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The Non-Technical Technical Club

The Non-Technical Technical Club

By The ChatC Group
Join founder of The ChatC Group, Jenn Etchegary, as she has a mix of tech and real-life chats with some of the top experts and upcoming stars in our industries.

Listen to our Interview With An Expert series every Tuesday. Listen to emerging technology experts in virtual reality in sports, hiring conversational design, augmented reality in marketing and many more. Each month we will release a new topic with 4-5 expert interviews giving their thoughts on today and the future.

Our recently written series allows you the enjoyment of listening to our latest articles on various topics.
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Hillary Black On Creating Better Bots And How To Get Hired To Design Them

The Non-Technical Technical Club

Hillary Black On Creating Better Bots And How To Get Hired To Design Them

The Non-Technical Technical Club

Chris Cade On Creating AI Solutions That Work Post COVID
In this episode of Interview With An Expert, Jenn Etchegary sits down with Chris Cade, CEO of SaaSberry Innovation Laboratories Ltd.  With over 25 years of high tech experience working for some of the world's largest tech companies including being a Microsoft Alumni, Chris brings extensive knowledge and experience in technical solution building, custom software engineering, machine learning and technological legal negotiations.  Three years ago Chris decided to leave the corporate role and start SaaSberry when he witnessed the need for businesses to get help on leveraging technology for disruption. He sees that the world will change more in the next 10 years than it has over the past 25 years of his career. He has grown SaaSberrys team with a slogan that they are engineers of disruption.  Chris and SaaSberry are based in Port Moody BC just on the outskirts of Vancouver.  Episode Summary We discuss the challenges faced during COVID-19 and the types of problems businesses were facing over the last 12 months. Chris gives us some great case studies, showcasing how different businesses have started using AI to enhance their customer experience.   Jenn and Chris discuss mid-size businesses approaching each problem & solution and how quickly the changes should happen, as well as how important it is for the CEO to be a part of the discussions. We take a look at post COVID projects & what consumers are going to be demanding. Plus, we look at the new trends of current apps, how video is the next big thing in sales and where emerging technology will be in the next 5-10 years.  Episode Highlights [00:30] We discuss what happened with COVID and how businesses had to adapt online vs traditional methods.  [08:00] We discuss how small and mid-size businesses should approach the different solutions available by properly using their data available.  [10:40] We discuss the importance of analyzing data, cleaning up the data and using it correctly when getting into the AI world.  [12:20] We discuss a case study using a chatbot for relieving stress on their help desk and the results of the project.  [14:30] We discuss post COVID projects that Chris is seeing CEOs looking into to get into emerging technology. [17:00] We discuss the smart way of getting your business into emerging technology and catch up to the rest of the world's technology. [19:40] We discuss where Chris sees the retail industry, especially the restaurant industry, in the next 5-10 years with emerging technology. Connect with Chris & SaaSberry Connect with Jenn: Connect with The ChatC Group
October 5, 2021
Amanda Stevens On Being A Conversation Designer Detective & The Power Of In-house Designers
In this episode of Interview With An Expert, Jenn Etchegary sits down with Amanda Stevens. Amanda is the Director of Conversation Design, leading the conversation design team at Master of Code Global, a conversational AI firm with 5 offices worldwide. Her love of linguistics, seamless user experiences, and technology led her to the conversation design field. She has worked on and launched chat experiences for a multitude of channels including, SMS, Apple Messages for Business, Messenger, Google Business Messages, web and apps. Her work includes designing experiences for large and enterprise-level brands across an array of industries including T-Mobile, Ulta Beauty, Esso Canada, and Aveda. Listen in as they talk about the importance of understanding the role of a conversational designer and what the future holds for the industry. Episode Summary Amanda talks about how she got started in conversation design and the advancements that have happened since her first day on the job.  We break down the long list of steps needed when creating a bot.  The complete process from start to finish including what is needed from the bot. Breaking down, the more you understand the better your bot will be. We talk about the growth in hiring designers and the shortage there currently is, especially in North America. What foundations do you need to get started in this industry and who makes a great candidate.  Together we discuss the importance of tone and even punctuation within a chatbot.  How it can work with or against your brand and who you want your bot to really be while keeping diversity in mind.  Plus, learn about exciting new training for companies to avoid third-party hiring and use their internal team to stay on top of the industry.  Episode Highlights [1:00] We discuss conversation design and how it has evolved [3:55] We discuss the role of a designer and their day to day process [8:15] We discuss recruiting conversation designers and the shortage of designers globally [12:10] We discuss courses available for learning and easy ways to stay on top of your game [14:25] We discuss chatbot branding from a marketing point of view [19:05] We discuss voice chatbots and the science behind voice frequencies  [21:50] We discuss where conversation design will be in the next 5-10 years [24:10] We discuss what companies can do to harness the power of AI without using third parties Resource List Q Genderless Voice: Connect with Amanda Twitter: Linkedin: Websites: Connect with Jenn:  LinkedIn:   Connect with The ChatC Group  Website:  LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Instagram:
September 28, 2021
Jason F. Gilbert Spills The Tea on His Shift From Creative Director to Conversation Designer & How To Hire One
In this episode of Interview With An Expert, Jenn Etchegary sits down with Jason Fredric Gilbert. Jason is an award-winning Conversation Designer and AnnA's Co-Creator. He is currently the character designer for ElliQ, a social robot for the elderly.  He began his career at imperson ( and was the creative director/lead conversation designer on some of the world's most entertaining chatbots; Miss Piggy, Doc Brown, Murdoc Niccalz and many many more.    Episode Summary   - We discuss how Jason got into Conversation Design in 2015 and what projects he started on that got him hooked.  - Jenn and Jason talk about compliance and the importance of testing your chatbot for all types of use and abuse. Plus, learn what Bob Gale, Back to the Future screenwriter, said to the Doc Brown chatbot.  - We break down the role of a conversation designer, how it plays out in the AI application process and the personas and goals that need to be set. Also, Jason provides some great points on why emotions are an important part of building your chatbots.  - We talk about the damage that can be created to your brand when you rush your chatbot and how to do it right by hiring and training correctly.  What do you need to look for in this new role, and how to properly identify a good candidate over another for each project.   - Breaking down different professionals that would make great conversation designers and the high request to hire them and the privacy convers behind your bots and designers.    Resource List   Paperbacks:  Designing Voice User Interfaces: Principles of Conversational Experiences - Cathy Pearl   Courses: Conversation Design Institute:   Online Community:   Voice Lunch:   Guest Links   Connect with Jason: LinkedIn:   Connect with Jenn: LinkedIn:   Connect with The ChatC Group Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
September 22, 2021
Hillary Black On Creating Better Bots And How To Get Hired To Design Them
In this episode of Interview With An Expert, Jenn Etchegary sits down with Hillary Black, a conversation designer, marketer, content creator and speaker on all things conversation design. She is a co-founder and head of marketing at Mav, the AI SMS assistant, and the founder of, the first and only job board created specifically for conversation designers, that uses AI to match candidates with hiring managers based on their unique skills. Before her career in conversation design began, she spent a decade in social media building brands and creating content for companies like Vine, Beats by Dre and the University of Michigan. Hillary is incredibly passionate about supporting and growing the conversation design community, and helping people all over the world become conversation designers, create better bots and get hired! Episode Summary We discuss what a conversational designer is and what role they play in the conversational AI application. As well as where to go to hire the right conversational designer. Hillary breaks down how she become a conversational designer and the resources available to help you train your new hires. She also breaks down what backgrounds to look for when hiring for this emerging role and how to be realistic in your job search. Jenn and Hillary go over marketing with chatbots and where they are the most effective when you are working with repeated processes. Episode Highlights [00:43] We discuss how Mav is helping other companies with SMS [02:50] We discuss how important marketing copy and conversational design is with SMS [03:22] We discuss what a conversational designer is and their role [04:49] We discuss training a conversational designer [07:25] We discuss hiring a conversational designer and what to look for [10:32] We discuss tools to help conversation designers check their work [11:34] We discuss hiring conversational designers, the roles & the why [18:53] We discuss how important it is to provide SMS chatbot marketing [21:00] We discuss where chatbots are the most effective [23:02] We discuss from a lead standpoint which industries are using leveraging chatbots [26:03] We discuss where Hillary sees the future of chatbots and their evaluation Resource List Paperbacks: Conversations with Things: UX Design for Chat and Voice - Rebecca Evanhoe  Courses: Voice Tech Global Conversational Design Institute UX Writers Collective Conversational Design Tools: Facebook Community Botmock Botsociety VoiceFlow Hiring Tools: Conversational Design Jobs Connect with Hillary: Website LinkedIn Twitter Instagram
September 14, 2021
Interview With An Expert: Brielle Nickoloff On Conversational Design in HR
In this episode of Interview With An Expert, Jenn Etchegary sits down with Brielle Nickoloff, a linguist and conversation designer without a technical background. Brielle's mission is to empower fellow non-technical creatives to build amazing things. Because of this, her work as Head of Product at Botmock is a labour of love. Brielle is a guest lecturer at Georgetown University and she has been invited to host conversation design workshops internationally. Listen in as they talk about the importance of working with a trained conversational designer and what the future holds for the industry.  Episode Summary - Brielle Nickoloff, co-founder of Botmock, sits down with Jenn Etchegary, CEO of The ChatC Group to discuss the future of conversational design in the next 5 to 7 years. - We discuss the importance of understanding global language and including everyone when designing your conversational flow. - Brielle breaks down how companies should start recruiting and hiring the right designers for the right projects and which tools they should be using today in the future. Episode Highlights - [0:38] We discuss how Botmock is helping designers create better experiences - [3:44] We discuss what a conversational designer is and what role they play - [6:22] We discuss training and hiring the right conversational designer - [10:18] We discuss how you recruit for the technical side of hiring - [14:30] We discuss how companies need to understand personas for the chatbot - [16:00] We discuss how conversational experience and how important it is - [18:30] We discuss how important it is to understand the different accents & tones  - [21:00] We discuss the future of conversational design Connect with Brielle: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Connect with Jenn: LinkedIn: Connect with The ChatC Group Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
September 7, 2021