fear of missing out (FOMO). So many options on how to spend your time, feed your body and mind that you maybe over committed yourself to groups, events, or education opportunities. Tune in here as we discuss some key ways to help you tick those things off your mental todo list and help you feel lighter and more accomplished at the same time! Wanna know what else we talked about in this meeting? Message us for an invitation! 
June 15, 2020
1:17 Everyone Communicates Few Connect John Maxwell Book conversation
Sneak peek into a book review conversation building deeper relationships through communication. Want to see what a round table conversation can do for you? Message us to get an invite to the next conversation! 
June 14, 2020
1:16 Carolyn Bennett Sullivan conversation
Tune in while we talk with Carolyn on her book Get the F out all about shifting mindset and facing fear head on. As small business owners we face a lot of fear daily and some times hourly. Carolyn gives some tips to help you change the conversation so you can find your power and keep moving forward in the direction of your goals and dreams. 
June 14, 2020
1:15 - BU mastermind sound bite on Vision and clarity
How do vision and clarity play in role in your company? Whether you are a small business, big business, or someone thinking about starting a business, having a clear vision of your goals and purpose will help you accomplish all. Tune in for this sneak peek into our mastermind conversation on vision and clarity. Want to join us for the next conversation? RSVP here:
June 10, 2020
1:14: Interview with Maura Barclay - Soulfuleader
This is a truly amazing conversation with Maura Barclay. She is the Soulfuleader! She has worked with CEO's of fortune 500 companies, world leaders, and city governments to help them become more mindful of their space and the spaces they walk into every day. Mindfulness is a practice of awareness for yourself and those around you. We talk about how this helps in organizations with millennials and boomers in different roles. We also talk about engagement and education and the changes our world is facing right now. Grab a pen, some paper, and tune in to this energetically charged conversation! Connect with Maura at 
June 07, 2020
1:13: BU mastermind sound bite on Self Sabotage
Take a listen as the mastermind group talks about self doubt and self sabotage as a small business owner. Most of the time our biggest challenges are between our ears! In this segment we talk about some tools you can use today to wrangle that self doubt and get back in the saddle of control for your self and your business. Want to attend the next mastermind conversation? RSVP here:
June 07, 2020
1:12: Interview with Liz Watson-Bryant on launching a business
You think starting a business is scary? Try to do it in the middle of world wide pandemic and a stay at home order. That is what Liz Watson-Bryant did! She saw a need, tapped into her tool bag of things she knows she can do and has done before, contacted friends in the industry and in strategic partner/vendor industries and then she went to work! She like many of our listeners was laid off, but the view she had was not of depression and despair, but one of joy, hope, and possibilities! Take a listen as she shares some of her success tips that help her stay healthy, sharp, and positive in the face of uncertainty. 
June 03, 2020
1:11:The Link Between Discipline and Passion -- BU Mastermind
In this episode, participants in the Business Unleashed Mastermind Group share thoughts on how to uncover self-discipline and how self-discipline can be linked to your passion. Tune in and grab some paper. If you are intrigued by this frank and inspiring group, learn how you can join in at
May 31, 2020
1:10: Interview with Frank Clark AKA MR. Orange
In this conversation Frank Clark, AKA Mr. Orange talks about the challenges of scaling business and mindset for a small business owner. He owns and operates 6+ companies world wide and has recently launched his coaching business to help inspire others to build their future. Frank talks about spiral dynamics and how they play a role in your organization for optimal team performance and for predicting growth patterns. You can learn more about Frank at and tune into his podcast "Orange Crushing It". Have a listen and make sure to get your pen and paper ready! You will want it for this one! 
May 31, 2020
1:9: Boundaries and Standards
In this sound bit from Business Unleashed Mastermind we talk about the value of boundaries and how to set effective boundaries and standards for personal growth and development. Take a listen! If you are interested in joining the next BU mastermind conversation contact us at 518-333-7647 or on social media @spinfrogs. See you soon! 
May 27, 2020
1:8: Interview with Audretta Hall
For those of you that don't know Audretta Hall she is a published author and polished health speaker. She has traveled the country helping people find the right health formula to reach their goals. In this podcast we talk about nutrition benefits to the business brain. Did you know you have 2 brains? That's right...2. And Audretta explains all in terms of keeping them healthy and functioning top of their game. 
May 24, 2020
1:7:Quality Control and Your Personal Brand
This episode is a sneak peek into the conversations we have at Business Unleashed Mastermind. Here we pick up talking about the best ways to have quality control of our selves and our businesses regardless of business size. Here you will here 4 or 5 voices, these are some of the members of our bi-weekly Tuesday morning huddle. The topics at the huddle vary week to week based on the needs of the members. Take a listen as we share with you some great ways to survey clients and staff for improved quality control on your personal brand. 
May 24, 2020
1:6: Karen Perry Conversation
Karen Perry is the founder, creator, and holder of a space for grace inner-prizes. If you have never had the honor or privilege of meeting Karen, then let me introduce you to her here! She shares with us how to bring fun and play back into our work life through the three D principle, the three V principle and the HOW acronym. There is a ton of power packed into this short conversation. Get a pen and paper and get ready to take some action packed notes! 
May 20, 2020
1:5: Pricing strategies
In every business we have to figure out best ways to price our products and services to get them to move in the market. In this episode we talk about 4 pricing strategies that work for other companies. 1: it's not the deal they got but the deal they think they got, 2: deal up front with % difference promise on the back end, 3: tracking the KIP's for a promise of rate increase in 3 months, and 4: packages for guided pricing. There are many ways to price products and services. These 4 may help you. Take a listen! 
May 17, 2020
1:4: Interview with David Frankel
In this conversation we discuss what leadership through crisis looks like from the lens of business owner, entrepreneur, and father.  Some of the great tips David talks about in this episode can help you be more polished both online and offline with your appearance, schedule, and mindset. Take a listen while David also shares some great resources to help you advance your business even through rough water. 
May 17, 2020
1:3: 3 Tips to Grow Your Business Online
In this episode we talk about 3 things you can start doing today to gain credibility with Google and visibility with your ideal client. These tips are focused around digital marketing efforts seeing as we are all having to market in a new way during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get a pen and paper, get ready to take notes, and make sure to catch the special offer at the end before time runs out! 
May 13, 2020
1:2:Interview with Daniel Norell
In this conversation Daniel shares with us some powerful tips to clear our minds of negativity, help our bodies flow, and free us for new opportunities. In this COVID pandemic people are looking for ways to get healthy, make lasting changes, and mostly find some kind of financial stability so we are more prepared for the future. Daniel is an award winning international leader of a home based business providing hope, health, and support to millions world wide. Listen in to his tips to help you live healthier now!
May 10, 2020
Season 1 Episode 1: Leading Through Crisis
In this episode we share the 3 things that distract us in a crisis and the 6 things we can do to help focus our minds and be the thought leaders our homes, lives, and businesses need to make it through the storm. Tune in and grab some paper. You are a phenominal leader already, let this podcast show you why! 
May 10, 2020