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The Future of Professional Education

The Future of Professional Education

By Sean Dagony-Clark | HackerU
Learning. We've all experienced it, but how does it happen? More importantly, how do we create powerful learning experiences that change people's lives? In this podcast, we'll explore the world of adult career-change education, from learning theories to classroom experiences to the kinds of people who make life-changing education possible. Come learn with us about The Future of Professional Education, powered by HackerU.
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The HackerU Educational Principles
Learning is active  |  Learning is scaffolded  |  Learning is measurable  |  Learning is intentional Sean discusses the four "HackerU Educational Principles" that are the foundation of teaching in a HackerU-powered program, explains what each means, and shares ways they're applied in educational experiences.
December 23, 2020
How to Thrive in Hyper Growth
Kristi Riordan, an inspiring business leader with over a decade of experience working in hyper growth organizations, speaks about ways to thrive in the stress that comes along with fast growth. 
November 24, 2020
Welcome to the Future of Professional Education!
An introduction to the podcast.
November 14, 2020