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The Aesthetic City

The Aesthetic City

By Ruben Hanssen
How come our modern cities have become so hostile to humans, so ugly, car-oriented and grey? What is the solution to these problems - how can we return to a more human, beautiful and liveable city? In this podcast, host Ruben Hanssen interviews experts in the fields of architecture, urban planning and urban design to find out how we can improve our cities, our architecture and our streets, in order to create more friendly and beautiful places. The clock is ticking; valuable land is wasted on dreary developments while many beautiful, picturesque urban environments are at risk of being jarred forever by ugly buildings that don't belong there. There are better ways to build; let's explore how!
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#2 - Mieke Bosse, Scala Architecten: The fundamentals of building, traditional building in the Netherlands, housing, education

The Aesthetic City

#8 - Coby Lefkowitz, Backyard: Creating Beautiful Places as a Developer, Achieving Better Urbanism in the United States
Coby Lefkowitz is an urbanist, developer and writer living in New York City. He was a real estate analyst, but left his company to co-found Backyard, a real estate startup. He studied urban and environmental planning at the University of Virginia and writes for the Metropolis column for Medium. In this episode we have a great talk on the differences between the European and American urban planning context, Coby talks about what challenges developers face to achieve something more than spreadsheet architecture, the challenge of parking requirements, combatting sprawl and much more. Don't be surprised to see a follow up episode sometime in the future! Find Coby on Medium: Follow Coby on Twitter: ---- For more information on The Aesthetic City, find our website on Love what we do? Become a patron! With your help we can grow this platform even further, make more content and hopefully achieve real, lasting impact for more beautiful cities worldwide. Visit our Patreon page here: Follow us on Twitter: Instagram:
May 19, 2022
#7 - Vincent Veneman: Music and Architecture, the Virtues of Classical Architecture & Education, Engelsberg Summer School
Vincent Veneman is a professional trombonist, composer and arranger and an architectural designer specialised in classical architectural design.  He has had an interest in both music and architecture since childhood, but chose to pursue music - which led to a full-time career as freelance musician. He appeared on over 50 recordings, as well as on TV and radio. He even appeared on the Grammy-award winning album ‘Sylva’ by Snarky Puppy and the Metropole orchestra; both in the orchestra as well as a featured soloist. Vincent started sharing his designs on his Instagram page, Uplifting Architecture, four years ago. Amongst his followers were professional classical architects, which further inspired him to professionalize. He is active in the board of INTBAU the Netherlands. ---- Love what we do and looking for ways to support us? Become a patron! With your help we can grow this platform even further, make more content and hopefully achieve real, lasting impact for more beautiful cities worldwide. Visit our Patreon page here: For more information on The Aesthetic City, find our website on Follow us on Twitter: Instagram:
May 12, 2022
#6 - Jude Sherry and dr. Frank O'Connor, #DerelictIreland: on Dereliction in Ireland, why it matters & how to solve it
Ireland faces a horrendous housing shortage and a lack of commercial real estate accessible to smaller entrepreneurs, as well as a homelessness problem. Yet, an astounding quantity of real estate, often consisting of beautiful, incredibly valuable heritage, is rotting away, sometimes even on purpose. Thus, entire historical districts of Irelands' cities are at risk of getting demolished, permanently erasing quality urban fabric and Ireland's very own history. Why is this being allowed to happen? Jude Sherry and dr. Frank O'Connor from anois agency (meaning 'now' in Irish), found themselves as a voice in the wilderness when they tried to address this sizeable problem. With the #derelictIreland hashtag they found an effective rallying cry however, which has lead to increasing media attention all around Ireland. In this episode, they tell all about the nature of the dereliction problem, why it is so incredibly damaging and wasteful, and discuss ways how it could be tackled.  About Jude Sherry & dr. Frank O'Connor: Jude Sherry is has extensive experience in sustainable design and has recently been awarded the Irish Tatler ‘Woman of the Year’ award. Dr. Frank O'Connor is a global expert and thought leader in sustainable design, first calling for a circular economy back in 1989 and has since worked around the globe. Find their agency on and read more on #derelictIreland by following or by following the hashtag. It is time Ireland starts to value their heritage and make #derelictIreland a thing of the past!
May 05, 2022
#5 - Dr. Nir Buras, Classic Planning Institute: on Beauty and the Sublime, Classic Planning, Learning Architecture, the book 'the Art of Classic Planning'
Dr. Nir Buras is an experienced architect, planner, author and founder of the Classic Planning Institute, which is a traditional architecture and urban design consultancy, an academy of traditional architecture and classic urban planning, and a community of like minded practitioners. He authored the book 'The Art of Classic Planning' (Harvard University Press, 2019) which is a must-have for any planner that values beauty and common sense in the built environment. In this episode we talk about dr. Buras' experiences of becoming an architect, about the difference between Beauty and the Sublime, the Classic Planning method and the Art of Classic Planning book, suburbs, and much more. Visit for more information on the Classic Planning Institute. Join the CPI Stoa community on Dr. Buras' book, The Art of Classic Planning, can be bought here:  ------ For more information on The Aesthetic City, find our website on Follow us on Twitter:
April 28, 2022
#4 - Joseph Jutras, Institute of Traditional Architecture: the ITA & education, the coming Summer School in Utrecht, architectural beauty as a life changing experience
Joseph Jutras is the founder of the Institute of Traditional Architecture, on which he shares useful information on correctly applying traditional architecture. As a Canadian living in the Netherlands and having travelled all over Europe, he has a refreshing outlook on many urban matters. He is chair of the committee organising the brand new summer school on traditional and classical architecture and architecture happening in Utrecht this year, 'Let's Build a Beautiful City'. In this episode he tells all about his life changing experience while seeing the architectural and urban beauty in Europe, his Institute of Traditional Architecture, a lot of details about the Summer School and much, much more. His excellent website can be found at  For information on (and to apply for) the Utrecht summer school, please visit APPLICATIONS OPEN TILL MAY 1st 2022 For more information on The Aesthetic City, find our website on Follow us on Twitter: 
April 15, 2022
#3 - Michael Diamant, New Traditional Architecture: fighting the status quo for more beautiful environments, Arkitekturupproret, activism & social media
Michael Diamant is founder of New Traditional Architecture & Urbanism and has been a very vocal critic of contemporary architecture and planning practices. His fight for more beauty and sanity / common sense in urban planning is being heard: through the platform of an acquaintance that has grown explosively, 'Arkitekturupproret' or 'Architecture Uprising', he has attracted the attention of many Scandinavian media. The Architecture Uprising has caused many city councils to listen better to the architectural desires of the population. In this episode we talk about the impact he has achieved and how the platform came to be, as well as how the people are now getting empowered to voice their discontent about what gets built - often against their will. Find his website on for more information, or find a local Architecture Uprising group (like to join the discussion.
April 07, 2022
#2 - Mieke Bosse, Scala Architecten: The fundamentals of building, traditional building in the Netherlands, housing, education
Mieke Bosse is an experienced architect at Scala Architecten, a traditional architecture firm based in The Hague, the Netherlands. With her firm she has created many projects that fit in their environment and are embraced by local residents and their new inhabitants alike. She is chair of INTBAU Nederland and has been a member of the exam committee of the Dutch architecture registry. Furthermore, Mieke was visiting professor at the University of Minnesota and teacher at the Engelsberg architecture summerschool. In this episode, we talk about a wide range of topics, ranging from her vision on architecture in general, education, the housing shortage to the history of housing projects in the Netherlands.  Visit for more information on Mieke's firm and their beautiful projects in the Netherlands.
March 25, 2022
#1 - Flavio Diaz Miron: The urban planning discipline, education, beauty, modernism
Flavio Diaz Miron is a young urban planner based in La Paz, Mexico, with a background in political sciences. He did an internship at La Table Ronde d'Architecture in Brussels and is involved with INTBAU, aiming to set up the Mexican chapter of this organisation. This is the first episode of The Aesthetic City Podcast, a podcast focused on the question: how do we improve our built environment to make it more suited to human wellbeing, more beautiful and pleasant? If you like this content, please consider to give us a favourable review on Apple Podcasts! This episode was co-hosted by George Kerpestein of the blog CasualRealism: Visit for more information about The Aesthetic City
March 10, 2022