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The Authentic World

The Authentic World

By Michelle Thompson
The purpose of this podcast is to bring our audience engaging conversations with people who've developed ways of creating balance in their life. We share practical strategies that can shift your beliefs and habits towards a more positive, authentic and fulfilling life.
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Ep. 7 - Moving Away From Fear & Past Pain Through Mindfulness
In this episode, I combined two of my recent YouTube videos to discuss how mindfulness can help you move away from your fear. Making decisions based on fear isn't the right approach and can backfire. Byron Katie talks about how you can ask yourself questions to figure out if your fears are real or imagines. In the second part of the episode, we discuss Eckhart Tolle's approach to moving away from past pain. The answer for both? Mindfulness and meditation. 
May 20, 2021
Ep. 6 - How to be more vulnerable and why it's important
In this video, I discuss why it's a good thing to be vulnerable and I offer tips on how you can learn to be more vulnerable now.  #brenebrown​ #authenticity​ #vulnerability​ #authenticworldinc ​Explore my courses:​CONNECT: ✔ Like and Follow Me on FACEBOOK:​✔ Subscribe to My BLOG:​✔ Listen to My PODCAST:  RSS:​Ways to Support My Channel: Comment 💬, Like 👍, Share ❤️, Subscribe ✅ & click the notification 🔔! FREE GIFTS: 3 Amazing Meditations for Healing Audios:​✔Free introductory coaching session:​
May 06, 2021
Episode 5 - How to Stop Caring About What Others Think
In this episode, I go through the reasons why we sometimes care too much about what others think, I talk about the benefits of not caring so much and needing validation from others, and I give 15 strategies for changing your habit of caring about what others think.  For more information about my coaching services, visit me at To check out my new course "How to Create Inner Peace and Flow", visit me at
April 02, 2021
Creating a Supportive Community During the Pandemic: With Catherine MacDiarmid and Julie Frechette
In this episode, I interview long-time friends and community partners who have adapted their community practices to ensure social work remains supportive and effective in covid-19 times. Catherine and Julie discuss the ways they maintain their sense of self and their work-life balance, as long-time social workers in Canada's Ottawa Valley. 
March 05, 2021
Ep.3 Success in Weight Loss Through Self-Compassion: Reggie Wilson
In episode 3 of The Authentic World podcast, we discuss compassionate weight loss and how to create momentum with Reggie Wilson. Reggie is the founder of Fit for Freelance, a health coach and weight-loss expert from Naples Florida. He has a background in nutrition science and medicine, he’s certified in worksite wellness and is also a personal trainer. In his spare time he likes to dance the salsa, play rugby, run marathons and do calligraphy. Reggie's website is Join Reggie's YouTube community here  Connect with Reggie on Instagram @fitforfreelance The Authentic World Podcast is hosted by Michelle Thompson.
December 06, 2020
Ep. 2 Mindset is everything when it comes to health: Lori Johnson
In this episode I have a conversation with Health Coach Lori Johnson of Hello Healthy. Episode 2, Hosted by Michelle Thompson, life coach at Authentic World Inc. Lori is a family nurse practitioner in Texas, her husband is a firefighter, they’re in the process of adopting. Lori has practiced in both functional and traditional medicine settings, and after seeing both sides, she learned that the journey to health and wellness has to start with a shift in mindset. Lori started Hello Healthy as an education platform and a 1:1 coaching program. She’s helping women who work in education and healthcare to escape the dieting cycle my making simple changes in nutrition, movement, and inner peace practices.  You can find her on YouTube - Hello Healthy Instagram @lori.hellohealthy Website
November 22, 2020
Balance In The Time of Corona: Khara Croswaite Brindle
In the inaugural episode of The Authentic World podcast, we interview Khara Croswaite Brindle.  Khara is passionate about giving people aha moments that create goosebumps and catalyze powerful action. She is honored to serve young adult professionals in her work in mental health and education with an emphasis on healing perfectionist trauma and supporting personal growth. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, and owner of Croswaite Counseling, PLLC, a group private practice in Denver, Colorado. Khara enjoys inspiring innovation in shared communities through her CACS Suicide Risk App as well as being the Founder and Executive Director of Catalively, a Colorado nonprofit accelerating innovation in suicide prevention to save more lives. Khara’s greatest joy is engaging driven entrepreneurs and perfectionists to move from workaholic to well-balanced with streamlined strategies in her Masterclass, workbook, and book series Perfectioneur, available on Amazon. Khara’s book The Perfectioneur can be found here Ready for the Perfectioneur Workbook? Want the book in Spanish? Khara’s website is Am I a Perfectioneur? A Quiz! Joint the Perfectioneur community! Connect with Khara on GoodReads
November 01, 2020