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TPA Talks - The TaxPayers' Alliance Podcast

TPA Talks - The TaxPayers' Alliance Podcast

By TaxPayers' Alliance
The TaxPayers' Alliance, Britain's leading independent grassroots campaign for lower taxes and better public services, discuss the issues that matter to taxpayers with a host of interesting guests in this exciting new podcast series.
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Lessons from Covid - TPA Talks Special Episode

TPA Talks - The TaxPayers' Alliance Podcast

Lessons from Covid - TPA Talks Special Episode
Our panel of experts discusses the lessons to be learned from the coronavirus pandemic in this TPA Talks special episode.
October 1, 2021
Toby Young - TPA Talks Episode 12
Why is free speech under fire in 21st century Britain? We speak to Toby Young, founder of the Free Speech Union, about the rise of disinformation, the role of social media, cancel culture on campuses, 'woke' Whitehall, and more in this episode of TPA Talks!
August 12, 2021
Robin Aitken - TPA Talks Episode 11
Former BBC journalist and executive Robin Aitken joins us for this episode of TPA Talks. Drawing upon his 25 year tenure, Robin discusses political biases, out-of-touch attitudes and waste of licence fee payers' money at the Beeb, and explains why he thinks now is the time to axe the TV tax for good!
July 7, 2021
Lee Anderson MP - TPA Talks Episode 10
In this episode of TPA Talks, we chat to Lee Anderson MP about the issues that matter to working-class taxpayers. As a former Labour councillor turned Conservative MP who won his seat as part of the "red wall" phenomenon of the 2019 general election, Anderson offers a unique insight into the issues of the day; tackling everything from culture wars to council tax.
April 29, 2021
Breaking down the Budget - TPA Talks Special Episode
Andrea Leadsom MP and journalist and presenter Georgie Frost join us for this live episode of TPA Talks as we break down the Budget!
March 3, 2021
Julia Hartley-Brewer - TPA Talks Episode 9
TPA Talks makes a triumphant return in 2021 with renowned broadcaster and journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer. Drawing on her experience at the forefront of talkRADIO and political commentary, we discuss the changing face of British media, holding politicians to account through the coronavirus crisis, why some people are losing faith in mainstream journalism, and more!
February 26, 2021
Reviewing the Spending Review - TPA Talks Special Episode
Our chief executive, John O'Connell, and our chairman, Mike Denham, break down the Spending Review in the first-ever live broadcast episode of TPA Talks!
November 26, 2020
Lionel Shriver - TPA Talks Episode 8
Renowned American author and journalist Lionel Shriver joins us on this episode of TPA Talks to discuss the US election. Shriver offers her thoughts on why Americans decided not to re-elect Donald Trump, what a Biden presidency means for the social and fiscal landscape of America, and how these events will affect us in the UK. This podcast was recorded on the 12th November.
November 21, 2020
Katharine Birbalsingh - TPA Talks Episode 7
Renowned education reformer Katharine Birbalsingh CBE joins us for this episode of TPA Talks. Drawing on her experience founding Michaela Community School in London, Birbalsingh explains the difference between traditional and progressive schooling, the importance of responsibility and choice, why free schools work, and more!
November 3, 2020
A Check-up for the NHS - TPA Talks Special Episode
In this special episode of TPA Talks, we host a roundtable of experts to discuss the TPA’s latest research paper evaluating the UK health system (pre-coronavirus) in comparison to that of other developed nations. This bold and important conversation will be of great interest to those looking for a balanced and pragmatic evaluation of the NHS, particularly at a time when public health is at the forefront of the nation's psyche.   👤 Matthew Lesh, Head of Research, Adam Smith Institute 👤 Kristian Niemietz, Head of Political Economy, Institute of Economic Affairs 👤 Darwin Friend, Policy Analyst, TaxPayers’ Alliance 👤 Danielle Boxall, Media Campaign Manager, TaxPayers’ Alliance
October 14, 2020
Leo Kearse - TPA Talks Episode 6
In this episode of TPA Talks, we chat to Leo Kearse, the award-winning Scottish comedian who has made a name for himself as a "right-wing" comic. We discuss the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the problems Leo sees in the BBC, politics in comedy and more!
September 25, 2020
Barry Hearn - TPA Talks Episode 5
We talk to Barry Hearn, legendary sports promoter and entrepreneur, in this episode of TPA Talks! The Matchroom Sport president pulls no punches when talking about the BBC's outdated business model, how organisations must adapt to the post-coronavirus world, and how the government needs to remove burdens on business.
August 26, 2020
Andrea Jenkyns MP - TPA Talks Episode 4
In this episode of TPA Talks, we speak to fiercely outspoken MP Andrea Jenkyns. Jenkyns is perhaps best known for raising her head above the parapet in the Brexit debate, but now has a new target in sight - the BBC. In this fascinating instalment, Jenkyns discusses BBC bias, why the licence fee is grossly outdated and why this government is well-placed to reform the BBC. We also touch upon Brexit and the government’s new anti-obesity campaign.
August 7, 2020
Reviewing Sadiq Khan with Mahyar Tousi - TPA Talks Special Episode
Following Sadiq Khan's appearance at the transport select committee last week, in which the mayor denied that the number of TfL staff receiving over £100,000 in total remuneration a year had risen under his watch, we focus our attention to his mayoralty and ask the question - is he spending taxpayers' money wisely?  Political YouTuber and Londoner Mahyar Tousi joins us for this special episode of TPA Talks!
July 27, 2020
Daniel Hannan - TPA Talks Episode 3
In this episode of TPA Talks, we chat to Daniel Hannan. Hannan is the founding president of the Institute for Free Trade, an author, a journalist for The Telegraph and former MEP.  We discuss the TV licence, the government's response to coronavirus, tax cuts, universities, the trajectory of the Labour Party and more!
July 17, 2020
Nick Timothy - TPA Talks Episode 2
In this episode of TPA Talks, we discuss "culture wars", civil service reform, working-class representation in politics, levelling up and more. Timothy is a columnist for the Telegraph, former Joint Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, and author of "Remaking One Nation: The Future of Conservatism".
July 2, 2020
Glenn Jacobs - TPA Talks Episode 1
In the first episode of TPA Talks, we sit down with Knox County mayor and wrestling superstar Glenn Jacobs, otherwise known as Kane! 🔥 The low tax, freedom-loving mayor discusses coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, politics in wrestling, Donald Trump, and how his unique journey into office from the squared circle has shaped his beliefs.
June 18, 2020