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The Black Butterfly Experience Podcast

The Black Butterfly Experience Podcast

By The Black Butterfly Experience Podcast
My name is SaAire Salton and I created this podcast specifically to address Mental Health In the Black Community, Black Families, Black Relationships & Black Issues. My journey has allowed me help those who were written off, ignored, denied the right to heal and new chances to operate with a healthy mindset. My hope is that we learn to be safe, own our peace, heal, & stop hurting ourselves & each other. #Freetherapy
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Children's Mental Health

The Black Butterfly Experience Podcast

Gangster Stress Disorder (GSD)
As we continue shedding light on mental health in the black community, it’s important touch on all the sub cultures of black communities. We’re going to dive into trap culture (much different from the “hood”). The “hood” can be the set you claim, the neighborhood you grew up in, but trap is where the killaz (killaz are not always murders) and drug dealers dwell. It’s where poverty , prostitution and drug addiction is the norm and perfectly acceptable. We’re gonna dive into the thought process of gangstas from the trap. Gangsters witness and endure a lot of trauma so much that they begin to normalize it and become numb to it. They get trapped in the dangerous cycle and the only way tended to be prison of death. In this episode we talk to Skin. He describes his upbringing and how he got involved in the trap life. His story is amazing. It's all about perseverance and resilience. We hope you enjoy. 
December 21, 2020
Incarceration and Mental Health Part II
This week, we got an opportunity to talk to my son Quincy, who is incarcerated for a nonviolent crime. He describes his thoughts and feelings the day of when he got arrested, to booking, to his court date, and his bus ride to prison. With millenials, it can be difficult to share these thoughts and feelings, but as the conversation progresses, you got an opportunity to hear Quincy open up and express some of his distrust with prison staff and the lack of professionalism. We hope you enjoy this conversation like we did and as always, thanks for listening. 
November 02, 2020
Incarceration and Mental Health
Imagine you are in jail for a crime that you didn't commit. Then imagine that your court date keeps getting pushed back because the District Attorney keeps saying they are ready for trial. Finally, you get your court date and the judge and the state is urging you to take a plea deal for the crime that you know you didn't commit. Unfortunately, this happens to people like Kalief Browder, who went through this exact situation, everyday. Browder was put into solitary confinement for 800 days, beat up by inmates and Correctional Officers. He was deprived of food and medical attention. This episode, we explore his story and argue why people that are in jail or prison, should deserve better mental treatment. 
October 26, 2020
Children's Mental Health
The rate that black children and children of color are misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed is alarming. On this episode we talk about how to recognize if there are any issues with your child and what you should do if you doctor is not prioritizing your concerns. We emphasized on the fact that planning, organizing, and executing consistently is the only way to create a safe environment and atmosphere for your children and your household.  
October 19, 2020
Law Enforcement Stress Disorder (LESD)
Do you tense up when the police is driving behind you, despite having done nothing wrong? Do you feel anxiety or get nervous when an police officer is in your presence? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you most likely have LESD or Law Enforcement Stress Disorder. Take a listen to the episode as we discuss our experience with policing in America and how it has evolved over the years into present day. 
October 12, 2020