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By Candice Bodington
This podcast is all about sharing the knowledge I gained through my own personal struggles and through my guests who are pioneers in wellness who are changing the way we view health all together. Not only are they masters in their crafts, but are people who I have personally observed grow and blossom as healers and entrepreneurs.

I truly hope that this space adds the value you seek, and will give you the starting blocks to heal too. All you need to do to get started is to subscribe and you can leave the rest in our hands.
Looking forward to sharing this time together.
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Blood Sweat & PCOS!


Breaking Down Cyberbullying
If not me, who? If not now, then when? ... I asked myself after a week of being cyberbullied. At what point of being bullied online do we draw the line and stand up and talk about how these negligible actions affect real people behind our screens ~ This thought soon afterward became the catalyst to this season of the Podcast with our new co-host Dr. Jessica Stanbridge, a qualified psychiatrist who specialises in womxn's mental health. In EP.01 today, we discuss: what cyberbullying is and how it is different from traditional bullying. why it is so problematic and what the mental health implications are. How we can manage it if it has/had to happen to us With people having access to us 24/7, it is so important to be firm in our boundaries and what you will and will not accept in your space online. Especially if its a place you spend a lot of time on because it has become a place we can not leave when going home, this space comes home with us. You are allowed boundaries when it comes to your mental health.
October 12, 2020
How I live with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis + HUGE Q+A with Registered Dietician Jessica Kotlowitz
I am more than my autoimmune ~ there is more to my story, but for today I will be sharing my update Hashiomots Thyroids journey and where I am at with my co-host and registered dietician Jessica Kotlowitz on the final episode of season 3. We get to 100's of your questions that include but not limited to: What is Hashies? What are the symptoms? Do I still experience flare-ups if so what are they and how often? What and how with testing for Hashies? What medication am I on, is it helping? How to decrease thyroid antibodies? Did my boob job cause it? Have I experienced referred pain because of Hashies? Did Hashies affect my cycle? Do I feel more tired than other people my age? What diet do I follow { do I avoid anything? } Do I still eat gluten, sugar, and dairy? Did I follow an illumination diet? Did eating a more plant-based diet help? How do I manage with digestion? Did I cut out unnatural beauty and cleaning products? Do I struggle to lose weight and have no energy to exercise? Does stress make it worse? Do certain things tire me out more quickly? I also share who is the next guest and topic for season four, so make sure to stay till the end! Thank you for your love and support ~ and a MASSIVE thank you to Jess for taking the time to share your knowledge with us. See you for season 4 in October!
September 21, 2020
Debunking Common Nutrition Myths
In todays episode we dive into the background on what makes for evidence-based recommendations in nutrition and how nutrition myths can spread and how they fool us. We also get into: ~ How to decipher which myths are true or false? ~ Gluten: is gluten unhealthy? Should we all be avoiding it? ~ Organic foods and pesticides. Is organic really healthier? ~ Soy: Do soy products contain estrogen? Do they affect your hormone levels? Can soy be part of a healthy diet? ~ Juicing: Should we all be juicing? Why/ why not? ~ Do we need to detox? ~ Processed food: Is all processed food bad? Should we eat a diet that is 100% whole-foods? What is the definition of processed food? ~ Carbs: Do carbs really lead to weight gain? Do carbs lead to diabetes and other diseases? Should we be avoiding carbs? ~ Fresh vs. canned vs. frozen: Is fresh really better?
August 27, 2020
How to Have a Balanced Vegan Diet.
Jessica’s and Candice share their journeys to becoming vegan and more plant based. We also dive into some of the below questions: Is veganism a fad diet? Is veganism a weight loss diet? Is a vegan diet safe? What are the common nutrients of concern on a vegan diet? Which supplements do you need to take as a vegan? What common mistakes do people make when following a vegan diet. Should a vegan diet be 100% whole-foods? How to eat a balanced, healthy vegan diet.
August 20, 2020
IBS & Gut Health.
In todays episode Jessica Kotlowitz, a registered dietitian and myself share our journeys with IBS. We dive into: What is IBS? How is it diagnosed? How does gut health play a role in IBS? How do you treat IBS? What is “leaky gut”? Which foods affect gut health and IBS? (sugar? Gluten? Dairy? Prebiotics?) Probiotics and prebiotics: Do you need supplements? Which supplements should you take? Should you eat fermented foods? Etc. Can your gut health affect your mood and vice versa?
August 13, 2020
Lets talk about Diet Culture
In today's episode, Jess and I share our journeys to food freedom PLUS: ~ What is diet culture + what does dieting does to our relationship with food and our body? ~ Why diets do not work + what the science says. ~ Why cutting out food groups/ following restrictive diets can affect your health. ~ Orthorexia, food phobias, fear-mongering, and social media. ~ And how to move forward from diet culture to food freedom and body kindness.
August 6, 2020
Don't Mess With Fad Supplements.
Today’s podcast topic has always been one of interest to me as the rise of fad supplements and the ‘one pill or powder fixes all’ continues to surface on our feeds and dig into our pockets. We touch on marketing, legislation, regulation. False marketing claims vs. evidence-based supplements. Nutrition supplements and their uses. Toxicity/ danger of nutritional supplements + interaction with medications. Fad supplements: collagen, fat burners, detox teas/ capsules, hair/skin/nail formulations,immune-boosters. How to choose the right supplements
July 29, 2020
Hormones, Periods and Acne.
Host Candice Bodington & Co - Host Jessica Kotlowitz share their story of coming off the pill. We discuss if food, nutrition and exercise affect hormonal balance and fertility, managing acne and if it can aid in regulating your period. Most importantly discussing when should you stop blaming your diet/ yourself for the imbalances you may be experiencing. Show notes: Sex explained on Netflix The Flo app to track your cycle 
July 24, 2020
The Patience + Timing when Owning a Small Business
When it comes to starting a small business, the highs and lows demand a tone of patients and a sprinkle of good timing. In today’s episode I sit down w/ Robyn Keyser, founder of Artclub and Friends where we chat about the reality of being a womxn entrepreneur in a predominately male-run industry. We also get into the importance of being fulfilled in your job, which always comes down to the intention of you why.
March 5, 2020
Fast Fashion is Everyones Problem!
"Fast fashion is everyone's problem because everyone wears clothes" - a quote from today's episode with the founders of Style Rotate, Cape Towns' favorite rotational wardrobe.  I sit down with both Cleo and Natasha and discuss their new business model, fast fashion, greenwashing and thin privilege within the fashion space. An inspiring and educational episode that we hope encourages listeners to make small changes. Lets rent, borrow, share looks and join the movement! 
February 25, 2020
Blood Sweat & PCOS!
Yup, today’s podcast with Dana Alloy, an evidence-based reproductive health researcher at UCL and Women's health educator, is all about the menstrual cycle, PCOS, hormone imbalances, the pill, loss of period, the importance of having an educated conversation with your doctors.  Dana and I share our own stories around hormonal imbalances, and she gives her honest thoughts on where we are with certain research based on today's topic. It's a juicy one, and for more Women's health information, head to @dana.alloy on Instagram.
February 20, 2020
Relatable Learnings in Relationships
"Don’t look for relationships" - Luke Wright Sharing a glimpse into our 6-year relationship in todays episode. Answering all your questions how we keep the spark alive, jealousy and marriage. We are by no means experts, but personally, I enjoy hearing others' love stories, commonality, and learnings in relatable relationships. Hope you enjoy, and if you do have a hot sec to rate and review, that would be so nice!
February 13, 2020
How to Save Money, The Billy Basics.
Spilling the tea about your finances into todays episode with PierreVan Der Merve a financial representative for Liberty and Stanlib.We had an INSANE amount of interest on this weeks topic, but we narrowed it down to: Practical ways to start saving and the billy basics. How to save when you have limited funds and living hand to month. How to overcome finial anxiety? Should I leave work and travel? How to set up a monthly budget and keep it updated? Is property still a good place to invest your money? 20 something and unsure about if I’m to young to have life insurance etc? What should I do with the money in my bank to save for the future? How much of your salary should you be saving each month? Best place to invest for your Childs education? My biggest take away, was that it is better to save something than nothing, and you’re never to young or old to start. I really hope you enjoy this episode, and if you have any other topics or guest you would like to see on the show please pop us a comment below!
February 5, 2020
Speaking your Truth and Letting the World Rearrange Itself
"Do we overstep our own boundaries?" asks Ella Grace Denton, human being interested in lots of things but pursuing it all and founder of Stories Behind Things + The Luna Community. Ella and I share our personal stories around learning to speak our truth from the content we share on social media to how we show up to the people around us. In this conversation, Ella shares her 5 tips on what has helped her to speak her truth and how to rearrange the way we see guilt. Where to find Ella and her podcast/community: @ellagracedenton @lunacommunity @ReWildingPodcast
January 30, 2020
How to Build a Brand
We're in a new and interesting space in work life, where entrepreneurship is highly glorified and seems to be the new black on social media. In today's episode, we sit down to chat with Lucas, founder of Cheaky Co about what it really takes to start a business. You confined him at @cheakyco on Instagram to follow along on his journey in chickpea confectionery! Enjoy x
November 20, 2019
EP 18 X CANDIBOD: My Yoga Teach Trainer Experience In India
In EPISODE 18 of The BodCast - Host, Candibod shares her Yoga Teacher Training experience in India. This episode includes all questions asked via her Instagram page.    Topics covered include why I chose the place I did, how much it cost and whats next now that I'm qualified?! WAYS TO CONNECT W/CANDICE Website: Instagram: @candibod Email:
October 16, 2019
EP 17 X KERI BAINBOROUGH: Explains Human Design
In today’s episode, Keri shares how she come across Human Design and what made her want to help other people interpret their Human Design charts? We also answer your questions like; what is Human Design? How does it help people? What are the different energy types and also dive into the host Candice Bodington chart! WAYS TO CONNECT W/KERI: Website: Email: for bookings Instagram: @keribainborough
October 2, 2019
EP 16 X CANDIBOD: My Journey with Anxiety
In EPISODE 16 of The BodCast - Host, Candibod shares her journey with anxiety.   This episode includes all questions asked via her Instagram page.    Topics covered include how anxiety affects my IBS to how I stay productive as an anxious person.   I really hope this episode adds the value you seek, all my love, Cands WAYS TO CONNECT W/CANDICE Website: Instagram: @candibod Email:
August 5, 2019
EP 13 X NICOLE REICHLIN: How to Find and Live a Spiritual Life in a Modern World
In EPISODE 13 of The BodCast - Host, Candice Bodington sits down Nicole Reichlin to chat about how she has created a spiritual practice in this day and age. Nicole is an incredible yoga instructor, owner of Hunter Bennington, talented singer and our very own girl next door bad ass. WAYS TO CONNECT W/NICOLE: Instagram: @nicole_reichlin Email:
June 12, 2019
EP 12 X OYAMA BOTHA: Claiming her space online with radical self love
In EPISODE 12 of The BodCast - Host, Candice Bodington interviews Oyama Botha the CEO of "Yammie Hearts and Curves" which is an image consulting agency which encourages radical self love, as well as products and services that enhance holistic self-esteem for all. She is also the cofounder of the "All Bodies Are Beautiful meet up" which inspires everyone to celebrate themselves through radical self love! She is a body positive curve model and blogger, and she is changing the world! FAQ to look forward to: 1. How to create and cultivate true self love and what is self love to you?  2. Is this topic mainly a female based thing? If so, why? 3. How do I love my body when all I want to do is change it to become smaller? 4. How do you handle not finding clothes in your size? (I’m a size 22) 5. What do you do when negative / judge mental thoughts come up? 6. Social media’s effect on self love? 7. Can you be body positive and still work towards losing weight? 8. How do I stop comparing myself to other girls?  9. Where do you find decent bikinis that aren’t super expensive that fit well? 10. Advice on embracing your big thighs and cellulite? 11. How to deal with fear of bodily failure and health issues?  12. How do you love yourself in a society that teaches you that you’re natural self is flawed?  _ WAYS TO CONNECT W/OYAMA: Instagram: @oyamabotha Website: YouTube: Oyama Botha
May 29, 2019
EP 11 X LEXI RYMAN: FAQ's on all Things Yoga!
In EPISODE 11 of The BodCast - Host, Candice Bodington interviews Lexi Ryman a qualified yoga instructor and co-parent to Wild Thing Studio. In today's episode we answer all your FAQ regarding yoga. Questions answered: 1. Best way to learn from home? 2. Can you do yoga for pregnancy and if so, what are the benefits? 3. What does yoga really help with? 4. Can you do yoga with tight fascia and spondylosis? 5. How often should you practice to see the benefits? 6. I did gymnastics, and I love the scorpion pose - but how often can I do it? 7. A lot of people don't like yoga if they are Christian, how would one work around this? 8. The most realistic way to start yoga as a beginner or if you are super inflexible? 9. Morning vs Night yoga? 10. Inversions scare me! Seems quite impossible to be honest. How do you get into it? Where to start? 11. How to take my yoga to the next level? I have been practising for quite some time now. 12. Is it normal for it to hurt when you roll back and forth on your spine? 13. How to do yoga when you struggle with lower back problems? 14. How to find a routine with yoga? 15. How to get better at downward facing movements - I struggle! 16. What movements you would recommend post surgery? 17. Is it possible to still practice yoga after major abdominal and spine surgery? 18. How long till you start seeing results? 19. How to stand on my head? 20. Opening chakras when emotions surface during yoga? 21. Why cant you do certain poses when you are menstrating? WAYS TO CONNECT W/LEXI: Instagram: @lexiryman Email: Website:
May 21, 2019
EP 10 X LEXI RYMAN: Busting Yoga Myths + The reality of being a Yoga instructor
In EPISODE 10 of The BodCast - Host, Candice Bodington interviews Lexi Ryman a qualified yoga instructor and co-parent to Wild Thing Studio. In today's episode we bust some yoga myths, talk about the reality of being a yoga instructor and lightly summaries the main types of yoga. Topic's covered: Is it true you can’t do yoga if you are hyper mobile/flexible?  You cant do yoga if you aren’t flexible. Yoga is easier if you are lighter in weight. Do you really get better with time? Does yoga help with toning and weight loss? Gym vs private studio? Is there a substantial difference to get the true value of practice? Can yoga fix bad posture and if so what kind? Can yoga make you a bit taller? Does yoga involve worshiping someone? Is yoga just as good as doing cardio? WAYS TO CONNECT W/LEXI: Instagram: @lexiryman Email: Website:
May 15, 2019
EP 08 X MISCHKE BOSSE: Finding success in the first hour of your day
In EPISODE 08 of The BodCast - Host, Candice Bodington interviews Mischke Bosse Mischke is a slow living, plant based, eco worriar here in Cape Town, South Africa. In today’s episode we chat about the power and mood changing actions a structured routine provides, while answering your FAQ's from Instagram. To conclude; inspiration can only take you so far, so having systems in place lead to completing goals/tasks. There is nothing magical about it, the only magic can be found in repetition and discipline. So no mental energy is wasted on what doesn’t need mental energy. WAYS TO CONNECT W/MISCHKE: Instagram: @mischkebosse Website: Email: 
April 23, 2019
EP 07 X DOMINIQUE ANDREA VIEIRA: A Quick Guided Meditation
In EPISODE 07 of The Bodcast - Dominique Andrea Vieira, a qualified yoga instructor and co-parent to Wild Things Studio, takes us through a guided meditation. We hope this style helps you feel more confident and less resistant to the concept if mediation. Today's time will be focused on bringing awareness to the peace in your body and mind, by means of a full self scan to drop into your physical body. Something we hope you can apply before you start/end the day, or even in your car before work.  All you need to be is still for the next few minutes. WAYS TO CONNECT W/ NANUKI: Instagram: @domandreayoga Email:  Website:
April 17, 2019
EP 06 X NADIA MOOLMAN: The Face and Story Behind Nanuki & Dealing with Chronic Stress
In EPISODE 06 of The Bodcast - Host, Candice Bodington interviews Nadia Moolman - Owner and Founder of the brand Nanuki. Today’s episode host Candice Bodington interviews the face, founder and owner of Nanuki; an allergic free vegan superfood chocolate. We dive deep into her how she has dealt with chronic stress from being a new mom to both a company and two kids. Not to mention diving deep into how it all began with her first business at 22, working as a pasty chef and the birth of Nanuki itself! WAYS TO CONNECT W/ NANUKI: Instagram: Email: Website:
April 9, 2019
EP 05 X JESSICA KOTLOWITZ: Busting health myths + FAQ's
In EPISODE 05 of The BodCast - Host, Candice Bodington interviews Jessica Kotlowitz. Jessica is a registered dietitian in Cape Town, South Africa. In today's episode, we bust some health myths and answer your instagram questions on all things health! Topic's covered: Intermitted fasting, artificial sweeteners, celery juice, hormones, responsibly individual choices, bloating on a vegan diet. Answering questions like: How to be vegan?Does apple cider vinegar make you loose weight? Can you target weight loss? Calorie counting? Vegan proteins?Ditching dairy? Can coffee give you cellulite? Explaining acid reflux and how to avoid symptoms naturally? WAYS TO CONNECT W/JESSICA: Instagram: @the_green_dietitian Email: Website:
March 28, 2019
EP 02 X CANDIBOD: Navigating Through An Autoimmune Disease
In EPISODE 02 of The BodCast - Host, Candibod starts the conversation of her health journey. It includes everything from going off the pill, gut health issues, breast plant illness and how she is choosing to navigate through this disease naturally.  In the next episode we will be diving deeper into the cause and treatments of Hashimoto's with Clare Sharon Roberto, a plant based chef and health coach.  WAYS TO CONNECT W/CANDICE: Website: Instagram: @candibod Email:
February 20, 2019
EP 01 X INTRO: A quick introduction + my WHY.
A quick introduction + my WHY.
February 8, 2019