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The Vekhayn Podcast

The Vekhayn Podcast

By Tommy
The Vekhayn Podcast is a podcast centered around teenagers becoming entrepreneurs. We discuss step by step our everyday routines to put us ahead of the competition.
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[#4] How To Party and Manage The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

The Vekhayn Podcast

[#4] How To Party and Manage The Entrepreneur Lifestyle
You don't need to avoid parties to be an entrepreneur. In fact, we threw the biggest party in the whole state- and still managed to keep our companies running cool. In this episode, we discuss all the details you need to know about: throwing parties, throwing company parties, how to plan getaways for cheap, managing time, how to work on your business at parties, and how to basically balance the great lifestyle being an entrepreneur has to offer.
November 07, 2020
[#3] How To Start a Music Career as a Teen - Interview with Gxvin
Gxvin joins us and shares how to start a music career as a teen. Gavin was NEVER gifted anything in life, and knows exactly what it is like to start from step one. He will tell you step by step how to get your first song on Spotify and other music platforms, including how to edit and what things to buy.
July 08, 2020
[#2] Passive Income, Money Systems, and Using Business Profits to Retire
[#2] Passive Income, Money Systems, and Using Business Profits to Retire In this episode of The Vekhayn Podcast. We discuss using money systems to generate passive income from the money your business gives you.Y ou can then use this money system to retire from your 9-5. We do a basic overview of different methods you can use to get a ton of money in your bank and retire peacefully. Things like stock dividends, real estate investment funds, bonds, ETFs/Vanguard funds, and loaning. Check out the show notes at:
April 16, 2020
[#1] - Managing Your Time at Work, School, Etc. To Become an Entreprenuer
In this episode, we talk about how to manage your time at school, work, etc. to become an entrepreneur. Carsten, Tommy, and Ian all discuss methods to hack that time you spend at your 9-5 to eventually fuel your retirement. Learn how to become smarter, richer, and more and let your normal job be the main fuel source for your millions. - Show Notes for [#1]
April 14, 2020
TESLA - Vekhayn Podcast
TESLA, the best company ever made. Or not? According to Ian, I am being too much of Elon Musk's fanboy, but I strongly disagree and think Tesla is literally going to fold the car market like clean laundry.
March 06, 2020