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The She Almighty Podcast

The She Almighty Podcast

By Mikaela Jackson
Join Mikaela Jackson, founder of She Almighty & guests sharing how they are living and leading by example to be their best selves and have a positive impact for others. Expect real, warm, open and honest conversation with a good dose of inspiration. Connect with us and learn more about our coaching programmes, events and community at
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Rocking Motherhood: with Annie Breen, nutritional therapist and host of the 'Be You Mum Podcast'

The She Almighty Podcast

Rocking Motherhood: with Annie Breen, nutritional therapist and host of the 'Be You Mum Podcast'

The She Almighty Podcast

Breakfast Champion: with Jodie McGregor, founder of My Breakfast Box
For episode 12, I chat to Jodie McGregor, founder of My Breakfast Box. As a former member of the junior GB eventing team and personal trainer, Jodie had always taken fitness, performance and well-being seriously. But it was when she was working as PT and studying her degree in nutrition that she noticed just how much people struggled with eating a nutritiously balanced breakfast. The seed was planted and in 2020 My Breakfast Box, the subscription breakfast service for the health-conscious and busy professionals was born. Addressing the need, Jodie decided to create her very own nutritious products designed to not only fuel the body and mind but taste yummy too and be conveniently delivered straight to your door. Need a warm well-being hug? This is for you! We talk about the importance of breakfast for setting us up to tackle whatever life throws at us and prioritising our self-care to be our best selves.  You can learn more about My Breakfast Box and all the yummy products at
January 13, 2021
Spiritual Style: with Lisa Moore, founder of URBAN GILT
For our eleventh episode, I chat to Lisa Moore, founder of URBAN GILT, the sleek fashion brand for soul-aligned women on a mission to live to their full potential and make a positive impact in the world.  Lisa shares her inspirational love story and how it led to the birth of the brand with her partner in business and in life, Hadrian. Prior to meeting Hadrian, Lisa explains how they had both been working in successful corporate jobs but feeling majorly unfulfilled and it was in their quest to find themselves and their purpose, and a blind date later! That the universe aligned and they found one another. It was an instant soul connection and the two never looked back.  After quitting their jobs and travelling the world together, it was in 2015, 5 years ago to the day that this episode was recorded that they launched URBAN GILT with their capsule collection of printed T-shirts ethically made from sustainable cotton. An environmental conscience is at the core of the brand and integral to the couple's plans to help change the world. Lisa tells us how 5 years later, URBAN GILT has evolved into a brand for soul-aligned women creating a positive impact in the world, needing a wardrobe to enable that mission. Their ethos being the more people who live in alignment with their soul's purpose and unite in their shared values, the better the world will be. We talk inner work, spiritual work and how both have had a powerful influence on shaping this soulful brand.  This lady is an inspiration and the embodiment of spiritual style. A joy to chat to and well, who doesn't want to hear a love story?!  Enjoy x Shop URBAN GILT and join the mission here.
December 13, 2020
High-Flyer: with Mandy Hickson, former RAF fast-jet pilot, author, speaker and MD of Hickson-Experience
For our tenth episode, I chat with Mandy Hickson, former RAF pilot and one of the UK’s first female fast-jet pilots. Mandy served in the RAF for 17 years flying the Tornado GR4, doing three tours of Iraq and whilst becoming a mum of two boys. This lady is a true inspiration and trailblazer, and her story is most certainly a remarkable one.  Mandy's story started with her dreaming about being a fast jet pilot at the age of 13 and culminated in her leading an entirely male dominated Front Line Tornado Squadron on operations. We talk about the pressures and responsibilities that came with her not everyday career and flying a multi-million-pound fighter jet in hostile territory. And how Mandy's dream job became a reality through years of ambition, training, and commitment. Learning more about Mandy’s incredible journey, we touch on failure, being a woman in the airforce at that time, not accepting the status quo, difficult career decisions, motherhood, and how she overcame many obstacles to succeed in such a demanding career to pave the way for others to follow in her footsteps.  Now an in-demand keynote speaker, consultant, published author, and MD of Hickson-Experience; Mandy shares how she is transferring her invaluable experience from the front line to the corporate boardroom and beyond.  You can learn more about her inspirational journey as a pioneering female fighter pilot and get a copy of her best selling book ‘An Officer, Not a Gentleman’ here. And learn more about her work here.  Be sure to listen in fast, I promise this episode will fly by and be a blast ;)
October 23, 2020
Paving the Way: with Kimaya Vyas-Herdman, Director of Merchandising at Ugg, Deckers Brands
For our ninth episode I chat to Kimaya Vyas-Herdman, Director of Merchandising at Ugg, Deckers Brands. Kim has been paving her way in the fashion industry for over 10 years, and as well as Ugg, has worked for brands such as Ted Baker,  Juicy Couture and Calvin Klein. Alongside her experience and role in fashion (merchandising), which she describes as the perfect combination of art and science, requiring a broad range of skills and both a flair for fashion and business. We also talk about her responsibility as a female leader, as one of the youngest directors at Ugg and her aspirations, efforts and obstacles to facilitating much-needed change in ethnic minority representation in her the company and across the industry.  Having grown up in both the UK and India, Kim proudly identifies as a British-Indian and we explore the impact of those two cultures on her perspective and how they have profoundly shaped and influenced her life for the better. We also dig deeper into multiculturalism, globalisation and how the Black Lives Matter movement is shedding a bright and beckoning light exposing the urgent need for action and how we all have an important part to play in that.  Kim now lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband, cat and soon to arrive baby boy! So amongst the serious topics of this episode, there's still plenty of sunshine and positivity. Enjoy listening! 
October 01, 2020
Blooming Feminist: with Stephanie Melodia, founder of startup marketing agency Bloom
For our eighth episode, I chat to Stephanie Melodia, the founder of startup marketing agency Bloom. Prior to establishing Bloom, Steph spent the best part of a decade working agency-side then led the UK marketing for Top 10 global app developer, Meitu, working directly with top-tier cosmetics brands including Benefit Cosmetics, Givenchy, and Dior.  Steph fills us in on the career path that led her here, agency life and the realities of running her own business. We talk living and trends through COVID times, burnout, flexible working and feminism, generally putting the world to rights! Listen in for strong and straight talk from this blooming feminist! Along with plenty of life lessons and your usual dose of inspiration from another awesome leading lady. Visit to learn more about Mikaela, her coaching programmes and the She Almighty community. Connect @_shealmighty.
August 28, 2020
Living Proof: with Charli Hunt, founder of Proof Content
For our seventh episode, I chat with Charli Hunt the founder of Proof Content. Charli founded Proof Content back in 2012 while studying for her finals at university which she describes as the ultimate procrastination method! Charli tells us how school and university weren't really her thing but more of an expectation, and how as with lots of these leading ladies, she spotted an opportunity! Then working as a freelance writer, she realised the need for scalable digital content. Studying English Literature and History she was surrounded by people who could write and had plenty of free time on their hands and so the idea for a network of freelance writers was born! Proof Content is now a network of over 150 freelance writers, working for clients like Boots, nPower, Foyles and The Northbank. In her free time, Charli is also the Marketing Trustee for Refugee Café. Charli shares with us the Proof ethos and her inspirational family story and believe me, is business in her DNA! Hint: Her grandad actually founded Foyles the bookstore and the family legacy didn't stop there!  She talks to us about overcoming her lack of confidence, the importance of building a network of women in business and tribe for support. And also, as a busy businesswoman, her need to slow down and harness joy and connection in her life.  Her key messages are don't make excuses, always be learning, and do the things you want to do now! One of our more bite-sized episodes at just over 30-minutes of highly digestible content! A must listen. Connect with Charli on LinkedIn or @Charli_Proof on Twitter. Visit Visit to learn more about Mikaela, her coaching programmes and the She Almighty community.
August 05, 2020
Rocking Motherhood: with Annie Breen, nutritional therapist and host of the 'Be You Mum Podcast'
For episode six I chat to Annie Breen, nutritional therapist, business owner, wife, mum and host of the ‘Be You Mum’ podcast. Annie tells us about her science versus magic approach and how she helps mums reconnect with their ‘whole health’ needs - mind, body, heart, and spirit so that they can feel great about themselves.  Annie is hugely passionate and committed to understanding and supporting mums with their health specifically relating to the identity shift that comes with motherhood, maternal mental health, energy and confidence. And we learn about her personal story that led her to do what she does.  Whether you're a mum or not this a beautifully brave and connected episode with plenty of life lessons. Annie truly believes that our magic is in our mess and that we are not defined by our struggles but we are who we are because of them. She encourages us all to celebrate our essence and our wildness and quite frankly, why wouldn't we! Enjoy and be wild peops ;) You can learn more about Annie and her work at Visit to learn more about Mikaela, her coaching programmes and the She Almighty community. 
June 27, 2020
Creative Portfolio: with Dee Gibson, hotelier, interior designer etc.!
For episode five I chat to Dee Gibson. Dee describes herself as a hotelier, interior designer, mentor, charity trustee, mother, wife, friend, traveller, party-lover, dancer and crime drama obsessive! Dee is truly embracing having a portfolio career, life and personality; she firmly believes that we don’t have to be just one thing and she’s walking her talk!   Dee tells us her story how after 10 years in finance her creativity came calling and she made the switch to embark on her second career as an interior designer. It was then in 2016 on a family trip to Sri Lanka to connect with their roots, they stumbled across a piece of land, fell in love and the idea for Kalukanda House, the hotel she built from the ground up, was born and she embarked on her now third career as a hotelier with an ethos of soulful sustainable luxury.  Dee is proof that it's possible to have multiple careers and that dreams do come true if you’re prepared to just go for it! We talk how being an opportunist, taking risks, leveraging the personal power of connection and using our voice can profoundly shape our outcomes and life experiences for the better. This lady is an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with. It's another long one but I promise every minute is worth the listen! 
June 13, 2020
Joyful Balance: with Gillian Hipp, founder of Move into Balance
For our fourth episode I chat to Gillian Hipp the founder of Move into Balance who helps women to switch off their busy minds, connect with their bodies and find lasting strategies to feel confident and energised to work and play to their full potential. Gillian is a trained dance movement psychotherapist, joint course leader of a performing arts degree at a specialist arts college, and is currently completing her PhD research into movement and well-being in the workplace - suffice to say she knows her stuff!   To add to her busy schedule, Gillian is a mum of three lovely girls and has to practice what she preaches in order to accomplish all that she does and create the much-needed balance and calm to be at her best.  Listen in to discover new perspectives on movement and its benefits; how our bodies can be a tool to experience the world around us and how through connection and movement we can bring more joy and balance into our lives.  
May 24, 2020
Designing Life: with Elizabeth Ellery, founder of
For our third episode we chat to Elizabeth Ellery,  photographer, website designer and fashion industry insider who has launched two successful businesses and now uses her skills to help female entrepreneurs build the perfect personal brand online. Expect beautiful pearls of wisdom from this female founder. Of course, we talk about the power of personal brand; but we also talk about the importance of friendship in business, living with intention, pushing out of our comfort zones and bravery as Liz tells us her story of how after 10 years in her day job, she took the plunge to start her business and design a life she now loves.  
May 16, 2020
Side Hustling: with Carrie-Ann Wade, founder of Cat's Pajamas
For our second episode we chat to Carrie-Ann Wade, director of communications and engagement within the NHS by day and passionate founder of side hustle Cat’s Pajamas which provides communications services and a membership collaborative supporting others in the communications profession.  At 1.5 hours this a lengthy one, but if you're thinking about or are in the starting blocks of launching a side-hustle or business, this is absolutely jam-packed with insight, tips and gems on the entrepreneurial journey which I have no doubt will help you with yours. Trust me, as a business coach, I help women start and take their businesses to the next level for a living ;)  If you've been looking for that sign, need the nudge to take the plunge, push out of your comfort zone and know that you can do it - this is it. You've totally got this!  Listen as an accompaniment to a long walk or run, or break it down and digest in half-hour slots. However you do it, make sure you plug those headphones in, press play and drop me a note when you're pumped and ready to start hustling on the business and life of your dreams. You can connect with us and learn more about our coaching programmes and events here...  @_shealmighty
April 23, 2020
April 7, 2020
April 07, 2020
Mindful Living: with Nicola Harvey, founder of Mindful Nicstars
For our first episode we chat to Nicola Harvey, therapist, author, mindfulness practitioner and founder of Mindful Nicstars who is passionate about inspiring as many people as possible to realise the transformative benefits of using mindfulness to support their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Be prepared for a warming calm influence and some powerful practical takeaways. 
April 07, 2020