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The Diary of Mr and Mrs Akande

The Diary of Mr and Mrs Akande

By The Diary of Mr and Mrs Akande
Diary of Mr and Mrs Akande, a fictional family of four based in Lagos Nigeria, listen if you want to be educated and entertained.
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Tojubole A.K.A Poke-Nosing

The Diary of Mr and Mrs Akande

So Far So Bliss
Is it safe to say that we are back, i think it is, it’s been one year since our last episode ( entanglements in the month of love , so trust when I say this episode is juicy with a lot of gist. Follow us on twitter @theakandes
February 12, 2022
Entanglements in the month of Love.
This was recorded in the heart of the Jada and will smith saga since we are in the valentine and love season, the songs were removed because we no want Copywrite wahala ooo!!!! back to the gist, this episode was previously dropped with RadioActive: and we just decided to drop it for our everloving family. You would definitely learn on or two.  PS: This is our longest episode.
February 12, 2021
Tutorial On How To Monetize, Distribute and Generate Maximum Revenue from your Podcast
Dear podcaster or intending podcaster, Listen to practicable tips on how to take your podcast to the next level courtesy of The Akandes in collaboration with The Outsider Podcast. Listen to other episodes by The Outsiders Podcast : and other episodes from The Akandes:  Sponsored by: Podcasters Of Nigeria
July 05, 2020
Training a Male Child
May 19 is the day set aside to celebrate the male child, so Happy International Day to all the male kids out there,  as a sequel to the previous episode (Perks of training a female child) if you missed the previous episode you can catch up, the Akande's after so many backlashes came back to give you a dose of gender equality served with ice tea, seatback, relax and enjoy. 
May 16, 2020
Office Wahala ( Relationships)
Over familiarity breeds disrespect, There is always that one person in the office that is always there for you, and if your not careful things might go south. Mrs Akande has some juicy tips on how to keep your relationship.
May 07, 2020
Training a female child.
In a world of gender inequalities, the Akande’s have some nuggets that would help you train your daughter to be brilliant and exceptional, and also how to continue the fight for SDG goal 5.
May 01, 2020
Tojubole A.K.A Poke-Nosing
The Akande’s have a flair for gossiping, but they are certainly tired of their Neigbour gossiping about things that does not concern them certainly Mrs Akande has some spicy gist to share for sure.
April 25, 2020
Settling Disputes In Your Relationship
It’s almost impossible for couples not to fight, but how do the Akande’s settle theirs? Find out this and more and learn ways on how to keep your relationship happy and peaceful.
April 22, 2020
Pilot Episode
Welcome to The Dairy of Mr and Mrs Akande, expect relatable topics mixed with pure sarcasm and comedy.
April 19, 2020