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The Financial Journey

The Financial Journey

By SLA Financial Solutions
Walking through the financial ups and downs of our daily lives might feel exhausting, confusing and mind-boggling. What if we had a guide with us? Someone who leads us to our destination through a sound financial journey!
Bringing to you SLA Finsol’s very first podcast “The Financial Journey”, a show hosted by Ashish Modani, who voices the experiences of various investors from different walks of life, talks about the unforeseen hurdles one frequently faces while investing and guides us on reaching our ultimate financial destination with the help of a safe, sound and secure financial roadmap!
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Why DIY investing may not be good for your financial health?

The Financial Journey

Why DIY investing may not be good for your financial health?

The Financial Journey

Why "High Returns" are "The Worst Reference Points" when investing
Whenever you plan on investing, it's important to pay attention to the reason behind your investment. When your sole intention of investing is gaining good returns, there are high chances, you may not always make a wise decision.  At times, what may look like an ideal asset for investing your money might not be the one. This podcast is for the early investors and for the seasoned ones to understand why staying invested solely in the returns can invite trouble in the long run and make you feel financially insecure.  Listen to this podcast now to get insights from real-life examples that'll help you to make wise investment decisions.
April 16, 2021
Why is it difficult to save money?
Let's listen to two real stories of my clients. Both of them earn a good amount of money but spend it lavishly too. Do you think they would become equally wealthy 5 years down the line or would they end up facing the consequences of not saving up for their future goals? There is a difference between earning a lot of money and being wealthy. This podcast is going to tell you how earning a lot of money alone is not enough for becoming rich. It is how you plan your finances and savings that decide your pathway to becoming wealthy. Tune in to the podcast to understand why you must save even if it feels difficult at the current moment and why saving up money is the only way to have a secure future. Listen now!
April 9, 2021
Plan for your child's future when you plan them
In this podcast, we're going to talk about a financial decision that most parents and parents-to-be need to make at the right time. However, most of them aren't aware of when is the right time and why. This financial decision is about the higher education of your children. Higher education is not about tuition fees alone. There's a lot that comes along with it. With the rising cost of higher education, it's essential to take a closer look at this matter before time runs out.  Planning your child's higher education should begin while raising the child or while planning the child? It might seem like a tricky question, but we are about to simplify it for you. Listen to this podcast to understand why and when should you plan your kid's higher studies well in advance.
March 20, 2021
Why women resist taking charge of their finances?
It's International Women's Day! Every Women's day, as each year passes, I find more women stepping forward and standing up for themselves and their finances. However, we must not forget that we still have miles to go. This podcast is for all the women and the men surrounding them who need to understand the importance of involving women in financial matters. Every woman has the right to voice her opinion when financial matters are being discussed. It's our duty to encourage and add value to the wisdom every woman carries within herself naturally! Hope this podcast helps you to enhance your financial wisdom and kickstart your journey of financial independence. P.S - We are an AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor
March 8, 2021
Why DIY investing may not be good for your financial health?
Can new age Technology replace good old humans? Is DIY Investing really worth the time and energy you invest in it? Will DIY investing ensure you reach your goals and not get lost on the way? Being in the financial intermediary business, these questions have not only been a part of our team’s everyday discussions but have also given us a realistic picture based on our client’s experiences. In this podcast, our Founder - Ashish Modani walks you through one of our client’s DIY investing experience and his realization about “He cannot do it all”. Yes, that's exactly what our client said.  Tune in to our latest podcast to understand why a well read and aware investor like our client does not want to handle his investments on his own. Streaming now!
March 1, 2021
Why Couples Should Take Financial Decisions Together?
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which makes us ponder over one question - Is love the only aspect you should be looking at while planning for the future with your partner? Absolutely not! Financial Compatibility is the foundation of what most people call #RelationshipGoals these days. Reasons that often cause friction in a relationship primarily stem from money-related matters. Some of these causes are partner’s debts/liabilities, joint account conflicts, opposite spending habits, mismatched financial goals, and many more.  To know why taking joint financial decisions as a couple is a key to a successful relationship, listen to our latest podcast, streaming now.
February 12, 2021
2020 – The Year of Reality Checks
2020 has finally departed. A year that undoubtedly left a bitter aftertaste, but a taste we shall remember for the rest of our lives. From a salaried individual to a business tycoon, every single person felt the jolt of the pandemic and its subsequent effect on various things. Most of all what caught our eye were the fact that this unforeseen situation was a wake-up call for those who didn’t have their finances in place, especially for an emergency situation like this. It was indeed a true test of financial management and a much-needed reality check.  Hear our latest podcast and understand how can you be prepared for the years to come. 
January 16, 2021
4 reasons why you should change your financial intermediary
A few days ago a prospective client called me and stated that he already had an existing Financial Intermediary but wanted to shift to a new one. On asking him the reason for making this switch, the prospect gave two reasons which bothered and intrigued us at the same time.  So, what reasons should really drive you to change your Financial Advisor or Intermediary? As an Investor, what should you expect from your advisor in terms of their scope of work? Our fresh new episode walks you through this topic in greater detail and dives deeper into the factors you should typically consider before taking this major step. Spreading the Christmas Cheer with this intriguing Podcast, our Founder - Ashish Modani elaborates on this topic with an interesting Santa Claus analogy too! Listen Now.
December 25, 2020
Have your financial priorities changed with age?
Our life plans and dreams change at each stage of life as we age along the way. This week’s podcast walks you through a conversation that our Founder - Ashish Modani had with a 72-year-old prospective client. This client has a scattered bag of investments in his portfolio which he chose to invest in with no specific goal in his mind. His concern - No Returns!  But this concern didn't bother Ashish. Questions like - "Does the client have a succession plan in place (given he has no kids)? Was his wife aware of his investments? How will the money be used for the well-being of his wife in case of an uncertainty?" were concerns that were bigger than just ‘No Returns’ for Ashish and should have been for the client too! Listen to this latest podcast as Ashish delves into the details of what one should be worrying about at this age and why?
December 11, 2020
Managing finance is more than knowing the best investments
With the world engulfed by Coronavirus, most of us seem to know the symptoms and assume to know the cure of this novel disease. But is it right to assume the cure considering this virus affects different bodies in different ways? Absolutely not. Concerned by the same, is one of our clients who is a Doctor. He made Ashish aware of the fact that his patients were trusting the internet and only approached him when things got out of control. They are beginning to trust their friends and family for treatments even when they know they are not experienced and qualified to do so.  As the conversation shifted to finance, Ashish was startled to know that the same client was over-exposed to a mutual fund scheme on the advice of one of his close friends and funnily contradicted his own explanation.  Listen to this interesting podcast to know how the conversation unfolds.
November 20, 2020
Is Limited Term Premium Policy really beneficial?
Buying a life insurance policy has always been a mind-boggling puzzle for most of us. This week’s podcast dissects the details of our recent candidate in the term insurance run - ‘The Limited-Term Premium Policy’ that is making heads turn now more than ever. This policy, allows you to pay higher premiums and enables you to pay off your amount in a lesser number of years while staying covered for the term much longer than the regular insurance policy. Moreover, it also has the provision of giving you a cover up to the age of 85! Impressive, isn’t it? But what’s the real catch about this too good to be true scheme? Listen to our Founder - Ashish Modani as he shares a recent client conversation in this intriguing podcast!
October 16, 2020
Bad financial decisions are always made in the best times
When our income increases, everything seems so rosy, hopeful and optimistic, leading us to make long term financial commitments that seem just right! But looking back on the past the same financial decisions may seem terrible, careless and impulsive, sometimes even costing us a fortune, when sadly things might not seem so rosy anymore!  This week’s podcast with Ashish Modani walks you through a similar incident faced by one of SLA’s clients and how the ongoing pandemic isn’t pain.
September 18, 2020
Financial Independence : Every Kids Business
As parents, we’ve always wanted our kids to be independent and self-reliant when it comes to managing their own lives. We take pride in their first job, their first salary, their first bonus, and so on. Isn’t it?! But why do we tag them as ‘Kids’ when we talk about managing finances? Why do we manage our grown-up children’s funds on behalf of them? Why do we assume that they won’t understand what financial planning means?  Learning is a part of earning. Financial planning is a life skill every kid should be familiar with from a very young age. If your child is eligible to earn a regular income, why can’t he/she understand about finances? Listen to the podcast to understand why should you enable your children to become financially independent. 
September 4, 2020
Retirement v/s Financial Security for Grownup Kids- What would you choose?
This important anecdote from a discussion with one of my clients will give you a deeper view of the root cause of why parents end up being dependant on their kids in their old age.  Please keep in mind, as a parent, Retirement Planning is as important for you as providing for your children and their dreams. In most cases, parents outlive their money in their old age and tend to be dependant on their kids. But do you really want to be dependent on your kids when you have been independent your whole life? To understand why we ask our clients to save funds for themselves first is to primarily secure their future before anyone else’s. Listen to our latest podcast to understand where this thought stems from.
August 28, 2020
August 27, 2020
August 27, 2020