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The Book Dialogue

The Book Dialogue

By The Book Dialogue
Two sisters in conversation about books, how they change lives, enrich our communities and allow us to grow and evolve as people.

Sarah Ahmadi and Rebecca Budd
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The Book Dialogue

The Cosy Mysteries
Join Sarah and Rebecca as they discuss three of the murder mystery series that they are reading.  Hear about Harry and Kat in the Mydworth Mysteries; meet Alfie in the Bunburry Mysteries; or Hamish in M.C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth Mysteries.    Perhaps there is a series that you would like to share with us.  Don't forget to find us at and tell us about what you're reading.
January 31, 2022
The Book Dialogue Embraces Video
S3 E3:  We are so excited to be launching video content on this podcast!  Watch -- and let us know what you think -- AND what you're reading.  Let's start a conversation.
January 10, 2022
Angela Duckworth - The Power of Passion and Perseverance
S3 E2:  Join Rebecca and Sarah in discussing Angela Duckworth's book - "The Power of Passion and Perseverance."  You may have seen one of her TED Talks -- this book specifically talks about "grit."  This book is worth reading ... perhaps you might want to take the "grit test?"  Why don't you listen in and contribute to the conversation?  We'd love to hear from you.
January 04, 2022
The Weight of Ink
S3 E1:  Join Sarah and Rebecca in the first podcast of 2022 - the Season 3 opener of The Book Dialogue is a celebration of the work of Rachel Kadish's book "The Weight of Ink."  Warning -- no spoilers - just a great conversation!  After listening, you'll want to run out and pick up a copy.  This is a book that must be on your reading list for 2022!  We'd love to hear what you think -- stop by and let us know.
January 01, 2022
S2 E1: What is Flow?  How does one achieve it?  Join Rebecca and Sarah as they discuss Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's book "Flow: Living at the Peak of Your Abilities."  What are your thoughts on the subject?  Why not let us know?  Tell us on our website at  Thanks for listening in.  -- Sarah & Rebecca
April 07, 2021
S1 E14: Join Rebecca and Sarah as they discuss Madeline Miller's book, "Circe."   A Goodreads Choice 2018 winner, this is a must read book that is the story of the heroine, Circe, journey in the world of the Olympian gods.  You won't want to miss this one!
November 07, 2020
Lessons from Viktor Frankl and Eckhart Tolle
S1 E13: Join Rebecca and Sarah as they discussion Viktor Frankl's book,"Yes to Life," and Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now."  We'd love to hear your thoughts on how these two men have impacted your life.  Do you live in the now?  Do you find meaning in suffering?  Your ideas and experiences are valued.  Why not visit our website at and share your thinking.
August 09, 2020
How Women Rise
S1 E12:  Join Sarah and Rebecca as they discuss "How Women Rise" by Marshall Goldsmith and Sally Helgesen.  Do women and men behave differently in the workplace?  Join the conversation as we talk through the 12 habits that are holding women back in advancing their careers.  Do you agree? Listen and let us know your thoughts.  Don't forget to check out our website at
July 22, 2020
Creativity - Are you born with it or can it be cultivated?
S1 E11:  Join Sarah and Rebecca as they discuss creativity and whether or not you must be born with the ability to be creative or whether there are ways that you can develop your creativity.  Listen in and then join the conversation!  We'd love to hear from you at
May 05, 2020
The Witcher
S1 E10:  Join Sarah and Rebecca as they discuss the importance of including fiction literature in your reading list!  And ... this is one set of books that you will want to add to that list.
April 04, 2020
The Secrets We Kept
S1 E9:  Reading a story ... how does reading enhance our life?  How do we experience life through the telling of a tale?  Can fiction be educational?  Listen to Rebecca and Sarah as they discuss, "The Secrets We Kept," by Lara Prescott."  Why don't you join the conversation?  Come find us on 
March 09, 2020
Why We Choose the Books We Do
S1 E8:  Join Rebecca and Sarah and their special guest, Frances, as they discuss how they choose their books and what they hope to gain out of those choices.
February 29, 2020
Vulnerability and Living Whole Lives
S1 E7:  Join Rebecca and Sarah as they get into the thoughts expressed by Brene Brown in her book, “The Power of Vulnerability.”
January 22, 2020
Why Start with Why?
S1 E6:  Sarah and Rebecca discuss Simon Sinek's book, "Start with Why."  Simon Sinek has the third most viewed video on TedTalks.  ( What's the reason for this?  Join us as we talk about the contents of this best selling book.  And -- why don't you join the conversation?  Contact us at and share your thoughts.
January 15, 2020
The 2020 Book Challenge
S1 E5:  Join Rebecca and Sarah as they share the 25 for 2020 Epic Book Challenge.  Why don't you be a part of the Challenge?  We'd love to hear from you!
January 02, 2020
Lady Godiva - Poetry for Political Change
S1 E4:  Join Rebecca and Sarah as they discuss Alfred Tennyson’s “Lady Godiva” and the role that poetry can play in our lives today.
January 02, 2020
Robert Frost
S1 E3:  Rebecca and Sarah discuss Robert Frost’s poetry. A four-time Pulitzer Prize Winner in Poetry, Robert Frost still informs popular culture today. Come, listen — we welcome you to be a part of the conversation.
December 02, 2019
Sun Tzu - The Art of War
S1 E2:  Rebecca and Sarah discuss Sun Tzu’s approach to warfare ... or is it approach to ensure peace? Find out — come and listen.
November 25, 2019
Start at the Beginning
S1 E1:  Two sisters who want to dialogue with you on the books that they are reading, what they hope to read and what they will never read. Join us.
November 13, 2019