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Studies in Torah: Biblical Frameworks for the Jewish Narrative

Studies in Torah: Biblical Frameworks for the Jewish Narrative

By The Ark
This seven-week class will seek to explore the Torah’s (Genesis - Deuteronomy) instruction and framework for understanding the unfolding Jewish narrative of the Bible. Special attention will be given to Genesis 1-11 as the context leading to God’s covenants with Abraham and the Jewish people as the way He will bring about redemption to all the nations of the earth.

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P1 - Conversation on Genesis 1, the gods, and Man in God's Image

Studies in Torah: Biblical Frameworks for the Jewish Narrative

P7 - Conversation on the Covenants through the Tanakh and Conclusions for the Class
In this final follow-up episode, we discuss: The covenant with Israel in Deuteronomy and its prominence through Israel's history The issue of future fulfillments of the covenants How the narrative progresses up to the close of the Hebrew Bible A recap of major themes and conclusions for the class
September 3, 2020
S7 - Frameworks of the Jewish Narrative through the Tanakh
This final class session gives an overview of the primary covenants in the scriptures and surveys God's covenant with Israel through the Hebrew Bible.  for more resources go to:
September 2, 2020
P6 - Conversation on the Covenant with Israel and the Song of Moses
In this follow-up to session six, we talk about: The covenant with Israel and the Ten Commandments The Song of Moses (Dt. 32) as a witness and pattern for God's leadership of Israel in history and for the future Echoes of the Song of Moses throughout the Hebrew Bible The worldwide witness of God's deliverance and restoration of Israel
August 27, 2020
S6 - From the Covenant at Sinai to the Latter Days
This sixth session looks at the covenant made with Israel at Sinai, its reiteration in the book of Deuteronomy, and its implications for the future through the Song of Moses (Dt. 32). for more resources go to:
August 25, 2020
P5 - Conversation on the Covenant with Abraham
In this follow-up to session five, we discuss: Ancient ethnicity and examples of how gods, land, and customs connect Different types of biblical covenants The promised land inheritance of the Abrahamic covenant and the future Circumcision as the sign of the covenant God's covenant with Abraham as the mediator of blessing and a litmus test for the nations for more resources go to:
August 20, 2020
S5 - Abrahamic Covenant
This fifth session explores the subjects of ethnicity and the covenant made with Abraham. For more resources go to:
August 19, 2020
P4 - Conversation on the Allotment of the Nations to the sons of God & the Election of Abraham
In this follow-up podcast to session four, we talk about: The sons of God and divine council The translations and textual backgrounds to Deuteronomy 32:8  The allotment of the nations to the sons of God The election of Abraham 
August 13, 2020
S4 - Rebellion, Judgment, Election
This fourth session gives a review of the rebellions as well as the judgment of God in Genesis 1-11. This session also begins to examine the scattering of the Table of Nations and the election of Abraham.  For more resources go to:
August 11, 2020
P3 - Conversation on the Flood, the Judgment of God, and Sustaining Human Life
In this follow-up podcast conversation from session three we talk about:  A mechanism for the Flood in Genesis The function of the Flood as instruction regarding eschatological judgment in the Bible The deed of Ham in light of sustaining human life after the Flood For more resources, go to:
August 6, 2020
S3 - The Flood and Covenant with Noah
This third session looks at The Flood (Genesis 6:5 - 8) The Covenant with Noah (Genesis 9:1-17) The Sons of Noah and the Curse of Canaan (9:18-29) For class resources, go to:
August 4, 2020
P2 - Conversation on the curse and the transgression of the sons of God
This follow-up podcast discusses some of the themes covered in the second class by looking at divine and human transgression through Genesis 3, 6, and 11:  The serpent in the garden The curse as consequence for disobedience and our response in this age The sons of God rebellion in Genesis 6, the Nephilim, and traditions about demonic origin
July 30, 2020
S2 - Transgressed Boundaries: Divine and Human Rebellion in Genesis 1-11
Session 2: An overview of both divine and human transgression of boundaries in Genesis 3, 6, and 11. For class notes and resources go to:
July 28, 2020
P1 - Conversation on Genesis 1, the gods, and Man in God's Image
Our first podcast conversation around themes from the first session in the class:  Why does Cosmology matter? Genesis 1 in the context of the Ancient Near East The gods, YHWH's council, and Monotheism What does it mean for man to be made in God's image?
July 22, 2020
S1 - Creation of the Heavens, Earth and all their Host
An Introduction to the class and overview of creation in Genesis one.
July 21, 2020
Class Intro
A brief intro and vision for the seven-week class. 
July 14, 2020