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Episode 01 - Who Are These Guys?

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Hi, I'm Alastair Hunte, aka “The Techie”, together with T.W. Lawrence, aka “The Cowboy”. We’re just a couple of average guys on a journey to explore faith & the Spirit. Throughout this journey we came to see the need for a place to discuss faith-based topics related to the things that we face such as: things that challenge, things that empower, & most of all things that just confuse us. However, we wanted to talk about them in a thoughtful, nonthreatening way. We invite you to join us on each podcast as we explore our own stories, thoughts, & stories shared with us by others on their journey.
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Episode 15 - You Don't Give Your Life to Jesus
T.W. Lawrence, also known as "The Cowboy," was at a conference hosted by his church when he heard a phrase in a workshop that really challenged his traditional way of thinking.  The guest speaker was Pastor Larry Ragan from CULTURELink, Inc. He was talking about what people typically say when they are lost, and God is pursuing them.  A common statement that you hear about the transition from someone's old lifestyle to one of following Jesus (or to transitioning to a more Godly way of living) is, "...and then I gave my life to Christ."  Larry challenged this statement by saying, "The real question for Christianity is not, 'When did you give your LIFE to Christ, but instead - when did you give your DEATH to Christ?'" We were so intrigued by this standard deviation from a phrase that we often hear that we agreed to do a podcast episode on it.  However, once T.W. & Alastair started exploring the topic - we realized that we were a little in over our heads.  So, T.W. took it once step further and invited Larry on as a guest speaker!  We are excited that our listeners can hear more about this concept directly from Larry himself.   Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE!   Have questions?  Reach out to Larry Ragan via his company CULTURELink, Inc on: Facebook Twitter: Instagram: 
July 23, 2019
Episode 14 - Why Doesn't God Answer Every Prayer
The Techie and the Cowboy were chatting one day about how we pray, and the subject of "answers to prayers" came up.  They quickly came to the conclusion that sometimes we think that God isn't answering.  Instead, it's just that we either aren't listening or the answer is not what we want to hear.   Join us as we talk about how God actually answers EVERY prayer! Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE!  
June 3, 2019
Episode 13 - Too Much Confidence and You Will Get Thrown
Have you ever had a time in your life where you were doing so well - that you began to take ALL the credit?  Confidence in our own abilities can be a good thing, but when you forget the nothing is possible without start moving into dangerous territory.   Does God have a way of leveling the playing field when we get TOO confident?   In episode 13, TW and Alastair talk about this exact topic.  Using TW's experience from being an ordained Chaplain for the Cowboys for Christ organization, he talks about seeing examples of this at the different rodeos that he attends. Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE! 
April 29, 2019
Episode 12 - Hey, Joseph! Why So Many Colors?
In reading the bible story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors recently, we noticed that there is a lot of hidden lessons that align with the journey of an entrepreneur.  In Episode 12, "Hey, Joseph! Why So Many Colors?", the Techie and the Cowboy discuss these parallels and explore what they teach us about how to handle situations in our day-to-day life. Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE!
March 15, 2019
Episode 11 - What People Think
It's amazing how much what other people think influence our lives. From our parents, to friends, to people in workplace, and even people  we don't know - you'd be surprised at how much you're affected by the thoughts of others.  How does this affect our spiritual lives? How do we overcome the stigma set by our parents? The Techie and the Cowboy talk about this & more in "Episode 11 - What People Think."  Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE! 
February 28, 2019
Episode 10 - Special Guest Jaime Garcia of Bethel Baptist Church
T.W. Lawrence, AKA "The Cowboy" had the opportunity to travel with some of his church members to Houston, Texas to help with aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  This where he met Jaime Garcia, the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church.   After seeing the mission and vision that Jaime has along with the movement that has been created within his community, T.W. immediately asked him to be our special guest. Listen as Jaime shares his story and talks about his spiritual growth that took him from a gang member to the pulpit. Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE!  
February 1, 2019
Episode 09 - Failing Forward
Have you ever wondered why you seem to self-sabotage yourself right before achieving success?  In Episode 09 - Failing Forward, the Techie and the Cowboy talk about common things that hold people back including fear of failure, fear of success, fear of money, fear of what others think, and fear of disappointment. Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE!  
January 17, 2019
Episode 08 - Device Delirium
Are we to addicted to our devices? How do we know when we are using too much technology? How does technology hinder or help us to grow our faith? These are the topics that the Techie and the Cowboy cover in Episode 08, "Device Delirium". Listen, comment, and share.
December 15, 2018
Episode 07 - What is a Personal Relationship with God?
T.W., a.k.a. "The Cowboy" had some questions about what exactly is a relationship with God, so we thought we'd have a discussion about it as this episode's topic. Listen in, send us your comments on Facebook & IG, but most importantly - SUBSCRIBE!
October 18, 2018
Episode 06 - Turning the Other Cheek
The phrase "Turn the Other Cheek" is often taken out of context and misused. So, in this episode of The Techie and the Cowboy we will explore what it really means. We'll also talk about why "hurt people hurt other people" and how to forgive once you've been hurt. Listen in and let us know your thoughts on the topic!
September 3, 2018
Episode 05 - Dealing with Life Challenges featuring Moby in the Morning
In this episode of The Techie and the Cowboy, we're talking about Dealing with Life Changes and Challenges. We are excited to have the infamous radio personality Moby from "Moby in the Morning" as our 1st guest. Moby is a member of the Country Radio Hall of Fame, the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame, and has been featured on famous shows such as Oprah and Ted Coppell's Nightline. Join us as he, The Techie and the Cowboy talk about the impact faith has been on all three of their journeys.
August 16, 2018
Episode 04 - Give to Receive
Have you ever heard the saying that you need to give to receive? Is giving all about money? How do I get to a point where giving is not forced? These are questions that have come up in The Techie and the Cowboy's lives - so join them as they answer them and talk about the power of giving without expectation.
August 6, 2018
Episode 03 - Why Pray?
Why should we pray? If God knows everything that's going to happen - then what's the point of prayer? What do we do when we pray for something and God doesn't seem to answer? These are all questions that have come up in The Techie and the Cowboy's lives - so join them as they explore the answers to these questions and more...
July 22, 2018
Episode 02 - Faith vs. Religion
For the second episode of "The Techie and The Cowboy", Alastair and T.W. tackle the topic of Faith vs. Religion. Can you have one without the other? What happens when people feel like they've lost their Faith because of something that happened in their religion? Listen in on what they have to say, then discuss it with them on Twitter (@techieandcowboy) and Facebook (
July 12, 2018
Episode 01 - Who Are These Guys?
This is where it all starts! Come and have fun with us as we explore the creation process and begin some of the discussions that will build "The Techie and the Cowboy" following. Our goal is simply to create a place where you can come and get fed by the spirit - and then go and spread the word. Let’s do it.
July 4, 2018
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