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The Wander and Wonder Podcast

The Wander and Wonder Podcast

By wanderandwonder
The Wander and Wonder Podcast is where we wander around the world wondering about wander and then we wonder some more and talk about it.
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Cuban Feels: ancestry, tourism and the revolution

The Wander and Wonder Podcast

"No flowers allowed" -Local guidelines to protect UNESCO sites?
As we have seen around the world, our lives are adapting into a "New normal” of how people should behave in public places, so I wonder how that will change the experience in UNESCO sites and properties, and more importantly in sites where management is not a strong feature. Locals sum the tiniest part of audiences all over the world: you see it in the stats of the the Louvre museum, or the Gaudi houses, so now the sites are asking themselves how are they going to take care of domestic tourism. As we have discussed in the episodes of this season, it might be that our next travels will most likely be in our local region rather than travelling overseas. Another question arises on our last part of the interview with Amilcar Vargas, how are the locals engaging in UNESCO sites? Particularly in those sites that are an important site for celebration of traditional rituals. For more check out 
August 30, 2020
Who came first the tourist or the heritization?
Every time I go to a UNESCO World heritage I ask myself the same thing: what came first, the tourist or the designation? For many places the UNESCO branding comes hand in hand with heaps of tourism arrivals, and for people like me who are always analysing tourism impact, I wonder if UNESCO is nourishing the tourism crowding. I had to pursue this issue in our interview with Amilcar, what are the negative sides of the UNESCO designation? When I was doing fieldwork on my bachelors many communities in Mexico kept saying that their goals was to get the national designation of Pueblos Magicos, if not UNESCO World Heritage. Coming form a Town with both designations this issue always gives me the heebie jeebies. I have seen the commodification of culture and traditions when they are consumed by tourism, but there must be another side to the story. What are the heritage managers doing to tackle these issues? Read more..
July 29, 2020
Overtourism in UNESCO sites
What is the role that Cultural Heritage sites have in influencing the amount of travellers in cities and sites? World heritage sites are attractive to tourism because their value belongs universally to all humanity, but lets not kid ourselves, they are also attractive because  of the trends in social media. How are UNESCO sites managing Overtourism? Listen to this new episode with Amilcar Vargas, we discuss what strategies have UNESCO listed sites been developing to tackle overcrowding. Don't forget to check out to learn about our host, our guests and much more.
July 16, 2020
The responsibility of being a tourist
When we think of tourism, we think there is an economic value that benefits locals from that tourism growth. The problem is, when the sense of place is too attractive, sometimes the industry doesn't benefit the locals at all. Last episode we discussed Overtourism, but how can we tackle it?Diversify and distribute is about managing and planning inbound tourism. But also, tourists have to bear some responsibility.  How can travellers be more responsible? What is the morality of travel? Who has the right to travel? We need to rethink the way we travel or the reason why we do it. After considering who bears the cost of tourism growth and what are the strategies some countries have started to develop to tackle overtourism. Joseph Cheer and I discuss mass tourism, we strip the ideas and ethos behind being a tourist or a traveller. And we introduce the role Cultural Heritage and branding have in the industry, which will be the topic of our next episodes! Read more...
July 1, 2020
What is Overtourism?
Overtourism occurs when there are too many visitors in a particular destination. But how would we define “too many” tourists? And what are the impacts and benefits of having an overcrowded destination? What's makes Overtourism an issue and how are governments managing locals from backlashing at the tourism growth? In this episode of #TheWanderandWonderPodcast our guest Professor Joseph Cheer explains what's is over tourism. We discuss on what has driven tourism destinations to think about de-growing tourism, and we reflect upon who bares the cost of tourism growth. Read more...
June 17, 2020
What will tourism look like after Covid19?
Will the industry survive? Will we be able to travel again, soon? Everyone is wondering... How can the industry be resilient? What will change and what will adapt? Is the pandemic giving us a chance to be more solitary or are we going to be more greedy as human beings? Will this time to think -at home- give us some insights on how to travel more responsibly? How will our next travels look like? Read more on 
June 3, 2020
After Covid19: Our role as travellers
Let's face it, travel is a luxury. But those who depend on tourism to sustain their livelihoods are the most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Tourism has been seen as a great tool for developing, but it has also create a dependency of communities on this industry that are now experiencing a terrible situation. In this episode, Heather and I continue to discuss the impacts of the Coronavirus crisis on the travel industry, and we reflect on how as we can help. Read more at 
May 22, 2020
Travel plans cancelled. Covid-19 strikes the travel industry
As travel plans have been cancelled until 2021, we travellers ask ourselves when will we be able to catch another flight. Some had to cancel and postpone travel plans until further notice, others were on a trip while everything went down. For the first episode of second season of The Wander and Wonder Podcast, my guest Heather and I, will be discussing how the travel industry has been struck by this epidemic.  Heather shares with us her experience on the travel agent side of things on how the process has been for both industry and travellers. Read more on
May 7, 2020
Cuban Feels: ancestry, tourism and the revolution
How tourism, -an industry that pinpoints the commodification of culture, and one of the capitalist experiences of excellence- exist and has developed in Cuba? There is so many views to Cuban tourism industry. Marisa and I dwell on the many feelings that we encounter while visiting this country. Read More.
November 20, 2019
Literary tourism, yes its a thing.
One would think Literature can only bring good things. But how does it impact the tourism industry? Is it really as benevolent as we think literature to be? Literary tourism brings in tourism revenue to places and people, but there are issues to consider. Fabian and I discuss some of the issues regarding literature in the travel industry and its impacts on cultural heritage. Read more
November 1, 2019
Whats the deal with Volunteer Tourism?
Volunteer tourism fulfils this desire to visit, experience and give back to other communities. This sounds lovely, doesn’t it? But what´s really the deal with Voluntourism? On this episode, Andrea Mayorga shares with us her experience being a volunteer in her own country. To know more visit
October 9, 2019
Elephant Riding: Yay or nay
I'm going to be very blunt in this episode: if it wasn't for a tourist demand, elephants would not be exploited the way they are. So, today, I interview Nia Klatte, an expert in the topic, who shares with us EVERYTHING you must know before you hop on this magnificent animal. To have more information don´t miss our articles at
September 18, 2019
Psychedelic travelling: Ayahuasca and other soul-healing travels
Some people swear by them suggesting organic healing of soul and body, plus, in this world where people want to experience the very authentic, ritual drugs seem to gather all the favorite elements of a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. Should you travel to be part of an Ayahuasca Ceremony? What does a ritual involving traditional drugs involve? In this episode, we share with you some insights.
August 26, 2019
Vipassana, traditional celebrations and Spiritual Tourism with Carla
People tend to think that travelling will help heal themselves, why? Because you will get to know yourself better. Whether your trip is a personal healing journey, a faith search or a soul seeking adventure, you are a spiritual tourist. Carla Ottone shares with us her spiritual journey doing a vipassana and experiencing the traditional celebration of The Lord of Qoyllority in the highlands of the Andes.
August 7, 2019
00- The Wander and Wonder Podcast Intro
Not your conventional travel podcast, we want to share ideas and experiences that will make you reflect upon your travels and where you sit in the tourism industry. The Wander and Wonder Podcast is where we wander around the world wondering about wander and then we wonder some more and talk about it.
July 31, 2019