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The Andy Brown Show

By Andy Brown
Andy Brown digs deeper into things that fascinate him and maybe you.

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Twitter Video, Getting Links & YouTube Advertising

The Andy Brown Show

When will self-driving become the norm? Will it create a better world? In this episode Andy sets off to find the answers.
February 28, 2019
Going Live With Your Google Dental Ads
Today Andy Brown explains what happens when you go live with your Dental Google Ad Campaigns. You will be notified via email when your account is up and running. At this point, you will be invoiced for the first month’s management fee. During the first two weeks of a live campaign we are focused on driving relevant traffic and ensuring your ads are in the best position for your ad budget. After the first two weeks we continue with the management of your account, working towards your goals. At the end of each calendar month, you will receive a performance report. Check out where Andy helps dental clinic owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new patients using Google Ads. You can claim your free market analysis of dental services in your local town at
November 6, 2018
The Google Dental Ads Go Live Call
Today Andy Brown explains what happens on the Go Live Call. He describes how you are sent an email to schedule a Go Live call when everything is set up. The call is split into 4 parts. The first part is a review of the set-up process. The second part is a discussion of your expectations of us working together and a confirmation of goals. The third part is an opportunity to ask questions and make clarifications. Finally the date your campaign goes live is confirmed. This is typically within 5 business days following the Go Live Call. In scenarios where the build is beyond the normal scope of works, it’s likely the turnaround time may be greater. An account isn’t launched on a Friday. Check out where Andy helps dental clinic owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new patients using Google Ads. You can claim your free market analysis of dental services in your local town at
November 6, 2018
Detailed Look At The Dental Campaign Set Up
Today Andy Brown explains how your Google Ads dental campaign is set up. He reviews the various aspects to fully setting up your Google Ads campaigns and account. On receipt of a completed Set-up Form, we start setting up your campaign. It takes 2 – 3 weeks to complete the set-up. We can reduce this to 1 week if you have already implemented the Google Tag Manager. 
October 31, 2018
How To Complete The Dental Campaign Set Up Form
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to complete the Dental Google Ads Campaign Set Up Form. Following a successful Goal Setting Call and an agreement to continue, you will be invoiced. Once you have payment, the next step is to complete the set-up form.
October 28, 2018
Dental Practice Goal Setting Call - What We Talk About And Why
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free Dental Practice Goal Setting Call. The Goal Setting Call is the name given to our second call. This follows the initial 10-minute Discovery Call He explains what's discussed on the call. Andy discusses how we measure your campaign success and how to determine realistic goals for your Google Ads. This means having a conversation about your current conversion rates and goals. Chiefly how many monthly dental leads, form enquiries and calls you get. 
October 28, 2018
Is TYC The Right Fit For My Dental Practice
Today Andy Brown answers your question on whether Triple Your Clients is the right fit for your dental practice. He shows you who TYC are perfect for and who is most likely to benefit from working with them. Listen to the podcast to see whether your dental practice and our agency are an excellent fit for each other. Andy describes the 15 key business attributes he sees in his successful dental clients. 
October 27, 2018
Dental Practice Discovery Call - What We Talk About And Why
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free Dental Practice Discovery Call. The Discovery Call is the name given to our initial call. As the name suggests, it’s an opportunity for us to find out more about each other and see whether we are a good fit for each other. He explains how during the call he talks to you about you and your dental business, the dental services you offer, your current marketing and the geographic you would like to advertise within.
October 25, 2018
7 Reasons To Outsource Your Dental PPC Marketing
Today Andy Brown shows dentists why outsourcing your dental PPC marketing campaigns is a smart business decision. He describes 7 reasons to hire a dental PPC marketing agency. For consistent long-term results, you should hire an agency to run your dental PPC marketing campaigns. It’s unlikely you are willing to hire a dedicated professional for this role within your dental practice. The individual would be more expensive to employ than the monthly agency fees. 
October 24, 2018
Apply For A Free Dental Practice Google Ads Audit
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free dental practice Google Ads Audit. He explains how this represents an excellent opportunity to determine whether you are managing your account correctly. We can execute your audit if you have spent at least £1000 in the last 30 days. The audit will highlight areas for improvements and show you how to get a better return on your investment. It will mention the account strategies we would incorporate to optimise the Adwords account. You will learn how to stop wasting budget and take advantage of the opportunities you are currently missing out on. 
October 22, 2018
Apply For A Free Dental Market Analysis
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to apply for a free Dental Market Analysis. He explains how the analysis will give you the insights required to determine whether advertising locally on Google is right for your dental practice. The Dental Market Analysis is a free comprehensive guide explicitly compiled for you. It outlines the potential keyword search volumes and the estimated cost per click (CPC) for your location. These metrics are generated per the dental services and location you offer. 
October 20, 2018
How Dentists Should Update Their Google My Business Listing
Today Andy Brown shows dentists how to update their Google My Business Listing. He explains how through optimisation and regular updates you can increase your visibility on Google local search. Google My Business is a free easy to use tool that allows potential patients to find you on Google. It does this by creating a personalised Google My Business listing for your dental business. 
September 10, 2018
Customised Landing Pages Produce More Dental Enquiries
Today Andy Brown helps dentists appreciate why they need to stop sending their paid Google, Facebook and Instagram traffic to their homepage and service pages. Instead, they should send this traffic to a customised landing page. Customised landing pages outperform homepages and service pages. Typically a homepage converts at 2% and conservatively a landing page converts at 10%. A landing page should be a vital component of your advertising campaign. Andy explains 5 key ways to leverage their power. 
August 15, 2018
Alexa Where's My Nearest Dentist?
Today Andy Brown helps dentists understand the impact smart speakers are making in their prospects and patients' lives. He recommends they ask their smart speaker, Amazon Alexa or Google Home, "where's my nearest dentist?" As well as getting the news smart speakers, to play music, get the weather, answer a general question, set a timer or alarm, and check the time. Furthermore more mainstream activities are happening. These include getting a sports score, listening to the radio, receiving reminders, getting the traffic updates, checking a calendar, and looking up recipes. Interestingly smart speakers are also being used to find restaurants and businesses in local areas.
August 6, 2018
Attributes Of A Dental Practice Landing Page
Today Andy Brown helps dentists save ad budget and generate more enquiries by sending their paid traffic to a customised dental practice landing page. The number one mistake dentists make using Google Ads is they send paid traffic to their homepage or service pages. This rarely produces results dentists are happy with. This is especially true if the paid traffic is sent to their homepage because the visitor is left to find their way to the content displayed in the ad. It’s crucial that all friction is removed from clicking on the ad to finding the specific information they are expecting. Any difficulty and the visitor will leave. 
August 1, 2018
Track Your Mobile Click To Call Links
Today Andy Brown helps dentists track the phone calls to their practice made on mobile devices. Andy discusses current mobile trends in 2018. He gives practical advice, allowing you as a dental practice owner to make the right mobile marketing decisions. 
July 31, 2018
Forms Within YouTube Ads To Get More Patients
In episode 63 Andy Brown advises dentists on True View for Action, a format within YouTube where you can collect leads within actual YouTube Ads.
July 10, 2018
How To Get 5 Star Dental Patient Google Reviews
In this episode, Andy shares with you how to get 5 star Google reviews for your dental practice. He describes exactly how to create the link you need to send to all of your happy patients
September 12, 2017
Reducing Dental No Shows With Detailed Travel Notes And Videos
Today Andy Brown discusses Reducing Dental No Shows With Detailed Travel Notes And Videos. Always follow up the call you make to schedule the first appointment with an email explaining their transport options e.g train, tube, taxi, car and bus. Give them a detailed explanation, using email and direct mail, on how to visit your practice using various modes of transport. This is key to overcoming the common objection of not knowing exactly where you are and as a consequence deciding the travel is more hassle than it’s worth. It’s strongly recommended you create a series of videos describing the journey to your practice from the nearest train station, bus stop and car park. If your practice is particularly difficult to find these should be created as so
September 8, 2017
Beating Google Analytics Spam
Today Andy Brown discusses Google Analytics Spam Check out where Andy Brown helps business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new clients using Google Adwords.
January 8, 2016
5 Marketing Lessons I Learned In 2015
Today Andy Brown discusses 5 marketing lessons he learned In 2015. 1. Review what has worked for you over the past 6 months and then rinse and repeat. Check out what I learned from uploading a short 1 minute video I created back in July 2013. 2. Commit to a social media platform. Learn about how I created a following of 10k followers on Twitter back in 2008 by going all in on one platform. 3. Understand that whatever platform you are on will be disrupted by advertising or buy out. I discuss what happened to Pinterest and Instagram in the past week. 4. It's very important to write every day. It's a skill you must hone on a daily basis to improve your content marketing as a whole 5. Learn to be creative when it comes to list building. No one wants to sign up to your company newsletter. Replace your newsletter with a free 5 day course and content upgrades on your most popular blog posts. 
June 7, 2015
10 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Adwords
Today Andy Brown discusses 10 top reasons why you should use Google Adwords. 1. It's Instant Traffic - no need to wait for traffic as YOU would from SEO and content marketing. 2. You Can Find Out Exactly What People Are Searching On - Google Analytics no longer gives you that all important data! Where else will find the phrases your prospects are using to find the products and services your websites. 3. You Can Beat Your Competitors - leapfrog your competition to the top position in one easy jump. 4. Take Advantage of Remarketing - you can use your Adwords solely for encouraging organic past website visitors to revisit. Maybe they abandoned their shopping cart and you would like to suggest coming back. 5. Complement Your Organic Search - it's impossible to be top of Google for every organic keyphrase search, thus use Adwords to fill in the gaps! 6. Schedule Your Ads To Run When Your Business isn't Busy - on a quiet Wednesday afternoon get the
May 31, 2015
An Introduction To The Google Display Network
Today Andy Brown introduces you to the Google Display Network. In This Episode, You'll Hear More About: ** Why You Need To Run Search And Display Network Ads In Separate Campaigns ** What Types Of Sites Are Included In The Google Display Network ** How Ads Are Matched To The Content On Your Website ** How To Easily Create Rich Media Ads Without Extra Resource ** How To Choose What Websites Your Ads Appear On ** How To Select Websites Based On Interest And Hobbies 
May 17, 2015
An Introduction To Google Remarketing
Today Andy Brown introduces Google Remarketing. In This Episode, You'll Hear More About: ** Marketing To People Who Have Already Visited Your Website ** How To Capture The Attention Of Those That Didn't Take Action On Your Website ** Why Remarketing Offers The Highest Return On Your Advertising Investment ** Creating Effective Remarketing Ads That Overcome An Objective ** How To Create Customised Lists Based On Specific Advertising Goals ** How To Add The Remarketing Tags To Your Websites ** Creating Custom Audiences Based On Your Visitor Behaviours 
May 10, 2015
10 Marketing Fundamentals
Today Andy Brown discusses 10 marketing fundamentals for business success. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: 1. The Value In Building An Email Marketing List. 2. Building Your Platform Vs Spending Too Much Time On Social Media 3. Being Consistent In Your Marketing 4. The Value In Marketing By Telling Stories 5. The Importance Of Learning Copywriting 6. Setting Up Marketing Funnels 7. The Power Of Using Social Proof In Your Marketing 8. The Value Of Oursourcing Some Of Your Marketing Tasks 9. Why You Should Join A Mastermind Group 10. The Importance Of Being Persistent And Keeping Focussed
April 9, 2015
Facebook Video, Google Analytics & Essentialism
Today Andy Brown discusses Facebook Video, Google Analytics & Essentialism In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** How To Run A Legal Facebook Competition & Not Break The Rules Like Rory McIlroy ! ** How To Embed Facebook Videos In Your Web Pages ** How to Dominate Video on Every Major Platform ** How To Set Up Goals Within Google Analytics ** Why Now Is The Time To Consider Selling An Online Course To Your Customers ** Why You Need To Read Essentialism By Greg McKeown ** The Number One Reason You Need To Delete Social Media Icons In Your Website Header Check out where Andy Brown helps business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new clients using Google Adwords. 
April 5, 2015
Periscope, Being Transparent & A/B Testing
Today Andy Brown discusses Periscope, being transparent & A/B testing. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** How To Capitalise On The Opportunities Afforded By Live Streaming App ** Katy Perry’s Advice For Other Artists And How It Affects Your Business ** Why McDonald’s And GiveWell Are Prime Examples Of How To Be Transparent In Your Marketing ** A Massive Wake Up Call : How It’s Time To Realise There Is No Place To Hide ** Improving ROI : Why It’s Important To Split Test Your Marketing Campaigns ** Why Your Content Must Be Shareable And How To Learn How In "The Content Code" ** The Latest From Social Media Marketing World On The Shift From Vanity Metrics To ROI In episode 53 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I follow on from last week where I spoke about the popular live streaming app called Meerkat. This week I compare it to a competitor, owned by Twitter, called Periscope. 
March 29, 2015
Meerkat, Yik Yak and Single Tasking
Today Andy Brown discusses Meerkat, Yik Yak and single tasking. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** Why You Will Get Bored Of Your Content Long Before Your Audience ** How To Use The New Meerkat App To Motivate Your Prospects To Attend A Live Event ** How You Have The Potential Serve Your Local Area Better Using Yik Yak ** How To Outsource Your WordPress Updates And Plugins ** How to Customise Your Social Media Campaigns Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest ** How To Take Advantage Of The Top Movers Report In Adwords ** Why You Need To Single Task Your Way Through The Day ** How Focusing On One Task Unlocks Ultra Productivity ** The Advantages Of Using The Google Chrome Extension “Session Buddy” In episode 52 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I start with some words of encouragement. I stress it’s important to remember a marketer / business owner will get bored of their own message long before their audience does.
March 23, 2015
Google Chat Button & Google Certified Shops
Today Andy Brown discusses Google Chat Button & Google Certified Shops In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** How Used Peek To Test Their Platform Using Dummy Splash Pages ** Twitter’s Move To Embrace Photos On Their App ** Why Starbucks Is Launching Its Own Media Company ** Adwords Search Terms Report Improvements ** Google Opening It’s First Physical Store ** The Future Of The Google Chat Button For Businesses ** How To Keep Visitors On Your Site For Longer ** The Advantages Of Joining Google Certified Shops ** Some Amazing Facts About Online Marketing Spend ** How To Easily Check Whether Your Website is Mobile Friendly In episode 51 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss sightings of a new Google Chat Button and what it means for your business. Google is currently displaying a chat button in some of the knowledge graph local boxes.
March 16, 2015
Google+ Changes, Adwords App & Instagram Ads
Today Andy Brown discusses recent Google+ changes, the new Adwords app and the new multi photo carousel Instagram ads. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** The Demise Of Google+ And What Happens Next ** A Quick Way To Make Sure Your Emails Find The Right Gmail Tab ** The Opportunity To Grab Alan Martin’s Free Book On Email Marketing ** How To Easily Access Your Adwords Statistics On The Go ** How To Get A Free Video Of Someone Using Your Website ** A New Exciting Way To Advertise Your Business In Instagram In episode 50 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss the big news that Google+ is being split into photos and streams. There’s no official comment about Google Hangouts, but it looks like this will become an individual communication product. It seems Google is finally killing the Google+ brand, having launched the product back in 2011. On the show I give out a shout out to Alan Martin from 
March 9, 2015
Mobile Friendly Websites & Call Only Adwords Campaigns
Today Andy Brown discusses mobile friendly search results and call only Google Adwords campaigns. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** Why The 21st April 2015 Is Critical To Your Google Ranking ** How To Easily Check Whether Your Website is Mobile Friendly ** Why I’m Inspired By Ernest Hemingway’s Writing Room ** Where To Catch Up With Weekly Digital News In A Bite Sized Chunk ** 3 Proven Tips To Supercharge Your Google Adwords Ads In episode 49 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss how Google are now intent on offering more mobile friendly search results. It was only a matter of time and from the 21st April 2015 mobile friendliness will become an important ranking signal. It will affect all languages and Google states it will have a significant impact on the search results. I recommend using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to check whether your website is mobile friendly. 
March 1, 2015
Email Headlines, Being Consistent & Remarketing
Today Andy Brown discusses email headlines, being consistent & remarketing. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** How To Improve Your Email Open Rates ** What Teenagers Really Think Of The Different Social Media Channels ** The New Apple CarPlay – Currently In A Ferrari California T But Soon To Be In Most Models ** Zoe Sugg’s 7.4 Million Subscribers And Why It Matters To You ** How to Follow Up Using Remarketing Without Being A Stalker ** Why It’s Important To Know What A Customer Is Worth To You In episode 48 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss quick and easy ways to improve your email marketing open rates. I offer you several proven examples and explain how to tweak your email headlines to improve your open rate percentages. Following this there’s reference to a great article on what teenagers think of social media written by an actual teenager!
February 23, 2015
Feefo, Facebook Videos & The Google Twitter Deal
Today Andy Brown discusses Feefo, Facebook videos & The Google Twitter deal. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** How To Automatically Display Customer Reviews On Your Website ** Why I’m Testing The Mediation App “Calm” ** How To Be “That Business” With Gold Stars In Their Google Adwords ads ** Why You Need To Seriously Consider Single Optin ** What We Can Learn From Steve Chou At ** How To Easily Grow Your Email List Through Viral Giveaways ** How A Screaming Frog Can Improve Your Website SEO In episode 47 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss the ever increasing interest in podcasting. It truly represents a fantastic opportunity for every business. They can be confident they are publishing their content on a platform that will only get more popular over the coming years. 
February 15, 2015
Twitter Video, Getting Links & YouTube Advertising
Today Andy Brown discusses the new Twitter video feature, how to get authority inbound links and how to not pay for views on YouTube Advertising. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: ** How A 9 Year Old Makes Over $1 Million On His YouTube Channel Creating Toy Reviews ** Why The Mad Marketing Podcast is a Must Listen For All Content Marketers ** Why Doodle Will Definitely Save You Time When Planning Your Next Meeting ** How To Ride The Instagram Hashtag Wave And Gain More Business ** How The Latest Video Feature In Twitter Will Be A Game Changer ** How To Avoid Paying For Views Using YouTube Advertising In episode 46 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss how I’m able to use a Rode SmartLav + mic, the Auphonic app and my iphone to record this podcast. It allows me to be flexible in terms of where I record the podcast and makes for fast editing and production. 
February 8, 2015
Mobile Trends, Your Platform & Getting Reviews
Today Andy Brown discusses current mobile trends, how to improve your platform and the importance of generating customer reviews. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: * The Angry Birds “Overnight” Success Story – After 51 Unsuccessful Games! * The 300 Hours Of Video Uploaded To YouTube Every Minute * The 1/2 Billion People Who Only Access Facebook On Their Devices * – An Example Of How Email Marketing Is Changing Fast * The Importance of Reviews on Google My Business, LinkedIn, iTunes, Amazon & TripAdvisor * Why 70% Of The Buying Decision Is Made Before They Contact Your Business * Why Many Businesses Are Losing Customers Due To A Poor FAQ Page I discuss some of the broad technological trends affecting the way in which every business markets themselves. This includes the way in which more and more people are solely accessing the internet on their mobile devices. 
February 1, 2015
Content Marketing, Instagram Hashtags & Kindle Email Marketing
Today Andy Brown discusses content marketing, Instagram hashtags & Kindle Email Marketing. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: * The Minimum Length Of Content To Beat Your Competitor * How It’s Possible To Rank On Page 1 Of Google A Decade Later! * The Benefits Of Using A Maximum Of 30 Hashtags On Instagram * How To Build Your Email List Using Kindle Publishing.
January 25, 2015
Barack Obama, Apple CarPlay, Inbox Zero, Michelin Guide & Social Media ROI
Today Andy Brown discusses Barack Obama's email marketing campaigns, Apple's CarPlay, the advantages of Inbox Zero, the Michelin Guide and Social Media ROI. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: * Why Listening To Your Market Is Key To Pivoting Correctly * My Best Performing Email Subject Titles * The Science Behind Barack Obama’s Presidential Email Campaign * How To Achieve A 40+% Email Open Rate * The Future Of Podcasting In 2015 & Why It Matters * What It Takes To Have No Emails In Your InBox * Lessons You Can Learn From Michelin Tyres * Tracking Your Social Media ROI 
January 18, 2015
TYC 0042 - Facebook Advertising, Goal Setting & Tesco's CEO
Today Andy Brown from discusses Facebook Advertising, Goal Setting, Sleep & Tesco’s CEO. In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About: * Why I Changed From A Daily To A Weekly Show * My Top Podcast Recommendations For Entertainment And Business * The 9 Word Email That Out Performs All Other Emails * Why You Need To Pay Attention To The New Facebook Rules In 2015 * My 10 Goals For 2015 And My Buddy “MART” * What It Takes To Succeed By Eric Thomas * Why 10 pm Is The Optimal Bedtime * How Your Morning Ritual Is Key To Your Business Success * How Even The Largest Companies Get It So Wrong In episode 42 of the Triple Your Clients podcast we change from a daily to a weekly format. The show will be ready and waiting for you from 7am (BST) every Monday morning. I liked the way I look forward to my favourite podcasts, knowing they would go live at a specific time each week. Thus this was my primary motivation for changing the schedule, as well as the fact
January 12, 2015
How To Set Up Google Analytics Custom Alerts
Today Andy Brown discusses how easy and quick it is to set up Google Analytics custom alerts. They are excellent for informing you of the status and performance of your business website. Furthermore you can set up daily alerts to notify you of any increases or decreases in your traffic levels. Equally you can set up a custom alert to let you know when your website is down, by creating an alert that triggers when you have no page views. Custom alerts are excellent for motivating you and your co-workers. If you have worked hard on a new content marketing strategy it's great to be the first to know when you meet your monthly organic user goals. Set some alerts up today and enjoy the benefits of knowing exactly what's happening with your website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 
November 3, 2014
The Major Difference Between Aweber And MailChimp
In today's podcast I discuss how your business type and the relationship you have with your prospects and customers will determine whether you should use Aweber or Mailchimp. In short, I make this critical decision easy for you. Have you ever wondered what email autoresponder provider to use for your business? It's certainly a question I get asked all the time. Specifically many clients want to know whether they should use Aweber or MailChimp. It's a big decision and certainly no ones wants to move their list once they have started to build it. 
October 28, 2014
2 Great Plugins For An Effective FAQ Marketing Strategy
In today's show we explain how to create an effective marketing strategy. A successful content marketing strategy relies on setting up your website posts in such a way that it is easy for your visitors to skip from one question to the next without having to click back to a page that links to all of the questions and answers. In this show I describe how you can combine the functionality of the After Post Content and XYZ Html plugins to ensure this is exactly what you do. You will learn how to implement each plugin and how using them together enables you to easily update of all of your FAQ pages with one just click and without having to update each one individually.
October 22, 2014
Using Odesk For Improved Productivity
Today Andy Brown discusses how to use Odesk to improve your productivity. It can be tough finding the time to tick everything off your to do list. Your marketing and business can suffer and in an effort to get on top of things you end up working even looker hours. In order to avoid this frustrating situation I recommend outsourcing many of your tasks to the freelancer marketplace website Odesk. It has significantly improved my productivity and allowed me to do more work for my clients. I highly recommend you take a look at Odesk.
October 21, 2014
4 Essential Marketing Activities For Successful Local SEO
Today Andy Brown discusses the 4 essential marketing activities for successful local SEO. In a noisy world of marketing advice it’s important to offer some clarity to the essential tasks that will make a difference to your local SEO exposure. Critically the 4 key activities of website SEO, adding reviews, building citations and increasing the number of quality links to your site will improve the volume of local traffic to your business website. 
October 20, 2014
The Disadvantages Of Using Adwords Express
Today Andy Brown discusses the disadvantages of using Adwords Express. In 2011 Google launched a cut down version of Adwords called Adwords Express. This product allows you to easily promote your business in a local market. It’s automated and simple to set up, certainly benefits every business owner welcomes! Unfortunately there are some key disadvantages when you compare it to the main Google Adwords product. Listen to the show to discover the pros and cons and why it’s important to consider upgrading to Adwords. 
October 19, 2014
The Importance Of Consistent Marketing
Today Andy Brown discusses the importance of consistent marketing. Discover why it’s vitally important to remain consistent with your marketing. 
October 18, 2014
Using Creative Commons Licensed Content To Increase Your Website Visitors
Today Andy Brown discusses how to use creative commons licensed content to increase your website visitors. Discover how you can benefit from using creative commons licensed content to maximise your web visitors. 
September 15, 2014
3 Benefits To Attending A Business Conference
Today Andy Brown discusses 3 benefits to attending a business conference. Having had the privilege of being a marketing facilitator at The Content Marketing Academy I was motivated to discuss the 3 ways you can benefit from attending a business conference. 
September 6, 2014
4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Answering Customer Questions Online
Today Andy Brown discusses 4 ways your business can benefit from answering customer questions online. Here are 4 proven ways your business can benefit from taking the time and effort to answer the questions your customers ask on your website. 
September 4, 2014
How To Easily Move From Page 2 To Page 1 In Google
Today I discuss how to move from page 2 to page 1 of Google using this proven strategic content marketing tip. Discover how to improve your Google rankings and move from page 2 to page 1. 
August 12, 2014
The Importance Of Local Business Citations For Improved Google Rankings
Today I discuss the importance of local business citations for improved Google. It’s important to work on your local business citations in order to improve your Google rankings. 
July 29, 2014
3 Effective Ways To Improve The Conversion Of Your About Page
Today Andy Brown discusses 3 effective ways to improve the conversion of your About Page. Implement these 3 proven ways to improve the conversion of your website about page. 
June 9, 2014
How To Use An Authentic Deadline In Your Marketing
Today I discuss how to use an authentic deadline in your marketing. Do you have a question you would like answered on the show?
May 6, 2014
Don't Frustrate Your Website Visitors By Hiding Your Prices
Today I discuss why you shouldn't frustrate your website visitors by hiding your prices. Make sure you aren’t frustrating your website visitors by hiding your prices. 
April 2, 2014
Does Your Website Designer Have You In A Strait Jacket?
Today I discuss does your website designer have you in a strait jacket? How to avoid website designers that put you in a strait jacket.
March 27, 2014
Use Real Photos And Not Stock Photography On Your Business Website
Today on I discuss the importance of using real photos of yourself, your staff and your products instead of using stock photography ones. It’s important to use real photos and not stock photography on your business website. During the show I refer to this blog post: this photography service: and this business podcast: 
March 26, 2014
A Real Life Customer Avatar Example To Help Improve Your Marketing Copy
Today I discuss the merit in writing customer avatars for your business. This will definitely help improve your business copywriting. Learn how to improve your marketing copy using this real life customer avatar example. 
March 25, 2014
8 Reasons For Writing To Your Customers
Today Andy Brown discusses 8 reasons for writing to your customers. We remind you of 8 great reasons to write to your customers. 
March 21, 2014
Focus On Your Prospect's Needs Rather Than Your Achievements
Today we discuss why you need to concentrate more on your prospect's needs than your own ones! Remember it’s very important to focus on your prospect’s needs and wants first. Too many businesses start their copy with a list of their achievements. 
March 19, 2014
Why You Must Have A Business Email List
Today we discuss why it is very important to build your business email list. It’s imperative you are actively building and communicating to your prospects and customers via your email list. 
March 17, 2014
5 Proven Business Email Headlines To Increase Your Open Rates
Today we review 5 proven email headlines to improve your business open rates. Email marketing is one of the best channels to market to your prospects and customers. Carried out correctly, it gives you the chance to have a private conversation with your customer. In doing so you form a relationship with them, and in time you become their trusted resource. Remember, when your prospect scans the list of emails in their inbox, they base the all important “Read or Delete” decision on two pieces of information: the return address and the headline. If they see that the email address is someone that they know and trust, then the decision is easy, they read the email. If the email is from someone they don’t know, the headline is the next thing they consider before making their decision to open or not. The headline is therefore extremely important when maximizing your email marketing. Do you have a question you would like answered on the show?
March 14, 2014
Why Creating An Evergreen Content Strategy Is An Absolute Must Do Task
Today we discuss why you need to implement an evergreen content marketing strategy as soon as possible, in order to ensure long term business growth. Implementing an evergreen content strategy should be at the heart of your online marketing. No matter when someone reads your content, next week, next month or in a year, the reader gets the impression that the material was written specifically for them on the day they receive or read it. That’s one reason why you should be careful about adding dates to your content writing. Adding dates may make your readers think your post isn’t relevant for them. They may consider it is out of date, and therefore dismiss it, even if the information contained in the article is relevant to them. I recommend using recurring dates in the context of holidays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, etc. This way you can promote your evergreen content on these recurring occasions every year. 
March 13, 2014
5 Reasons Why A Wordpress Website Is Better Than An HTML One
Today we discuss why it is much better to use Wordpress for your new website than HTML. I speak to business owners like you everyday. It’s always great to get a real insight into your successes and problems. I can learn so much from one conversation. The reality is I can only do my job well when I truly understand what drives a business forward and what holds it back. When it comes to the subject of what’s holding a business back, there’s one topic that comes up time and time again. It’s quite simply the fact that business owners feel totally restrained by their website when it’s built in html and they have to rely on external web designers to make even one simple update. Can you relate to this? Are you a business owner that wants to improve their website, but as soon as you do, you immediately hear the cash register ringing? It is as if you are in straitjacket, unable to improve your website with the ease you want.
March 11, 2014
6 Ways To Rank Your Business For Local Nearby Towns And Villages
Today we discuss the best local search marketing strategies to rank well in Google for the cities, towns and villages near to your business. Whenever you perform a search for your business in Google, are you one of many business owners that express frustration because their name doesn’t show up high on page one of Google. You enter a combination of your service and local town name and feel disappointed about your low position. For example a company here in Fife, might try searches such as “St Andrews lawyer”, “Dunfermline chiropractor” or “Kirkcaldy plumber”. Thus today I would like to help you rank your business in Google for local searches. 
March 10, 2014
The Answer To Paid Traffic Or Content Marketing
Today we discuss whether you should concentrate on paid traffic like Adwords or stick to content marketing like blogging. Take a minute to consider the difference between paid traffic and the organic traffic your website receives from content marketing. Paid traffic like Google AdWords is quick form of marketing with fairly instant results. Content marketing is a slower more long term form style of marketing that grows and builds over time. As a business owner you may be wondering what method of online marketing should you concentrate on? AdWords paid traffic or generating organic traffic using content marketing. The answer is they’re both great marketing solutions, they enhance each other, and you should implement both. 
March 7, 2014
4 Reasons Not To Use Hibu Business And Yellow Pages For Your Paid Advertising
Today we discuss 6 reasons why you should avoid using Hibu Business and Yellow Pages for online paid advertising. Many times you’ll hear about businesses using Yell Business (or websites instead of hosting their own site. If this is a decision you are about to make I recommend you listen to some of the key problems of adopting this approach. Fundamentally you should host your own website on your own hosting space and manage your own paid traffic campaigns or outsource to a professional consultant. Here’s 4 reasons I discourage local businesses from entertaining marketing solutions offered by Yell Business. I respect they are a slick sales business offering a business solution, but unfortunately it isn’t built to serve your very best interest. 
March 6, 2014
3 Reasons To Use Facebook Power Editor versus The Boost Post Option
Today we discuss 3 key reasons why you should use the Facebook Power Editor over the Boost Post option, the next time you want to advertise on Facebook. Have you ever wondered whether your business should use Facebook Boost Post or the Facebook Power Editor? Whilst it may seem quicker and easier to use Boost Post I highly recommend you put the time into understanding how to use Power Editor. Using Boost Post isn’t the best use of your budget. 
March 5, 2014
How To Create A Google Friendly Business Website
Today  we discuss how to ensure your website is always Google friendly and gives you the best opportunity of appearing at the top for the keyphrases you are targeting. Google are looking for unique, quality content. If you make it your remit to provide this kind of content you will be well on the way to running a Google friendly business site. Furthermore it should be your mission to consistently add quality content. Everyday create 500 words of content (or even 300 – the number is not as important as consistency). I recommend you concentrate on growing your website by working to a schedule. Ultimately it isn’t difficult, it just takes effort and time. If you don’t have either the inclination or the time, you can outsource the content. Therefore you can have someone in your company handle it for you. Critically just make sure it gets done. What Shall I Produce Content On? I recommend writing detailed full answers to the questions people are searching on.
March 4, 2014
7 Ways To Get More Clients Viewing Your YouTube Videos
Today we discuss 7 ways to get more clients viewing your YouTube views. Let’s discuss 7 ways to get more clients and prospects viewing your YouTube videos. Essentially this is my quick fire run overview of how you can optimise your videos for more views. If you want to utilize the power of YouTube videos, you need to have a few simple skills. So many people upload random videos but don’t optimize them, and so the videos never reach their full potential. Here’s can you get more clients to view your YouTube videos? 1. Research. Don’t create a video without knowing the keyphrase you are optimising the video for. The keyphrase is the two, three, four word phrase that your target client is looking for. One way to discover what people are searching for is to do a YouTube search and let it autofill. This will give you a great idea of what terms people are already looking for. 
March 3, 2014
Is Your Website A Marketing Machine? Here's Your 6 Point Checklist
Today  we discuss a 6 point checklist to turn your website into a 24 hour a day marketing machine. Today we discuss a 6 point checklist to turn your website into a 24 hour a day marketing machine. Ask yourself, when you think about your website, do you see a static brochure or a lead generating machine? Your website should be marketing your marketing your business 24 7. It should be bringing in clients and leads on a daily basis. Let’s Evaluate Your Own Website With These 6 Pointers A few items to consider as you evaluate your website. 1. Is your website copy written in the first person? First person is not engaging enough for a website, you need to write in the second person. Obviously there are some areas that will be written in first person, but the largest percentage of your content should be written in second person. 2. How many pages do you have? Most business sites usually add up to 7 or 8 pages. 
February 24, 2014
15 Tips For Creating Profitable Marketing Copy
Today we discuss 15 tips for creating profitable marketing copy. In addition I outline the way to present useful tips on your own business cards. Your business card can be more than just a piece of paper that may or may not get filed. You can use your business card to make an impression on a customer, as well as being useful to them. You can create value with your business card by putting useful tips/advice on your card. The following 15 tips are printed on my own business cards. This is what I advise my clients to concentrate on in order to effective marketing copy. 1. Write A Compelling Headline. The headline needs to draw people’s attention, and compel them to read the next line of copy below it. 2. Stress The Benefits First. Give the reader the benefits of your product before talking about the features. 3. Feature Social Proof Using Photos. People love to look at photos. 
February 21, 2014
Do Not Rely On Social Media As Your Primary Traffic Source
Today we discuss the important of not relying totally on social media as your primary source of traffic to your business website. It is important not to rely totally on social media as your primary source of traffic to your local business website. Recent news has shown that some sites are experiencing a drop in traffic due to new restrictions by Facebook. Elite Daily, Upworthy and Huffington Post are among the sites that are experiencing up to 40 percent drop in traffic levels because Facebook changed the way content is displayed. It can be a serious problem when you rely on only one source for your social media presence. Consider Your Website As A Mothership Think of your website as the mothership. The other social media outlets are the satellites spinning around it, namely Twitter, Google Plus,Tumblr and Facebook. I recommend you don’t put more time and effort into maintaining your presence on the satellites than you do for your mothership.
February 20, 2014
How To Determine The Best Email Marketing Provider For Your Business
Host Andy Brown reviews the different email marketing provider solutions for your business. There are situations when one provider is a better solution than another, and it's critical to make the right decision at the start. No one wants to move their list after they have started to build it. Today we review the different email marketing provider solutions for your local business. There are situations when one provider is a better solution than another, and it’s critical to make the right decision at the start. No one wants to move their list after they have started to build it. That’s why I make sure my clients in Fife carefully consider this important decision. Email marketing is still the best platform to have a one on one personal conversation with customers. Often overlooked, many companies are still not building an email list. Once you start building a list, trying to move the list to another provider can be a pain and cause you to lose members.
February 19, 2014
How To Get More Exposure On Facebook
Host Andy Brown discusses how to get more exposure on Facebook. Let’s discuss how to get more exposure in Facebook by truly understanding how EdgeRank works. A lot of people don’t understand how Facebook works. Since the IPO, Facebook has started focusing more on making money, to keep their shareholders happy. They also had to determine how your information gets displayed, and how they were going to make sure you were not inundated with updates from your network but instead only showed you posts you would be interested in. You may ask how is this determined? Facebook tries to look at posts that have a higher engagement rate, and push these ones higher up your newsfeed. They use their own in house algorithm to work this out, called EdgeRank. EdgeRank Determines How Many Of Your Fans See Your Status Updates Thus if you post something for your business on Facebook, it is likely to be seen by 12-14% of your fans or friends. 
February 18, 2014
How To Repurpose Your Blog Posts
Host Andy Brown discusses ways to repurpose your content across different marketing platforms. What you would do if you wrote a 500-word blog post and published it, where would you go from there? Most people would write another article, start the research, draft it out and then write it. Repurposing Your Content For Facebook Now consider this, if you have a 500-word blog post (it can be any length, but that’s a good start), then consider that you can actually take different sections, maybe sentences, from it, and turn them into tweets so you are beginning to repurpose your content. You could take a longer segment from the article, and make that it into a Facebook status update, so again you are repurposing your content. You could use the best part, and then you link back to it, so you’re driving traffic back to your website from social media – which is always a good idea. 
February 17, 2014
Latest Mobile Email Marketing Trends For Osteopaths And Chiropractors
Host Andy Brown helps clinic owners and small business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new patients and clients. This episode discusses the latest email marketing trends and the impact it will have on your newsletter open rates. Typically business owners are creating newsletters every 2-3 months, this is particularly true if you’re a clinic, an osteopath or a chiropractor, the kind of people I’m dealing with on a daily basis. Unfortunately many business owners are not actually appreciating where they are being read? It’s official, mobile now accounts for the majority of email opens with a 51% share, and that’s up from 48% in September/October last year. So that’s definitely a trend that’s growing, we see it all the time, whether we’re on the bus, at a restaurant or pub, people are reading their email on their phone, along with Facebook and Twitter. Are Your Customers And Clients Reading Your Emails On Their Phones?
February 14, 2014
The Key To Optimising Your Adwords Ads And Not Wasting Your Money
Host Andy Brown helps clinic owners and small business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new patients and clients. The principle behind not wasting lots of money on Adwords is in making sure that your Adwords ads are relevant. When I say relevant, I mean, when someone searches on Google for instance, imagine they search with questions like “how do I knew if my osteopath is qualified?”, “will I have to take my clothes off?”, “will the treatment hurt me?”, and “do I get better treatment if I go to a better osteopath?” – they will be able to view ads that address these questions and when they click they are taken to a relevant landing page. If you consider my question examples above, the person searching within Google expects to see organic results that answer their questions. Google also wants this same experience to apply to when they click on their ads. Sometimes the ads might not be very relevant, they might simply be saying we’r
February 13, 2014
How To Search Engine Optimise Your Web Site In Google And Get More Clients
Host Andy Brown discusses some of the best strategies for writing great content that gets ranked well in Google. Often business owners across Fife in St Andrews, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy ask me the following : What are we going to do, how are we going to get the top of Google, what should we write about? Fortunately I have a 8 blog marketing tips I can share with you today. 1. Write Naturally – Write Great Content You should really write for your reader. That’s what Google wants, they want you to write for your reader, write in a natural human way, don’t spam your copy with lots of keywords. Don’t stuff your copy every single keyword that you want to be ranked for in Google. It doesn’t work like that anymore; maybe years ago it used to work but not anymore! Google has some of the most intelligent people in the world working for them. They can soon spot if you’re a business playing tricks, and as a result you will get pulled up by Google. It could
February 12, 2014
How To Claim And Verify Your Google+ Business Page
Andy Brown discusses how to claim and verify your Google+ Business Page. Consider the situation where someone is looking for your service online. Specifically they are searching on your town name plus the service you offer. For example, it could be St Andrews osteopath, or Edinburgh chiropractor. Here’s the thing, any time you have a search with the name of the service the offer and the town where you provide it, you can guarantee that one of the pages that they will show up will be your Google Plus business page. It’s a page that many businesses don’t know exists! Google gave out millions of these pages a few years ago when they launched Google Plus. They said here’s your business page, even if you don’t have a website you can have this page, please optimize it, we will rank it well in Google for you. But like I said many people don’t realize that they actually have this page. So unfortunately when you do search on a lot of different services p
February 11, 2014
Andy Brown talks about the forthcoming Triple Your Clients Podcast. Show Transcription Here we are in, well it’s not quite sunny as it’s a little bit overcast, but there’s a bit of blue sky here in St Andrews, Scotland. Up here on the east side, about an hour from Edinburgh if you drive it or train it. I’m here to give you some advice, know-how and tips, on how I can help you with your marketing. That could be for your clinic, because a lot of the businesses I work with are in healthcare. But it could be for any kind of business. So why a podcast? Well, like you, back in 2007-2008, I heard the term podcast, but it got run over by the fast train that was YouTube and online video – the world got taken over with sharing videos – and podcasts got lost. But now we all have iphones and smartphones and we want content on demand. When we’ve got five minutes, when we’re running, or when we are waiting at the bus stop, we have a need for audio and podcasts.
February 10, 2014