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By theBond
A Christian podcast for purposeful and peaceful parenting. We want to understand children's hearts, reach parents' hearts, and see God with new eyes.
We believe in a loving, empathetic God who has shown us by His example how to live a relationship based on love, trust and peace with others.

This podcast has started out in Germany in September 2020. Feel free to write to You can also find us on YouTube ( and on Instagram (@thebondpodcast)!

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6. Baby's first year - what they really need
Today we are once again talking about the first level of attachment, closeness. Closeness is most important during the first year of the child's life; children at this age can initially only bond through this level. Nevertheless, many people recommend that should children get used to separation and being alone as soon as possible. This is often related to the topic of "sleep". Programs that are supposed to "train" children to sleep are still recommended. But what is behind this? Why do we see this as an ideal? What do sleep training programs do to our children? We will also briefly discuss another important topic in baby's first year of life: food. First, you're not supposed to breastfeed too much, then you try to get the baby to eat spoonful after spoonful of porridge. We will blast some myths here, too! 
October 23, 2021
5.6 I want to tell you everything! - 6th stage of attachment
The last stage of attachment is that of familiarity, of being fully known by another person. Unfortunately, only few people reach this last stage, because in order to do so, you must show yourself vulnerable to the other person to an extent that most of us shy away from. We have been hurt too many times and thus have armored our hearts. This accounts both for children and for adults. But only this last stage of attachment – if reached – can lead us into relationships with our children, with each other and with God that are truly fulfilling, give us inner peace and help us grow more and more into the loving image of Christ. Listen to this episode to find out how this is possible – in ALL of your relationships!
August 01, 2021
5.5 I love you! - 5th stage of attachment
From the age of five, children bond over love. If the four preceding stages have been successfully saturated, they now give their hearts to their caregivers. They learn what love is and how it is lived in their families. They adopt this without reflection and transfer it to God. Learn how you can love God with all your heart yourself and thus live a fulfilled life as a parent with your child!
July 15, 2021
5.4 I want you to see me! - 4th stage of attachment
“Look, mommy, looooook!!”, “Daddy, pleeeease, loooooook what I can do!!” These sentences can sometimes be quite annoying, especially when you are just in the middle of writing an important email or discussing next week’s schedule with your partner. When your children enter stage four of attachment, they want to be seen and appreciated for what they do and who they are. This can constitute a problem for parents who themselves have never really experienced this kind of appreciation. So how can we show appreciation and esteem for our children? And how can we, as parents, see the appreciation and esteem God has in store for us? Let’s find out!
June 24, 2021
5.3 I belong to you! - 3rd stage of attachment
My child does not want to share with others! – What do I do? This topic is surely one you can relate to as a parent – in one way or another. We parents often fear to raise little tyrants if we do not start at an early age to teach our children how to share with others. And doesn’t the Bible say “God loves a cheerful giver”? Unfortunately, the process of “learning” among our children often includes a lot of anger, frustration and tears. And it costs a lot of energy. In this episode about the third stage of attachment, the stage of belonging and loyalty, we want to show a new perspective on looking at and dealing with the phenomenon of sharing among children. We are going to provide quite a number of tips on how to deal with it in ways that prevent anger, tears and frustration – on all sides.
June 12, 2021
5.2 I want to be like you! - 2nd stage of attachment
During the second year of life, children start to imitate their closest caregivers. They want to do everything their parents do, and by themselves! This stage can be pretty exhausting and all parents know that. In this episode we will look at how children bond by sameness and why this is important for a healthy development. We will also look at what we as parents and caregivers can do to nurture this way of attachment and how Jesus is bonding with us at this stage, too. You will be blessed with heaps of new insights, we promise!
May 26, 2021
5.1 I want to be close to you - 1st stage of attachment
Why is attachment so important? How does it develop? Dr. Gordon Neufeld has defined 6 stages of attachment and in this episode, the focus is on the 1st stage of attachment, proximity. We will find out how we can build up and nurture closeness not only with our babies, who only have this single way of bonding with us, but also with our fellow human beings and with God.
May 13, 2021
4. Resting in the Bond
Attachment is the greatest need of every human being. Our limbic system searches for bonding every day, as it is a perpetual need that can only be satiated intermittently. And these periods of saturation are the periods of emotional rest. During these phases, the brain's energy is released for another task: that of maturing. Dr. Gordon Neufeld explains the role we parents play in this process. We will also look at the topic from a spiritual perspective: how does God want us to rest and grow in Him?
April 28, 2021
3. The two kinds of love - which one do you choose?
Did you know that love and love are not the same? What people call "love" is - most of the time - not what God calls love. God's love is different to man's love. And love plays an important role in our parenting. Are you manifesting true godly love towards your child? Where is the difference? Find out in our new episode!
March 06, 2021
2. The immaturity of children - and their parents!
Why are children disobedient? Why do they not listen? Why do they make us parents so angry with their behavior? Why do they seem to know exactly what to do to make us lose it? In this episode, we will share some findings from neuroscience which explain this phenomenon. Be blessed!
February 22, 2021
1. What Eden has got to do with our parenting
Have you heard the following phrases: "There is nothing good in children, that's why they need strict upbringing." Or, "Meeting a children's needs only feeds their selfishness." Is that really the case? This episode looks at the biblical view of man and what the Fall caused in our psyche. What is the solution to the problem of the sinful nature and what role does education play in this? How do we look at our children and others? And how does Jesus look at them?
February 20, 2021