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The Process ANR

The Process ANR

By The Process
Welcome to the process, a space for a small collective of netrunner players to attempt to open source the whole deckbuilding, testing, and tuning process for an entire season of competitive netrunner.
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Episode 5: Continental Drift

The Process ANR

Episode 7 - The Mothman Prophecies
It's been... a long time, but we're back and there are a whole load of new cards to talk about! Come and find out the most questionable out of faction place to play Moon Pool, the most powerful id to play Twinning in that none of us want to play, and what professionally boring corp deck we'd all play at a CO next weekend until someone more interesting comes up with something fun
July 25, 2022
Episode 6 - Pad Dash: Deep Space
We're back again, this time with a discussion of Nisei's hotly anticipated world's banlist update. This one is quite heavy on the theory based analysis and low on the actual conclusions but hopefully, once the dust has settled a bit, we'll be able to bring some more helpful conclusions and lists we're looking at on the blog
October 20, 2021
Episode 5: Continental Drift
In which we discuss continentals, inters, the meta going into worlds and when we hope the banlist is going to be announced - this was totally recorded before NISEI announced when that would actually happen, promise
September 22, 2021
Episode 4 - What is clot anyway?
We're back, and on this episode Mike, John, Chris and an additional bonus Chris discuss: the latest banlist update from Nisei, our approach to the upcoming fite nite event and the lists we're playing and the highly varied, different and shocking runner decks all of the other teams are taking to that event - as well as demonstrating that we really, definitely know what is in our own, carefully refined decks. The lists in question can all be seen here
June 30, 2021
Episode 3 - Truzt the Procezz
On this episode Chris, John and Mike are back with a look at the Chatteris and Stevenage store championships and some of the twists and turns in the meta that have come up as the Gateway meta has shaken out, as well as some thoughts on the latest banlist update from Nisei.
April 29, 2021
Episode 2 - Rotation and Update and Gateway Oh My
So a whole lot's happened, after a bit of a break post worlds and a long gap since we've had some new cards there's suddenly a ton to talk about. System Update and System Gateway have both been released and the third major rotation of cards has happened, taking out the SanSan Cycle and Honor and Profit. On this episode Chris, Mike and John talk through what the major changes to the meta mean for each faction and our very first thoughts on what we'll be looking at this week, prior to the Chatteris and Stevenage store championships in the next couple of weeks. Please note that for scheduling reasons we recorded this on the evening of Saturday the 27th, after the runner and corp economy articles had been released but before the full spoiler gave us the last handful of cards. None of those really changed anything in our analysis although a couple of them are pretty playable cards (particularly Weyland Restructure and Ansel 1.0) but at the time we didn't know what they did. Also, the decks we mention towards the end are very much our first assumptions about the places to be looking as we start testing. Things are churning very quickly as people process the cards and even in the last couple of days we've shifted a bit. Asa is stepping right back to the front of the pack with Anoetic Void once we all stopped trying to fit Lakshmi into it and accept that it's changed a bit, and Neurospike Weyland decks are looking like a tier 1.5 rogue outsider that can't really be ignored. Crim, as ever, remains the fun police.
March 30, 2021
Episode 1 - Fanboy 3 SC Debrief
In our first proper episode we discuss the just finished Fanboy 3 store championship, the results for which are linked below on AlwaysBeRunning and Cobra. With some actual data and proper competitive games in the meta, how do we feel about the Palana and Hayley lists we played last time, what will we be testing for the next few weeks and is the meta looking fun?
January 24, 2021
Episode 0 - Salvaged Memories
In this first test episode binarydogs, MikeP and nemamiah discuss the all-stars returning to the meta with Salvaged Memories, our first impressions of the upcoming meta and what decks we will play next weekend. See the accompanying post on the website for more details on those lists.
January 19, 2021