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By theBond
A Christian podcast for purposeful and peaceful parenting. We want to understand children's hearts, reach parents' hearts, and see God with new eyes.
We believe in a loving, empathetic God who has shown us by His example how to live a relationship based on love, trust and peace with others.

This podcast has started out in Germany in September 2020. This is the English version. Feel free to write to You can also find us on YouTube ( and on Instagram (@thebondpodcast)!

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3. The two kinds of love - which one do you choose?
Did you know that love and love are not the same? What people call "love" is - most of the time - not what God calls love. God's love is different to man's love. And love plays an important role in our parenting. Are you manifesting true godly love towards your child? Where is the difference? Find out in our new episode!
March 6, 2021
2. The immaturity of children - and their parents!
Why are children disobedient? Why do they not listen? Why do they make us parents so angry with their behavior? Why do they seem to know exactly what to do to make us lose it? In this episode, we will share some findings from neuroscience which explain this phenomenon. Be blessed!
February 22, 2021
1. What Eden has got to do with our parenting
Have you heard the following phrases: "There is nothing good in children, that's why they need strict upbringing." Or, "Meeting a children's needs only feeds their selfishness." Is that really the case? This episode looks at the biblical view of man and what the Fall caused in our psyche. What is the solution to the problem of the sinful nature and what role does education play in this? How do we look at our children and others? And how does Jesus look at them?
February 20, 2021