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The Mychal Bryan Podcast

The Mychal Bryan Podcast

By The Mychal Bryan Podcast
The Mychal Bryan Podcast is a touchstone of Yoga, healing, and mindfulness-based living for the modern seeker wanting to live a life of depth. Here is where I share my interviews with the leaders and teachers within these fields from around the world as well as the gems of wisdom I've discovered in my lifetime of spiritual practice. From deep heart-to-hearts with teachers who represent the broad field of Yoga to insightful conversations with healers from all walks of life, to free meditations, practices, and masterclasses, I hope you'll find your sweet spot here with us. Welcome Home.
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Peter Scott on Iyengar Yoga as a Path of Surrender

The Mychal Bryan Podcast

LOIS STEINBERG on Iyengar Yoga for Menstruation
IYENGAR YOGA + WOMEN'S HEALTH -- EP. 10 --  For the Month of May we will be highlighting a series of conversations with my teacher Dr. Lois Steinberg on Iyengar Yoga and Women’s Reproductive Health. To begin this new series, in this episode we take a look at Menstruation - what it’s effects are within a woman’s life, how it is approached within Iyengar Yoga, and why all teachers should know how to give adaptations to support women while on their cycle. To find out more about Lois, visit
May 1, 2021
Patricia Walden on Cultivating the Yogic Mind
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 09 -- Different people have had different experiences of what Iyengar Yoga is, and who BKS Iyengar was. For Patricia Walden, when she met Guruji, she knew automatically that he was her teacher and that studying Iyengar Yoga was her path. Over 40 years later, Patricia is now the most senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher in America and still dedicated to her powerful practice. Tune into this conversation to learn how Patricia used Iyengar Yoga to heal her depression, how she teaches others to do the same, and also how she uses her platform as a teacher not just to teach the asana and pranayama component of this practice, but how she also infuses the rich spiritual philosophical writings of BKS Iyengar into  every class she teaches.
April 23, 2021
David Meloni on Learning Directly from the Master
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 08 -- In dance school, "Virtuoso" is the word we use when a dancer does something with a high level of excellence, virtuosity, and grace. The first time I saw David Meloni's practice, the only word I could describe it as was "virtuoso". As the holder of the highest level of Iyengar Yoga Certification in the world, one would expect nothing less. In this interview, David shares his story about how he as a teenager fell deeply in love with the practice of Iyengar Yoga, how he searched to find teachers in Italy to guide him on his path, and ultimately how that path led him to the feet of BKS Iyengar himself. We talk about cultivating the spirit of constant exploration within our Iyengar Yoga practice, we explore Iyengar Yoga as it is taught in the world today and what Guruji's teachings actually were, and how we as the global Iyengar Yoga community can move closer to bridging the gap between those two experiences. To study with David, visit his website at:
March 26, 2021
Gulnaaz Dashti on Simplifying Iyengar Yoga
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 07 -- The systematic approach with which Iyengar Yoga has been built creates confidence, security, and the clear light of intelligence within practitioners. However, in Iyengar Yoga being disseminated around the world, it has gone through changes and interpretations that don't always reflect the reality of these teachings as they are taught in Pune. This week, we are going to the Iyengar Yoga Motherland in Pune, India and speaking with Gulnaaz Dashti who had the opportunity to study with BKS Iyengar for her entire life and is one of the teachers at RIMYI. In this interview, Gulnaaz shares her story, what Iyengar Yoga means to her, and how much of her role as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher is in cleaning up the misconceptions that people have about what Iyengar Yoga practice actually is.
March 19, 2021
John Schumacher on the Wholeness of Iyengar Yoga
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 06 -- Within any teacher/student relationship there is often the tendency on the part of the student to emulate both the teachings and the teacher they represent. This is something many of us who practice Iyengar Yoga find ourselves faced with - whether through emulating our mentors or wanting to teach in the spirit of Mr. Iyengar himself. Advanced Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and founder of Unity Woods John Schumacher spoke with me about his journey to finding his own voice, his own softness, and ultimately himself through his over 40 years as a yoga teacher. Tune in to our conversation to learn how you can begin to do the same.
March 12, 2021
Uday Bhosale on Iyengar Yoga & the Fire of Compassion
Discipline is one of the key hallmarks of Iyengar Yoga. However, underneath that discipline is a deep fire of compassion that continues to lead us down the path of unbroken practice, self-discovery, and dedication. Tune into this conversation with Uday Bhosale and I as we dive into the heart of Iyengar Yoga practice. We discuss the balance of discipline and compassion within teaching Iyengar Yoga and how we can better serve our community and the world through this practice.
March 6, 2021
Peter Scott on Iyengar Yoga as a Path of Surrender
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 04 -- Surrender tends to be a difficult concept for many of us in the West. However, within the practice of Iyengar Yoga it's something that we have to face time and time again if we truly intend to progress along this path as both teachers and practitioners. Tune into this conversation with Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Peter Scott and I as we dive deep into the heart of what it means to surrender while on the path of Iyengar Yoga, the ways in which previous knowledge can get in the way, and the Grand Canyon of possibility that awaits us all when we choose to dig our heels into one tradition and continue to dig deeper from there.
February 19, 2021
Gabriella Giubilaro on 50 Years of Unbroken Iyengar Yoga Practice
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 03 --  Constant study is one of the hallmarks of Iyengar Yoga that attracted me so deeply to this practice. That's why getting to speak with Gabriella Giubilaro was such a treat. After 50 years of practice and teaching, Gabriella still prioritizes her study and studentship in Iyengar Yoga, and she is still learning new things through her practice today. Find out where a lifetime of unbroken practice, curiosity, and devotion has led Gabriella this week on The Mychal Bryan Podcast.
February 15, 2021
Developing Sensitivity through Iyengar Yoga with Jaki Nett
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 02 --  On this week's episode, I get to interview my own GrandMaMa - Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, and author Jaki Nett on her life with Iyengar Yoga. Join us as we go on the fascinating journey through Jaki's childhood, how she began the exciting adventure of becoming a Playboy Bunny, and how she ultimately found herself firmly planeted on the path of Iyengar Yoga. Find out Jaki's thoughts about how her practice has changed with time, what advice she has for teachers today, and how she has navigated being a strong black woman in an often strange and wonderful world.
February 5, 2021
Lois Steinberg on Iyengar Yoga as an Evolutionary Practice
IYENGAR YOGA -- EP. 01 --  Serendipity brought my Iyengar Yoga teacher and mentor Lois Steinberg into my life. Years later, I've travelled with her, studied with her, and have had the opportunity to experience the living heart of Iyengar Yoga under her guidance. Because of everything I've gained from her, I wanted to dedicate the first episode of The Mychal Bryan Podcast to her life and her unbroken, dedicated practice of Iyengar Yoga. In this episode, we explore how Lois came to Iyengar Yoga, what led her into the specific therapeutic areas of this practice that she is so renowned for,  and how she feels the changing landscape of the wider Yoga industry is impacting the integrity of Iyengar Yoga knowledge and teachings. We discuss her famous "We Do Not Know How To Teach" article, and end with a vision of the future of Iyengar Yoga that she personally received from Mr. Iyengar during his final years of life. Join us as we take this journey into the constantly evolving heart of Iyengar Yoga.
January 29, 2021