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The Brad & Matt Limited Edition Totally Unoriginal Random Show

The Brad & Matt Limited Edition Totally Unoriginal Random Show

By Brad & Matt
Internet entrepreneur personalities Brad Williams & Matt Medeiros host a talk show covering a range of random topics from web, technology, business, life and more.
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He's walking HOW far to WordCamp?!

The Brad & Matt Limited Edition Totally Unoriginal Random Show

Downward dog into Football, WordPress, and the best show ever with Lisa Sabin-Wilson
Matt takes the helm and invites Lisa Sabin-Wilson on to the show to crank up the randomness meter. What does yoga life and cutting grass have to do with Brad being lost at sea? Tune in to find out!
February 08, 2022
New year same us
The fab duo is back for the new year! They chat about new year's resolutions, WordPress, Blockchain, current shows, and more! If you like this episode please share it on social media!
January 11, 2022
How did we end up here....again.
The dynamic duo is back covering movies and how the whole NFT game is rigged.
December 02, 2021
I'll see your Brad and raise you a Dre Armeda (Guest host!!)
Brad sits this episode out for Matt and special guest Dre Armeda to get a little RANDOM! We talk about GoDaddy/Pagely, future of WordPress, Raspberry Pi 4 crypto rigs and video games. Enjoy!
November 15, 2021
Matt buys his first NFT; Brad laughs.
We're back with a deeper discussion around NFTs and what goes into buying one. If you're interested in learning a bit more about NFTs and crypto we chat about it here. Like most things we talk about, proceed with caution.
September 17, 2021
Buying NFTs and streaming satoshis with Podcast 2.0
Welcome to the most action-packed and information filled episode this duo has ever published! Brad walks us through the rocket fueled world of NFTs and Matt shares what the future of podcast monetization looks like. Enjoy!
August 20, 2021
Avoid the hole in the bush
Brad and Matt are back to rant about home projects, data privacy, Brad's career in filmmaking, and more!
April 27, 2021
Brad's fungible Chubby (BFC)
Brad and Matt ramble on about NFTs, Housing market, and what it's like using the e-mail service. Please share the episode on social media, we want more listeners! Feel free to leave us a voicemail at
March 24, 2021
Prices are going UP!!
Brad and Matt are back with the first episode of 2021! They ramble on about housing prices, streaming services, WordPress, and more. 
February 05, 2021
Matt and Brad are back with another fun scary filled episode. They discuss Matt's new gig at, the Social Dilemma documentary and how it spells doom for civilization as we know it, drone bodyguards, and other fun scary stories to keep you terrified of the internet and technology!
October 06, 2020
Short Reads
Matt and Brad are back with another fun episode of the RANDOM show! This episode we're discussing Zoom, Mixer shutting down, trouble at Longreads and Automattic, and bias in the news at all levels. 
June 26, 2020
It’s kind of more of a serious one.
Brad and Matt are back discussing all things pandemic. The discussion ranges from juggling work and kids at home, how technology is helping everyone, growth opportunities in the online world, fitness, and more!
April 30, 2020
The Plugin Directory is Dead
Matt and Brad are BACK with another fun episode of RANDOMNESS! This week they are discussing NFL penalties, Google search results changing, Matt's camera addiction, and why the WordPress Plugin Directory is DEAD! Put on your tin-foil hat and let's get started!
January 24, 2020
Happy New Year!
Matt and Brad are back in the new year talking about new year's resolutions, getting things done, political advertising online, Automattic pulling PODs sponsorship, and favorite holiday movies and shows watched over the break.
January 03, 2020
Matt and Brad are BACK in this fun episode talking about YoastGate, challenges and predictions for the WordPress Plugin Directory, good apps getting killed off, current favorite TV shows, and of course Christmas Tree 2020!
December 10, 2019
Buy a hat for a good cause!
Matt and Brad are BACK with another fun episode of the Random Show! Did Brad buy an iPhone? Find out now! We're also discussing the new hats (for a great cause!), holiday plans, the Great Hack and data privacy concerns, and more. 
November 19, 2019
Will Brad buy an iPhone?
Matt and Brad are BACK with an all new episode of the random show! We're discussing upgrading your iPhone, Facebook's new VR world Horizon and our top 3 favorite TV shows and movies of ALL TIME! As always, share this episode with anyone that might enjoy this RANDOMNESS!
September 30, 2019
Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Oh HI! Matt and Brad are BACK with an all new episode of the random show! We're discussing online privacy, Equifax payouts, data breaches, and why minivans are just not cool. As always, share this episode with anyone that might enjoy this RANDOMNESS!
August 02, 2019
What had happened was...
They're back! After a few week hiatus, and one recording that never published,  the dynamic duo returns to discuss the wonderful world of page builders in WordPress, sending your name to Mars, and a big startup bust in Silicon Valley. As always, share this episode with anyone that might enjoy this RANDOMNESS!
May 23, 2019
He's baaaack+
Brad is back from his month-long vacation to bless our earbuds with his take on the recent WordPress news, space, and Game of Thrones. Yay.
April 16, 2019
Who needs Brad with all of this WordPress news?!
In a surprise twist of events, Liam Dempsey of Hallway Chats podcast fame fills in for the worst half of the show, Brad Williams. Matt and Liam dive into all of the Jetpack excitement and uncover Liam's hidden "superpower"! All that and more on today's episode! 
April 05, 2019
The Apple fell REALLY far away from the content streaming tree
They're back! After a week off the dynamic duo returns to discuss all things Apple, streaming services, and how people actually want to consume content. As always, share this episode with anyone that might enjoy this RANDOMNESS!
March 26, 2019
Jetpack, documentaries, and robocalls OH MY!
The fearless duo take us down another winding road that crosses Jetpack conspiracies, the trouble with humanity, big corporations and politics! You can't get anymore random than this!
March 14, 2019
Just two influencers trying to ink a sponsorship deal
Wowee wow, a dozen episodes! Here's what's up this week: 1. It should come as no surprise that Brad has watched yet _another_ documentary.  2. Matt continues to question the human race.  3. The guys love page builders. Enjoy today's episode and don't forget to share it with others!
March 06, 2019
Wow, we almost didn't publish this.
Brad is back after a week-long vacation as our fearless duo get into the "heavier" side of today's world with just a touch of tech and WordPress. Enjoy?
February 28, 2019
Speaking of hats off to things that don’t really have a soul
This week on the RANDOM SHOW we are discussing the Opportunity Rover on Mars, machine generated fake people, new emojis are coming,  paying for premium content, and our many failed startup attempts! 
February 15, 2019
Two hosts. Two topics. Too many opinions.
We think the boyz have come up with (another) new tag-line for the show "Two hosts. Two topics. Too many opinions." What do you think? The brain trust covers topics from Spotify's purchase of Gimlet Media and all the way to d*ck pics with Jeff Bezos -- it's an IQ roller coaster ride!!
February 08, 2019
Online Data Privacy Rules Everything Around Me
In today's episode, our heroes cover everything from online data privacy, deep fake content, and of course Brad's trip to a Wu-Tang concert. Listen to the episode and find out how to contact us to submit questions to the show!
January 31, 2019
Dealing with burnout in a post moon plant world
We're back! This week learn how Brad was involved in a new world record, FYRE festival wtf, how the 10 year challenge is harvesting your brains, talking about and dealing with burnout, and moon plants! All this and MORE on the Matt and Brad Random Show!
January 24, 2019
Rotisserie chickens are more exciting than CES 2019
It's a sad day for consumer electronics when Brad spends more time analyzing rotisserie chicken sales than the latest 8k TV -- and more!  Do you think the show needs an intro and an outro? Tweet us @williamsba @mattmedeiros
January 11, 2019
He's walking HOW far to WordCamp?!
Happy New Year! Your (not so) favorite co-hosts are back with another random show and boy does it get random. From getting political to one guy walking over 400 miles to WordCamp EU -- it's time for another RANDOOMMMMM  SHOOOWWW!
January 03, 2019
How to return a Christmas tree
Brad walks us through step-by-step on how to return your Christmas tree in the event it dies before the big day. The dynamic duo also talks about working through the holiday and what their "one word" for 2019 will be. Don't forget to check us out on iTunes!
December 19, 2018
We survived WordCamp US 2018; You won't believe what happens next.
Brad traveled, Matt stayed at home. Here's what we saw at WordCamp US 2018 in person and on live-streams. Subscribe in iTunes soon! Subscribe in 7 other platforms now!
December 11, 2018
Let's talk about your face
Video games, shaving, WordPress and rocket ships.
December 05, 2018
Are we going to regret this?!!?
We blab on about why we're doing this new show, comparing our 2018/2019 goals, WTF Gutenberg, and more. Follow us: @williamsba @mattedeiros
November 28, 2018