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First time here? Have a taste of what's in The Maven's Diary before you jump into bed with me between your ears.

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By Susan Jarvis, The Maven
Through sharing stories, knowledge and personal experiences, The Maven leads the listener on an informative, evocative and sometimes hilarious journey towards embracing sexuality and mortality.
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Susan, The Maven interviews Joan Price, Senior Sexuality Advocate and Author of new book Sex After Grief
How do you navigate the loss of a beloved? How do you know when it's the right time to reconnect with your body? How do you deal with feelings of guilt and being unfaithful if you find intimacy and/or love again? Joan Price has experienced all of this and more when she lost the love of her life, Robert. Knowing that many...many people need to discuss the topic of sex after grief...Joan set about researching the stories of both grievers and non-grievers.  Her latest work is the collective wisdom of those stories now cleverly crafted into words written with deep kindness and compassion for others. Her advice is delivered in a manner that is true to the heart of deep emotion and a celebration of joy.  If you are in Australia you can purchase Sex After Grief via and Booktopia.  Overseas buyers can purchase directly from Joan:  It was my absolute pleasure to speak with Joan for an hour and this is just a snippet of what we covered. Stay tuned for updates as I will be publishing bonus episodes with Joan in the future. You can also watch this interview on YouTube Channel:  The Maven from The Spicy Boudoir
August 1, 2019
Would you go to a sexuality workshop? I'm about to, for the very first time!
Despite being a person who is very comfortable with their sexuality and talking about sex, I have never been to a workshop to explore and develop my sexual persona and knowledge. That is about to change with my participation in workshops conducted by the good people from Curious Creatures.  In this episode, I am speaking with one of the facilitators, Roger Butler, about what to expect and what to wear. My partner and I will be attending 'Fun Little Sex Games' and 'Kink 101'. We're looking forward to sharing this experience together. Stay tuned to the podcast as I'll be speaking with Roger again next week when I debrief with him about our learnings. Thank you for listening! Warm regards, Susan, The Maven
July 19, 2019
Conversations with a Sexologist: sensuality, being your authentic self & how a vibrator can help with your orgasm!
In this episode I am chatting with Richelle Menzies, a Clinical Sexologist based in Hobart, Tasmania.  Aside from her private practice, Sensual Potential, Richelle is also the resident sexologist on BENT FM and has been a guest speaker with renown sexologist Isiah McKimmie talking about non-monogamous relationships and vulvas. Richelle is very well-known in the Queer community for her work.  Richelle is a lifetime member of Queensland Aids Council, a member of the LGBTI Health Alliance, the Society of Australian Sexology (SAS), the Australian Counselling Association, the Australian Community Workers Association and the National Disability Practitioners network.  If you would like to work with Richelle you can contact her via her website:  The 101 year old Sexologist mentioned by Richelle is Dr Shirley Zussman. Pssst...The vibrator mentioned in the podcast is my all-time favourite. It's not your ordinary, run of the mill vibrator,'s fit for a Queen! Click here for the Zalo
July 10, 2019
The Woman's Guide to 'Adult' Online Dating
My tips for women when dating in the 'adult' online dating-sphere. You will hear how I approached writing my profile and I hope you find some valuable lessons in how to write a profile that will attract the right person. Unlike some, I chose to date on an adult site because I could not find mature, like-minded people on the more conservative sites. There will be a guide for men in the future too.   Regards, Susan, The Maven
July 1, 2019
BONUS: My wrinkled Dolmio grin
Wrinkles are important and not just to women seeking a youthful appearance. My wrinkles mean something that is unique to my life and to erase them would rub out precious memories. Doesn't mean I don't moisturize though, no one likes dry, itchy skin. What do your wrinkles mean to you? This episode is dedicated to my Mother, Maggie Tabberer and Joan Price.
June 28, 2019
First time here? Have a taste of what's in The Maven's Diary before you jump into bed with me between your ears.
I am not a porn star.  I'm a woman who embraces life with kindness, compassion, empathy and lots of bloody good sex. Not looking for fame, just looking to help others lose their fear to try something different in life - except don't do drugs, that shit is bad for you. This trailer will give you an idea of what topics you'll find in my diaries. Remember these two things: Living a life in fear is a life half lived - Anonymous What would life be if we didn't have courage to attempt anything? - Vincent Van Gogh I hold these quotes close to my heart and they give me strength to be me. You can too. Love and light. The Maven
June 26, 2019
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