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The Auction House

The Auction House

By Jack the Dipper & Zanzarful
The Auction House is a weekly World of Warcraft gold-making podcast with Jack the Dipper and Zanzarful. Every week we talk about the token price, markets, gold-making news, main topic, and sometimes we have guests on our show. Hit that play button and enjoy.
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An Interview With a Botter in World of Warcraft

The Auction House

How To Make Gold With Alchemy & Enchanting
The first week of the world's first race, and yes, there are some major gold-making opportunities like Alchemy & Enchanting. We have news about the rank 6 legendaries, and the Brutosaur auction house mount can now be found in a Black Market Auction House container. You can now also listen to the podcast on YouTube.
July 18, 2021
Korthite Crystals & Legendary Rank 5 & 6 Gold Making
Finally, you don't have to listen to Jack but listen to Manthieus instead as the co-host of this episode. We will look at the Korthite Crystal and Legendaries rank 5 & 6 markets because gold-making opportunities are jumping out of the ground like mushrooms, and we want to let you know all the ins & outs of these potential markets. Check out Mantieus live on Twitch!
July 10, 2021
Gold Making With Darkshore Capital
Finally, Shadowlands 9.1 has been released. We will be talking about that and the Korthite Crystal. We have Darkshore Capital on the podcast as our fast. So enough to talk about in this episode, so enjoy the show and don't forget to check out our website where you can find a lot of more info
July 03, 2021
Last Minute Shadowlands 9.1 Gold Making!
Shadowlands 9.1 is just around the corner, but what to do? In this episode, we will bring you up-to-date with the last-minute changes, things you want to do before Shadowlands 9.1 comes out, and what to expect when it gets released. We also have Girty back on the show for a short recap from last month's episode called 'Gold Making With Beginning Level Gold Makers' and see how he is doing. Enjoy all!
June 26, 2021
TSM 4.11 With Lead Developer Sapu
We have a great bonus episode for you! The lead developer of one of the biggest World of Warcraft add-ons, TradeSkillMaster, is on our show, and that is Sapu. We will talk with Sapu about the history of TradeSkillMaster, 4.11, upcoming things, and answering questions from our listeners. There is some great info you defiantly don't want to miss out on in this episode. | @Sapu94
June 22, 2021
Gold Making With Dirtyirby and his 166 Million Gold
Do we have a great episode for you! We have a new huge gold maker called 'Dirtyirby' that made 145 million gold in 8 months on the show, but we have some great things to discuss for the upcoming Shadowlands patch 9.1. So pomp up the volume, clear your mind and enjoy the show. You can find Dirtyirby if you search on Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter.
June 19, 2021
A Gold Making Interview With Penguinr2gt
In this smelly new episode, we have Penguinr2gt as our guest. We will be asking her about the rice in the mouse story, her TradeSkillMakster profiles "Boom," and "Bla." We also have some questions about her gold-making ways in World of Warcraft. We also talk about players getting banned for no reason, Korthite Crystal, and the amount of Lightless Slik we will need to craft the Vestige of Origins. Enjoy!
June 13, 2021
Shadowlands 9.1 Crafting & Legendary Talk
The Burning Crusade classic just got released, the token prices went up, info on flying in Shadowlands 9.1, and Zanzarful went on scouting camp selling cookies to older men. Luckily I found myself a temporarily new co-host, and that is Manthieus. We are going to have a talk about crafting and legendaries that are coming in Shadowlands 91. Enjoy the show! Check out Manthieus live on
June 05, 2021
TBC Gold Making With Studen Albatroz
Just a few more days till The Burning Crusade classic comes out, so it's a good moment to prepare, and that is why we invited Studen Albatroz back to the podcast. Subjects will be mostly TBC-related but also a retail part. What add-ons, what to farm during pre-patch and release, his TBC classic gold-making strategy book, and much more. Enjoy!
May 29, 2021
Gold Making With: Beginning Level Gold Makers
We are now over 10.000 plays on our World of Warcraft gold making podcast, so thank you all for helping to achieve this. In episode 20, we will help two beginning-level gold makers get into the gold-making mindset and show them the ropes. We also have news on the boosting community Phoenix, and you can now find us on with even more World of Warcraft podcasts. We hope you enjoy the show!
May 22, 2021
The Second WoW Botting Interview
If you have listened to the last botting episode, then this will blow your mind (I think). We came in contact with this botter after the first botting episode, and because of his botting experience, we had to have him on the show. He worked for a company that created bots, made real money with his botting. He has a lot of information on how these bots work and what Blizzard could do against them. I hope you enjoy it!
May 15, 2021
Gold Making With Legendaries in World of Warcraft
Gold making with Legendaries in World of Warcraft is one big interesting market. However, you need to put up some gold and time, but it will give a great result. In the upcoming Shadowlands 9.1, the market is still going to be very interesting. We also got some news on The Burning Crusade Classic that is coming on the 1st of June. The Auction House Twitter; Zanzarful Twitch; Jack's Gold Making Website;
May 09, 2021
The Theory of Gold Making
When four experienced gold makers come together to talk about gold making in World of Warcraft, it's next-level stuff. In this episode, we have The Lazy Goldmaker and Manthieus as our guests and we talk about Shadowlands 9.1, the legendaries, World of Warcraft Classic, markets, resets, goals, laughter and much more.
May 01, 2021
How to Find New Gold Making Markets
Gold making in World of Warcraft can be very overwhelming when you see all these different materials and items, not to mention the already posted things on the auction house. Well luckily for you we are gonna talk about finding new markets and give you some pointers to value them @15:47. Don't forget to check out; | |
April 24, 2021
Interviewing World of Warcraft Boosting Communities 'Boosting Buddies' and 'Phoenix'
Boosting is becoming more and more of a thing in World of Warcraft. How do they work? How much gold do they make? How many people are in those communities? In this episode we have two communities joining us called 'Boosting Buddies' and 'Phoenix'. Both sell boosts in World of Warcraft for players that want to level, gear up, get a mount, or an achievement. Brezell from Boosting Buddies and Ted + Nokill from Phoenix will walk us through how this all works, what happens behind the scenes, and share with us some interesting numbers. 28:30 Boosting Buddies | 1:11:55 Phoenix
April 19, 2021
Gold Making With Studen Albatroz
A brand new episode with a brand new guest on our show and that is Studen Albatroz. We gonna talk about his gold making in World of Warcraft, the farming, his content, streaming, and of course his two gold making books. We also gonna talk about people that buy tokens to gain gold and the Ve’nari account-wide reputation. If you like the podcast, go follow it on your podcast platform or bookmark it on your web browser. Check out for Studen's book. More links will be posted on
April 10, 2021
An Interview With a Botter in World of Warcraft
In this bonus episode, we will try to cover a lot of the info about botting in World of Warcraft like the communities, gold making, farming, programs, earnings, boosting, and Blizzards actions against botting. In this special episode, we will be talking with an ex-botter about botting in World of Warcraft. None of the current active botters wanted to talk with us (as we could expect), but we did come in contact with this botter that knows a lot and still is active in these communities. We will keep the botter anonymous during and after the show for privacy reasons. So sit back, clear your mind and enjoy the show..... and don't forget to follow us on
April 07, 2021
How to Sell in World of Warcraft
Lucky number 13 is where we are gonna talk about selling on the trade chat and on the auction house in World of Warcraft. There are so many things you can do and have a lookout for when you want to sell something. We are gonna give you some great tips, tricks, and tools that you can use to improve your gold making. Also, there is some Burning Crusade news with reputation items and of course the upcoming Noblegarden event where there is some gold to be made. So sit back relax or do some exercise and enjoy the show!
April 04, 2021
Gold Making Websites
Gold making websites can be such a great tool to make gold with in World of Warcraft. They can guide you on how to start to make gold and how to improve your gold making. We will cover websites that can be used as data a tool, a searching tool, a guide, or a blog. We also will be talking about the TCG pet Bananas that can now be claimed by any World of Warcraft player and the prepaid game time changes Blizzard recently made plus some other price changes. Hope you will enjoy another show of The Auction House. | |
March 28, 2021
Gold Making in Shadowlands with Samadan
Don't forget to follow and like/rate us, it can really help us get more recommend on platforms. In this episode, we have the well-known gold maker Samadan as our guest on our show. We talk about his gold making experience in Shadowlands, his content, and of course the professions. Other gold making topics in World of Warcraft like 'Trial of Style', the charity event 'Doctors Without Borders' where you can donate to get the TCG pet Bananas, and of course some interesting markets. Enjoy the show! You can check out | |
March 20, 2021
Crafting Consumables in World of Warcraft
Yes, we hit the 2 digit number and over 1000 listens to our shows. Thank you all for keep listening and don't forget to hit the follow and like the button to help us get recommendations for other listeners. In this 10th episode, we are gonna talk about consumables, the kind of consumables professions, and how you can make gold with them. We also talk about a new great website called and a new gold farming addon made by Lag and the GolGoblinNet called GoldGoblinLoot and you definitely want to hear about that. Don't forget! You can check out Jack's website called and Zanzarful by searching him on Twitch and come and hangout live. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
March 13, 2021
Gold Making With Manthieus
Gold making in World of Warcraft has a lot to do with how you think when it comes to gold making and that is why we have in episode 9 Manthieus on the show. Manthieus is a well know gold maker and content creator in the gold making community. He has his YouTube and can found often on Reddit. In this episode, we are gonna talk about how Manthieus started with gold making, his content creation, his new YouTube series called 'Zero 2 Hero', and his gold making in Shadowlands. Definitely have seat because this show is gonna take gold making to another level. Enjoy!
March 06, 2021
Gold Making With WoW Gathering Professions
Gold making in World of Warcraft has to start somewhere and what better place to start is with gathering. In this episode, we gonna show you the ropes on how and where to start with your gathering professions. Mining, herbalism, skinning, and fishing are the 4 gathering professions in World of Warcraft that can make you gold, but what should you gather, and what kind of tools are there for you to use? All of this and more in this week's episode on The Auction House. Don't forget to give us a follow and a like if you can. All little bits will help us out big time. Enjoy the show!
March 01, 2021
Blizzcon & Gold Making Addons
We are a bit late than normal but that has to do with Blizzcon. In this 7th episode of The Auction House Podcast, we gonna talk about the World of Warcraft announcements, like The Burning Crusade Classic, Shadowlands 9.0.5 plus 9.1, and flying in Shadowlands. The other topic is gold making addons. We are gonna talk about our favorite gold making addons in World of Warcraft. From TradeSkillMaster to The Undermine Journal and from LootAppraiser to the BuyEmAll addon. Don't forget to follow us on your favorite platform and if you can give it a like. DO IT!!! Enjoy the show!
February 23, 2021
Flipping & Blizzcon With Hikons
Blizzcon is on its way and that means new stuff in World of Warcraft but also maybe higher token prices, who knows! In episode 6 of The Auction House Podcast, we have the multi-server flipper Hikons. Hikons is a well know gold maker in WoW because he does his flipping on, more than 40 realms but he also has over 450 million gold liquid. If you want to get to that next level of gold making, playing with the big guys, then this episode is absolutely one you can't miss out on. Hit that follow button, crank up that volume, and start the show.
February 13, 2021
TradeSkillMaster With Gumdrops
If you haven't heard about the auction house addon TradeSkillMaster, then you are in for a treat. In this episode 5, the main topic is TradeSkillMaster. We gonna cover some interesting things about the addon with the support manager and WoW economy owner Gumdrops who will also tell us about the latest things in TradeSkillMaster 4.11. We also gonna talk about the Legion herbs, Torghast changes that affect the market and the upcoming event 'Love is in the Air', so crank up that volume knob and enjoy the show.
February 07, 2021
Let's Talk Crafting and Professions
A good way to increase your daily gold income is by crafting in World of Warcraft and selling the items for more. In this 4th episode, we are gonna talk about the basics of professions, pros, and cons, how to get started, tools, and what to look for. Crafting in World of Warcraft is a really big subject we can't cover in one episode, so there will be more episodes in the future about crafting and professions. Enjoy the show!
January 31, 2021
With The Lazy Goldmaker
We had to wait a week longer, but finally, we could record an episode with our first guest on the podcast, the Lazy Goldmaker. In this 3rd episode, we talk about his new series on YouTube called 'The Road to 100 Million', his legendary sales in Shadowlands, and the future of the legendaries. Other topics are the BoE's in Shadowlands, the market changes that happened after Blizzard banned the use of 3rd party broadcast software for multi-boxers, and the things we hope to see in the TradeSkillMaster (TSM) addon 4.11. Hit that play button, enjoy, and hit that follow button if you liked the content and want to stay up to date with new episodes.
January 23, 2021
Not According to Plan
Sorry to keep you all waiting for episode 2, but because of some technical problems we could not record a full episode with the Lazy Gold maker. We are gonna put him in episode 3. In this second episode we start of course with the token price that has been rising this week, we talk about the Auto-Hammer, Leystone Ore, Felsteel, and Titansteel that are moving a lot. We also talk about Manthieus that released a video on YouTube talking about his sales on legendary's. Hope you like the second episode and we are still working on better quality. Enjoy!
January 19, 2021
We are Zan and Jack
Welcome to our very first episode of The Auction House where we talk about all the things that come with gold making in World of Warcraft. We have a little introduction, we talk about the wow token, some old materials to flip, and the changes in gold making. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. &
January 09, 2021