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The Reset Podcast

By The Reset Podcast
The Reset Podcast is the brainchild of Laura Mignott, CEO of the cultural communications agency, DFlash. Each show, Laura brings on an interesting. game-changing, unique person from the worlds of business, marketing, advertising, media, tech, and more. Expect lots of laughs, frank talk & provocative solutions.
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Episode 131: Now is the time to make that change, you've been thinking of with Randi Levin

The Reset Podcast

Episode 227: Stretching Your Imagination with Amélie (Lee) Lamont
Today's amazing episode with Amélie (Lee) Lamont, one of the most incredible and fascinating people I've ever gotten to know, and is running a creative design practice called by amélie. studio. We talk about Amélie's life and creative life story. Amélie's many jobs, great thesis for graduate school, and many more beautiful things. We talk about how imagination can be used to help set people free. We bond over a shared growing up experiences, how we both were high performers in school, and so much more. "Move slow and keep it together," -Amélie Lee Lamont Anyone looking for a human centered copywriter, reach out to Amélie.  Amélie Lamont's Links: Website: Studio:
December 1, 2021
Episode 226: Making Meaningful Change with Tristen Norman.
In today's awesome episode I get to chat with Tristen Norman Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images. We talk about her life, and how she is always going to be the best at whatever she does. We talk about how she got to a creative spot even without a heavy art background. We define what insights are for a company. We talk about 8 different lenses of identity to help not stereotype in visuals. Tristen's amazing view on leaving a place better than she had found it has led to her helping out in DEI in all of her areas of work, even without having an official role in DEI. Tristen would like you to check out the podcast Women at Work. Check out the Open Source research done by Getty and Citi: Connect with her on LinkedIN:
November 23, 2021
Epsiode 225: More Meaningful Connections with Marjorie Spitz
I am so excited to have Marjorie Spitz President of the Small Business Division at Balance Integration Corporation. We talk about Marjorie's amazing career journey, and how she has gotten to work with getting small businesses to grow. We bond over a shared experience of working and feeling healthy while not being healthy at all. We talk about going through the journey and not being afraid to change as you go through life. We talk about how important it is to keep your relationships healthy. Don't forget to be good to people. Remember to not just ask "How are you?" but really ask "How ARE you?" Get in touch with Marjorie to get help walking through some things Check out Marjorie at Mojo Healht and Wellness Connect with her on LinkedIN
November 17, 2021
Episode 224: This Requires Working Hard with Jason Fairchild
Welcome to today's great episode with Jason Fairchild CEO and Co-Founder of tvScientific. We talk about how crazy it is that he started out his career being a door to door insurance salesmen. We talk about how the door you knock on is not typically where the inputs come from. We talk about Jason's journey from working at the beginning of how paid internet works, and is now working at revolutionizing TV advertising. We talk all about tvScientific and how it is really changing the advertising game on TV. We talk about subscription fatigue, working hard at something you really like, and how the most teaching moments have come from failures. Fail early, fail often, and learn from those failures. We talk about how important having a routine is. If you have a product or service that you are looking to advertise consider tvScientific If you would like to have a dialogue you can reach out and talk with Jason. Connect with him here: LinkedIN Twitter
November 9, 2021
Episode 223: Earning It and Actively Listening with Jenifer Herrmann
In this amazing podcast we get to chat with Jenifer Herrman EVP, Marketing, and New Business Development at Evergreen Trading. We talk about how she got started as a receptionist at a very entrepreneurial place. We talk about her time working around and then for the NBA. We talk about how Evergreen helps supply chain issues. We talk about smart and innovative partnerships that Jenifer gets to work at helping create. We talk about how important it is to have people around you that believe in you and can give you the "wings to fly" is instrumental in your growth. Jenifer has an "Open door policy," Jenifer wants to open up the opportunity for you to connect to her via LinkedIn Say "Listened to the Laura said that I could reach out,"  "Work for a person, not for a company," - Jenifer Herrmann
November 2, 2021
Episode 222: Finding Some YOLO Opportunities with Rachana Bhide
Today we have a great conversation with Rachana Bhide, Leadership Psychologist and Broadcaster. We talk about her career journey starting in an office and going then to college to study psychology specifically in work place dynamics. We talk about her choosing to spend her time, after the pandemic hit, to make sure it was a year where she explored different parts of herself, especially her creative space. It is where she began writing through the eyes of Fonty an ambitious elephant in New York. We talk about a positive psychology while not being positive to the point of toxicity. We talk about finding some YOLO opportunities even though difficult decisions are going to have to be made. We talk about hustle culture and the shift to seeing rest positively. Check out Fonty Tales and find joy in connecting with animals: Check out her LinkedIN: and her Twitter:
October 26, 2021
Episode 221: A Listen First Approach with Joe Agoada
Welcome to today's uplifting and encouraging episode with Joe Agoada, CEO at Sostento,  a nonprofit working at the "frontline of public health, specifically right now working on the opioid crisis and coronavirus pandemic." We have such an amazing conversation about how to help our healthcare workers, the importance of getting vaccinated, and helping the local people who want to get vaccinated to be vaccinated. We talk about the importance of meeting people where they are so that we can be getting people to where they need to be so that we can be more proactive in future events. We talk all about the Free and Charitable Clinics, and how important they are for helping get the unvaccinated but willing vaccines. You have two ears, two eyes, and one mouth. Check out Covid Finish Line Check out Sostento's Website Connect with Joe on LinkedIn Check out Joe's Podcast "Lets Break Good,"
October 19, 2021
Episode 220: Empathize with Those in The In-Between Spaces with Doni Aldine
Welcome to today's wonderful episode with Doni Aldeen, Editor in Chief of CULTURS Magazine! We have a really awesome conversation about culture and how for Doni, growing up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) in 5 continents and 7 cultures has influenced her career, her approach to new life circumstances and overall ability to relate to others. We chat about the importance of staying very open to others perspectives while maintaining a strong sense of your own identity. She also shares how she ended up moving to Colombia during the pandemic and the awesome benefits that have come from recognizing how to feed her soul.  Get a FREE digital or paper copy of CULTURS magazine today! By checking out CULTURS website and scrolling down for the pop up. Follow CULTURS Mag on Instagram! 
October 14, 2021
Episode 219: Being a Difference Maker with Mac Conwell
Welcome to today's episode with Mac Conwell, Founder and Managing Partner of Rarebreed Ventures. Rarebreed Ventures is working to help founders who need money the most. We talk about his unique story, and how that has led to his unique fund. We talk about how he got to start funding companies in Maryland and how it led to him getting to work finding amazing black founders and really getting his plan redirected away from chasing lots of money, to creating a fund to help out new founders. We talk about what raising a fund is. Remember that Ventures are not personal, and you need to be specific when submitting a proposal. And, when submitting a proposal check out for creating a video for your proposal. Block out time on your calendar to relax and rest, and don't stop doing it. The best way to contact Mac is via Twitter LinkedIN Rarebreed Check out these books: Check out Spundle, The "Blow dryer that Defies the rules."
October 9, 2021
Episode 218: Inspiring Others to Make the World a Better Place with Jon Morris
Today we have a great conversation with game changing business leader Jon Morris founder and CEO of NOWHERE and creative director at The Windmill Factory. We talk about his career journey, how he came from doing sports, to acting, to CEO where he is today. He worked with Cirque Du Soleil to create a new at the time very immersive experience. Working with Cirque Du Soleil he began to learn to create new and innovative experiences, trying to find what is new. We talk about how pushing the boundaries has led to being stuck and getting help from others is super valuable. NoWhere is a 3D Environment that is accessible by browsers where your video feed is able to travel around and many different conversations can be had thanks to spatial audio. Check out NOWHERE here and click Sign up  to host to be invited to the ambassador program: Manufacturing Sublime Experiences
September 29, 2021
Episode 217: Owning What is Yours with Carla B. Parris
Welcome to today's amazing episode with Carla B. Parris, entertainment and sports lawyer, and host of Business of Carnival web and TV series. We talk about where Carla got her start, working in communication and media. How she went through a number of random jobs, and being able to bring them into her own practice. Carla explains what carnival really is, and explains how to create intellectual property, and it's importance, especially for Caribbean countries and culture. We talk about so many more things, great things, challenging things, and much much more! Check out Business of Carnival LinkedIn Reach out to Carla, if you're interested in working on more diverse spaces.  Check out her YouTube Channel
September 15, 2021
Episode 216: Exposing Women's Vocal Expression with Dana Rubin
In today's episode, I get to have an awesome conversation with Dana Rubin, Founder of the Speaking While Female Speech Bank and the consultancy, Speaking While Female. Dana shares all about how her experience during a college summer job introduced her to explanatory journalism which opened her eyes to this passion she had for journalism and speech. After noticing the shocking lack of recognition for women's expertise shared through speeches, she was driven to help women get their creativity, ideas, voices, and authority heard and recognized more in pop culture. Speaking While Female welcomes men, but focuses on women and empowers them in workshops to speak out knowing women are qualified, have knowledge, and that knowledge belongs in the world.  Dana shares about her archive created on her website that's filled with +2500 speeches from powerful women in today's world and in history. Let's battle the crisis of confidence and help women's voices become heard! Check out her newsletter and support her kickstarter for her website: 
July 14, 2021
Episode 215: Leading with Empathy with Kimberly Walker
Welcome to this amazing episode with Kimberly Walker, Senior Director Field Visual Merchandising at DICK'S Sporting Goods. We talk about her really cool navigation through her career through the retail landscape. We talk about how she started in the field of retail and went into the more corporate area of retail, and the lessons she took from the field into corporate. We get to talk about the importance of building and fostering a good team, what Visual Merchandising is and a bit about how it is done, and why she chose to go to DICK'S Sporting Goods away from Sears. We talk about how important it is to be connecting with people and teammates, and being a servant leader. We talk about how DICK'S Sporting Goods has been changing and responding in light of the last year, really working to see if their house is on fire, and putting that out to then be able to help the neighbors.  Kimberly wants to ask you to please reach out to those that may be less fortunate than you and to be helping people, mentor someone, and be there to lift someone up. And I fully agree, I could not have said it better. Connect with her here: LinkedIN Check out DICK'S Sporting Goods Home Page: I&D Initiatives:
July 11, 2021
Episode 214: Putting Member's Health First with Joseph Quinones
Hello and welcome to today's episode with Joseph Quinones, General Manager at Soho House & Co's Dumbo branch. He got started working at American Apparel where he became a model because, which did a bit of foreshadowing of Joseph's other modeling work. We talk about the high importance of putting member's health and safety first, prioritizing sustainability and so many more great things.  Joseph's ask for the Audience, and really for the Allyship is that you consider the words you are using so that you can help change the narrative day to day.  Connect with him here:
June 30, 2021
Episode 213: Navigating the New Dating Scene with Talia Goldstein
Welcome to today's episode with Talia Goldstein, Founder of Three Day Rule, a matchmaking company. Listen in as we have a fantastic conversation about love relationships and everything in between! Talia shares how her knack for setting up her coworkers became a passion in caring for others which became her own matchmaking company. We also talk about the developing trend of online dating over the years and more specifically, the pandemic; how quarantine and covid has influenced people to prioritize love and date more intentionally. WIth more than 10,000 interviews a year, the matchmaking business is crazier than before, so checkout Three Day Rule and connect with Talia on Instagram! Sign up for free at the Three Day Rule:  Connect with her on Instagram: 
June 25, 2021
Episode 213: Breaking Expectations by Being Selfish with Naketa Ren Thigpen
Welcome to today's awesome episode with Naketa Ren Thigpen, Balance and Relationship Advisor. We get to have a fantastic conversation about what it looks like to be selfish in a way that allows you to be fueled before "breastfeeding the world." Naketa shares from the perspective of a former licensed clinical social worker, trauma specialist, human behavior expert, and sexologist to offer the best advice about relating to your significant other, friends, and most importantly, yourself. She gives practical steps and questions to consider when feeling drained by life. We also get into what it means to break the expectations instilled by society or even yourself in order to truly care for your mental, emotional, and social health. It's a packed episode, folks, take a listen. Join the Certified Selfish Facebook group:  Follow her on Instagram!  Connect with her on LinkedIn!  Buy her book! 
June 23, 2021
Episode 211: Creating Better Futures of Work with Surabhi Lal
Welcome to today's fascinating episode, where I have a great conversation with Surabhi Lal, Adjunct Professor NYU Wagner, SL Collaborative Ventures, and CliftonStrengths Coach. We talk about her amazing journey and how it has led her to where she is helping create good leaders. We talk about the situation of everyone potentially coming back to offices, whether it is all online, all in office, or hybrid. We talk about how important it is to be getting community input, and co-creating a better organization. We talk steps for creating a successful time coming back to the office,  trusting yourself in finding the next best step for your career or jobs.  Check out her Sips and Leadership show: Connect with her here:  Her Website: Instagram: LinkedIN:
June 16, 2021
Episode 210: Shifting Gears to Online Markets with Melissa Berrios
Welcome to today's episode of the Reset Podcast! Today I have an amazing conversation with Melissa Berrios, an online marketing specialist. We talk about how she went from spending 13 years in civil engineering and noticing her creative side dwindle away to really diving into the marketing scene and becoming an online marketing specialist. We also get to hear about the importance of being present in the ecosystem of media and how having both a content and visibility strategy can lead you in the right direction. Melissa also shares a bit of advice on accepting imperfect action in your work.  Connect with Melissa on Instagram : Or on her website :
June 9, 2021
Episode 209: Meaningful Mentorships with Chris Royer
Welcome to today's very special episode, which means the world to me, where I get to finally have such a great conversation with my mentor, Chris Royer, President at CRC, Halstonette and Halston Archivist. Without her I would not be the "bosslady" that I am now. We get to hear about her great journey thus far, we talk about her hilarious job interview with Halston, the legendary Halston, "China Trip & more of her incredible memories of working with him. We talk about her time at Revlon as a pioneer in the licensing industry, running your business and so many more great pieces of advice and stories.  "Let the creative from inside come out," -Chris Royer Connect with her at: Instagram: LinkedIn:
June 2, 2021
Episode 207: Asking Great Questions with Steven Seghers
Welcome to today's episode with Steven Seghers, CEO at the Hooray Agency. We talk about how he got his start, and basically jumped right into his career path for this past almost thirty years. We talk about how he focused the business and worked to get the left and right brain to be working together. We talk about a whole bunch of great stuff, what the Hooray Agency is looking to do. We talk about how the world is yearning for a revival and there is a plan and hope. We then get to talk about biking and basketball. If you want to go for it, go for it. Connect with Him Here:
May 22, 2021
Episode 208: Healthy and Accessible Relaxation with Danielle Sunberg and Ted Moskovitz
In today's episode I have a great conversation with Danielle Sunberg and Ted Moskovitz Co-founder and Founder of AMMA Healing. We talk about how Danielle felt something missing from working at a law firm, and led to her quitting after a huge case win, and just sort of felt something was wrong. Ted also went through a journey of discovering himself and looking into how to improve "the human OS."  We talk all about AMMA is using unique ways to extract supplements naturally, and that the company focuses on empowering people and not teaching that there is something wrong with them. Take agency in your health and wellness.  Check out AMMA Connect with her here: Check out her website: Email: Connect with him here: Check out his website: Email:
May 20, 2021
Episode 206: Finding What Works for You and Your Business with Jose Quiroz
Welcome to this episode with Jose Quiroz, VP of Digital Antonio & Paris, where we have a great conversation starting off with a bonding over being immigrants. We then talk about his journey to being where he is now with Antonio & Paris.  We talk about how he works to help guide digital marketing for small and big businesses. We talk about focusing on the most responsive social media space.  "Discipline equals Freedom," -Jocko Willink Connect with him Here Check out Antonio Paris here
May 15, 2021
Episode 205: Taking Initiative to Be Part of the Solution with Laurel Stark
Welcome to episode 205 where today, I have a fantastic chat with Laurel Stark, Creative Director on The Sims at EA. We talk about her creative journey coupled with her entrepreneurial mindset got her to where she is now. We also talk about how having a foot in creativity and tech influenced the diversity and inclusion within her work, how working at a gaming company really stretches her to think about games that promotes self expression, belonging, and creativity, and what real leadership looks like. We get to learn all about Next Creative Leaders which has the next competition launching in May; it's a portfolio competition for women and non binary creative leaders in partnership with the 3% movement and the One Club for Creativity; listen in to learn how it began, the opportunities it has to offer for a glimpse at a creative career; and better yet, how the winner becomes part of the jury for the next year!  Follow and connect with Laurel below! Twitter:  Linked In:  If you're a creative woman or nonbinary, apply for Next Creative Leaders! 
May 14, 2021
Episode 204: The Missing Middle with David Griner
Welcome to today's episode where I get to talk with the great David Griner, International Editor at Adweek. We get to talk about his journey to where he is now. We talk about the issues behind actually improving diversity and inclusion for recruiters, what's going on with HBC, and then retention issues with companies working on D&I. We talk about how it's important to be aware that just because you may be comfortable in a place does not mean everyone else will be the same level of comfortability in that level. We talk about how we need to solve the issue of the lack of training, and actually doing organizational investment in younger professionals. Give people good resources to prove themselves. Look out to see if your brand responds negatively to you building your personal brand, or your personal success, that organization is toxic and you must move on quickly. The importance of seeking to invest one on one with others. Acknowledge and fill in the gaps in your network.  Twitter David Griner's Adweek's Check out his Blog
May 12, 2021
Episode 203: Becoming Your Own Champion with Bessie Kokalis
In today's episode, I have a great conversation with Bessie Kokalis Pescio, VP of internal communications at Phillip Morris International (PMI) currently located in Italy but based in Switzerland. We talk about her experience as a French translator, to her role in PMI, and how she continues to explore and expand her skillset constantly. We discuss the rise and adaptation of virtual leadership during covid, how Italy and other parts of Europe are handling the pandemic and also how to promote yourself well.  Connect with Bessie on Twitter!   
May 7, 2021
Episode 202: A Professional Approach to Being an Influencer with Alessandro Bogliari
Today's episode I get to have an amazing conversation with Alessandro Bogliari Co-Founder & CEO at The Influencer Marketing Factory, TikTok Expert. We get to talk about his start up story, Tik Tok and so much more. We get to talk about some of the difficulties of being younger and working in Italy. We talk about how to monetize being an influencer and influencer marketing. We talk about how to utilize Tik Tok in a way that is specific for it, and having a professional mindset in doing Tik Tok even though it is not the same as LinkedIn. We talk about how as a new founder you will have to wear many hats in order to make sure the company will succeed, and you have to make sure to double check that everything is perfect. We have such a great conversation, take a listen.
May 5, 2021
Episode 201: Writing the Next Chapter of Your Life with Myoshia Boykin-Anderson
Today's episode we have a great chat with Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, President and Owner of AndTech Solutions and founder of Beyond Belief. We talk about her incredible journey from working at an amusement park at 13, up until where she is now. We talk about how she started working in high school, and even while doing professional work and practically acing the SAT, but she did not go to college even though she had scholarships and the ability to go anywhere she wanted. Her whole life has been a movie, we talk about how after a long time of trying to force her way finally giving up her prayers and asking for her "Boaz." And so much more! Contact her here: Checkout AndTech Solutions: The Beyond Belief Experience: No matter how your yesterday looked, make the change today for a better tomorrow. Faith and Fire The Joy of Missing Out: Live More by Doing Less For the Reset Weekend Contact Takkai Wang at Takkai is a Travel Advisor and Miraval expert. She can assist with booking your reservation and planning your itinerary. Book online at Please contact Takkai with any booking questions
April 28, 2021
Episode 200: Helping Others Succeed First Matt Blumberg
Hello and welcome to this the 200th Episode with Matt Blumberg, Co-Founder and CEO at Bolster. We get to have a great chat about his career journey from management consulting up to founding Bolster, that is building a business that helps CEOs scale their companies differently...and that starts with talent. We talk about how valuable having independent directors on your companies board is. We talk about the importance of not restricting board members to only people who have been on a corporate board, because that limits the expansion of board diversity for it already is low. We also get to pose the question, how do we retain this gift of time we were given over this last year.  Signup link For Bolster: eBook link Matt mentioned to share: Matt's New Book, Startup CXO: Connect with Matt Here: For the Reset Weekend Contact Takkai Wang at   Takkai is a Travel Advisor and Miraval expert. She can assist with booking your reservation and planning your itinerary. Book online at Please contact Takkai with any booking questions
April 26, 2021
Episode 199: Being Anchored in Something Stronger than a Job Title with Jasmine Shockness
Welcome to today's episode where I get to have an amazing conversation with Jasmine Shockness, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Leader, and someone who went to the same high school as I did! We get to talk about navigating finding a job in the midst of a pandemic. We get to talk about how she got her first connected by the T Howard foundation to do an internship which led to her career. We talk about the importance of being human, and showing that you don't always have everything together. Leave room for the unexpectedness of life. Check out the T. Howard Foundation: Connect with Jasmine Here: For the Reset Weekend Contact Takkai Wang at   Takkai is a Travel Advisor and Miraval expert. She can assist with booking your reservation and planning your itinerary. Book online at Please contact Takkai with any booking questions
April 21, 2021
Episode 198: Going for Opportunities that Arise with Beth Ann Kaminkow
 Welcome to this Friday's Episode with Beth Ann who is the Global Chief Executive Officer of VMLY&R Commerce. We get to have a wonderful conversation about how she got her start working at the GAP and her career until now. We talk about when Beth Ann saw issues and brought solutions to the table. We talk about how she got to be, not just the first woman leading a big company, but also the first holistic marketer to advertise the company in more than just a balloons at a new store front. Pass the mic. Connect with her here: For the Reset Weekend Contact Takkai Wang at   Takkai is a Travel Advisor and Miraval expert. She can assist with booking your reservation and planning your itinerary. Book online at Please contact Takkai with any booking questions
April 16, 2021
Episode 197: Being on Mission with Lisa Conn
Hello and welcome to today's episode where I get to have an amazing conversation with Lisa Conn Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Icebreaker. We get to talk about how Lisa got her start into helping connect people and working with electing candidates. We talk about how she has had different theories of change to help bring about positive change. We get to talk about Icebreaker and how what Lisa learned working at other tech companies about polarization she has been able to use to focus in on creating real community online where people can truly connect. We get to talk about the huge cultural shifts and the opening up of talking about all things related to mental health, and more talking about race. Remember to hold onto the joy from all those ways you have helped out in the last four years. Connect with her here: Contact Takkai Wang at   Takkai is a Travel Advisor and Miraval expert. She can assist with booking your reservation and planning your itinerary. Book online at Please contact Takkai with any booking questions
April 14, 2021
Episode 196: Entrepreneurship, Not for the Faint of Heart with Dr. Angela Jackson
Welcome to today's episode, where I get to have a wonderful conversation with Dr. Angela Jackson, she leads New Profit’s Future of Work Initiative and is a managing partner at New Profit. In today's episode we get to talk about how sales and the importance of making a good ask have gone with her in her career. We get to talk about how she got to help start many students start working on learning second and third languages. We get to talk about all things investing, the importance of investing in community first businesses, and being an investor of color for founders of color. We talk about Dr. Angela Jackson's work at Future of Work working to help people out of work due to Covid to get back into living wage jobs. Bet on black. Connect with Dr. Angela Jackson here: Ask: Look into New Profit's Website Give: Check out this book we both recommend. Contact Takkai Wang at   Takkai is a Travel Advisor and Miraval expert. She can assist with booking your reservation and planning your itinerary. Book online at Please contact Takkai with any booking questions
April 13, 2021
Episode 195: The Importance of 1 to 1 Relationships with Customers with Michelle Harmon-Madsen
In today's episode I have a wonderful conversation about all things weather with Michelle Harmon-Madsen Chief Marketing Officer of AccuWeather. We get to talk about how from the very start of her working she had been learning the importance of 1 to 1 customer relationships from her first job and internship. We get to talk about the importance of getting accurate information about weather to every neighborhood, not just for the city of any area. We get to talk about all the great work she is doing at AccuWeather, and how purpose driven AccuWeather is driving it to excellence. Connect with here Here: (And give her a good book recommendation)
March 31, 2021
Episode 194: Finding the Art of Connecting with Susan McPherson
In today's episode I get to have an amazing conversation with Susan McPherson. Founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, and Author of "The Lost Art of Connecting." We get to talk about all things relating to connecting with people, and the importance of relationships. We talk about so many great pieces of advice for thinking about relating and connecting, take a listen. Get her book here: or any of these places: Barnes And Noble Porchlightbooks Books A Million Amazon Connect with her here:
March 23, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 193: Finding Times to Support Each Other with Ericka Riggs
Welcome to afternoon 32 of #29DaysofMagic! I am so excited to have Ericka Riggs, Chief DEI officer at the Omnicom Marketing Specialty Group on today's episode. In this wonderful conversation we get to talk about Ericka's journey to where she is now, how she got the opportunity to see the corporatizing of America and the big changes that would be coming in the industry, how she went from Virginia to New York because of getting a new job, where she got back into the advertising and found out how much advertising had changed over the last years. We also get to talk about how much amazing work she has gotten to do helping students achieve what they are aiming to get, and helping them aim higher. Connect with her here: Twitter: Her Website: LinkedIn: Sponsored by SohoWorks
March 4, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 192: Celebrating Who You Are with Valerie Wray
Welcome to afternoon 32 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode, we have the wonderful Valerie Wray, Founder and CEO of 125 Collection, and we have an awesome conversation about her brand of candles! Valerie shares about all the different avenues of jobs that she's had which led her to starting the 125 collection, a candle company, and how  she used the knowledge from the jobs or startups that didn't work out to thrive in this one. Candles with messages to empower, inspire, or entertain people and celebrate who you are. We also talk about when covid hit, the positive reaction and how she realized she was exactly where she was supposed to be. It's going to be great, just take a listen!     #GoWithYourGut Buy your very own candle 20% OFF today at:  Using the code: THERESET -- valid through the end of 2021! Check them out on Instagram:  Sponsored by Sohoworks
March 4, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 191: Trusting Your Work With Dana Sims
Welcome to Day 32 of #29DaysofMagic! I'm so excited to have a great conversation with Dana Sims, Talent Agent at CAA (Creative Artist Agency). Dana had got to do a lot of amazing work, starting with helping the Bulgarian Women's Choir. Later she got to work on a show called "Muddling Through," where she discovered her love of working on set. She learned while working on set that being nimble is of utmost importance. You get to figure it out. She learned that to get into the industry she needed to have some agency experience. We talk about why keeping good notes is so very important, trust the work, and so much more. Getting your Covid bubble is key. If failure was not an option, who would you be? Growing up as a military brat Dana was remind that "Failure is not an option." and would like to pass that thinking along. Connect with her on LinkedIN Sponsored by Sohoworks
March 4, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 190: Doing And Owning the Work with Dr. Vikki Johnson
Welcome to Afternoon 31 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode I have a great conversation with Dr. Vikki Johnson founder of Soul Wealth Academy, Host of Soul Wealth Radio, and sought after Speaker. We get to talk about her amazing career journey doing many various things, which you are going to want to hear. We talk about how she now gets to work issuing permits for media related things to keep her involved in media work. Vikki says this reminder that you have to trust yourself. The older you get the easier this journey of life becomes. Do what you want to do, and do it now. Check out her Book: Her Podcast: Her Website: Soul Wealth Academy:
March 3, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 189: Saying Yes to Yourself with Lidia Bonilla
Welcome to day 31 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode I get to have an excellent conversation with Lidia Bonilla, Pleasure Strategist and founder of House of Plume. We talk about how she started working at only 14 years old, for about two weeks until Domino's discovered that she was not old enough to have the job, how later she went to finance and working in discovering tax fraud and bankroll issues. She discovered that some banks would be helping laundering money, and after becoming disillusioned with how little the banks cared, starting House of Plume during that time she decided to switch to becoming more entrepreneurial based. We talk about how she was able to become the first Adult Brand that was permitted on Kickstarter, which was influential for the future of Kickstarer. We get to talk about how self care is important, and the definition of pleasure in that it is broader than most people think and is about how you experience things. We talk about the differences between coping and pleasure. Boundaries are the best form of self care, which is to say, know how to say "no," to things you don't want to do. Lidia would like you to practice saying "No" for five days, when it feels right, and see how that changes your life. Connect with her here: Sponsored by Sohoworks
March 3, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 188: Highlighting Women in Marketing with Andrea Opoku
Welcome to the afternoon of day 30 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode I get to have a fascinating conversation with Andrea Opoku, Director of WiM and Africa Ambassador and managing director of GreenBean Marketing. We talk about her journey, going from marketing place to the next going up the ladder from one company to the next. We talk about how after she was a part of CIM, where WiM began, because of being a bit fed up with the same old type of events around marketing, with white men in formal suits she started working to bring more excitement to these kinds of events. We talk about how Andrea with WiM globally are working with the Unstereotype Alliance to change the narrative around advertising. “Well behaved women rarely make history.” -Eleanor Roosevelt, and Andrea's ask is that you don't play small. Check out WiM Africa and connect with Andrea here: Sponsored by Sohoworks
March 2, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 187: Normalizing Talking about Mental Health with Tamika Stewart
Welcome to day 30 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode, I get to have an amazing conversation with Tamika Stewart, CEO of THS Consulting. We get to chat about her what behavioral health is and how it impacts our relationships and our workplace. We also talk about when a business has a well founded health and wellness program, it will increase in productivity, reduce turnover, and increase the overall morale. Tamika works with generally smaller businesses to help them create their behavioral health programs, or create systematic change, or make efficient and practical adjustments towards better mental health. Additionally, we chat about the importance of sitting in the full range of our emotions and being ok with not being ok. Schedule a free consultation at her website:  Socials Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Sponsored by Sohoworks
March 2, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 186: Giving Yourself Permission to Pause with Kim Newton
Welcome to day 29 of #29DaysofMagic! In this episode I am excited to have Kim Alexis Newton, the president of Alexis Enterprises and Founder of #theintentionalpause. We're going to talk about her remarkable career story, what she's doing now, and where she's headed. Kim has always been a developer of people and is passionate about helping women (and men) meet their potential in organizations. Having discovered the 3 things every woman needs, Kim created #theintentionalpause to empower women to follow their dreams using the power of  pause. Her purpose is to equip every woman with the partnership and support she needs to pursue her desired life. It's going to be a fantastic conversation. Take a listen! Her book, quilts, and everything else is at Connect with her here: Twitter LinkedIn Sponsored by SohoWorks
March 1, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 185: Making Lemonade with Brittney Oliver
Welcome to the afternoon of day 28 of #29DaysofMagic! Today I get to have a wonderful conversation with Brittney Oliver, founder of Lemons 2 Lemonade, and a contributing writer at many well known publication companies. We talk about her resilient career journey starting with 100 interviews and no offer, to ultimately landing a job where she can share her experiences with others and help others who are going through the same struggles. We discuss finding diamonds in the rough, the pros of having well-timed press at the right time and how it can encourage others to strive forward.   Learn more about Lemons 2 Lemonade:  Her LinkedIN Sponsored by SohoWorks
February 28, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 184: Curating Creative Communities with Susanna Woodley
Welcome to day 28 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode I get to have a wonderful conversation with Susanna Woodley, Head of Membership at SohoWorks. We get to about Susanna's Career journey to being at SohoWorks, she got to work at the World Trade Center, and how she worked at Reebok Sport club and ended up really learning how to treat others how you want to be treated. Susanna had a crazy journey through high end hospitality constantly getting snatched up by one club then the next. After working at a one co-working space for until the pandemic hit she reached out to someone from SohoHouse and found that SohoHouse was going to be launching a SohoWorks section of their branch to create co-working areas to allow their members to have a place to work and a place to relax. We talk about how much more difficult selling places to go has become in this season of the pandemic. A question for the audience, especially other Black Women, What have you been reading from the self help section? Connect with Susanna On LinkedIn LinkedIN Check Out Sohoworks- Our Sponsor - An Amazing Co-Working Space Sohoworks
February 28, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 183: Decolonizing Global Health with Nneka Edwards-Jackson
Welcome to afternoon 27 of #29DaysofMagic! This afternoon, I get to have an awesome conversation with Nneka Edwards-Jackson, a Pediatric Hospitalist, Chief Medical Officer of Kids Malawi, and Chief Medical Officer at Welfie. We discuss the realities of being a black pediatrician and the hope it can inspire in others and also her passion to help others in areas more than just medical health. Nneka shares about the motivation of Kids of Malawi US - aiding people on the ground based on the visible areas of need, as opposed to where researchers think the people need help. We also chat about the positive and negative effects of Covid from a pediatrician's perspective, all with one of her children in her arms! #DecolonizeGlobalHealth #GoGetVaccinated   Donate to Kids of Malawi US:   Learn about Welfie:  Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 27, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 182: Anything You Do Be Of Service To Others with Lynnette Phillips
Welcome to day 27 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode I get to have the an amazing conversation with Lynnette Phillips, Owner of Empower your Possibilities, and Co-founder The Fulfilled Mom. We get to talk about how she got to grow up in Alaska, and started at McDonald's salting those fries with the "M". We get to talk about how she got her start at Disney and one of her first promotions by going up to another higher level intern and saying, "I want your job next semester." Lynnette talks all about life as a hospitality manager, and from there how she got to start working with some of her co-founders of The Fulfilled Mom, and eventually got to the point of deciding to leave Disney and start working her own company. We get to talk about her company Empower Your Possibilities and how it's all about helping you lead yourself to be an effective leader without costing yourself a lot of stress. We talk about how important it is to recognize that we are emotional beings and you have to understand the brain science behind it all, and so many more great things. Connect With Her Here: Empowering Your Possibilities: LinkedIn Instagram Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 27, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 181: Being an Activist in the Intimate Apparel Industry with Erin Carpenter
Welcome to the afternoon of day 26 of #29DaysofMagic! This afternoon's episode features Erin Carpenter, Founder of Nude Barre, and we have a fascinating conversation about how she got into dancing, and how she was motivated to pursue it professionally, and her frustrating experiences of pancaking shoes, and continually dying tights that drove her to create the solution Nude Barre. We also chat about her tough start searching for investors in a position where there was a universal problem on what inclusivity looked like and alternatively, how the company is thriving and has expanded to covid-friendly but still functional products while adapting to life in quarantine. Check out Nude Barre and follow them on Social Media! Connect with Erin here: Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 26, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 180: Leading with Intentionality with Vernell Bennett-Fairs
Welcome to day 26 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode, I get to have a fascinating conversation with Vernell Bennett-Fairs, president of LeMoyne-Owen College. We chat about her journey at various colleges and universities, a quick history of LeMoyne-Owen, the benefits of HBCU's versus PWI's, navigating the nationwide conversation towards race as a leader in education. We also talk discuss the importance of integrity the four R's of her focus as President of LeMoyne-Owen, and her massive shoe collection.  While applicable, check out the Memphis Magic Scholarship! It's distributed to the first 125 students from TN or bordering states, so apply by March 1st! Find more information at the link below!  Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 26, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 179: Understanding EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping with Colette Ellis
Welcome to day 25 of #DaysofMagic! Today I get to talk to Colette Ellis, Founder of Start Within Coaching, and creator of the Libbie Chatbot. We talk about how she moved from a direction of law school to non-profit work and HR to health and wellness and coaching. We also talk about when people should hire a coach, why she founded Start Within Coaching, understanding boundaries for your mental health during quarantine and more. We also learn about EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping and the ideation of Libbie, the mental health chatbot! For BIPOC women to join the beta and test Libbie, the mental health chatbot:  To learn more about Start Within Coaching and book a discovery session:  Connect with her here: Start Within Coaching  Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 25, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 178: Highlighting the Extraordinary with Pier Duncan
Welcome to day 24 of #29DaysofMagic! Today I get to chat with Pier Duncan, Chief of Staff at The Opportunity Network and starter of the social media project Black Women Work. We discuss her journey to get where she is now and the importance of networking. We also get to hear about her social media project Black Women Work, which highlights the diversity of the existence of black women, and it's a page created to shine light on smart, innovative, and community minded women of all different industries. We also talk about her struggle to breathe life into other parts of herself outside of work, like her self and purpose.  Check out Black Women Work! the community:  full length stories:  The Opportunity Network:  LinkedIn: Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 24, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 177: Negotiating Your Worth with Arnicia Arrington
Welcome to day 23 of #29DaysofMagic! "Use your Job to fund your dream," - Arnicia  In Today's episode I get to have an amazing conversation with Arnicia Arrington, Chief People Officer of VYC. We talk about how Arnicia was a trailblazer at Revolt, and at so many places. We talk about how Diversity and Inclusion initiatives need to become just a part of the company and not an addition to HR, about Arnicia's time in HR and how much she enjoys it. We talk about how woman can advocate for themselves, and in the entertainment industry Arnicia says, and I would echo, to black women you have to ask for what your worth. We talk about how important getting your sleep is. Ask for what you want, not what you think the corporation will give you, and reach back to help someone else. Connect with her here: LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 23, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - 176: The Importance of Hope, and Acting Upon it with Candace Parker
Welcome to day 22 of #29DaysofMagic!   Today's episode features the amazing Candace Parker, a mom, currently playing for the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks, and a broadcaster. We get to talk about how she got to start work as a baby sitter, even through college, We talk about the issues of being a working mom, and some of the issues with the presumed "mom's take care of kids." Candace talks about how important it is to have hope, and the hope she has seen in the WNBA with all that has happened this last year. We get to talk about a lot of great books, the importance of listening, Candace talks about how it can be important for men to slide aside at some tables to make room for others, and how important language is, especially with the use of "girls," when referring to adult women.   Connect with her here: Book Recommendations: Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 22, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 175: Knowing, Appreciating and Centering the Experiences of Multicultural Consumers Cheryl Overton
Welcome to day 21 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode I have an amazing conversation with Cheryl Overton, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Cheryl Overton Communications. Today we talk about Marketing, PR, and growing your business. We talk about how important it is to tell a diffirent kind of story, how Black Women have always kind of had to create new things and how that has in the last year been eye opening to better model building. We talk about taking time to do self care properly, and so much more! Join up with viBe Theater Experience, to support young Black and Brown Women who are at the intersection of art and activism. And Check out the next online performance. Check out her Business here: Connect with her at LinkedIN: Instagram: Twitter: Sponsored by #Sohoworks
February 21, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 174: Establishing Identity in the Advertising World with Stacey Ryan-Cornelius
Welcome to day 20 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode, I get to have a wonderful conversation with Stacey Ryan-Cornelius, Global CFO at Ogilvy. We talk about the movie-esque start of her strategic career at 12yrs old, navigating the advertising agency, understanding the "art, science, and soul" within her position, how she exhibits strong leadership as a black, female head of a company amidst covid, and the pros and cons of owning a Peloton.  Connect with her on LinkedIn: Twitter: Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 20, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 173: Thinking with a "We" not "Me" Mentality with Arlene Pitterson
Welcome to day 19 of #29DaysofMagic! Today I get to have a fabulous chat with Arlene Pitterson, Marketing, Events, & Client Partnerships Executive of DFlash. We get to talk about her first job as a camp counselor, and then her path to where she is now, all because of her curious personality and her ability to get things done. We talk about how she is able to create experiences where ever she goes. We get to talk about the statement her shoes make a statement and tell a story about herself even if you don't get to talk with her. Arlene talks about how there is not really going to be a back to normal for quite some time, and how we got to be concerned about us not just you. We get to talk about how not everyone is what you presuppose they are, and you have to honor other people's heritage.  Take stock of everything you want to do, and go do it. Connect with her here: Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 19, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 172: Fund Black Founders with Renee King
Welcome to day 18 of #29DaysofMagic! Renee King Founder and CEO of Fund Black Founders. We get to have an amazing conversation about all sorts of stuff, with her learning the importance of relational building as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. We get to bond over both being Jamaican. We get to talking about how friends and family is the biggest capital growth, except for Black Founders, which is why Renee started FundBlackFounders, Crowdfunding for Black Entrepreneurs. FundBlackFounders is there to be the catalyst for Black Entrepreneurs to get business rolling. We get to talk about living in New York, Bumble, champagne, and a whole lot more! Go back a Black Founder. Get Access to the Free Office hours @ 5:15 PM Thursdays Sponsored by #Sohoworks
February 18, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 171: Building Perspective for Yourself and Others with Ara Tucker
Welcome to day 17 of #29DaysofMagic!  In today's episode I have a wonderful chat with Ara Tucker, SVP, Head of Talent and Culture at Audible. We get to talk about her start in the radio industry, and the lessons she's learned from the radio industry, look out for the two of them.  We get to talk about her time as a lawyer, and then thoughtfully explains the "A-h" and "h-Z' of getting to Audible. We get to chat about how you have to invest in your company, the managers, and the workers to ensure everyone is heard and doing well. We also get to talk about a lot more goodness and advice.  Check out her Instagram and other connection points: Sponsored by #Sohoworks
February 17, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 170: Connecting Corporations to Culture, Community and Cause with Teneshia J. Warner
Welcome to day 16 of #29DaysofMagic! Today I get to have an amazing conversation with the phenomenal Teneshia J. Warner! She is Founder & CEO of Egami Group, and the Founder Dream Project as well as being the author of "The Big Stretch." We get to talk about her incredible boldness from the age of nine, and her unconventional career path as well as her shift away from being focused on solely money making. We talk about how persistency is key. We get to talk about how EGAMI Group is able to do so well because they are purpose pioneers married with multicultural competency experts. Teneshia shares that we ought to plan in pencil. Say yes to the stretch. Get her Book: Follow Her Here: Check out the Egami Group
February 16, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 169: Prioritize Yourself and Your Health with Paula Assou
Welcome to day 15 of #29DaysofMagic! Today I get to chat with Paula Assou Senior Associate Strategist at Heartbeat. We get to chat about the Made Program, where she got her start. We also get to talk about #ImpostorSyndrome and how Paula has done so so much that it can feel like it's not real, but it totally is. Prioritize your healing! Book recommendation: Sponsored by
February 15, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 168: Democratizing and Demystifying Funding with Lauren Washington
Welcome to day 14 of #29DaysofMagic! In today's episode I have an amazing conversation with Lauren Washington, Cofounder of Black Women Talk Tech and Fundr. We get to talk about how she has been hustling ever since age 12. We get to talk about how she did a mobile app for a flip phone, one of the first mobile apps, which opened her eyes to the entire world of tech. We talk about how she met her co founders of Black Women Talk Tech, and she practically glosses over all it's importance at first. Fundr is the way to Democratize funding. We talk about how seeing long term opportunities shut down, helped Lauren learn that you have to pick yourself up after a failure, and keep accelerating once you're moving. We get to talk about a Win Wall, a post it note selection of wins throughout the week. We also talk about how all you can control is yourself. Connect with her here: Sponsored by
February 14, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 167: Knowing Your Demographic with Gigi Rodgers
Welcome to Day 13 of #29DaysofMagic!   Today we get to have a fun conversation with Gigi Rodgers, Chop Shop Chief at Puck'n Khaos /Studio.  We talk about her wild start as a bartender in Australia, going into marketing full-time, her time in Shanghai, her goals as a creator and marketer, Michael B. Jordan and Will Smith, her perspective on quarantine, and so much more!   Check out Puck'n Khaos and Puck'n Studio and connect with her on social media!  Website:   Instagram: Twitter:  Take her course on SkillShare!'scourse    Stay accountable for productivity: Sponsored by #sohoworks
February 13, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 166: Transformational Leadership with Adria Kitchens
Welcome to Day 12 of #29DaysOfMagic!! In today's episode, we have an excellent conversation with Adria Kitchens, Director of Equity & Activism, at Out of Hand Theater. Listen in to learn about the journey of self-discovery Adria took to get to where she is now, inspiring others to anti-rasicsm and to form real connections with each other. We hear a powerful story about her son, discuss the concept of feminine power and a "power with" stance. Also, systemic rasicsm, consequence culture, the power of listening, and looking at equity from a strength based approach. We talk about transforming the things and the perspectives that seem overwhelming one step at a time.   Check out and sign up for Equitable Dinners:    Listen to Adria's podcast True Black Feminine: 13 Revolutionary Acts to Living Our Black Feminine Destiny at:   Spotify - True Black Feminine   Apple Podcasts - True Black Feminine
February 12, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 165: Finding Common Ground with Nekpen Osuan Wilson
Welcome the 11th day of #29Days of Magic! Today I get to have an amazing chat with Nekpen Osuan Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Women Work. We get to talk about how in her first job she learned so much about organizing and relational networking being an RA for three years at Baylor. We talk about struggles with interviewing, the importance of finding common ground with other people. We get to talk about the three key pillars of Women Werk, Systemic Barriers, Civic Engagement, and the Network Effect. We talk about how remarkably resilient Nekpen proved she was while helping out with the 2012 Obama reelection campaign as a data manager. We get to celebrate the 2020 election, even through some sorrow from the issues surrounding it.
February 11, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 164: Dating the Agencies; Fostering Relationships in Business with Reonna Johnson
Welcome to Day 10 of #29DaysofMagic!! Today I get to have a great conversation with Reonna Johnson, VP of Growth Strategy at Deutsch LA. We get to talk about her incredible career journey from high school, to Capitol Records, to Deutsch LA and her co-Founded collective, Three's A Crowd. She shares about her 70/30 Rule and how it allowed her to continue to move to where she wanted in the company. We also get to hear a day in the life of Reonna Johnson from dawn to dark. Listen in to learn about Three's A Crowd, a black creative collectives driving IN FOR 13: a mission where businesses' leadership should have about 13% black leadership by 2023.   Check out Three's A Crowd :    Get IN FOR 13: Sponsored by Sohoworks
February 10, 2021
#29DaysofMagic-Episode 163: Do it Radically with Dominique Monet
Welcome to day 9 of #29DaysOfMagic!! In today's episode I get to chat with Dominique Monet, Associate Creative Director at GSD&M. We get to talk about pizza, #NYPizza>ChicagoPizza. We get to talk about how she got to GSD&M and why she chose to go there for the safety and culture creation. We talk about how you just gotta do what you want to do, if you're a writer, write, if you're a filmmaker, start videoing. We get to talk about the difficulties of being the only black woman running advertising shoots, ranging from hair stylists to stereotypes. We also get to talk about just doing what you want to do, doing it radically, and giving others the room to step up. Sponsored by @sohoworks
February 9, 2021
#29DaysofMagic Episode 162: Learning How to Navigate LinkedIn with Deborrah Ashley
Welcome to Day 8 of #29Days of Magic! Today we have a great conversation with Deborrah Ashley, The LinkedIn Blackbelt. We get to talk about how Deborrah and I are both from the Caribbean and more than that from the same city, same street! It's so wild, what a tiny world. We get to have an amazing conversation about she got to work in the world of fashion, a run in with her boss there, and how she went through many other marketing leading jobs until she got to become the The LinkedIn Blackbelt. We talk about how she dipped her toe into marketing consulting via Instagram and Facebook, and eventually LinkedIn.   Connect with her here: Sponsored by @sohoworks
February 8, 2021
#29DaysofMagic Episode 161: Black Women in Media with Judith Jacques
Welcome to Day 7 of #29Days of Magic! My guest today and I find out off the bat my guest and I grew up practically right next to each other!! Her name is Judith Jacques, the Founder of Black Women In Media. We bond a bit over our shared experiences of growing up near Long Island. Then we get to talk about how she started working and after running into biases in her field of work she started and began to build her firm to represent a lot of non-profits, and other groups. Seeking to celebrate the greatness of Black Woman in Media, because of the lack she had found, she started BLACKSTREET that provides positive media representation, access to educational and financial resources, entertainment and experiential events, and the upliftment of the Black community. We also get to chat about the issues of running events when a deadly virus is around, and Judith being right about having to go virtual for some events that were pushed to the fall. Sponsored by @sohoworks
February 7, 2021
#29DaysofMagic-Episode 160: Building a Culture People Want to Be a Part Of with Alysha M. Campbell
Welcome to Day 6 of #29Days of Magic!   Today we get to talk with Alysha M. Campbell founder and principal of CultureShift HR.  We start off our conversation talking about her built up resilience, her setting aside much time to discover herself before her 28th birthday. We talk about being aware of how to build a culture, and issues of building up CultureShift but because of her foundation she had being able to push through, and some other stuff. Connect with Alysha Here:  Twitter  LinkedIn  CultureShiftHR
February 6, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 159: All Things Podcasts with Berry
Welcome to day 5 of #29DaysofMagic!   In today's episode of sharing awesome stories of amazing black women as a part of black history month, we get to chat with Berry, the creator of Podcasts in Color. Podcasts in Color, the website, is a directory of podcasts of color all over the world, from various voices and creators who love the same things you do! We get to chat about common pitfalls for starting podcasters, the industry of podcasting and monetization, and other tips!   If you have more questions, Berry loves to share more about the industry or podcasting in general, connect with Berry  @ Podcasts in Color (ran by Berry): Sponsored by @sohoworks
February 5, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 158: Demystifying Voice Acting with Andia Winslow
Welcome to day 4 of #29DaysofMagic!  Today we get to do a bit of demystifying some areas of voice acting with the amazingly talented and skilled Andia Winslow. We get to discuss how she started her first business at eight years old, and then how she became a voice actor. We also get to discuss the changes of voice acting because of COVID, the awe-inspiring amounts of fitness Andia does, the difficulties of voicing through so many heartbreaking articles, Andia attempts to very subtly convince me that I need to become a Voice Over Actor. Andia, and I would like to ask that you wear a mask, respect your community and get vaccinated. #wearadamnmask
February 4, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 157: Loving Your Minutes with Monchiere' Holmes Jones
Welcome to day 3 of #29DaysOfMagic!!  In this episode we get an amazing conversation with Monchiere' Holmes-Jones, CEO and founder of MOJO Marketing + PR. We get to talk about how Monchiere''s Mom's ambition was so impactful in helping her get into working in first a news station and then being the example of cold calling, which led Monchiere' down the path of many internships and her how her path working many places led to her founding MOJO. We talk about her growing love of Detroit, and how she moved her agency to Nashville being the biggest space in town. We talk about the interesting issue of how MOJO works to amplify, and sometimes having to help partner with smaller groups/companies that aren't as organized to start, and so much more!   MOJO Marketing + PR  Connect with her here:   Sponsored by @sohoworks
February 3, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 156: Having an Exit Plan with Anne T. Griffin
Welcome to day 2 of #29DaysOfMagic! In today's episode, we get to have an awesome conversation with Anne T. Griffin, Product Manager and as the Chief Product & Curriculum Officer of Tech 2025 and founder of Pivot Grow Hustle. We talk about her amazing career journey, navigating STEM as a Black woman in business, being alert to playing 'the game' in your career, recognizing red flags in a workplace, having a back-up plan and more!    Check out Anne's course! Buy, read, and share these bestsellers! The Memo by Minda Harts  and Career Rehab by Kanika Tolver    Learn more about Anne here!  Connect with her on Twitter!
February 2, 2021
#29DaysofMagic - Episode 155: Celebrating Our Wins! with Chana Ginelle Ewing
This is the 2nd year of my series #29daysofMagic, where I'm interviewing a Black woman in business a day during black history month. We have a great conversation with Chana Ginelle Ewing. We talk about her incredible journey from her first job to Geeniebox, and then to founding GEENIE. Chana is the CEO of GEENIE and best selling author of “An ABC of Equality.” We talk funding and it's difficulties, angel investors, small wins, Chana's new ambassador program and self care. LinkedIn GEENIE "An ABC of Equality" Instagram FB twitter Sponsored by @sohoworks
February 1, 2021
Episode 154: Rising out of the #SheCession, we're #UnstoppableTogether, Anisha Raghavan
Today's episode I have a wonderful chat with Anisha Raghavan, CMO, Global Brands America, Walgreen Boots Alliance. We talk about her rise to becoming a CMO and how that road was often full of twists and turns. She & her amazing team have just launched a new campaign, focused on helping women rise out of the #Shecession, thru #UnstoppableTogether. They have an upcoming summit, programs & more to help women not fall behind. We also talk whale watching, the best spas and the importance of mentorship, especially at this moment in our history. Find Anisha: Find the video for #Unstoppabletogether:
January 28, 2021
Episode 153: The Future of Small Business & how the SBA can help Jordyn Dahl & Sery Kim
Today's episode is a great conversation with Jordyn Dahl, the Small Business Editor at Linkedin and Sery Kim, the Former Asst. Administrator at the SBA. We talk the future of small business, programs that are available and how the SBA can help. There is a mountain of things that the government can offer, and we get the tips and tricks how to do it. We also have some laughs on pop-culture, Bridgerton and more.
January 22, 2021
Episode 152: Giving People Power over Habits with Izzy Kirsh and Stephen Bates
Today's episode I get to have a wonderful conversation with Izzy Kirsh and Stephen Bates, co-founders of Mode. We talk about Stephen's artistic creativity and how he learned from a college and brings that to the company. We also get to talk about Stephen's creative work in software and hardware, and how he has been able to bring experience in other fields into this new company. Mode is a high level cannabis vapor company that focuses on intelligently designed personalized consumption. We get to clarify some misconceptions about vaping, cartridges, pods, and the realm of smoking. Connect with them here: Izzy's LinkedIn Stephen's LinkedIn Check out Mode
January 14, 2021
Episode 151: Unlocking your Bravery with Lindsay Stein
In today's episode, I get to have an awesome conversation with Lindsay Stein, CEO of Today I'm Brave. We talk about what made her decide to make the leap from advertising publishing world into the CEO position she has now. We also talk about Today I'm Brave and their mission to focus on youth and helping them overcome hardships in social health, education and diversity, and unlock their bravery to overcome those obstacles! Check out the Brave stories on their website and share your own brave stories with Lindsay on social media!  On LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter LinkedIn / /
January 6, 2021
Episode 150: Creating Memorable Experiences in the Mundane with Sam Ewen
In today's episode I have a great conversation with Sam Ewen, managing director at DotDotDash, experiential events genius and guru. DotDotDash is an agency and media that works to create unforgettable, and digital, shared experiences that motivate people to share about that event, brand, or company. Sam and I chat about future thinking brought on by the pandemic, and how to create smarter, more sustainable events while still engaging the attendees online. Follow him on Instagram! @samewen
January 4, 2021
Episode 149: Investing in the Underrepresented with Nash Ahmed
Today I get to chat with the incredible Nash Ahmed, CEO and Founder of Undock. Undock is a scheduling software that helps you instantly schedule, post, and document your meetings, using artificial intelligence to suggest the best availability for you! Nash shares about his journey understanding and realizing what is actually required to be given the benefit of the doubt, in order to get investments. We talk hiring stats, pattern-matching, and what it takes to affect change for both investments and the company's image and personnel.     Sign up for Undock here:    Connect with him! @nashtheory on all social media platforms!
January 3, 2021
Episode 148: Focusing on the Next Thing with Anya Fernald
In today’s episode I get to have a wonderful conversation with Anya Fernald, co-founder of Copalli, and CEO of Belcampo.  We get to talk about how she got her start into making her own cheeses, breads, and other food items. She had worked in small scale foods in Europe for several years which allowed her to have a unique value proposition moving onto her next section of life. We get to talk about her serial entrepreneurial spirit up to the point of her being CEO of Belcampo, the importance of not holding onto things longer than your peak of value, lessons Anya got to learn while starting Copalli in Belize and the slowing down that came along with that business, and working on yourself. Belcampo  Copalli  Linkedin Anya Fernald 
December 31, 2020
Episode 147: Advocating for Students as an Educator with Dr. Phyllis Bivins Hudson
Today I have a fascinating conversation with Dr. Phyllis Bivins Hudson, an education consultant who worked as an educator in middle schools for 27 years. Hear how the teachers and mentors she had growing up impacted her in ways far beyond academics and how they motivated and inspired her to pursue education as a profession! Learn about the power of being an advocate for students as an educator and the impact it can have for them later on in life.    Help support students through sponsoring scholarships offered by Delta Sigma Theta:    Buy her new book! Flying on Broken Wings :
December 21, 2020
Episode 146: Fighting Back Against the Bias with Jessica Bennett
In today's episode I have an amazing conversation with Jessica Bennett, Author of Feminist Fight Club, and This Is 18: Girls Lives Through Girls’ Eyes, and an Editor for The New York Times. We get to discuss Jessica's start as a journalist and her realization of what she wanted out of her journalist career. We also get to talk about her book and the starting of a Feminist Fight Club, being a woman in the workplace, and the state of politics with Biden and Harris' victory of the election. Follow her on Instagram: Check out her book: The New York Times:
December 18, 2020
Episode 145: Advancing in Leadership through Executive Coaching with Stacy Mayer
In today's episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Stacy Mayer, who is a leadership coach for executives. Stacy helps her clients recalibrate, strategize, and discern if the place they are in is the right place for them to shine. She works for the person, not the corporation, sets them up for success, and guides them into thinking like a strategic leader. Listen in to hear Stacy talk about the learnable skills of being a influential executive and move up in leadership! Executive coaching is not only for executives, so connect with her on her website:
December 15, 2020
Episode 144: Social Media Marketing with Danielle Wiley
Today I get to chat with Danielle Wiley, CEO of Sway. Sway helps streamline and professionalize the process of being an influencer in marketing within social media. Going from 25 clients at startup to 30,000 influencers, over the experienced course of 9 years, Sway's network prioritizes quality content for their projects and clients while adapting to the times and changes of technology, including TikTok! Listen in to learn about the importance of your social media presence as an influencer and the difference between authentic and aspirational content! Donate and support these awesome charities! Save the children: Good360: Medshare: Connect with Sway at:
December 11, 2020
Episode 143: Improving Women's Health Through Wholistic Nutrition with Sophie Shepherd
Today I have a fascinating conversation with Sophie Shepherd, a women's health advocate, and more specifically, a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. She shares about her wholistic lifestyle approach to assess digestion and hormonal issues and locate the root cause instead of treating symptoms. She urges ladies, "be in tune with yourself and become the CEO of your health!"   If you have any health questions, dm her on:  Instagram @shetalkshealth :    Her website: set-up a 90 minute consultation and read her blog!  Facebook group: Check out her new radio show and give some positive feedback to help others hear the great information:
December 8, 2020
Episode 142: Equipping Students for a Real Hollywood Career with Rachel Miller
In today's episode, I have an awesome conversation with Rachel Miller, Founder at Film2Future, and Founding Partner Haven Entertainment. Rachel created Film2Future as a real zero-cost program to train low income students to be prepared for life and build a pipeline to an actual career in Hollywood. With the intention of removing the barriers to entry for students and focusing on the education gap early, starting with high school students, they teach about the thousands of unspoken jobs in Hollywood, understand how the jobs work together, and how their network can propel them into their next job. Hear how creativity and authenticity in storytelling can't be stopped. Everyone has a great story, but who gets to tell that story? Film2Future is providing the tools, support, and training to do so! Also, stay tuned to hear a little bit about Rachel's and my own music tastes!  Donate and support students!  Learn more at: Connect With Her here:
December 6, 2020
Episode 141: Creating a Personal Brand that Shares Your Story Well with Katie Fogarty
Today I have the wonderful opportunity to chat with Katie Fogarty, Founder and CEO of The Reboot Group. Katie takes us through the journey of her plethora of jobs in politics and communications, including work at Capitol Hill, which led her to a focus in career communications work, jumpstarting The Reboot Group. Katie also shares how to use LinkedIn to create a personal brand and take ownership of and distinguish your unique story among other professionals. Some pro-tips, do's and don't's of LinkedIn, and some personal self-care methods.   Connect with Her Here:
December 4, 2020
Episode 140: Decoding the Skills Necessary for Growth with Promise Phelon
In today's episode I have an amazing conversation with the amazing Promise Phelon, Champion of Underdogs, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Capital Raiser, CEO of Tap Influence, and a million other great things. Promise has been writing a book, which you should totally get (link below), and in today's episode we get to talk about some of Promise's many businesses she has started and some lessons she has learned from them. The challenges and blessings of the some of the paths Promise has been on. The importance of being surrounded by positive partners and role models. And a few things to whet your appetite for her book.  Get Her Book: Connect with Her Here:
December 1, 2020
139 - Creating a Culture Clients Need, Partners want, and Teams Want to be a Part of, with Jen Risi
In today’s episode I get to have a great chat with Jennifer Risi, the Founder and President of The Sway Effect, a network of independent marketing and communications agencies focused on driving brand reputation and integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into all aspects of business today. We get to talk about how she went from different agencies (Shandwick, Ogilvy) to starting The Sway Effect. We get to address how brands ought to work from the top down to create a culture of inclusivity and correcting the faults of the past by taking the first good step today.  We also get to talk about the importance of networking, remaining committed, bike riding and the importance of helmets, and the acceptableness of athleisure. Find her here: Love The Reset? Please rate, review & share it wherever you listen to podcast!
November 18, 2020
Episode 138: Knowing Your Worth and Living Holistically with Kate Visconti
In today’s episode I have an awesome conversation with Kate Visconti, Founder and CEO of Five to Flow. We talk about Kate coming to learn about Lily Ledbetter and one of her employers paying her only half as much as her male co-workers. Some of her other jobs, the importance of a more holistic approach to life, and how she got to starting Five to Flow. What Five to Flow is. What Kate has been doing for self care during a pandemic(It has a bit to do with YouTube). Find her here:
November 17, 2020
Bonus Episode: C19 Coalition - 1 Billion Units of PPE Strong & growing with Joe Wilson
Today I chat with Joe Wilson, co-founder of C19 Coalition. We talk about getting PPE to communities that need it. How together with partners over 1 billion units of PPE have been distributed to hospitals, non-profits, hbcus & more. We also talk about how you can help too! Find out more here:
November 16, 2020
Episode 137: Understanding Constructive Criticism and Leaving a Legacy with Asieya Pine
Today's episode I get to have a wonderful chat with Asieya Pine, president of LWD. (Lockard and Wechsler | Direct)  We get to talk about how she was able work with LWD for 20 years, and during that time her rise to president of the agency. The importance of listening to those who know what they're doing. We get to be thankful for both being first generation with parents who are immigrants. We also get to talk about being able to look back at a job well done and leaving a great legacy behind. Find her here: Love The Reset? Please rate, review & share it wherever you listen to podcast!
November 12, 2020
Episode 136: Reigniting Your North Star with Shari Reichenberg
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with Shari ReichenBerg, Managing Director, New York at RAPP. We have a chat about how she got her start into advertising, first for Philadelphia the city, what she thinks about left and right brain and balancing those. We discuss social justice and BLM and how companies can drive impact and change. We share our love of tennis, wine, and how to best relax in this crazy time. Find her here: Love The Reset? Please rate, review & share it wherever you listen to podcast!
November 11, 2020
Episode 135: Doing Fewer Things Better, with Tracey Faux-Pattani
Today's Episode I have a wonderful conversation with Tracey Faux-Pattani, CEO of BSSP (Butler Shine Stern & Partners) We talk about how she took over right around the start of the pandemic, her journey to becoming the CEO of a large advertising agency, self care while living through a pandemic, organization, creating meaningful and lasting impact, and the high importance and emergence of honesty in professional and personal lives. Find her here:
November 10, 2020
Episode 134: The trends we're seeing from brands during the pandemic, with Jeremiah Owyang
Today's episode I chat with Jeremiah Owyang, tech analyst, speaker, co-founder of  Kaleido Insights. We talk about how he got his start, why he created an outdoor office using an airstream trailer during the pandemic, our shared love of Spartan Race (& its community) and the trends we are seeing for brands adapting during the pandemic.  Find him here:
November 2, 2020
Episode 133: Starting out & building from the group with Ryan Mason
Today's episode, I have a great chat with Ryan Mason, founder of Luxe Brand & BizzBuzz. Ryan is a great young entrepreneur who created a unique line of luxury shoe laces and along the way created a digital marketing agency to help other small business owners tell their stories online.  Find him here: Ryan just launched a great digital e-book on marketing strategy called The Digital Playbook:
October 30, 2020
Episode 132: Creating inclusive workplaces for the IDD Community with Laurel Rossi
Today's episode, I have a fantastic conversation with Laurel Rossi, who's Co-founder of Creative Spirit and CPO at Organic. We talk about her incredible career and why she co-founded Creative Spirit which helps people with IDDs get meaningful jobs at advertising agencies. We discuss how companies can get involved and support their employees as well as why this is an economic justice issue, especially for women of color. Find more about her here: Please Rate, Review & Share the Reset Podcast wherever you listen!! 
October 27, 2020
Episode 131: Now is the time to make that change, you've been thinking of with Randi Levin
Today's episode, I have a great chat with Randi Levin, who's a Transitional Life Strategist at Randi Levin Coaching. We talk about how she got her start, why she herself made a career transition and why she's so passionate about helping others find their way in their careers and life. Find her here: Love the Reset? WRITE a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen! SHARE it with your friends! TELL me who you'd like to hear on the show next
October 23, 2020
Episode 130: Embracing your badassery with Catherine Connors
Today's episode I have a great chat with Catherine Connors, CEO of League of Badass Women. She's a Canadian philosopher, author serial entrepreneur and previous executive at Disney. We have a great chat about what it means to lead with your own badassery, femininity and more.  Find her here: Love podcast - write a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen & share it with friends !
October 21, 2020
Episode 129: Effectively & passionately finding your voice with Robyn Hatcher
Today's episode is a great conversation with Robyn Hatcher, founder of SpeakEtc. We have a great conversation about how she got her start, how she teaches people the art of public speaking. We talk about code-switching, how to speak effectively for your zoom meetings & being in the moment .  Find her here:
October 16, 2020
Episode 128: The heart, science & soul of Product Development Arne Lang-Ree & Giles Lowe
Today's episode, I have a fantastic conversation with Arne Lang-Ree & Giles Lowe, co-founders of Spanner. We talk about product development, what their process is, how they select projects and why they do what they do. They also give great advice about getting into product development.  They have a remarkable career journey and it's a fascinating story. Find them here:
October 8, 2020
Episode 127: You always have to build your own path with Yolanda Lam
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with Yolanda Lam, Global Head of Agency & Ads Partners at Pinterest. We have a chat about how she got her start, how she carved out her own way going from the agency side to the tech side at Pinterest. We of course talk about how and why people are flocking to Pinterest during the pandemic (myself included) as well as how the company is adapting as a result of covid. Find her here:
September 30, 2020
Episode 126: There are no dress rehearsals with Sharon-Frances Moore
Today's episode, I have as great conversation with Sharon-Frances Moore , founder of Shances. She's an etiquette coach, who has spent over 20 years providing people with the tools, planning and strategies to move effectively in the business world. It's imperative that young people, especially those of color learn that there are no dress rehearsals, you have to stay ready to be ready. You never know when you'll get called to that meeting, or private dinner (in person or on zoom). Find her here:
September 29, 2020
Episode 125: Tapping into your own power & make it happen with Isis Arias
Today's episode I have a great chat with Isis Arias, who's an incredible, Brand Marketer,  experiential genius and so much more. We talk how she got her start, her career at Complex, as well as why she created Pep Talk Tuesdays. We dig into why event people are literally the most creative people on earth and always know how to make it happen. Find her here: 
September 16, 2020
Episode 124: Understanding culture, means paying attention to the past history with Nic Allum
Today's episode I get a chance to chat with Nic Allum, who has been at the forefront of cultural marketing for over 30 years - she has seen it all. We talk, understanding culture, honoring the past sacrifices & struggles and acknowledgement, that none of this is new. We go deep into what reality TV has done to us, why it's important to have diverse voices everywhere and why it's not a fad, but our only future. Find her here:
September 14, 2020
Episode 123: Teaching students with empathy, Dr. Marc Kissel
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with my friend & awesome professor, Dr. Marc Kissel, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Appalachian State University. We talk about what it's like to be a college professor educating students during covid. Marc talks about his innovative approach to teaching anthropology and not grading his students. Empathy leads the way for everything. Find him here:
August 28, 2020
Episode 122: Understanding the data, so you can reach your customers, Ania Wieczorek
Today's episode, I have a great talk with Ania Wieczorek, Co-founder, Bowery Analytics. We talk about her unique career journey, what made her to take the leap and jump to start her own company. We also talk about the power of data, especially right now as we face this pandemic. You have get to understand, where your customers are and how to get more of them. Find her here:
August 27, 2020
Episode 121: What you actually have to do to be a successful WOC in tech, Susanne Tedrick
Today's episode I have a great chat with Susanne Tedrick, technologist and author of Women of Color in Tech. We talk about her career in technology and why she thought it was necessary to write her book as a blueprint for women of color in the tech industry. We talk about the real importance of networking and giving back to the those young women who are coming up. Buy her book here:
August 26, 2020
Episode 120: Bringing humanity to work, even virtually with rituals, with Erica Keswin
Today's episode I have a great chat with Erica Keswin, author of the bestselling  book, Bring your Human to work and the upcoming book, Rituals Roadmap. We talk about her career, how and why she decided to right this next book, while still in quarantine. We also talk the power of humanity in business, especially during this weird covid time. We talk about what happens when people just connect. Find more about Erica here:
August 25, 2020
Episode 119: Communities for women that are about our full lives, with Nina Lorez Collins
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with Nina Lorez Collins, founder of the online community for women over 40, Woolfer. She has incredible story and had so many trailblazing careers in publishing, consulting in hospitals and more. We talk about the fact that women need community for their all parts of their lives. Find out more about Woolfer here:
August 24, 2020
Episode 118: Creating wearable tech to help alleviate stress, with Kathryn Fantauzzi
Today's episode, I talk with Kathryn Fantauzzi, who's CEO of Apollo Nueroscience.   It's a super timely conversation, about this incredible wearable that her company created to help alleviate stress as a therapeutic devise. We talk the founder journey, what it takes to create a wearable and how you get it off the ground.  This episode was recorded before covid hit. Find out more information here:
August 19, 2020
Episode 101: Putting out your ideas & making it work, with Rebecca Minkoff
Today's episode, we have an awesome chat, with the incredible Rebecca Minkoff, founder of the awesome brand that bears her name and the Female Founder Collective. we talk about her road to building a fashion brand, how she's managing in this climate and what made her start the Female Founder Collective. When women support each other, we all win. Find her here: Check out my course, the One Degree of Connection here:
August 19, 2020
Episode 117: The art and science of relationship building with Karima-Catherine Goundiam
Today's episode with Karima-Catherine (KC) Goundiam, who's the Founder of B2BeeMatch. We talk about navigating entreprenuership in Canada, what it's like to be a Black woman founder in that market. We also talk the power of networking and her new company, B2BeeMatch which makes strategic networking simple.
August 13, 2020
Episode 116: How to be good advocates & allies in this moment & beyond, Megan Cunningham CEO, Magnet Media
Today's episode, I have a great chat with Megan Cunningham CEO, Magnet Media. We talk about how she got her start as one of the first production agencies to harness video before Youtube was cool. We discuss how Covid has effected our businesses and our storytelling, but also what it means in this moment to actually help amplify Black voices and use your talents for good to make meaningful and lasting change. Find her here:
August 6, 2020
Episode 115: Not turning back now, we are making the change NOW, with Leslie Short CEO, The Cavu Group
Today's episode I have an awesome conversation with the incredible, Leslie Short, CEO of the Cavu Group. She's an amazing entrepreneur, who was an incredible background as a ballet dancer, producer, head of marketing, Pastor and more. We talk about the moment we're in and how, there's no going back. We have to move forward and make meaningful change. Find her here:
July 30, 2020
Episode 114: Communities for women to powerfully connect with Kristy Wallace CEO, Ellevate Network
Today's episode, I have a great conversation with Kristy Wallace, who's CEO of the Ellevate Network. We talk about what prompted her to join the organization and how she helped it pivot and adapt grow to be a huge organization and booming community. Women's professional networks are  so integral to business and life success. Find her here:
July 22, 2020
Episode 113: Managing remote teams and building diverse from day one with Kanchan Kumar, Co-Founder/CEO, Remitr
Today's episode I have a great chat with Kanchan Kumar, Co-Founder/CEO of Remitr. We talk about his innovative company and how they have been managing remote teams since their inception. When Covid hit, they knew how to adapt, but their culture was built to be open and empathic. We also talk about what it means to build a diverse company from the ground up and making a successful business value.
July 20, 2020
Take the leap & build a community, with Cate Luzio Founder/CEO, Luminary
Today's episode, we have a great chat with Cate Luzio, founder of Luminary, an awesome collaborative hub here in NYC and digitally around the world. We talk about how Cate went from a successful career in banking to launching Luminary the space and community in less than 2 years. We also talk how they were quickly able to pivot when Covid hit and create a new digital community that's helped them thrive. The importance of community now more than ever is imperative, for women at every stage of our careers.  Find her here:
July 16, 2020
Episode 111: Leading with the Culture in mind, Mita Mallick, Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Marketing, Unilever
Today's episode we have a great chat with Mita Mallick, who's Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Marketing at Unilever. Mita talks about how she got her start and how to lead with culture in mind. We have a deep conversation on what it means to be an ally, especially, when you're a non-Black POC. She shares a deeply personal story about what it means when people don't step up for their colleagues and what it means when they do. Find her here:
July 15, 2020
Episode 110: Getting your finances together as a small business with Galit Tsadik
Today's episode, I chat with Galit Tsadik, The FINancial Sharktress. We talk about the importance of getting your finances in order as a small business and how it's critical to your business success. We also talk about PPP loans, navigating during Covid, how to find a good bookkeeper, accountant and eventually CFO. Galit's got a great story as how she built this unique business by giving out financial advice on Twitter chats. Find her here:
July 2, 2020
Episode 109: Navigating the world of fundraising & philanthropy with Yolanda F. Johnson
Today's episode , we talk with Yolanda F. Johnson and Founder, YFJ Consulting & WOC. We have a great conversation about fundraising, non-profits, philanthropy and navigating that world as a black woman. We about why she felt the need to create WOC - Women of Color in philanthropy because having a community of women who are in your industry who understand your unique experiences is key to success. Find more information here:
June 30, 2020
Episode 108: Building, Pivoting & Black Hair, during the Pandemic with Regina Gwynn
Today's episode I chat with Regina Gwynn, who's the Co-Founder, TresseNoire Beauty & Black Women Talk Tech. We talk about how she went from corporate to entrepreneurship and never looked back. We Talk about why her company Tressnoire pivoted and how they are important resource now, for black women as we navigate our hair during this pandemic. We also talk about Black Women Talk Tech and why it's community is so important. Check out her company:
June 25, 2020
Episode 107: I can just make this happen with Melissa Mitchner
Today's episode, I have a great chat with #She4ALL pitch competition winner, Melissa Mitchner, Founder, The Bark Shoppe. Melissa is an incredible founder, built her savings, got inspired by a TV show, had and then just made it happen. Now 8 years later, her Dog Grooming business is thriving, in spite of Covid and she's on her way to creating some game changing products for the pet industry. She demonstrates what it means to #betonablackwoman. Find her here:
June 17, 2020
Episode 106: Black Trauma & the power of listening with Dr. Portia Hunt
Today's episode, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Dr. Portia Hunt, Emeritus Professor at Temple University. We talk about Black Trauma, the power of listening, #BlackLivesMatter, healing, the protests and what we can all do to move forward. This is a difficult time for us all, and I hope this conversation leads to some positive action. About Dr. Hunt: Dr.Hunt a licensed psychologist and diversity consultant with more than 35 years of experience. Highly regarded in her field, she has provided diversity training and counseling to individuals and couples, schools and municipalities. As an expert in trauma care, Dr. Hunt has provided professional services in the aftermath of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, aided corporate executives impacted by 9/11, and assisted relocated survivors of Hurricane Katrina. She is executive director of the National Center for Family Recovery (NCFFR) located in Philadelphia, PA.
June 4, 2020
Episode 105: Take the chance, look how far you'll go with Tina Eskridge
Today's episode, we have a great conversation with Tina Eskridge, Sr. Marketing Director , from Microsoft. We talk about her starting out her experience working in the supply chain side for a number of companies, then switching over product marketing and now her senior marketing role at Microsoft.  We discuss the importance of taking on projects with intention that really matter to you and really being about to make an impact. Check out my online course, The One Degree of Connection Here
May 28, 2020
Episode 104: Volunteer, it helps others & you  with Edward Casabian
Today's episode, I have a great chat w/ Ed Casabian, who's created this amazing social impact project, Year Volunteer. We chat about his early days at Uber as one of the first employees at the NY office and helping it scale. We chat about the importance of volunteering, how NYC ranks as one of the lowest cities in the country for volunteering, which is shocking. We taped this episode before covid hit, but helping others now has a new spirit. Check out my online course:
May 22, 2020
Episode 103: Building a brand because you needed the products, with  Chris-Tia Donaldson
Today's episode I talk with Chris-Tia Donaldson, who's CEO of Thank God It's Natural. We talk about how she went from working at Oracle as a senior counsel to building a hugely successful brand, who's products are sold at Target, Whole Foods, Sally’s Beauty, CVS and Walgreen's. She's also a breast cancer survivor and we talk about how she was building TGIN, while going thru treatment. She wrote a fantastic book about her journey, This Is Only a Test: What Breast Cancer Taught Me about Faith, Love, Hair, and Business Find more about her here: Check out my new course: The One Degree of Connection
May 21, 2020
Episode 102: Paving your own path to what you want to do, with Kay Hsu, Global Director, Instagram, Creative Shop
Today's episode, we have a great chat with Kay Hsu, Global Director, Instagram, Creative Shop. We talk about creativity, starting her career in politics and then moving to the US on the agency side. We discuss about the  importance of taking the leap,  jumping into opportunities and of course, pop culture, innovation & tech in the time of 'rona. Check out my online course:  One degree of connection:
May 20, 2020
Episode 100: You have to listen to culture, for real with Angela Brown
We have made it to 100 episodes!! I'm excited to have a fantastic conversation with Angela Brown from GSD&M, where she is an amazing Sr. Social Strategist. She worked on some amazing campaigns, most notably Popeyes the "ya'll good" tweet that launched millions of delicious chicken sandwiches. We talk about listening to culture, how no one is an overnight success and building your career is never a straight line. Be sure to check out my online course: One Degree of Connection
May 7, 2020
Episode 99: Today's a good day to launch an online course with Nancy Spears
Today is Launch day of my online course, One Degree of Connection in collaboration with GenConnectU! We have a very special episode with Nancy Spears, who's the amazing CEO of GenConnectU. We talk her incredible career and what prompted her to create an online e-learning platform. We will also talk about why I created my course and what we hope people will learn from it. There's a special discount inside the e