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The Fitness Nerd

The Fitness Nerd

By Brad Elliott
A candid indepth look at the good, the bad and the ugly side of the fitness industry.
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TFN #16 - So you're a what?

The Fitness Nerd

TFN #16 - So you're a what?

The Fitness Nerd

TFN #031 - Starting and sticking to a new years resolution.
Now is the time to start! But if you want to wait until the new year to get your butt off the couch and finally get in shape like you've been telling everyone you would, then Jerret and I will help you get started and share some ideas on how to stick to your new goal and surpass the dreaded three month marker so that would can solidify your new fitness habit and become a bonafide bad ass.
December 24, 2020
TFN #030 - Jonathan Ells
Jon is a veteran trainer who's knowledge of the fitness industry is matched only by his enthusiasm and passion as an educator. Jon has seen great success as a personal trainer and has now branched out on his own to extend that success in the world of online training.
December 14, 2020
TFN #029 - Rebecca Thomas
Rebecca Thomas is an endurance athlete,  former Senior Consultant for Diversity and Inclusion and is now a Student Advisor and Indigenous support person as well as a proud representative of the Mi'kmaq First Nation. 
November 24, 2020
TFN #028 - Shea Lenehan
Shea is a successful personal trainer, strength coach and an all around athlete. This week we talk about strategies to becoming an elite trainer, common pitfalls we sometime fall into and how cool it is to deadlift 600lb's! 
November 16, 2020
TFN #027 - Get fit by Christmas!
Christmas comes early as we share some tips on how to get in shape by the time Santa gets here and get a head start on the new year!
November 10, 2020
TFN #026 - Dave Prime at Prime Strength Club
We talk about how strength and fitness has helped Dave and inspired him to open his own gym. His refreshing take on the industry is infectious and has helped create a thriving business in the middle of a pandemic which has fostered a culture that is hard to beat!
November 2, 2020
TFN #025 - Josh Slate
We talk about the growing popularity of soccer in North America and what this means for youth soccer and what opportunities this could present for kids who play.
October 27, 2020
TFN #024 - The debate of a 1 rep max with children. Is it safe?
This week we are joined with top trainer Laurie Van Den Heuvel as we discuss the risks vs rewards of 1 rep max loads with children.
October 20, 2020
TFN #023 - How to get a killer workout done in 30 mins or less.
We prescribe three different workouts to give you an awesome workout even on your busiest day!
October 13, 2020
TFN #22 - Dr. Emily Wiggin is here!
Dr. Emily Wiggin is Chiropractor, Yoga Instructor and a level 2 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Expert.
October 9, 2020
TFN #021 - Seven deadly sins of training.
We discuss the seven deadly sins of training and why they can be standing in the way of your goals.
October 6, 2020
TFN #20 - How lose or gain those last few inches by breaking through sticking points.
There is nothing more frustrating then getting stuck in your training. Sooner or later it happens to the best of us and can lead quitting altogether. This week Jerret and I talk talk about how to overcome these stubborn sticking points so you can get back to being awesome!
September 22, 2020
TFN #19 - Is Bro science legit or BS?
We play the roles of myth busters as we discuss some of the most common "bro science" topics. Are they pure BS or is there some truth behind them?
September 15, 2020
TFN #18 - Get in shape without the gym.
This is for anyone looking to get in great shape without seeing the inside of a gym. We count the calories for you on some of the best activities you can do to lose a few pounds and look good naked.
September 9, 2020
TFN #17 - Working around injuries
We talk about all things injury. • Are you hurt or injured? • What steps to take if you get injured. • How to train around injuries.
September 2, 2020
TFN #16 - So you're a what?
We talk about strategies and tricks that you won't find in any text book but can help you excel quickly as a personal trainer and become successful in your business. We also offer a few ideas on what to look for if you are looking at hiring a PT to make sure you find someone who's compatible with you and can get you the results you're looking for.
August 24, 2020
TFN #15 - Lucas Aaron of Range of Strength.
Lucas Aaron tells us how flexibility can open new doors to strength and performance.
August 18, 2020
TFN #014 - Risks of sport specific training with youths.
We discuss the potential risks involved with sport specific training with young athletes and we also dive into how to maximize results with older adults.
August 10, 2020
TFN #013
We go over the effects of COVID on the fitness industry. • the growing popularity of group fitness and it's effects on personal training • adding muscle with limited equipment and training/eating for your body type and much more!
August 4, 2020
TFN #012 - Create your own workouts to try at home!
I speak about the ingredients that you will need to quickly create an effective and simply workout to try in the comfort of your own home. 
April 3, 2020
TFN #011 - We talk about the secret to success in any gym!
We talk about a simple formula; Consistency + Intensity + Intelligence = Success. And how you can apply this formula to get the most out of your training, regardless of your environment.
July 15, 2018
TFN #010 - Giant Q and A Segment with brand new co-host Ben Costigan
Giant Q and A Segment with brand new co-host Ben Costigan.
June 29, 2018
TFN #009 - Lose weight and get strong at the same time! - Adva Barkai
How to overcome frustration and not give in to excuses on the road to finding the key to weight loss and power!
June 15, 2018
TFN #008 - Fat Loss Methods That Actually Work! - Jerret Laycock
We talk about the best techniques we use with people to help shed body fat.
June 6, 2018
TFN #007 - Amazing Results With Kettlebell Sport
Power couple Jarret Ryerson and Camillia Snow talk with me about the growing popularity of Kettlebell Sport and the benefits of training with Kettlebells.
May 29, 2018
TFN #006 - Kris Mulcahy
I sit with my old boss man and mentor Kris Mulcahy as we talk about the dangers of following the wrong fitness idols and how to become a solid personal trainer and survive in this tough industry.
May 17, 2018
TFN #005 - Emily Huner
Emily shares how she used fitness to cope with tragedy and transformed herself into a marathoner, triathlete, extreme course racer and MS ass kicker!
May 6, 2018
TFN #004 -Ben Costigan is a personal trainer and women's health specialist
We chat about common mistakes people make in gyms, the biggest mistakes we have made and a bunch of other stuff we discovered falling down the rabbit hole.
April 24, 2018
TFN - #003 - Mel Gallagher and Ryker Titus
We sit down and go through everything you need to know about the crossfit open. If you are thinking of trying or hoping to improve your results, you can't miss this one!
April 17, 2018
TFN #002 - BS Diets! Jerret Laycock is a personal trainer who specializes in high level athletics.
Jerret and I chat about the biggest dieting scams that are growing in popularity and we offer help on how to avoid these pitfalls and fix your diet the right way!
April 4, 2018