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The SuperNova Podcast with Lena Ski

The SuperNova Podcast with Lena Ski

By Lena Ski
Where Lifestyle, Business and Consciousness share the same 'office space' as your Purpose and your Brand. You're here because the #FutureofWork is changing. And it's about to get even more meaningful.
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114: The Human Side of Agility

The SuperNova Podcast with Lena Ski

114: The Human Side of Agility
I still find myself in crowds who celebrate the epitome of being agile as the use of a kanban board and the occasional standup meeting.  In our rush to get - wherever there is - have we lost the human experience?  I chat with an amazing Agile Trainer Philip Atkinson who debunks what Agile is and what it isn't. 
June 23, 2022
113: Before we define the future. Let's define work.
What an incredible way to end the week.  With meaning, purpose, and conscious intention to choose who we are and why we do the thing we do.  And the role that structure, environment, and context have in our meaning-making process.  We also talked about: Future of Work 24 Hours: Hacking HR: Teal Conference: Find out more about our speaker here
February 25, 2022
112: The Purpose Question goes Agile
Agile. What does it mean? Does having a Kanban board quality anyone as agile?  Can we really embrace the speed of change? Do we have to change a good thing?  We use words without definitions. We say things without embodiment. True Purpose isn't a goal, dream, idea.  True Purpose isn't a thing to do either.  Loved recording this chat with fellow #TATW2022 creators.  Find out more about our upcoming event on  It takes this topic of #agilemanagement and #evolutionarypurpose to a whole deeper level. 
January 13, 2022
111: Always On Culture
In a #shebangbang of other kinds, #2022 has arrived with #tenacity and #determination to get on with it, topple #hierarchy, and #bemore in the world. If you had to pick would you pick freedom or structure? You only get one choice. They come with different rewards, results, and consequences. Freedom: Always on Instant Gratification Real-Time and in the Moment  Structure boundaries  clock in - clock out  right mask for the right time  Plot Twist. Freedom is a structure. Kind of like Dark Space and Anti Matter.   Learn more
January 05, 2022
110 :: How do we measure new ways of working?
When Imre sent me an email with "The first-ever multi-country network analysis of TEAL companies against the benchmark of the traditional companies!" in the subject line last year, I knew we needed to chat. Then this incredible panel happened.  THE SURVEY: was organized by James Priest (Sociocracy 3.0), used the network analysis tool of CX-Ray, was delivered by Imre Környei (iCons-Hungary), was executed in the following 4 countries: Bulgaria, France, Spain, and Switzerland, identified the competitive advantages of the companies applying Sociocracy 3.0 patterns against the benchmark of the traditional companies. You can learn more about the network analysis here: This conversation dug even deeper.
December 29, 2021
109::You don't create the future of work by redefining work
This is a #TBT summit episode that reveals that changing the future of work by focusing on work - only produces the same results.  To really cross The Great Culture Chasm — from ways of being as “well-oiled machines” to ways of being as “conscious living systems.” requires something far deeper. In celebration of all his work and the way he helped my Purpose fit its true playground ... there is so much more to be said. 
December 16, 2021
108:: What does #SelfManagement mean in 2021
Self Management is one of the hottest rising hashtags, movements, and new way of working styles since #stayhome and #covid19 but let's face it, you're already a pro. Or at least, you might think, you've been ok enough to not completely suck at it. But in a world that no longer shares the same perspective or definition of it, Self Management has a lot to say.  This podcast explores the mythology, reality and meaning of #selfmanagement in 2021. It unpacks the perspectives of: Personal Development such as The Power of Now Change Management and Resilience Training  Agile and Scrum Methodologies Basic Entrepreneurial and Innovation Principles  Teal Practises and more.  to help you make it your own. With your own signature and leadership style to match.  Because let's face it, we are all leaders now. Some of us missed the promotion memo (Congrats), some of us don't want the title or the perks - BUT we are all leaders of who we are, and how we do it in the world.  Hopefully, more by design. And less by default.  For more information visit and find @thesupernovapodcast on Instagram 
November 23, 2021
107::The Future of the Workplace + 4day Work Week
Covid hasn't been kind to a #4dayworkweek If anything it's made us restore factory settings and check our notifications.  Enter Dion Chang.  Dion Chang is a strategic thinker, keynote speaker, walking ideas bank, and professional cage rattler. He is one of South Africa's most respected trend analysts and founder of Flux Trends, which takes the unique view of “trends as business strategy”. ... He is an intrepid traveler, global citizen, and proudly South African. In this conversation, he shares what it took to be the first South African Company to roll out a #4dayworkweek and stick to it.  Other talking points include resistance to change, the future of retail space, and rethinking work.  If you liked that - you will also like this: Find out more about the Podcast here:
November 18, 2021
106:: The Design Process behind #WorkLifeBalance
Something you might know about me is that I love to work with wholes. Whole People. Whole Brands. Real Magic.  This isn't that podcast. Well, not in the way you think about it. It's not another workshop pitch at happy or effective.   This episode reveals the underlying structure behind the biggest debate on what work-life balance is all about.  To transform anything, we first need to understand the truth of how it is made. And this podcast reveals all.  Though I'm already considering a follow up to take it even further.  Can't wait till then. Follow the nuggets at and  and see what is rising at
April 03, 2020
105:: The Truth about Teams (Part3)
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks so how new normal can this #newnormal really be. If the underlying structures produce consistently the same results, have we really changed habits. One Year after COVID-19 and the truth about teams is ...  In the 3rd part of this topic, I explore what's really under the hood, in between the glass ceilings, and what's obvious about Teams as we kick-off 2021. Make sure to listen to Part 2 to get all the insights on a gold platter.  To book a free consultation visit
March 20, 2020
104::The Truth about Teams (Part 2)
Teams are more valuable than we give them credit for. In this follow up podcast, we look at a revealing insight that showcases the role teams play in understanding the structures we design and play in. Explored through the evolutionary eyes of Purpose Strategist Lena Ski, we unmask reality, growing pains, the need for management, and what drives results.
March 13, 2020
103::The Truth about Teams (Part1)
Before you get too excited, you might want to step back and pause. Watch. Listen. Understand. Because in a culture that sees people as the problem (isn't that why you have HR, Change Management Workshops or External Coaches) there's something demanding your attention. We'll get to culture - trust me- but right now I'm asking you to think design. You already have the answers. You just haven't been noticing the actual questions.  Check out || or send love to
March 06, 2020
102::When the new Brave invites you to play it safe.
After my roundtable on psychological workplace safety this past Friday - I find myself feeling incomplete. Plotting a much in demand follow up, and still wanting to take about safe zones.  Because we live in a world that's either too sensitive or numbed out and it shows up in our work, our brand, and sadly our Purpose.  Press play and welcome to the braze space.  So about those voice mails: simply click here to bring your voice to this podcast or simply just share feedback.  Till then, Play Brave. 
September 17, 2019
101:: When KPIs are a little too functional
Functional doesn't always mean Purposeful. And sometimes we measure things that don't actually matter. It's one of the most agonizing conundrums.  That blend between measuring what matters and measured what's actually being managed. How do we split hairs and wear do we over do things. See in a world gone data there's a lot worth knowing. There's also too much. And interpretability. The intention behind things counts. Here's a different perspective to this ongoing conversation. Enjoy
September 10, 2019
100:: How to bring Culture, productivity and happiness into the same room.
How better to have a 100th conversation that actually resolve the biggest battle of our times?  Productivity vs Happiness.  Here's a great tool for company-wide recognition & feedback: Hi5 measures growth, culture & appreciation. Free 14-day trial 👌  High Five! 
September 03, 2019
099::Want less toxic in your business?
Toxic? Blegh. Who wants that? And yet while we point our fingers at other peoples culture - sometimes we're not aware that in learning the game, and being empowered in it, we play right into it. Here are some signs that there's a toxic undertone to your work, business, and brand and what to do about it. Tune into this series where we take a deeper look at the culture of what's going on and actually running the show. 
August 27, 2019
098::The Future of Retail is
I'll never forget. Being in that room. With everything that was going on - nothing was going to take away from the fact that I was in that room. So much changed. Nothing stayed the same. And the shift wasn't too surprising after all. Since 2017 ... things became real. The WEAll became a thing, and a road map started to rise. Having the opportunity to watch it be birth and even contribute makes me feel happy. I noticed that at a heart of a economic shift the most obvious thing wasn't in the room. That's why I started this conversation. Here's the deeper story behind that - and having had some experience with the industry leading a shift with this zero waste / zero to landfill movement - so much just became obvious. And it impacts everything. 
August 20, 2019
097:: Emotional Culture and why it matters
 Humans. Complex. Simple. Conundrums. Right?!  Last year, I started the conversation with Jeremy - Creator of The Emotional Culture Deck - and since putting so much into play and practice I couldn't resist giving this conversation a little more attention. Because it matters. Ok, so you're not really in it for the water cooler conversations - that's a good thing. Who needs drama? Yet here's the thing. Every business plan is just the tip of the iceberg and if we don't get clear what's really happening here - we're fighting the wrong things, with the wrong things, for the wrong reasons. What if feelings actually ran the show...? Discover more  Send love: 
August 13, 2019
096:: Killer Parrots Convenience And AI Which 1 Kills Business?
 Death seems to be on every corner. He even has his own Instagram account. AND businesses are broken. So are brands. And that doesn't kill us. It just makes us human. Vulnerable. And in a business of something better. Something filled with purpose. So while you're figuring out if Killer Parrots, AI or Plastic will be the death of your business and brand, I hope you're listening deeper ... 
February 20, 2019
095: Back in 2014 I was talking about
Here's me on the other side of the microphone. Living Purposeful. 
December 24, 2018
094::So you want to actually feel something meaningful in your work?
So, you want your work to actually mean something huh? Something meaningful. Something worth waking up for. Something worth staying awake for. Something worthy of your clients needs. Something special. Today's guest gets you and has got your back - and there's a group of us willing to have that convo with HR. Here's proof that your work can feel like play and do something epic without having to change the whole world. And it sounds a little something like this. Jeremy is the founder and director of leadership company riders&elephants. He live to improve human-to-human relationships. His vision is to help leaders reimagine how they get their people. From how leaders connect with their people within an organisation, to how leaders work with their teams to better connect with their customers.He live by the philosophy – If your people aren't engaged, your customers won't be engaged. So whatcha waiting for? Check it out here: and check this out here: More grand stuff? Ok. The emotional culture of an organisation influences employee satisfaction, burnout, teamwork, and even hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism. But organisations (and leaders) don’t talk about emotion because it’s difficult and considered soft. Or they don’t have the skills to leverage emotion. So the Emotional Culture Deck offers an insanely simple card-based tool for structured face-to-face conversations about workplace culture, and experience. Enjoy.
December 18, 2018
093:: You Say Lean But You Sound Rigid
You say you choose lean but there's something pretty rigid about how you show up. You say you want to be the Master of the Universe and yet, how much are you willing to learn and grow. And now that we're talking about growth, how much of it is true. Inspired as a follow up (and standalone) to last weeks conversation - here are the parts that felt forgotten. Dug up. Unearthed.
December 11, 2018
092:: The true A-Team:: How to build it & kickstart your culture.
What makes the true A-team? First of, let me burst your bubble. Your A Team isn't what you think it is, it is cheaper, and yet requires more of the kind of investment you actually can make. I also thought of calling this podcast How to build 4 and retain Centennials and Millenials OR the birthplace of culture. Yet, none of these topics would hack it without designing for an A-Team or even enrolling yourself onto the A-Team Crew. On that note, you're not automatically excused from this process. And you're about to find out why. I first met Whitney via WBECS 3 years ago. Since then I've been on all the training calls and facilitated every IM session with her. This work is that potent, this powerful, and such a game changer in the way I play with my work too. Then just last week she was named on the LinkedIn Top Voices List as one of the top 20 Influencers around the world among honorees like Richard Branson, Melinda Gates, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ray Dalio, Gary Vaynerchuk, and my friends and colleagues Susan Cain, Sanyin Siang, Brené Brown, Sallie Krawcheck. Whitney Johnson is the leading thinker on driving corporate innovation through personal disruption. She cofounded Rose Park Advisors, a boutique investment firm, with Clayton Christensen, and was an "Institutional Investor"-ranked analyst for eight consecutive years... Here is the correct link to the tool she shares in the podcast and her website: Also, don't forget to share some love for this podcast over at Couldn't rock the solar system and amp things up without you.
December 04, 2018
091::So you say you're being strategic and innovative?
So you say you're being innovative, creative even, and somewhat strategic in your bold ways of doing business. You say you're doing the work that matters. You pretend you know what all this means. You should right. You're the boss. It's ingrained into your corner office, your dreams and aspirations, your lean startup canvas, the way you hire your team. In a culture that's written every text book - comes a fresh new truth on who you are to lead the things that matter to you. Big Shout out to our amazing guest - Ron Carucci. He is the best-selling author of 8 books, and popular contributor at Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Ron is an expert on a number of topics, including the journey from startup to scale up of a young business, leading a massive transformation in more mature organizations, advice on rising through an organization from middle management to executive leadership, and more. Ron led a ten-year longitudinal study on the executive transition to find out why more than 50% of leaders fail within their first 18 months of appointment and uncovering the four differentiating capabilities that set successful leaders apart. Those findings are highlighted in his groundbreaking Amazon #1 book Rising To Power, co-authored with Eric Hansen. And if you want more on this, that, and the future forward check out for more behind the scenes exclusives. And maybe the extra ooophmf will get me to vanquish the word "absolutely" from my podcast vocab. I'm game if you are... :)
November 27, 2018
090::What it actually means to brave your business
So you say you're brave when it comes to your business? You just put a lot of $$$$ behind your latest ad campaign. You just won an award. You just walked off the stage to the roar of a standing applause. One thing the entertainment industry taught me is that looks like be deceiving. One thing the #WellbeingEconomy taught me is we measure the wrong things. So let's brave the things we actually need to say. Because the world needs brave, and it's not what you think it is.
November 20, 2018
089:: The Real Business of Wellbeing
As a TrueGrowth Coach and Purpose Junkie (technically strategist) I'm done for settling for less. Things that don't capture us, bring us to live and press the thrive button. Then I met the #WellbeingEconomy and #ohboy did the world click into place (and seriously step up the only game worth being in business for). Almost 1 year later than being involved in The Wellbeing Economy Festival - seeds around the world have taken sprout. And living what you lead becomes the only company memo we need to keep. Want to learn more about The Wellbeing Economy? Or join our Facebook Group: Also by supporting this Podcast via Patreon you're helping make more of this work known in the world. Instant hero points. Seriously.
November 13, 2018
088::Business beyond the Fear Culture
Here's the scary thought: Our culture is designed for Fear. More tricks. Less treats. Where we value Big Brother over a real human empowerment. This podcast looks at fear in the workplace, and how it drives the culture. No matter the size of your biz, organisation, or team - chances are you're playing with fear more than you know. And in the spirit of the #wellbeingeconomy what could be the shift that drives us towards x. In this Podcast, we chat with Erich Viedge, who helps businesses build empowered, productive, innovative cultures. He works with teams to help them support each other in an atmosphere of trust and productivity. This means first addressing the fear in the system. Something we often don't feel allowed to do. Turning fear on its head, without wishing it away, this podcast takes a deep look at what lives beyond fear. The space I love working into and dreaming into. So this podcast felt like such a treat. To find out more about Erich click over to And if you love this, need this, crave more of this, and see the power of this work and want to play with it in your own unique way - click here: With Awe and Wonder. Lena Ski.
November 06, 2018
087::This does not scare me - this does
In a culture gone fear and a culture gone greed - our business has become ghoulish and our brands masked behind veils. Fearing all the wrong things. Doing all the wrong things. That's why I'm in absolute awe around this ingenious #lowimpactliving campaign to put fear, plastic, and business (purpose) in perspective. You might have heard Jade via our annual Global Movement Summit, and this is her first debut here on The SuperNova Podcast. And I could write a book about her. (Hey, maybe we should?) Founder of the #LowImpactLiving Movement and Business. Owner of Low Impact Living Wild and Waste Free Grocer and Cafe and embodied environmental activist, Jade is on a serious mission to help us make the right kind of impact on our planet. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Yes, it's a real spider. Everything you need to know lives here: And everything you want to experience lives here: Love this? Help us amplify the stories that count, the work that matters, and the shift that's making us better people doing better business by supporting us on Patreon. Exciting projects craving love and so much more :)
October 30, 2018
056::The Future is Real. And you're supposed to be in it.
The Future is real. Right now and happening. This isn't just the about hoverboards and 3D printers. Smart Cities. Artificial Intelligence. This is about allowing yourself to be relevant. Yes! You choose that! Not some random lotto of entitlement. And you don't only get to choose it but you get to design that. As a Purpose Strategist and Design Strategist - here's some insights (and a freebie) to get you mapping what you're actually up for - and how you make a dent in the Universe. With love, and extra shoutouts from: #FutureOfWork MasterClass Link to go live shortly. Till then, don't miss out on the playdate here:
October 23, 2018
055::Branding is meant to make you come alive. Not put you in a box.
Think about it. Branding has always been about the packaging. A put it in a box kinda deal. And the face is branding has changed. The right way up. Because if marketing was designed to make you seen but put you in a box instead - the changing face of putting ourselves out there means allowing for a whole lot more. Welcome back to the new season of The SuperNova Podcast. Honoured to kick it off with this conversation of pure resonance with Steven Morris. Total alignment. And inspired me to do more of the work that's needed to reshape the #FutureofWork There's just too many quotables to mention in this podcast. From WorkSpace Culture, to the function of HR, the Future of Work, and how the Marketing Industry is being ultimately redefined. And what that then means for all those other parts of the ecosystem. And of course - no podcast would be complete without this amazing Guest. Over the past 24 years, Steve has worked as a leader and innovator on brand strategy, organizational life, humanized marketing and wholehearted leadership with artistry. He’s been honored to work with more than 250 global, national and regional companies and 2,300 business leaders ranging from brands in consumer products, consumer electronics, education, government, non-profit, sports and entertainment. Steve is a frequent speaker at events regionally and nationally, including Creative Mornings, CES, Social Venture Network, HOW Conference, American Marketing Association, and AIGA conferences. He is regularly hired for in-house corporate keynotes, retreats, and workshops for organizations that include Samsung, LG, Academy for Professional Excellence, and the Port of San Diego. He’s been a guest on podcasts and radio shows across the US and Europe, and is a celebrity guest host on BISTalk Radio (on the ESPN broadcast network). Steve has written and published two books, Brand Love and Loyalty and Humanizing the Customer Journey. Steve is an expert on many topics, and might be able to speak about: impacting the world through the power of branding; cultivating curiosity in leadership innovation; the antidote to chaos in management and leadership; creating living core values through organizational stories; or, the intersection of humanizing the business culture with the driving force behind human connectedness. Want more insights like this? Love what you heard? Check out what's happening on His website page: And to sign up for even more #futureskills #futureinsights #and astronomical inspirations head over to
October 16, 2018
054::Why being an Underdog is good for growth
In a world of constant changes - it's easy to feel like an underdog. Today's chat with Kebonemorena Nthite sheds new light on what it means to be an Underdog in the 21 Century + workplace. Not to mention that, but we lean into why being that thing you always hated being labelled as is your greatest gift AND how Underdogs actually shape the world. Find out more about our speaker here:
August 23, 2018
053::How To Design Your Business To Be Relevant
A space where Intuition meets Desire on the Corner of the Unknown. A space that's all you - and more of the best parts, the real parts, and the parts that actually create (and are of) value in this world. Becuase it's a new world and if you want your products, business, marketing, and everything else you invest yourself into to actually mean something and be relevant - you'll want to listen to this.
May 11, 2018
052::What Social Media + Marketing Tricks Teach Us About Real Value
Ever since Facebook has exploded all over our newsfeed in the most brutal way, we're forced to do the discerning, responsible thing. Staying open. That's one. Understanding the true story. Always valuable. And coming into the heart of what's really valuable and how it impacts and defines the way we show up in the world, not to mention the things we stand for, and the actual business model driving our business. Here's the #ValueProposition game like you've never heard it before. And it's about to get astronomical.
April 17, 2018
051::Work Life What ? Oh You Mean Entrepreneurship right ?
Working in cubicles is bad for you. Just bad. For your Team. For your Culture. For your Ideas. For your business plan. For your life. Even your purpose. 2018 isn't joking around anymore. It's time to shape up and show up. No partitions allowed. Are you designed to get your brand, marketing, or business stuck in a cubicle? And how even working from the beach means you might be stuck in a cubicle too. PS And 100 reasons why this podcast isn't about #worklifebalance
April 10, 2018
050::Unpackaging Your Marketing
In a world turn simple, we come back to the essence. That space beyond purpose. That soul of who you are and why you do the things you do. With AI, 3D Printing, and ZeroWaste movements radically reshaping the way we do business, this isn't a millennial thing anymore. And here's what it means for your brand and your business.
September 18, 2017
049::The Questions We Ask Ourselves & Price we Pay
It all comes down to remembering. The games not over until I give up on myself. Becuase as long as I am learning, I'm not failing. There are 100 questions we ask ourselves day in, day out. Breath in, breath out. And yet, the question in the last podcast was about are we actually asking the wrong questions. This conversation continues that conversation by looking at the price of change and the questions of change we ask ourselves. And so much more. This conversation was inspired by looking at the legacy I'm living (not building for the afterlife - regardless if you believe in that or not). Notable Links you might be interested in include and making our next big bold step and what that allows us and our business to become -
June 29, 2017
048::Ask The Right Questions
What could become possible if you had the answers to your questions? If you actually asked the right questions? And better yet, you found your unique answers. Discover more here:
June 26, 2017
044 :: Creating a meaningful atmosphere inside out
Welcome to the new upgrade! A radical update on how you operate in this world, transforming it from your very own core. Your life, your dreams, and your purpose are worth getting radical about. Sarah Jennings is proof! Known for leading by example in Switzerland, UK and in South Africa Sarah catches up with Lena Ski ahead of her talk in Cape Town. Sarah invites you to a radical shift in the quality of your being. Would it not be a dream to enter 2017 with a fresh energetic start? The 4.5 hour AuraTransformation is the latest energetic technology to bring yourself forward in your entirety. Imagine embodying all the energy you have even given out, so you can have more visibility and vitality in every cell of your body. This is a chance to do really deep and transformative emotional processing from a much clearer standpoint. You become more intuitive by the day, and become much more productive, creative, yet relaxed. This is a permanent shift in consciousness and is grounding in an epic way. Discover more on Facebook here: Order your copy of the book here: Or connect with Sarah directly:
December 05, 2016
046::Hunt your Fears. It's good for you
There's a radical thought. Having the courage to hunt your fears ... that's more potent than I imagined it would be. It's not about actively getting hurt, but choosing to grow, facing yourself, and making that stand! Here are a couple lessons the Universe has gifted me with. Perhaps you can relate?
September 20, 2016
045::You are ready. It's your turn.
Instead of asking questions embrace the answers. After all, you're here for a reason. And 100% ready. Here's your chance to take the lead in your business. No frills. No obligations. Just you - meeting your moment.
September 13, 2016
040::Beyond Hunger. Yes. You are allowed.
What if you designed a business and lead a brand that let you have your cake and eat it? Afterall, Hunger doesn't determine your reality. Your courage to walk with - to - from the results you get every step of the way do.
August 12, 2016
042::When Feeling Good Just Isn't Enough
As your #NextLevelPurpose rises, and with it a new level of integrity the way we shape conversations, collaborations, coming together, and being of value rises with it. I recently read something pretty profound on SM. You might have even seen me share it on FB. It's this wisdom that it's not getting worse, it's getting real. And here we are - agents of change - upthinking the way we create value in this world, seeing exactly that. In a time of constant change, ask yourself this: What does it take to be exponential in this world? The speed of change matters. The way you integrate it matters more. AND how deep that change does - matters most. That, and a lot of this ...
July 11, 2016
047 :: So you say your business is Future-Fit?
I had the honour of connecting with Dr Geoff Kendall at the Sustainable Brands Conference in Cape Town to explore the parameters of creating a future fit business that actually serves to do-good. Geoff is an entrepreneur whose experience spans sustainability consulting, high-tech startups, and academic research. He holds a PhD in artificial intelligence, and has co-founded two software businesses, the second of which was acquired by a global technology company. Geoff switched careers in 2010, joining London-based think-tank, Sustainability. For four years he led the communications team and helped some of the world’s biggest corporations develop more sustainable business models. In so doing he realised that there was no reliable way to measure how sustainable a company is now, and how much more it needs to do, and he wanted to fix that. So in early 2014 Geoff co-founded the Future-Fit Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to equip companies and investors with the means to understand how – and how much – they must change the way they do business in pursuit of a flourishing future.
May 23, 2016
046:: How I change the world
Saint-Francis is an observant cultural student of the flux generation – obsessed with innovation, business and consumer trends, emerging markets and the continent of Africa. So you can see why I just had to engage with the bigger conversation. And get the exclusive scoop on this #HumanBrands gamechanger.
May 16, 2016
Find Your Edge :: The SuperNova Podcast with Lena Ski
If you are looking to play a little bolder, to create with purpose, and to really make an impact in this world your business is a great place to start. It's time to get bold about your business. It's time to play from the edge. Join Lena Ski, Hostess of The SuperNova Podcast, and Creatrix of The Global Movement Summit, for a taste of what bold sounds like.
April 26, 2016
Isn't it time you got into the business of being?
We still set our business structures and marketing funnels to be systems/acts of doings. But who are we really being in any of this? Be in the business of you explores being in business for you, looking after own life, but also leading from consciousness and higher purpose (what I like to call your next-level-purpose). Perhaps then business will not only make more sense but create more sense in the world. Food for thought huh?
March 14, 2016
There Is Magic In The Moment ::: The SuperNova Podcast
So you want more huh? Purpose, meaning, impact, making a contribution and the ability to thrive. Perfect - now that you are focused on the right things (the things that push the needle into flow) it's time to create your oppertunities.
March 06, 2016
038:: Cast light on your dreams
In light of recent events (full moons and all that luminous jazz) we are invited to take a leap into the thick of things. Not the gooey stuff, the stuff that bogs us down. Nope, we are being asked to jump into our dreams. Consider this your invitation to show up. For more info visit
February 22, 2016
The SuperNova Podcast Invitation to Show Up
Ever wonder why you've just been blessed with so many openings? It's the Universe giving you the exact opportunity you asked for but thought you were not ready for. Lena Ski explores getting bold, actualization, leading your truth, and taking a brand stand for your dreams in this weeks episode.
February 08, 2016
Time to get Bold | Episode 52
Recording this episode took me to the edge of a magical space. Playing it back to me took me into the edge of my human mind. Noticing the rasps, scratches, and imperfections. That in boldness, sometimes your voice does shake. And just because we speak in whispers, doesn't mean we are turning the volume down on the things that matter. Head on over to to uncover boldness, authentic-tell-it-like-it-is-ness, and unedited musings from the Universe to your business.
January 26, 2016
Introduction to Next Level Purpose Mastermind
Here's the story behind the story of the opening to become discoverable, take a stand for your brand, lead with purpose, cause a revolution, and build a business that matters so that you can spark the conversations that matter. Click here to learn more
January 15, 2016
Memo from the Universe: It's time to emerge (SuperNova Podcast)
In the quest to do-good business, there's an invitation. Actually 3. Explore what it takes to lead the way, make the change, and take your game to the next dimension. For more information visit
January 15, 2016
Celebrating The Unknown:: The SuperNova Podcast
This week's mission statement: Embrace the void, you're already in it. Besides everything you fear has already happened. So you might as well celebrate it. Celebrate the Unknown. Here's why... For more info follow me on my personal adventures via or ampifly your business and your purpose via
December 29, 2015
The SuperNova Podcast:Dip into your flame
Dip into the fire so that you can light the path already at your feet. Dip into your passion, purpose, concepts, and ideals, visions, questions, the very soul of what you stand for, your business, and how you lead this space. Sure it's a mouthful, but we all know you're up for it. Here's Lena Ski exploring what that could look like in your current state of consciousness
November 09, 2015
The SuperNova Podcast (Mission Ground Zero)
It's time to land. This weeks mission is all about Ground Zero. You know, finding your ground, honouring it, and planting your seed. Moving beyond form, the desire for structure, into the things that really matter. Things that really move the need into flow, like presence, power, purpose, and possibility. Playing that infinite game and shape shifting probability. Or something like that. and you might also love
October 19, 2015
The SuperNova Podcast with Lena Ski (Mission to Openness)
Lena Ski takes the conversation into flow one step further with the help of the Universe, and a profound mission statement should you wish to accept it. What does it mean to be open in an ever-innovating world? Lena Ski explores open form, fluidity, transparency, and the courage to lead your global mission.
October 12, 2015
Expanding Horizons interviews Lena Ski
Flipping the switch, here's an interview I did back in 2014 :)
August 12, 2015
043 :: Want some inspiration?
The SuperNova Podcast returns with a shift. In this weeks episode Lena Ski chat's to the extraordinaire Angela Winfield who reminds us anything is possible if we take the next step and breath with blind faith. For more information head on over to
July 06, 2015
045:: Next Level Thinking anyone?
Rabbit Holes, Vortexes, Quantum Thinking and your Purpose amplified - all in one show. Yup. This week Lena Ski chats to Dianne Collins about this and so much more.|| Named one of the "Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs 2014" this ex-fortune 100 corporate manager, award winning photographic artist, and consultant to business executives and entrepreneurs, Dianne contributes her extraordinary gift of originality and ability to express complex universal subjects in clear and powerful ways that benefit people instantly. You'll love it - I know you will.
May 25, 2015
Getting dressed for success
For more information visit
March 31, 2015
It’s not about the money: Your guide to making it happen anyways.
For more information visit
March 27, 2015
Intuitive economy practices: re-thinking possibilities
For more information visit
March 27, 2015
An invitation to lead with Purpose
For more info visit
March 26, 2015
Creating a business that rocks your purpose.
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March 26, 2015
Permission to be in the business of greatness
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March 26, 2015
How Your Feminine Side Can Reduce Your Stress and Unleash Your Power
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March 25, 2015
Your launch-it-plan with a spiritual twist.
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March 25, 2015
pioneering innovative entreprenuerial solutions to peace building
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March 25, 2015
Orchestrating the 1 + 1 + 1 effect.
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March 23, 2015
How to take your purpose to the next level
You have a dream. A vision. A mission. A purpose. And sometimes like Dragos says "the dream no longer belongs to you but you belong to the dream". But what do you do with that? Enter the next dimension of possibility with today's special guest. visit for more info
March 21, 2015
How to cultivate a fresh perspective
welcome to Day 5 of The Global Movement Summit - today we make our voices heard - and there's now better way to do this then via this - Tune into The Global Movement Summit at
March 20, 2015
How love can change your business the right way around
In the spirit of Day 4 of The Global Movement Summit we dive into collaboration with this next guest. For more information visit
March 19, 2015
What really brings us together: a tale in diversity
This episode is 100% on topic for making a global movement. Be a part of it. For more information visit
March 19, 2015
Beyond the illusion: your genius demystified
And we can't get extreme without reshaping our realities. That's what Russell Fox is here to do. Get more information on
March 18, 2015
Summiting your passion and living your purpose
We are blown away with all the work this Summiteer does! In true form to today's theme - He's just one of the panelists taking it to the extreme. To find out more visit
March 18, 2015
Engineering success and defining the most amazing you
In the spirit of Day 3 which is all about the extreme ... Our SuperNova Hostess meets NASA. Discover what happened next. For more information visit
March 18, 2015
The catalysts guide to leading with passion, truth and innovation.
Welcome to Day 2 of The Global Movement Summit where Lena Ski chats to luminaries and thought leaders around the world to help you shift your business and take your purpose to the global stage. Discover more at
March 17, 2015
Breaking through: Moving beyond the silence
Welcome to Day 2 of The Global Movement Summit - your online guide to helping you take your purpose to the Global Stage. Today's guest is super familiar with the global stage. Meet Rodolfo Young. For more info on this chat and others head on over to
March 17, 2015
Embodying Evolutionary Intelligence - Be a creative alchemist for good
Welcome to Day 1 of The Global Movement Summit with your hostess Lena Ski. Today we chat to a very special lady about: “Embodying Evolutionary Intelligence: Become a Creative Alchemist for good”. Yup, if you are planning on taking your purpose to the Global stage you need to shift the way you show up and evolve the way that you do business. For more information or to get your free pass to more conversations like this one head on over to
March 16, 2015
041::This is where you RISE
Start your thing is a call to action. To get off your butt and just do it! Stop waiting, hoping and downright lying to yourself. Own your power, be fearless and START YOUR THING. This week is all about starting your thing. Share yours. For more info visit
March 03, 2015
041:: Things we learnt from the spotlight
Discover what the entertainment industry can teach us about showing up on the global stage (ahead of the launch of The Global Movement Summit ). Tune into greatness here.
February 23, 2015
039 :: What running networks teaches us
In this weeks SuperNova Podcast Lena Ski chat's to Mali to redefine what it means to soar and what it takes to get there. For more information visit or Join The Global Movement Summit @ to take this conversation to the next dimension.
February 17, 2015
037 :: More networking advice
It's time to network and make friends with purpose. That's this weeks hot topic as Lena Ski connects with Kathy Condor to tackle the networking gremlins. For more information please visit
February 02, 2015
037 :: When you love what you do do
It's time to make the moment, meet the moment, and shape the moment. Tune in here. For more info visit
January 27, 2015
036 :: Here's to more of the good times
Drop the overwhelm and rock your inner Nova. Join Lena Ski and Sharon Rosen on this episode of The SuperNova Podcast as we help you design more yes-please moments and less of the fluff. For more information visit
January 19, 2015
035 :: what Mermaids can teach you about business. Yes. Mermaids.
Stop being the world's best kept secret. In this week's podcast Lena Ski chat's to the mystical Kris Oster about dropping the invisibility clock, daring to be yourself, and the gems she learnt in-between. For more info visit
January 12, 2015
034 :: Creative Genius and living your talent
Let the universe guide you ... Let yourself hear it's song. In this weeks podcast Lena Ski chats to Rasplyn about having the courage to follow the music and step into visibility.
January 06, 2015
033 :: Remember you asked for this.
Want to have your best year yet? ASK for it! In this week's podcast Lena Ski and Chris chat about manifestations, affirmations, alchemy and above all the art of asking.
December 30, 2014
032 :: How to build a conscious business blessed in wisdom
The true meaning of Christmas & gift wrapping your 201 experiences so that you can create a she-bang 2015! That's just a glimmer of what Lena Ski and Eleftheria get up to in this week's episode. For more information visit
December 23, 2014
031 :: Want a little more happiness with that?
Happiness required. Enter within. Make miracles happen. This week Lena Ski chats to Sue Bryan about stepping up and into greatness so that you can live a purpose-centred-life.
December 16, 2014
030: Earn your true worth
Are you positioning yourself in your truest SuperNova essence power? Do you feel there is a price to pay for being 100% authentic? Lena Ski chats to Ana Goncalves this week about this and more. For more information go to
December 09, 2014
029: Forget glass ceiling & climbing ladders. Move mountains instead.
Summit your purpose and take your passions to the next level. Live it. Own it. Roll up your sleeves and be it. In this weeks podcast Lena Ski chats to Jeff Rasley about life out beyond where the pavement ends. For more information go to
December 02, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Yoga
How far are you willing to go to get your message heard? To ignite a movement? To spark a purposeful revolution? You won't believe what Yoga did. Tune it and find out why I still get goosebumps thinking about it.
November 25, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Kate
Discover the magic of meeting your moment. Kate did. It took her halfway around the globe and asked her to start an Angel Network. She did. In this week's podcast Lena Ski is honoured to connect with Kate Mulder. Tune in to find out why. For more information go to
November 22, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Bridget
Alchemy by Numbers and life design the way you want it. This week Lena Ski chats to Bridget about her up coming book "Alchemy by Numbers" and the evolutions that inspired it into being. For more info on The SuperNova Podcast head on over to
November 11, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Scott
Mindfullness on the go-go. This week Lena Ski chats to Scott Morgan about the launch of a moving and multidimensional app 3rdi. For more info head on over to
November 04, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Jesan
This week Lena Ski chats to Jesan about getting out of your own sweet way, getting an MBA in empathy, and peace building solutions. For more information tune into
October 28, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Tanja
This weeks invitation to greatness: The introverts guide to being bold, powerful, and showing up without crashing. Tune in with Lena Ski as I chat to Tanja and freshen up perceptions on what it means to be an introvert. For more info visit
October 21, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Annette
Power charge your message and keep doing what makes you fascinating. In this week's podcast Lena Ski chats to Annette Lynch about the power of the global stage, speaking your truth, and delivering it with conviction. To get the tools or the behind the scenes scoop head over to
October 14, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Lisa
In this weeks podcast Lena Ski chats to Lisa Fitzpatrick about meeting the moment, sacred business practises, and creating a business structure that is based on the principles of being - rather than countless hours of doing (especially when the doing doesn't move you). For more info visit
October 07, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Eyenie
Dress the part. Dress the experience. Dress accordingly. That's just a hint at what you can expect from this week's podcast. Special Guest - Eyenie Shultz - the Technicolour Priestess. For more info visit
September 30, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Linda
Last week in the SuperNova Podcast we explored what you seek is seeking you - now it's time to own it - alchemize it - and realise that it's yours to create. Join me Lena Ski on this week's invitation to greatness and all thing SuperNova
September 23, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Karen
How perfect is this podcast. The answer is very. Why? because that which you are seeking is seeking you. It's that very idea that inspired Karen Cappello's book and this very podcast. But the story doesn't end there. Head over to to get the story behind it.
September 16, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Rachel
Lena Ski chats to Rachel about choosing the reality you want to create and tuck into it with a bang in this powerhouse podcast.
September 11, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Lena Ski : The Path Of Meeting Your Moment
In today's podcast Lena Ski explores sacred feminine business practise and the path to meeting your moment. This podcast was inspired by conversations with Lisa Fitzpatrick and the Seven SiStars event.
September 02, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Silvia
In this weeks podcast Lena Ski chats to Silvia about the magic of creation, the birth of a Nova, and all the greatness in between. || Correction, we're in August, not September. The event takes place on the 30th August!
August 26, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast CosmoBiology Session With Dr Lexis
Just a few weeks back Dr Lexis joined Lena Ski on the SuperNova Podcast and something magical occurred. A chance to claim / choose ones stars. Over the past two weeks, Lena opened up a competition to crown 5 lucky entrepreneurs with life changing readings. Here's their story: For more insights visit
August 19, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Helaine
In this week's podcast Lena Ski chats to Helaine about business shifts and manifestations. Tune into greatness here. Enter the compertition to win 1 of 5 cosmobiology readings Winners announced 15th August 2014
August 12, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Dr Lexis Johnson
Treats. In this weeks podcast Lena Ski chats to Dr Lexis Johnson about owning your star power and stepping into your purpose. Plus we have an amazing give-a-way lined up for you at If you are a purpose-centred entrepreneur/ soloprenuer or freelancer who is looking to redirect / redefine / realign / your business, marketing, or ultimate purpose Dr Lexis Johnson is giving away 5 cosmobiology readings in the next session. You'll also get access to a bundle of other prizes. Make sure to enter here: Good Luck
August 05, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Marisa
Tune into your own greatness, just like Marisa Ferrera. In this week's podcast Lena Ski chats to her about what it means to meet your moment. For more info go here:
July 29, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Elaine
Welcome to your weekly invitation to greatness. For more information visit
July 22, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast With Nanette
Welcome your your weekly invitation to greatness. I'm your hostess Lena Ski. In this weeks podcast we chat to Nanette Littlestone - creator of For more info go to
July 15, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast with Lena Ski and Haikaa
This week Lena Ski interviews Haikaa about putting yourself out there, starting a movement, and making the choice to live a purpose-centered-life. Get the full story here
July 08, 2014
The SuperNova Podcast with Lena Ski
The re-launch of the newly branded SuperNova Podcast (Previously recorded under the SuperNova Sessions) It's your weekly invitation into Greatness
July 01, 2014