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The Slasher Sanitarium Podcast

The Slasher Sanitarium Podcast

By Troy Boesen
Caretaker Troy takes you through the world of Horror Movies, TV, and Media.
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고요의 바다 The Silent Sea Episode 8 “The Silent Sea”

The Slasher Sanitarium Podcast

고요의 바다 The Silent Sea Episode 8 “The Silent Sea”

The Slasher Sanitarium Podcast

지금 우리 학교는 All of Us Are Dead Episode 7
Gwi-Nam becomes last bully standing, So-Jo survives his swim and the military start to make some moves.  
April 28, 2022
From Episode 3 "Choosing Day"
The Matthews family and Jade have to choose if they will stay in Colony House or live in town.  Frank gets his punishment and Boyd is forced to decide if he wants to be the person people might need him to be.  
April 12, 2022
지금 우리 학교는 All of Us Are Dead Episode 6
Episode 6 gives us a brawl between former friends Gwi-Nam and Su-Hyeok, Another character gets bit and Dae-Su drops a few verses for us. 
April 05, 2022
From Episode 2 “The Way Things Are Now”
In episode two, we lose another two characters as well as learn a bit more about what the hell is going on.  Another Fromster attack leaves a lasting ripple effect on the community.  
April 01, 2022
From Episode 1 “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”
It's the pilot episode of the new Epix series FROM.  A group of people are stuck in an unknown town and every night a different group of people who also happen to be creatures arrive to try to murder and eat them.  We get presented with a ton of questions and not a lot of answers in the first episode, so let's get watching.  
March 30, 2022
고요의 바다 The Silent Sea Episode 8 “The Silent Sea”
It's the finale of The Silent Sea.  Who survives? Who dies for no apparent reason?  Will Earth be saved or will greed win the day?  All this and more, on this episode of The Slasher Sanitarium
March 25, 2022
ARCHIVE 81 Episode 8 “What Lies Beneath”
It's the season finale of Archive 81.  We find out if Dan can get Melody back or if she is gone forever.  Virgil has to get his hands dirty and a reveal or two occurs.
March 24, 2022
고요의 바다 The Silent Sea Episode 7 “Luna”
It's the penultimate episode of The Silent Sea on Netflix.  We lose yet another crew member and we get Luna's backstory.  What will happen on the finale?  Who will survive?  Will there be swimming pools again?
March 22, 2022
지금 우리 학교는 All of Us Are Dead Episode 5
This episode sees another classmate get eaten, Gwi-Nam becomes stronger in death and Cheong-San again finds himself in danger.  
March 18, 2022
ARCHIVE 81 Episode 7 “The Ferryman”
We see the events of the 1924 summoning of Kaelego, we catch up with Dan after getting sucker punched and we prepare for the final all in the seventh episode of Archive 81.  
March 17, 2022
고요의 바다 The Silent Sea Episode 6 “Key To Salvation”
Another episode of The Silent Sea on Netflix, another dead crew member.  We learn the name of our mystery girl and we move the players into the final stretch.
March 15, 2022
ARCHIVE 81 Episode 6 “The Circle”
This episode Dan finds out his work has a basement, Melody goes full on into the cult and Jess wonders if you can fit an entire world inside of you.  
March 10, 2022
지금 우리 학교는 All of Us Are Dead Episode 4
In this episode of Netflix's South Korean Zombie Drama, we lost another few side characters and we find out how to make your own temporary bathroom.  We fail to check in on some characters while introducing someone who I cannot wait to see die.  Eun-Ji also breaks my brain after she becomes something completely new.  
March 10, 2022
고요의 바다 The Silent Sea Episode 5 “Secret Storage”
This episode flys by.  We lose another crew member and another gets injured.  Our mystery attacker is a little girl armed with a lab coat and wonky eyes and Direct Choi decides to stop pretending to care.  
March 08, 2022
지금 우리 학교는 All of Us Are Dead Episode 3
Episode 3 of All of Us Are Dead shows us that Cheong-San and Su-Hyeok are survivors.  We lose more named characters including Hee-Su and Gyeong-Su, and I talk a bit about how impactful those deaths are.
March 04, 2022
ARCHIVE 81 Episode 5 “Through the Looking Glass”
This is a Melody heavy episode.  And boy is it a big one.  We find out a lot more about the cult, the Visser and what Virgil is planning.  
March 01, 2022
지금 우리 학교는 All of Us Are Dead Episode 2
This week, we lose an important character, see the effects loss has on some characters, and we prepare for a full scale outbreak within the city.  
February 24, 2022
The Silent Sea Episode 4 “The Truth Comes Out“
This episode we peel back the mystery a bit while almost losing another crew member.  Song and Hong show how good of a doctor team they are and Soohyuk gets some of his own answers.  
February 22, 2022
ARCHIVE 81 Episode 4 “Spirit Receivers”
This episode finally starts to get the story moving in the right direction.  Melody gets some bad news from Dan and a séance goes bad.  At least we get to see some nice artwork this episode.   Check out the show Twitter: Check out Halflives by visiting:
February 18, 2022
지금 우리 학교는 All of Us Are Dead Episode 1
The new South Korean horror drama All of Us Are Dead is out on Netflix and it's time we talked about it.  Cheong-San loves On-Jo, but On-Jo loves Su-Hyeok.  Su-Hyeok loves Nam-Ra and who knows what Nam-Ra is even thinking.  Oh, and zombies have just eaten half the student body, so there is that as well.  Join Troy as he goes back to school and tries not to get eaten.   For help with Character names and faces, check out
February 17, 2022
The Silent Sea Episode 3: “Cause of Death“
In a very aptly titled episode, we lose two of our crew members, lose a possible mystery, and we find out just how much water a human body can vomit.   
February 15, 2022
Archive 81 Episode 3 "Terror in the Aisles"
Troy returns for a religion heavy episode of Archive 81.  We get a fake Melody, an exorcism and some gnarly dreams.  
February 11, 2022
The Silent Sea Episode 2 “Three Storages” 고요의 바다
It's episode 2.  In this one, we find a lot of dead bodies, and we may have to add one to the pile soon.  The mission seems like a failure at this point but the crew are about to find out they might not be alone.
February 08, 2022
ARCHIVE 81 Episode 2: “Wellspring”
It's Episode 2 of Netflix's Archive 81.  We get some big reveals in this one as well as a tour of a hidden basement.   ​ Check out the show Twitter: Check out Halflives by visiting:
February 04, 2022
The Silent Sea Episode 1 “Balhae Lunar Research Station” 고요의 바다
Check out: to see each character. It's The Silent Sea on Netflix, we meet the Nuri 11 and it's crew on a mission to Balhae Station, a Lunar Station that five years ago suffered 117 crew members dying from a radiation leak.  
February 01, 2022
ARCHIVE 81 Episode 1: “Mystery Signals"
The very first episode of Archive 81 on Netflix.  We meet our main players Mark, Dan, Melody and Virgil.  And we get some backstory and spoopy vibes.  Check out the show Twitter: Check out Halflives by visiting:
January 25, 2022
Yellowjackets Episode 10: “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”
It's the season finale.  Another character bites the dust, another gets lost and another character meets some new friends.  It's the final Yellowjackets episode of the year.
January 18, 2022
Yellowjackets Episode 9: “Doomcoming”
Van and Tai get freaky, Shauna and Jeff have a heart to heart, Adam gets 86'd and everyone goes for a fun trip except for Jackie.  
January 11, 2022
Yellowjackets Episode 8: “Flight of the Bumblebee”
This episode we get a redemption for Tai, a heel turn for Jackie and a flight to remember for Laura Lee.  
January 04, 2022
Yellowjackets Episode 7 "No Compass"
Troy returns to discuss Van becoming wolf chow, Jackie learning who's baby is in her bestie, and Tai, Shauna and Nat play stake out.  
December 28, 2021
Yellowjackets: Episode 6 "Saints"
This episode we get some interesting reveals about Lottie, Taissa and Sammy.  We also get a pretty gnarly looking deer as well as some twitter love.   Join the discord at Follow along on Facebook or
December 21, 2021
Yellowjackets Episode 5: "Blood Hive"
This episode we look at our entire cast and we go from a group dance to a group séance.   Join the discord at Join the Facebook discussion at
December 14, 2021
Yellowjackets Episode 4: Bear Down
This episode is low on the excitement, but high on the drama.  We learn more about Natalie, we get to see what Adam and Shauna are doing in book club and we get to dig up a dead body!  
December 07, 2021
Yellowjackets Episode 3: "The Dollhouse"
On Episode 3 of Yellowjackets, we take a look at Taissa's past, we find a lake and a cabin by the lake, and we meet a lovely gentleman without any eyes.   Check out the show on twitter at Join the Yellowjackets Discord at
November 30, 2021
Yellowjackets: Episode 2 "F Sharp
In the second episode of Showtime's new series Yellowjackets, we focus on Misty and her manipulation as well as seal the fate of a few characters.  
November 24, 2021
Yellowjackets: Episode 1 "Pilot"
Showtime brings us a modern take on Lord of the Flies with Yellowjackets, a story of a high school soccer team that gets stranded in the Ontario wilderness after a plane crash for 19 months.  Taking place in 1996 and in 2021, we follow the original plane crash and the survivors 25 years later.  But not everyone of the victims died in the crash.  Join me as I take you beat by beat of the new show Yellowjackets.
November 23, 2021
SurrealEstate: Episode 1 "Pilot"
Troy decided to play Horror roulette and find a new show to watch.  It turned out to be Syfy's SurrealEstate.  Enjoy.  
July 27, 2021
Locke And Key: Episode 10 "Crown of Shadows"
Troy is here to walk you through the season 1 finale of Locke & Key.  
July 09, 2021
Locke and Key: Episode 9 "Echoes"
Troy is back to talk the penultimate episode of Locke & Key season one.  
June 29, 2021
Locke & Key: Episode 8 "Ray of Fucking Sunshine"
Troy returns to talk the big reveal from this episode and what to expect in the next two episodes.  
June 22, 2021
Black Summer Season 2: Episode 1 "The Cold"
Troy returns to catch up with Rose, Anna, Spears, Sun and his favorite LANCE!  I sure hope he gets a good arc this season.
June 18, 2021
Locke & Key: Episode 7 "Dissection"
Troy returns to discuss Sam Lessor and his assault on Key House as well as Tyler totally going balls deep on an Echo. 
June 18, 2021
Locke & Key: Episode 6 "The Black Door"
Troy returns to mourn Joe and to talk about memories.  
May 20, 2021
Locke & Key: Episode 5 "Family Tree"
It's the fifth episode of Locke & Key.  This episode we get two new keys and we get one less character to follow.  
May 13, 2021
Locke & Key: Episode 4 "The Keepers of the Keys
Troy returns to discuss the 4th episode of Locke & Key.
April 22, 2021
Locke & Key: Episode 3 "Head Games"
Troy returns to discuss Netflix's Locke & Key, Episode 3.
April 15, 2021
Locke & Key: Episode 2 "Trapper / Keeper"
Troy is back from the dead to continue to talk about Netflix's Locke & Key
April 13, 2021
Locke & Key Episode 1
Sal from the Rundown Wrestling Network joins me to discuss the Netflix Series Locke and Key.  Visit the Rundown at for more great podcast episodes.
April 21, 2020
Black Summer Episode 7 and 8
It's the last two episodes of season 1 of Black Summer.  Let's lose some cast members.  
April 10, 2020
It Chapter 2 (2019)
The Loser's club returns 27 years after almost killing Pennywise to try to kill him right this time.  
December 02, 2019
Black Summer Episode 6
It's time for the big heist!  Hopefully you can make more sense of this plan than I could!
November 18, 2019
Black Summer: Episode 5
Let's all go to the diner, and have ourselves a snack.  Sun and William attempt to outlive 3 people who tried to kill them.  
August 19, 2019
Black Summer: Episode 4
This episode, we see the unluckiest, luckiest dumb motherfucker ever in Lance.  He gets chased by the very same zombie over a 30 mile radius. 
August 15, 2019
Black Summer Episode 3
This episode we visit a school for the dead and we lose another main character.  But don't worry, because we gain another one!
July 03, 2019
Black Summer Episode 2
This episode we follow Sun, William and Barbara on a road trip while seeing what our other 4 main stars are up to.  
June 19, 2019
Slasher Episode 2
This episode we bring in a few new characters, and kill off an old character.  Also, Someone in the past dies in our cliffhanger.  
May 29, 2019
Slasher: The Executioner Episode 1
This episode, we take a look at Netflix's Slasher series, starting with The Executioner Episode 1.  Who killed the annoying bitch next door?  Was it the husband? The cop? Or the main character?  
May 23, 2019
Black Summer: Episode 1
It's the very first episode of Netflix's zombie show Black Summer.  We meet Rose, Ryan, Sun, Lance, "Spears", Barbara and Ass kicker.  We also get like 2 zombies!  Let's dive right into this!
April 23, 2019
The Twilight Zone: The Comedian
It's the return of The Slasher Sanitarium with the first episode of the new CBS Show The Twilight Zone.  This episode The Comedian sees a struggling comedian having to make a choice on how much he is willing to give up to become famous. 
April 03, 2019
Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Episode 3
Schizod is out and about, Robert takes down another person and everyone loves their own taste.
September 18, 2018
Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Episode 2
We meet Taser Peach, Mr. Schizoid and the rest of the Peach's in a decent episode of Butcher's Block
August 29, 2018
Channel Zero 3: Butcher's Block Episode 1
We introduce Lil' Stabby, Skinless, and Big Head Creeper as well as Gap Tooth and her sister. It's Channel Zero Season 3, Butcher's Block! Episode 1!
August 15, 2018
Friday The 13th Part 2
It's round two at Crystal Camp Someshit. Watch as Jason kills somewhere between 5 and 30 people.
July 13, 2018
Friday The 13th Part 1
Join Troy in 1979, where all the kids are on dope and the camera kills you. It's Friday the 13th Part 1!
June 19, 2018
Welcome to the resurrection of the Slasher Sanitarium. Join Troy as he talks about the over hyped Netflix movie Veronica.
June 14, 2018
The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)
It's Sci Fi Magic time, so don't think about how little this movie makes sense and instead be treated like a child who doesn't see the ending coming! It's The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)!
February 13, 2018
Happy Death Day
It's like Groundhog's Day, but with murder instead of suicide!
February 03, 2018
Harper's Island: Episode 2
Now without Podomatic cutting 30 seconds out of the recording! It's Harper's Island Episode 2, where we get 3 different deaths! And only one really matters, but whatever.
December 14, 2017
Final Destination 5
Thank god it's finally over. It's time to review the final Final Destination movie. We get more kills and a cast of who gives a shit.
November 29, 2017
Trick R' Treat (2007)
We join Sam as he becomes our guide through five tales of Halloween fun. Macy and her friends want to show Rhonda a good scare, Wilkins stalks his prey and Laurie has her first time. It's 2007's Trick R' Treat!
October 31, 2017
Channel Zero: No End House Episode 6
It's the finale of No End House on Syfy. The last installment of No End House falls a little flat to me. But at least we get a return of House Blob.
October 28, 2017
Channel Zero: No End House Episode 5
We have to go back.
October 20, 2017
Channel Zero: No End House Episode 4
We lose some cast members as Margo and Jules make it out of No End House. But they don't make it out alone.
October 13, 2017
The Final Destination
We throw physics away just so we can have people get killed in the most ridiculous ways possible.
October 10, 2017
Channel Zero: No End House Episode 3
Matrix Glitches, Glow Ball visits and a revelation that changes everything.
October 07, 2017
Channel Zero: No End House Episode 2
Let's get weird. Shit gets bonkers. JCL gets a midnight snack and JD meets JD.
September 29, 2017
Channel Zero: No End House Episode 1
Join me as I read the original Creepypasta NoEnd House and then review episode 1 of Channel Zero Season 2: No End House.
September 22, 2017
It (2017)
Spoiler Alert, I'm reviewing a movie that is still in theaters. 2017's IT. It is breaking all kinds of records and making bank, so join me as I review IT.
September 20, 2017
Final Destination 3
What the actual fuck? This movie gives me a stroke.
June 22, 2017
Watching With Hindsight: Westworld Episode 4
This week we get a continuation of The Man In Black's journey as he briefly teams up with Hector, we get the continued journey of Maeve as well as the beginning of the William and Dolores journey.
June 20, 2017
Harper's Island Episode 1
In 2009 CBS started a series called Harper's Island that was unlike most of what we expect from Basic Cable Television. Here is the beginning of the slasher fest Harper's Island.
June 14, 2017
Watching With Hindsight: Westworld Episode 3
Teddy meets a new friend, Arnold and Dolores have a chat, and Elsie and Stubbs go on a road trip. It's Westworld Episode 3
June 09, 2017
Final Destination 2 (2003)
Do you like to go for a Sunday drive on the highway, wind in your hair, giant tree trunk through your cerebral cortex? Then settle in for Final Destination 2.
June 01, 2017
Final Destination (2000)
People fucking dying, Carter being a dick, and lots of spoopy shit. It's Final Destination!
May 25, 2017
Channel Zero: Episode 6
It's the finale of Channel Zero! Everything gets answered and we get a nice rap up to the season.
May 20, 2017
Betelgeuse (1988)
Nice Fucking Movie! It's the 1988 classic Betelgeuse!
May 16, 2017
Channel Zero: Episode 5
The origin of Candle Cove is revealed and the police are hapless morons. It's Channel Zero Episode 5!
May 13, 2017
Channel Zero: Episode 4
We go full out in this episode and we get a surprise death. It's Channel Zero!
May 08, 2017
The Thing (2011)
Crazy Arm Creatures, More Americans than seems plausible and more isolated distrust, It's THE THING!
May 03, 2017
Channel Zero: Episode 3
Child murders, finger sucking and a revelation or two, It's Channel Zero!
May 02, 2017
Watching With Hindsight: Westworld Episode 2
With the closing of the Geek and Gamer Guild, I will be moving the first two episodes of WWH: Westworld to The Slasher Sanitarium. The Series will continue here along side Channel Zero and the normal movie reviews!
March 28, 2017
Watching With Hindsight: Westworld Episode 1
With the closing of the Geek and Gamer Guild, I will be moving the first two episodes of WWH: Westworld to The Slasher Sanitarium. The Series will continue here along side Channel Zero and the normal movie reviews!
March 28, 2017
Channel Zero: Episode 2
Episode 2 of Channel Zero! A big reveal, tooty chompers, and some hooking!
March 14, 2017
Channel Zero Episode 1
The Slasher Sanitarium welcomes Channel Zero this week. The Syfy Series centered around the Candle Cove Creepypasta kicks off this episode. We get Teeth Monsters, Dead Kids and The Boring guy from Parks and Rec.
March 01, 2017
Episode 4: The Thing (1982)
Crazy dog creatures, Kurt Russell and isolation. It's The Thing! Please check out CRONE: A Scarlet St. James Novel available now!
January 07, 2017
Episode 3: Dreamcatcher
Shit weasels, farts, viagra jokes and Morgan Freeman's creepy eyebrows! It's 2003's Dreamcatcher.
November 19, 2016
Episode 2: Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Zombabies, Deadish people and Mekhi Phifer. It's Dawn of the Dead!
October 21, 2016
Episode 1: Dawn of the Dead (1978)
In the very first episode of The Slasher Sanitarium, we talk about the 1978, I guess classic, Dawn of the Dead. You can find the podcast on twitter @slasherpodcast Email the show at Check out Questionable Endeavor Network at Theme song by bensound.
October 08, 2016