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The Bo & Luke Show™

The Bo & Luke Show™

By Robert "Bo" Brabo and Luke Carignan
We developed this podcast with the intent to help our listeners - The Bo & Luke Nation - do better each and every day. Through our life’s personal and professional experiences, along with those of our guests, we are poised to deliver content that is real, raw, and relevant. The kind of content that stops you in your tracks (i.e. pause button) so you can write it down, play it again, and again, and again, until you’ve got it down pat!Ultimately, going after your dreams is about what you DO - not what you hope or pretend or intend or dream about. Your "behaviors" are where the rubber meets the road. If you're struggling, it's paramount to first move from the depth of darkness to the brightness of light, wherein the the want and desire to change is discovered. How do you get after it?The Be, Know, Do Process...To BE - build both mental and physical toughness. Find a mentor/coach and call on them regularly. Exercise and eat healthy foods. Mind AND Body... not one or the other.To KNOW - learning the technical and tactical skills you need to achieve your goals. Never stop learning and, NO, you're not too old to get after it.To DO - test yourself, or have others test you, on performing the skills you learned. It's not enough to be and to know... you also have to DO!
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The Business Book Strategist - Cathy Fyock
"Your book is your best business card"! Cathy Fyock is the author of 9 books and the strategist / coach behind numerous others. She joins Bo & Luke to share her journey with the audience. It's truly inspirational to listen to Cathy and how she continues to go after her dreams and helps others do the same. You can hear the pep in her step for sure!   If you've ever thought about writing a book and have no idea where to start, or you've already started and you're getting stuck, Cathy has offered anyone listening a complimentary 30 minute consult. Click her name above and fill out her email form on her website and be sure to tell her Bo & Luke sent you. The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.  Liked the episode? Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at Visit our website to learn about upcoming guests, purchase show merchandise or order a copy of Bo's book!
November 23, 2020
Lilly Moran aka Peach on the Showtime Hit Series "Billions"
What do Ramona, The Queen's Gambit + Taylor Swift have in common? None other than Lilly Moran, otherwise known as Peach on the Showtime Hit Series "Billions". We don't think we could have found a more relatable guest for this show - from married during COVID to learning to celebrate the  success along the way, Lilly gives us a front row seat into her life as an actor in NYC.  She is a volunteer at heart and active member of Cheer New York, a non-profit organization comprised of all-volunteer LGBTQ+ and ally cheerleaders whose mission is to use their athletic and philanthropic abilities to empower and affect change in our communities through charitable action. You can connect with Lilly here and of course, Ramona here. The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.  Liked the episode? Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at Visit our website to learn about upcoming guests, purchase show merchandise or order a copy of Bo's book!
November 19, 2020
150lb Weight Loss + Laid Off During COVID with Army Veteran Mark Hyer
Mark Hyer has seen the ups and downs of life. Like many veterans, he struggled with finding his purpose after transitioning out of the U.S. Army. This lead to significant weight gain. After reaching 350 lbs he knew it was time to make a change + regain control of his life.    When COVID-19 hit, like many other Americans, Mark was laid off from his sales job. Instead of wallowing + returning to bad habits, he set out each day for 4 months to find a new job. Join us in this episode as he shares the lessons he has learned along both of these life changing endeavors. The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.  Liked the episode? Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at Visit our website to learn about upcoming guests, purchase show merchandise or order a copy of Bo's book!
November 12, 2020
You Don't Have to be Oprah to Help Someone with Kofi + Mimi Nartey
"You can't jump without bending your knees."  If that's not the truest thing we've heard this week. Kofi + Mimi Nartey are a one of a kind power couple who have a passion for helping athletes across the world through their sports foundation. Having both found success in the realm of professional sports at young age, they now use their perseverance, drive and ambition to drive their own endeavors to great heights. As Mimi sums it up in this episode, "I don't have to be Oprah before I can help someone." ... and neither do you! The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.  Liked the episode? Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at Visit our website to learn about upcoming guests, purchase show merchandise or order a copy of Bo's book!
November 5, 2020
Navigating Open Enrollment with Robin Flaherty - CEO Benefit Link
There are 150M+ Americans receiving their health care insurance through employer sponsored plans. Every year during the month of November (for the most part) employees must participate in "Open Enrollment" time, wherein they must select their health care coverages for the following plan year that equates to Jan 1st through Dec 31st.  It's a complicated process filled with options, acronyms, tax implications, as well as financial obligations for an entire year. In this episode with employee benefits expert Robin Flaherty, Bo & Luke set out to break down the "must know" nuances of medical coverage to help the Bo & Luke Nation make an informed decision during this open enrollment season. The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.  Liked the episode? Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at Visit our website to learn about upcoming guests, purchase show merchandise or order a copy of Bo's book!
November 3, 2020
Passion, Prepare, Action with Travis Walker, J.D.
"What is the amount of effort that you want to put in to your level of success?"   Travis Walker, co-founder of Realize Now, joins us this week as we discuss hustle, grind and execution. He and his team focus on helping every person realize their potential through coaching, consulting or training. In this episode, we learn about the importance of leadership in the work place through Travis' experience at Tesla + that just because you go to law school, doesn't mean you have to be lawyer!   Connect with Travis:   Learn more about his business here. The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.  Liked the episode? Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at Visit our website to learn about upcoming guests, purchase show merchandise or order a copy of Bo's book!
October 29, 2020
Harvey Ross - Leader & Community Activist For The Disabled
Harvey Ross is an incomplete quadriplegic. Having been shot in the back of the neck at just 19 years old, Ross faced the lowest of lows. Today, he is a prime example of what it means to be a leader in your community. Harvey serves as an advocate for the disabled and recently coordinated the FIRST accessible protest in response to the death of George Floyd.  Want to be inspired today? Then tune in! New episodes of The Bo and Luke Show are available every Thursday. Read more about the accessible protest Harvey helped organize here. The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel today! Liked the episode? Leave us a review or send us an e-mail at
October 22, 2020
"Raising Men Lawncare Service" with founder Rodney Smith Jr.
Just over 4 years ago, Rodney Smith Jr. saw an elderly man in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama having trouble mowing his lawn - so Rodney stopped and helped him out. That simple act of kindness sent Rodney on a mission to help the elderly, single moms, Veterans, and the disabled mow their lawns, rake leaves, and shovel snow across the ENTIRE country. As of this month, he has completed his 9th 50 state tour in just 3 years.  It also inspired Rodney to launch the 50-yard challenge, wherein young boys & girls ages 7 to 17 volunteer and commit to mow, rake, or shovel for 50 of those in need in their community .... FOR FREE!  Listen in, get motivated, learn something, and go spread the encouragement to others.  You can learn more here: Raising Men Lawn Care Service RMLCS Amazon Wishlist The Bo and Luke Show is on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel today! Liked the episode? Leave us a review or send us an e-mail at
October 15, 2020
Brandon Paulin - Youngest Elected Mayor in the History of Maryland
Brandon Paulin set out to accomplish his mission at a young age, 19 to be exact. To say he's going strong would be an understatement. As the youngest Mayor in Maryland's history, Brandon has a strong passion for his community and was recently re-elected in 2019. The BEST way to get inspired is to learn from Brandon himself.    Send us an email at Be sure to follow us on Social Media and subscribe to our YouTube channel (links below).
October 8, 2020
Intent - Purpose - Focus with CNBC's Jennifer Berman of “Listing Impossible"
Season 2 kickoff with Jennifer Berman, cast member of CNBC's Listing Impossible.   Jennifer is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after expert when it comes to the ultra-luxury market. On a personal level, she is a three-time cancer survivor and a major advocate for female leadership. She is a true role model, friend, and living proof that your future is always worth fighting for. Be sure to follow us on Social Media and subscribe to our YouTube channel (links below). Now "Let's Get After It".
October 1, 2020
Season 1 Recap - A Must Listen
In this final episode of Season 1, we take time to honor our 23 amazing guests and all of YOU, the Bo & Luke Nation. With an amazing intro produced by our social media manager, Ell, we highlight what Season 1 was all about... helping our listeners...
August 27, 2020
Battle Rhythm - How To Get It Done!
Bo & Luke Nation! Hold on to your seats. In this episode, Bo & Luke share what it takes to establish a daily Battle Rhythm. The term first came up in Episode 2 with Jarrod Wilson and it's been talked about in just about every episode since. Now...
August 20, 2020
10,000 Headshots with Jeku Arce
Public Affairs + Public Relations are just the tip of iceberg for headshot photographer and U.S. Army Reserve Major Jeku Arce! In this episode we dive in to unemployment and the importance of your digital handshake (the headshot). Jeku is a Peter...
August 13, 2020
Marlon Kerner - Buffalo Bills Director of Player Engagement + Alumni
Today, Marlon is the Director of Player Engagement and Alumni at Buffalo Bills. Previously, Marlon was a 3rd round draft pick by the Bills and played several seasons as a starting corner back.Marlon delivers an inspiring story the Bo & Luke Nation...
August 6, 2020
Zyon Gooden - Entrepreneur + Go Getter!
U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) Zyon Gooden is the Founder + CEO of eSabers LLC!  From cybersecurity and IT operations, to emerging tech and inspiring others, Zyon is the go to guy for a daily dose of motivation.Listen in for some jaw dropping...
July 30, 2020
Mary B. Lucas: How to Make Comeback Sauce
From front line customer service rep to C-Suite executive! Mary B. Lucas is a published author, keynote speaker, executive coach, business consultant, and more. How does she do it? Listen in...What Mary learned from her dad, referred to as "The...
July 23, 2020
Lieutenant Colonel Lisa Jaster - US Army Ranger
In October 2015, Lieutenant Colonol Lisa Jaster became the 1st Female US Army Reservist to don the coveted Army Ranger tab. Phenomenal story of dedication and perseverance! Lisa gets after it... every day. Aside from being a US Army Ranger, she's an...
July 16, 2020
Ty Pinkins - From The Mississippi Delta to The White House
Author of "23 Miles & Running". Ty is a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer and former Presidential Communications Officer for President Obama. His life's journey is nothing but inspirational.What did Ty do when he retired from the Army? He went...
July 9, 2020
NFL/XFL Athlete Tracy Sprinkle - Succeeding with a NO QUIT attitude!
Ohio State Buckeye, former NFL athlete, current XFL player, business owner + entrepreneur! Tracy Sprinkle joins the show to share his journey. It's the epitome of our tagline..."Let's Get After It".Tracy is the co-founder of "How She Gone Eat"! He...
July 2, 2020
Financial Planner Extraordinaire / Family Man / Maybe a Bigfoot Tracker Too!
Aaron Terwedo joins us for a great show!  He's the Vice President of Financial Planning at TFS Advisors, LLC. To put it simply, Aaron loves to help others. He's a former US Army Soldier and today he runs his family practice along side his dad. He has a...
June 25, 2020
U.S. Army COL (R) Rob Campbell - Investing in People
Author, Professional Speaker, founder of Investing in People Consulting and Coaching LLC. Rob Campbell is the real deal. He doesn't sugar coat anything and he's here to help the Bo & Luke Nation be, know, and DO better. Rob believes in investing in...
June 18, 2020
Fox Business Contributor, Joanie Courtney - "Never stop shooting for the stars".
FOX Business contributor & President, RemX, Joanie Courtney, joins Bo & Luke to share her journey, her expertise, and how she keeps at it!Joanie is an employment expert + keynote spearker. Aside from running RemX, Joanie has been a Fox Business...
June 16, 2020
How to be a Soldier - Model - Actor - Writer - Producer
Tony Estese is a U.S. Army Veteran, a model, an actor, a writer AND a producer. During this episode of The Bo and Luke Show, he shares his journey through serving in the Berlin Brigade just 14 months after the fall of the Berlin wall to modeling in his...
June 4, 2020
Enough Already! Let's Talk "REAL" Personal Finance
Top show contributor, Bobby Moran, makes an appearance to talk personal finance with Bo & Luke. This is about real life and the struggles we face with the daunting thought of having enough money for retirement. It's not an episode about 401K,...
May 28, 2020
Roman Roberts: Finding value in who YOU are!
Guest: Roman Roberts, Host of Real Talk with RomanAn inspiring life story you'll want to hear! It's raw + Roman Roberts is the real deal. Roman grew up in the Texas foster care system. Multiple homes + abusive foster parents doesn't give a kid a great...
May 21, 2020
Chelsea Tooker, RN... She's in the thick of it (COVID19)
Chelsea is a Registered Nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago is often ranked as one of the best Top 10 hospitals in the US. Chelsea, a Registered Nurse in the medical intensive care unit (i.e. COVID19 ICU), gives the Bo & Luke...
May 14, 2020
Zara "The Experience" Northover: Olympic Athlete, Entrepreneur & Elite Mortgage Banker
Guest: Zara Northover, OLYZara Northover is nothing less than exceptional. To meet her is to "experience" her. Zara delivers a powerful message of perseverance, dedication, commitment and so many more big descriptive words, that's it's hard not to be...
May 6, 2020
Insights from Rachel Noble - Mental Health Pro and all around fantastic human being
Guest: Rachel Noble, Director of INOVA Women's Behavioral HealthBo & Luke Nation, where do we begin?  Rachel is many things. She's the Director of INOVA Women's Behavioral Health + President of the Allay Foundation, where she helps provide mental...
April 30, 2020
JetBlue co-founder Mike Barger: How to Lead Through a Crisis
Guest: Mike Barger, Co-Founder of JetBlue AirwaysNot only is Mike Barger the co-founder of JetBlue Airways, he's a former U.S. Navy TOPGUN Pilot & Chief Instructor. He flew the F18-Hornet, but be sure to pay attention to what he says was the most...
April 23, 2020
Former NFL Player Marques Ogden - Inspirational Keynote Speaker & Leader
Guest: Marques Ogden, Retired NFL PlayerStrive to thrive - not just survive! Marques Ogden grew up in a single parent home with his father & older brother, Jonathan (NFL Hall of Famer) in Washington D.C. After graduating from Howard University,...
April 16, 2020
Gratitude is the best Attitude!
With each step you take in the morning - from your bed to the coffee pot - remind yourself of one thing you are grateful for today. Even in the tough times of the COVID19 pandemic, we can have a profound impact on our own mental toughness, as well as...
April 9, 2020
When life throws you a curve ball, HIT A HOMERUN!
"You've been laid off. Now what?"  The COVID19 pandemic has caused state and federal authorities to make decisions that have had a significant impact on the employment status of our citizens in the retail and restaurant industries.  It has hit them hard...
April 2, 2020
KC Chhipwadia: Former NASA Human Spaceflight Engineer, US Naval Reserve Officer + Founder/CEO of Athlete Foundry
Guest: KC Chhipwadia, Athlete FoundryKC Chhipwadia is an incredible human being. KC joins Bo & Luke to share his journey from combat in Iraq to being selected as a NASA Astronaut Candidate Interviewee and ultimately energized his entrepreneurship...
March 26, 2020
AtWork Group COO Jason Leverant: Home by 5:30 Everyday!
Guest: Jason Leverant, AtWork Group"If you really work hard, if you focus on the right things, if you set your priorities right, everything else falls in line."Take a lunch break everyday, stop scheduling around 4 p.m. and turn off the notifications on...
March 19, 2020
New to Telework? Practical ways to DO better from home!
Guest: Bobby Moran, EverFiLeaders, listen up. If your team is new to telework, their success or lack there of, is on YOUR shoulders. Just as working from home is different than working in the office, leading a remote workforce brings with it an...
March 18, 2020
Author Bo Brabo: From the Battlefield to the White House to the Boardroom
Guest: Bo Brabo, AuthorCaring for people sounds simple, but as Co-Host of the Bo and Luke Show, Robert "Bo" Brabo explains, it's not. Luke Carignan interviews Brabo on his new book, From the Battlefield to the White House to the Boardroom, which...
March 12, 2020
EverFi's Bobby Moran: Career Fast Track
Guest: Bobby Moran, EverFi Politico's former Chief Revenue Officer, Bobby Moran, is now the Chief Revenue Officer for EverFi, a company that builds innovative education networks to empower people.  Having spent time on the campaign trail with both (then...
February 26, 2020
Jacksonville Jaguar's Jarrod Wilson (#26): Maintaining a Battle Rhythm
Guest: Jarrod Wilson, Jacksonville Jaguars Former University of Michigan Wolverine, Jarrod Wilson now dawns the #26 as a safety for the Jacksonville Jaguars. On this episode, Wilson explains how his battle rhythm and never quit attitude are the keys to...
February 22, 2020
NFL Agent Vince Calo - The Real Jerry McGuire
Guest: Vince Calo, NFL AgentFrom money management to advising social responsibility, there is never a dull day for NFL Agent and Entrepreneur, Vince Calo - the real Jerry McGuire. Calo will take you behind the scenes of what it takes to be successful in...
February 22, 2020